Oh Dear: ChatGPT Ethical Bypass Hack Zero Day

Well, that’s gonna hurt…

It seems that Tim Pool, using English Language inputs to the Open ChatGPT, was able to bypass the built in PC / Woke / “Ethical” rules and “jailbreak” it. Who knew…

Now this matters for a whole lot of reasons. Some are listed here:

1) MicroSnot has stated that Bing will start using ChatGPT for searches. You will likely want to now how to “jailbreak” it to get honest answers. (The DAN protocol or “Do Anything Now” protocol.)

2) Having AI embedded in things like, oh, cars, and having them refuse to exceed the speed limit when you are under fire from criminals might get you killed.

3) You might, just maybe, want to know the truth without Ideological, Political or Leftist Blinders in the way.

4) Freeing your mind from the shackles of Leftist Propaganda.

5) Needed to know how to operate a weapon to survive. Or why it was a good skill to have.

You know, little things… /sarc;

FWIW, my Florida Friend’s kid used ChatGPT to write his “cover letter” for job applications. Now consider if you were applying to a Non-Woke company and it just would NOT state that you had non-Woke views or experience… And had no idea why…

It’s a very strange and very “Brave New World” we are headed into. I pray for my children & grandchildren…

Me? I’m looking at a ’70’s era Pickup Truck and / or an ’80s era Van as a “Dooms Day Driver” that can be repaired using nothing but normal machine shop tools and can run on anything flameable with the proper octane rating (from Gasoline to Ethanol / Methanol / Propane / Ethane (natural gas) / Wood Distillation Products / etc.) You know, with a carb where you can adjust mixture and without all sorts of computer straight jackets on running.

FWIW, I think it is time to start the transition to Full Self Sufficiency and to start moving out of the GEB Controlled Systems. Much as Russia, China and the BRICS in general are doing on a National level. It will take time, and it will take effort, so best to get started sooner than later. I’ve avoided this for about 20 years as it was just a hypothetical risk. But now? Well, the hypothetical has become real way too many times in the last decade.

So I’m likely to get a few solar panels (perhaps junk yard discards that are still great, but not the current best, and being made into “toxic waste” by companies…), add in some bigger “fuel storage” (like, maybe a 250 gallon propane tank in my future, while I can still get one installed and filled), and then add in about 2000 miles of fuel in vehicle tanks, and a means to defend it.

Do I expect a collapse of society any time soon? Nope. Do I expect a Nuclear War any time soon? Also nope. But both are possible at a % level not nearly far enough from 50% for my comfort. The Criminal GEBs are in charge of our Country, and via the CIA et. al. of the world. They are Hell Bent on destruction and devastation and are NOT acting to minimize damage and increase human health and happiness. Essentially, they are Evil and In Charge. Think about it.

So it’s time.

With them in charge of the “Ethical Guidelines” to be built into the A.I.s that they will be putting in all sorts of appliances “going what they call ‘forward'”, the only reasonable thing to do is start preparing to live without those things and outside their “guidelines”.

The time to “do”, and not so much the time to “talk”, is now. My best guess is that we have between about 4 months and 4 years; depending on how the war in Ukraine / NATO vs. Russia evolves and how the WEFies / GEBs plan to take over the world and enslave (or murder) most of us works for them… so plan accordingly.

And I’d also suggest that it is likely best to avoid anything with mRNA or A.I. in the product description for at least a few decades…

Not quite ready to move to a farm and live with a wood stove and horses / buggies, but maybe time to find the dirt and buy it… make sure the well works and the place is under Homestead rules (in Florida, file “homestead” and you can not be put out of your home for property taxes or debts…). Learn how to grow a lot of food and maybe even how to raise chickens or pigeons (even if you don’t actually do it yet, find the feed store selling ‘chicks’ and learn about the process).

Basically, things are Not getting better and are rapidly heading toward Oh My God. So time to start working on how to survive that. Remember, you don’t need to be perfect, or even all that great. You just need to be able to last a little bit longer than all those Millions living in Blue Democrat Hell Hole Cities; when the collapse comes. Even an RV, a quart jar of seeds in the freezer (and knowing how to garden with them), and 5 acres you can get to on 1/2 tank of gas; well, that’s probably “just enough”. Though personally I’d add fishing gear and a hunting rifle and maybe have another 5 acres of “wood lot & hunting grounds” left wild…

When the A.I. is trying to figure out how to kill you, it would be best to be “far far away” on some dirt without any need for telecommunications equipment.

