Oh, Canada… Let the Taxing, Socialist Confiscation Of Wealth, and Economic Destruction Begin.


Canada’s Alberta to introduce economy-wide carbon tax in 2017
Sunday, November 22, 2015 MIKE DE SOUZA FOR REUTERS

CALGARY (Reuters) – The Canadian province of Alberta, home to the country’s controversial oil sands, said on Sunday it will implement an economy-wide tax on carbon emissions in 2017, addressing long-standing criticism it is not doing enough to combat climate change.

The provincial government estimated the plan, including a pledge to phase out pollution from coal-fired electricity generation by 2030 and a limit on emissions from the province’s oil sands industry, would generate C$3 billion ($2.25 billion) in annual revenue.

Backed by prominent representatives from industry and the environmental movement, Premier Rachel Notley said the province was trying to do the right thing for the future.

Notley will bring her plan into a meeting on Monday of Canadian premiers with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to prepare Canada’s national strategy at the upcoming Paris climate change summit.

Notley’s left-leaning New Democratic Party took power earlier this year, ending 44 years of Conservative rule.

“It will help us access new markets for our energy products, and diversify our economy with renewable energy and energy efficiency technology,” Notley said in Edmonton. “Alberta is showing leadership on one of the world’s biggest problems.”

One really must ask: “What planet are these people from?” MORE taxes to “help us access new markets”? Taxes KILL or at best WOUND the thing taxed. You will have LESS employment, smaller markets, and fewer of them.

Alberta has the world’s third largest crude reserves, but its oil sands industry is also Canada’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.

That status has prompted fierce opposition from environmental groups to proposed pipelines that would allow the industry to access new markets, including the recently rejected Keystone XL pipeline, proposed by TransCanada Corp.

Alberta’s energy sector has also been hammered with thousands of layoffs in recent months due to slumping global oil prices.

Well, that explains it. Nothing like tossing a stink bomb into “the world’s third largest crude reserves” to put a crowbar into the works of western democracies. Well, at least we won’t need the XL Pipeline as market forces push to expand other supplies first and faster.

Greenpeace Canada described the plan as a “historic first step” to slowing growth of pollution, but said more needed to be done by all jurisdictions to prevent dangerous changes to the climate.

I think Canada and the USA need to follow the lead of India…


Government blocks Greenpeace India’s foreign fundings, suspends NGO’s licence for 6 months
PTI Apr 9, 2015, 06.03PM IST

NEW DELHI: In a tough action, the Government today barred Greenpeace India from receiving foreign funds with immediate effect by suspending its licence for six months and froze all its accounts, alleging it has “prejudicially” affected the country’s public and economic interests.

The environmental activist group was also served a notice by the government which asked why its registration should not be cancelled permanently.


Registration of Greenpeace India cancelled
Vishwa Mohan, TNN | Nov 6, 2015, 03.57PM IST

NEW DELHI: The Tamil Nadu Registrar of Societies has cancelled the registration of Greenpeace India, the environmental NGO that has been campaigning against air pollution and the unsustainable use of natural resources in India.

Greenpeace India, registered as an NGO in India under the Tamil Nadu Registrar of Societies (RoS), got the order of cancellation of its registration on Friday, although the order was formally issued on Wednesday.

“While several international leaders, including the United Nations Secretary General have recently upheld the importance of civil society in healthy democracies, this (cancellation) notice is the latest assault on free speech in India”, the NGO said in a statement.

So when they talk it is ‘free speech’ but when I talk it’s “RICO for The Deniers!!!”… Well, maybe as India and China take over the Global Economy backwater places like Alberta and New York can learn a thing or two about economic development… and de-development consequences.

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8 Responses to Oh, Canada… Let the Taxing, Socialist Confiscation Of Wealth, and Economic Destruction Begin.

  1. terrence says:

    I grew up in Alberta, and most of my relatives still live there. The NDP did not win the election, the disgustingly corrupt “conservative“ (in name only) party was kicked out. Unfortunately, there was no other party other than the NDP to vote for.

    I expect they know they will not be re-elected, and are going to do all they can to `save the planet` as quickly as they can (and so what if they put 100,000`s more Albertans out of work – they have already put 100,000 out of work). I am sure they believe that CO2 is evil and will kill the planet and all humans, so it MUST be massively reduced as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences.

    Of course, their friends and supporters will get very cushy provincial government `jobs` (with obscene, unfunded pensions that future taxpayers will be on the hook for).