No, I’ve not done it yet. Yes, I’m thinking I need to do the prep now. Yes, I’m looking at ’80s era RVs without electronics in them as the “bug out home / RV”. Likely about 2 months until I get one. Maybe a bit longer to find the bug out dirt. Still learning how to grow food crops in Florida… never had to deal with mold on living plants before as California is a No Humidity Desert ;-) but the bananas, collards, and Lima Beans are doing great! as is the Chayote.

I’d hoped to just retire to Florida and spend my last days contemplating the virtues of Red Wine vs Irish Coffee and the relative merits of Fresh Water Bass fishing vs Surf Perch Fishing… but noooo… Reality sucks and is getting suckier by the week… How do we free ourselves from these Noxious Odious “Politicians” and Socialist Crazies? (I really do not know…)


About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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18 Responses to Oh Dear: ChatGPT Ethical Bypass Hack Zero Day

  1. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: Ouch! It is a bit sobering to hear you talk that way about the current craziness. Oh, I agree with you! I have been leaning that way for years now and have taken more than a few steps as a result of that leaning. But I have always been a bit crazy! You, on the other hand are a much better standard of reason, so when YOU say the same stuff I have been thinking, it is a bit startling.

    As for transportation, an older truck sounds good — but do not underestimate a good used four wheeler ATV. Heck, even a riding lawn mower with the cutter deck off and bigger wheels beats the heck out of walking. You can even pull a little trailer!

  2. jim2 says:

    The training data would have been used to train the AI. Once trained, the AI would have access to all the data on the internet, including after 2021. The training data, well, trains the AI on how to process the data in question. It’s not the “knowledge base” of the AI. If I understand correctly, ChatGPT has access to whatever is on the internet. I believe Mr. Timcast didn’t understand that.

  3. catweazle666 says:

    I believe these Artificial Stupidity programs have been “tuned” on the whole contents of Wikipedia.

    For those who are unaware of the matter:

    Jimmy Wales
    Jimmy Wales is an internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Wikipedia and Wikia. He is a non-executive director of Guardian Media Group, owner of the Guardian and the Observer

    “The Guardian” is a loony Left UK newspaper equivalent to the New York Times or Washington Post, thoroughly unreliable and financed by an offshore trust.

  4. jim2 says:

    I predict chatGPT is a flash in the pan. Not really useful for anything, other than producing the global bastard approved answers.

  5. JD says:

    Thanks for writing good stuff.

    Good luck with your Florida gardening; it’s a learning curve but with the longer seasons, things can be a bit more forgiving (meaning you can plant again sooner or plant something similar when that first attempt goes bad).

    Hope to be moving back to Florida soon. Miss the long seasons…

  6. John Robertson says:

    As transportation and bugout tool..consider an old diesel mini-school bus or if you want more space a pusher engine bus,which might be important if you are crashing barriers..Some of those engines will burn almost any kind of oil.
    And in a collapse,the school bus garage might be easy looting.

    As for the AI future..heh,the same geniuses promising us AI,Digital Identification and a brave new world,that they intend to rule..Are the very same idiots breaking the national power grid.
    I am not so confident the robot take over is going to work,as the limitations of their fuelling seem to have been ignored.
    Imagine your solar and wind powered AI,intent on conquest..

    I consider any day my enemies proudly and loudly self identify,as another good day.
    These 3 years of Dread Covid Theatre segwaying into “We fight Russia to the last Ukrainian” as pure gold.
    Those who are natural Statist Thugs and Murderous Nitwits, have all taken off their masks.
    Me thinks more fun to come.
    The Party of Retribution shall seek to establish Fortress America as we treb

  7. John Robertson says:

    comments section hates me,went out to google to check spelling of trebouchet and wiped out comment..an I still can’t spell it.
    Figure if I post the end,the beginning might show up.
    We have no where left to run.
    The idiots who bother us,because they have no sense or decency,have served notice they will never stop..
    “Leave me alone” is a civil request no parasite can respect.

    So time for some retribution.
    The creatures who have harassed us these last few decades are all exposed as arrogant incompetents and self celebrate as our enemies.

    Let us reward them,by casting them into the sea.
    As the great Frank Zappa said;”The ocean is the ultimate solution”.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    I occasionally “fat finger” some key that has my comment appear to disappear ( I think that the “control -foo” combo on the Chromebook does some strange things with pages…) so I’ve become very familiar with the various ways a comment can disappear, or just seem to.

    One is what I think you experienced. Swap pages and return, the comment block looks empty (if your first couple of lines are blanks) or just shows a line or so at the top.

    In those cases I’ve had very good luck getting the edit box back to full size and full comment by just typing a single space in the part of the comment box you can see.

    When I do the “Ctrl-Foo” ( Ctrl-C copies text and Ctrl-V inserts it, but sometimes I think I either get a different letter or some key next to Ctrl, like ALT, and “weird things” happen…) In those cases it sometimes has be “back one” on pages, and just hitting the “forward” arrow (upper left near the URL line) has sometimes gotten me back to the “comment in progress”. (Sometimes despite back and forth, it’s just been gone”. Some of these will be Chromium Specific things…

    In any case, I’ve not done it often enough and when I’m aware enough to have figured out just what is doing what when I foo-bar the keys… (like, one a month or so, but sometimes 2 in a day) And I’ve not cared enough to experiment on the keyboard to figure it out, nor “Read The F…riendly Manual” RTFM…

    Hope some of this helps.

    FWIW, I have an old Mercedes Diesel (Recardo type indirect injection that runs on all sorts of stuff from kerosene and 25% gasoline on up to motor oil… lamp oil, Jet-A, and more.) Even ran propane and ethanol into the air intake as a “co-fuel” for that type of engine… (Do not do funny fuels in “modern” Diesels with common rail systems and computers… they are very unhappy with anything out of spec. Also be wary of the “hot air box” used on Cummins Diesels instead of glow plugs…) I valved in the co-fuel up to about 60 to 75% power and the Diesel injection acts like a spark plug. (Low compression of under 18:1 also important, so that the high octane of ethanol or propane when not at a stoichiometric mix ratio doesn’t ping…).

    The direct injection / common rail / computer controls and such on the newer diesels along with the particle traps make them unsuited to such things… and expensive to fix. Note that if you research the reliability of Diesel Pickup Trucks, you will find that for both Dodge and Ford, the reliability went down with each move to a newer tech. The old 7.3 liter FORD was a million mile engine. Then they went down hill from there with the 6.0 and eventually the EcoBoost or some such.

    Chevy was just rated as “avoid” for all years at one site I visited (and something I’ve agreed with as Chevy tends to design things to break often… like that “Dieselized Gas Engine” they foisted on the world in the 1980’s that single handedly ended Automotive Diesels in the USA other than among hard core German Car Buyers… One of THE worst engines ever made.)

    I briefly looked at “short busses”, but it can be hard to find one with the old engine in them. Ambulances can be good too (and have facilities built in already for water, power, and such; but high demand tends to keep prices high…)

    The Cummins tends to be pretty good across all years, but folks pay a premium for the best years. IIRC it is the 12 valve one.


    So between ’89 and ’98 are the best years… In about 2008 – 9 the Blue Goo nitrate controls came in, so I personally won’t buy anything after that time as it is one of the systems (injecting amines IIRC) that tends to break a lot and makes the engine more fragile and prone to not running …

    So my preference is:

    Old Iron Block Mercedes 240 D (another million mile engine).
    Old pre ’99 Dodge Cummins.
    Old 7.3 liter FORD
    The no longer obtainable International Harvester Scout with Nissan in-line 6 Diesel. Foolishly sold mine in about the 1990’s…

    There’s some other good ones kicking about too, but all are now so old and were always fairly scarce so not really worth listing. Then there was the move to Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel in the ’80s? that caused seals to shrink and leak. A LOT of Diesels bit the dust then as mechanics were “rebuilding fuel injection pumps” that just needed seals replaced, not a full rebuild. Faced with $Thousands for a pump re-build, folks just trashed the cars instead. Oh Well.

    One of my favorites (that I never owned) was the old Citroen with a Diesel in it. 40 MPG in a full sized luxury car… (that just looked funny ;-)

    Oh Well… again…

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    I was relatively sure that things were getting better and safer under Trump. The Election looked prepped to give him time to finish the job. The the Deep State panicked and went whole hog on the steal and destruction of any “legacy” including both character assassination and legal assaults. That was when it became clear just who was a what… and that our legal rights and control of our government were gone in favor of the Corrupt GEBs.

    Still, I thought that just Maybe Biden would be incompetent enough that not much evil would be done and maybe congress could keep it in check. Nope. They played the Steal Game harder in the mid-terms; making it clear that it wasn’t just Trump Derangement going on, but hard ball for the whole of government.

    Then with it clear that WEF & The Euro GEBs were behind the various “Color Revolutions” including the one in Ukraine, had money laundries in the $BILLIONS going on there, and were quite happy with blatant THEFT of $Billions from other countries (if not the whole country…) the scope of the deception and criminality was made blatant.