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    This whole period of global panic about a non-existent problem will someday be discussed like the tulip mania as an example of the madness of crowds and totally dysfunctional thinking when a socially acceptable meme takes on excessive weight in public decisions and reasoned opposition is shut down by peer pressure and propaganda.

    I really wonder if it is a secondary effect of living in a very safe world where people really have very few legitimate concrete threats to worry about.

    When you are a farmer sitting up at night with a shot gun to bag the fox which is killing your chickens you really have no time for this kind of nonsense, but somewhere in the late 1960’s the train started to go off the rails (at least that is where I anchor this madness) as I recall for the first time becoming aware of folks who were making up dire threats that simply did not exist or if they existed were so trivial they should have been ignored in favor of more constructive issues to be resolved.

  3. BobN says:

    The oil sands of Alberta greatly fund their Health Care and Social Programs, its down now because of oil prices and Canada is bleeding red ink. The tax will accelerate this. Wait for the outrage as they cut back services and costs start rising. They will dig a hole they can’t get out of.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    Meanwhile, a conservative, Mauricio Macri, won the Argentina presidency.
    (About which I know next to nothing.)

    So, Canada goes big on an experiment. I’ll get the popcorn.

  5. John Robertson says:

    The federal election result split the country.
    Back in Reform Party Days, the West Wanted in.
    They , the conservative Party of Canada, got in 2 minority, 1 majority government, the west is still FUBARED, no legal respect for property rights, institutional theft is still government natural and a bloated Kleptocracy swaggers on.
    This could be a major blowout if the West decides Canada offers them nothing of value,the question of what do East and West have in common will become very important quite soon.

    Alberta did not give these NDP clowns a mandate, they accidentally won the election during a revolt against the Progressive kleptocracy, the NDP support is so thin almost all their senior “advisors” are from out of province.

    For all the NDP babble about representative government, you can be sure there will be no referendum on any of their dumb ideas.

    However democracy is mob rule, the French Mobs were so fearsome that the founders of the USA chose a Republic.
    Alberta is as governable as it choses to be.
    I expect a lot of hard working productive people are taking well earned holidays for as long as needed.
    Whether this bunch of fools and bandits will survive their allotted(by tradition) 4 years is highly doubtful.
    It is pretty obvious even the NDP know they will not win the next election as they are are attempting to steal and destroy everything they can.
    Not planning for the future of the Province.
    Not even interested in the future of the Province.
    And it shows.

    The idiocy of Carbonophobia is contagious, seems the less real work you do the more intense the sickness.
    Educated beyond ones intelligence seems to apply.
    CAGW via CO2 is an intelligence test, The Emperors New Clothes redux.
    Those who are parasites upon the masses again seem to gravitate to this kind of delusion, “only the wise and enlightened ones can direct the mere peasant as to how they shall direct their time and effort.”
    Having just weathered 3 election up here, city, Territory and Federal, they are all Kleptocrats.
    Not one person discussing the dark comedy, that the average canadian taxpayer now pays 48% of their income to taxes.
    Just possibly the coming provincial and Federal additional taxes will be the final straw.

  6. Robert Austin says:

    Rachel Notley and the NDP naifs think they can make friends with the Luddite NGO’s that are attacking the oil sands by prostrating themselves and proffering the pathetically ineffective but painful carbon tax. The problem is that these NGO’s will never cease attacking until we are driven back to a bronze age economy. Like with ISIL, there is no possibility of appeasement and concessions are a sign of weakness to be exploited.

  7. Jason Calley says:

    No good deed goes unpunished. The Alberta oil sands industry is cleaning up the largest oil spill on the planet, and they are getting demonized for it.

  8. gallopingcamel says:

    I just got back from Dubai where I was rooting for Rory McIlroy to win the golf championship.

    While I was there I suffered culture shock brought on by the extreme exuberance of the local economy even though it trails Abu Dhabi.

    Towering buildings all around with many more under construction. What struck me most forcibly was the six and eight lane freeways with every lane packed with cars. It was somewhat terrifying on the lines of the Katy freeway with its 12 lanes.

    Then it struck me that Dubai is doing a great job of emulating Houston; they don’t have to contend with a government that makes “War on Coal” and shakes down companies such as BP ($20 billion), Vollkswagen ($30 billion?) and Exxon/Mobil (the sky is the limit).

    May the enlightened rulers in the UAE live long and prosper. If they do, us little people will need even bigger freeways.

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