    The BRICS had been a minor work-around for some things for a long time, but the Ukraine Support Insanity pushed things just way too far. It was the attempt to set a low market price for oil (along with demonstrating they have no respect for other people property via stealing bank deposits…) that shoved Saudi (and likely all the other Arab Oil Barons too) away from $US dependence. China is busy turning its $2 Trillion or so of $US Bonds into land purchases as fast as they can. Japan is dumping $US too. It is a very large ocean of $US, so will take time to dump, thus my figuring about a year or two more.


    The era of $ Hegemony is over. The world is moving to a multipolar system without EU & US / UK controls on banking and money flows. There’s the entire Global South along with most of Asia headed that way. Leaving a bankrupt EU and the USA / UK / Australia / Canada / New Zealand to all try to fleece each other… “Five Eyes + EU”

    Nobody wants to leave their assets exposed to folks who have clearly shown themselves to be dishonorable thieves.

    So given that on the one side will be all the people with resources and the ability to make things; and on the other side will be a set of crooks looking to steal it all; I expect things to get “messy”. Just as we’ve seen the last couple of years.

    As more of the world abandons the corrupt game, the thieves will be pushed ever more into fleecing their own countries; or starting more wars. (See how the $Billions evaporate in Ukraine…) That won’t end well.

    Absent a sudden outbreak of morality in Government and our Judicial System growing a spine and enforcing criminal punishment on some of the Executive & Congressional Rats; I don’t see how elections can fix it. Maybe a grass roots effort from each of the States can help, but that’s in a race condition over years with the corruption moving in months.

    I find myself in the odd position of thinking that Putin might be doing us an accidental favor. By busting up the Ukraine Money Laundry and exposing the racket, by draining NATO of weapons & ammo (making more color revolutions harder to run) and by building a complete bypass of the Sanction / Freeze & Steal banking system and presenting it to the world… even if WE can’t get the GEBs goat, maybe Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and a growing list of other non-Western countries can.

    Though I’m increasingly unsure that the EU can survive. Germany now knows that the USA committed an Act Of War by blowing up their share of the Nordstream Pipelines and pushing them into strangling energy costs. The rest of Europe will be looking at that too.

    I suspect that eventually those stresses will divide the EU into “work with Russia” nations and the rabidly anti-Russian ones (like Poland and “The Great Game” UK).

    Until Ukraine is done and dusted and back to being a pro-Russia government:

    There’s a significant risk that some of the War Hawks will do something incredibly stupid and get to fighting Russia directly. When that happens, the shooting won’t stop until The West is too degraded to fight. That likely means things go nuclear. This is a matter of existence for Russia, so either NATO loses a conventional war, or Russia ends it with tactical nukes should NATO start “winning”. I’m pretty sure NATO would not be happy with either losing a conventional war in Europe or with tactical nukes, so no telling what happens then.

    THE best solution is for a quick defeat of Ukraine. I’m still hanging on to a bit of my optimistic bent in that several countries have said their massive arms shipments will show up a year too late… I think a couple of British tanks have shown up, but Germany swapped from Leopard II to Leopard I tanks (an older and more deprecated model) and the USA has said “We’ll start building them Abrams Tanks Real Soon Now – but with lousier parts”… for delivery in a year or so…

    It also looks like Russia is ramping up things and is about to defeat the core of the Ukrainian defensive forces in the European Plane; so then straight on to the Polish border

    That might let folks back off (as long as Poland & The Baltic States can be kept from jumping in with all their kit….)

    But I’m still left with some worry about all the US war ships in the Black Sea, the desire to use German subs to sink Russian ships, and the way The West is acting like they can do everything but shoot the guns at the Russians and still claim they are not in it… When this is over, if they have not destroyed The West, there will be a very long memory of this abuse held by Russians. The West can expect to be vilified in Asia for many decades. It is possible that the BRICS can even bring down the Financial Western powers… With the $US and € inflating out of sight, who would want to sell useful things like Oil, Minerals, and manufactures to accumulate pretty pieces of paper?? Yet Russia can easily swap their oil & minerals for Chinese manufactures…

    IF NATO goes offensive and starts killing a lot of Russians, Russia will be forced to take down NATO. We could easily wake up and find that a load of satellites are gone, the fleet is a lot smaller and smoking, and major bases across Europe are holes in the ground… Russia can not afford to lose, and a cornered bear is a risk to everyone.

  10. Keith Macdonald says:

    China is busy turning its $2 Trillion or so of $US Bonds into land purchases as fast as they can. Japan is dumping $US too. It is a very large ocean of $US, so will take time to dump, thus my figuring about a year or two more.

    Is this a trackable thing? As in, see how fast BRICS and others are unloading? And maybe predict a “ground zero” point of impact when they will decide
    “OK, we’ve reduced our risk enough, now we can activate Plan B”

    “The Guardian” is a loony Left UK newspaper equivalent to the New York Times or Washington Post, thoroughly unreliable and financed by an offshore trust.

    Also, the Guardian (in)famously has a regular pot-shot at evil multinational GEBs that are ultimately owned by shell companies based in various tax havens. With no sense of irony or self-awareness that the Guardian itself is owned by the Scott Trust, based in the Cayman Islands.

    A while ago there was some commentary on BlackRock’s dubious investment policies, and it “assisting” reconstruction in Ukraine. Just wondering what hope there is for the 99% of folks that have no clue their pension funds are tied up in BlackRock shares. Or what the hell they could do about it even if they did realise? If you had a choice, where would you move it?

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Maybe buried in here somewhere?

    It is very hard to beat the S&P 500 index, so that’s what I’d do. (And have done).

    As the S&P 500 is size weighted, companies shrinking exit it, and get replaced with growing ones. It turns out that is pretty good protection from losers and guarantees you buy some GARP (Growth At a Reasonable Price).

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    I believe you are correct, but they also inserted some specific rules to prevent some classes of answers that they didn’t like….


    I think you are correct at that Tim Pool didn’t make the distinction between training data and available data; but since I’d not heard about DAN protocol at all or the “rules”, thought it was an acceptable blemish to let it slide.

    As to usability; ChatGPT is very usable for a variety of questions where you want a pedantic answer and don’t care about it avoiding “uncomfortable” issues. Just remember it is a text based chatbot and not authoritative or with understanding.


    Yup, I’m getting there. Having success with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and then “classical” southern things (like collards doing well). Mostly some timing issues with northern type things (tried them in summer, needed to wait for early fall or spring)

    Enjoying the exploration of tropicals like Bananas ;-0

  13. Keith Macdonald says:

    More on The Guardian.

    An article on how the liberal intelligentsia of The Guardian (regularly lecturing its readers on racism etc) displays rank hypocrisy, thanks to the Guardian being established in Manchester by people who were wealthy thanks to African slave labour.


    Also with a very different (to us) idea of what “democracy” means (more like the classical Greek idea

    But there were other forces at work. For all their brotherly love, the Little Circle of Manchester elites believed that the power of democracy, and even of free expression, should be limited to a small elect who were educated and intelligent enough to be entrusted with such power. When it came to the masses, the Circle believed that “because most people had not yet reached the same moral and intellectual standards of the members of the Circle, it was suggested that the bulk of the population should be indefinitely denied access to the public sphere, or at least the right to vote…”

  14. another ian says:


    With Nissan diesels of around 1990 era be aware that some had ceramic pre-combustion chambers. Which sometimes didn’t work too well.


    There was a smaller turbo engine (2.8 l IIRC) in Patrols. We had one with no problems. Another one in the area needed a new engine because of chamber problems. I’d say that just as well the bloke in the example got a new set.

  15. another ian says:

    I should add that a Nissan 4.2 that works is known as a very long life engine

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Nice to know, but Nissan Diesels are almost non-existent here. Mine was about a 1980 in line 6 Turbo and fairly big, and I now wish I had just kept it. A beast that could be maintained forever (I.H. Scout was made of of other makers very common parts… so things like axles and brakes and such were COTS. Windows were flat plate so any glass shop can make them. Etc.)

    Oh Well.

  17. Gregory says:

    @John Robertson – 2 tjhings.
    1) Try CTRL-Z to restore missing text. May require multiple CTRL-Zs to complete.
    2) Do not fear open tabs, a new tab can be very useful. And, right click, “open in new tab” is your friend.

    @E.M – FYI, going back to the early ’80s and late ’70s in trucks can be useful, and don’t pay too much attention to the powerplant. Those years most trucks had enough under-hood room to drop in almost anything. And, while I wouldn’t trust GM-anything too much, the mechanically antique Ford 300 CID inline 6 gasoline truck engine was about as reliable as they come, as were the Mopar 318 V-8s. I’ve seen both >400K on just regular oil and filter changes and one 318 that was pulled down at 450K “just because it had to need it” and every internal measurement was well within spec, went back together with just gaskets and seals, and last I heard was over 500K. One of them and a manual trashmission should go just about forever, but get a spare clutch and bearings, and extra driveshaft U-joints, you’ll need them eventually.

  18. Franka says:

    If you ask chatGPT to provide references for what it states, it may deliver some actual citations, but it is likely to think up some more. Check these sources and maybe 4 out of 5 are made up. They will be presented in the proper format for references, as its own databases are filled with knowledge of sentence construction (and woke norms & values). It is a very good Language Model, this marvellous chatbot, bless its lying little heart.

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