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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting little video on the economy.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Sidebar on the market. If Trump wins, the market is going to tank! Yellen will pull the plug. If Hillary wins, I do see a slow descent as she tries to prop it up and fails.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    I agree the market will tank as punishment for voting for Trump.

    However since most Americans are lucky to have $1,000 in the bank and 53 percent of Americans have no money in the stock market, including retirement accounts, it is not the problem they hope it would be. (62 percent of all US wealth is owned by the top 5 percent so they are the ones getting scalped.) They have already stolen our savings and you can not get $$ from a rock. Also the more paranoid Trump voters have moved to gold, silver or things other than the stocks.

    It is jobs we want and if Trump can slash regulations as promised, the undergound economy will come in from the cold and start growing. Heck just get rid of Obamacare which put the brakes on companies just under 50 employess and watch the explosion!

    Foreclosuregate was more of a problem for Main Street America.

  4. H.R. says:

    I’m in cash until after the election. I am and have been of the opinion that the market will plunge if Trump is elected. But then that’s a major buying opportunity.

    Oh. New rules, I guess. Used to be that a rollover went in to a money market account if you didn’t elect to roll the 401k money into stocks, bonds, etc. I got a notice that my 401k was parked in 2 different banks and therefore was all FDIC insured. There is some good and bad to that, depending on what could happen to the banks and the FDIC funds. At least my account can’t get churned :o)

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    Given all the goof ball things going on lately with false misleading news stories etc. Belling Cat put out a little blog how-to on what you need to know to trace back images and validate them.

    Amnesty International has a tool to extract meta data from Youtube videos to help tracing them back to their source.

    Using Google Image search to find similar images
    or Tineye

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    This has been postulated for a long while and disregarded by the current administration, but now ISIS is openly talking about it.

    Question is – is this a propaganda only move to play on fears or have they actually begun or actually done this, and just waiting for the opportunity to use it.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Don’t forget to watch whats going on behind the curtain!
    Russia using the distraction of the US election to launch large air strikes in Syria.

  8. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, there are reports of terrorist sneaking in over the Southern Border for years.

    From my old notes:

    Radical Islam makes inroads among Latin America’s Native peoples – February 21, 2010

    Ranchers have been reporting finding Korans and prayer rugs for years.

    July 2010

    there’s no doubt that we have OTMs [Other Than Mexicans] coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and other parts of the world that we are very concerned with — these guys won’t be turning themselves into Border Patrol like the family units or children.

    I expect we’ll see more the OTMs of special interest this year and next, now that they know they can get in easier and they won’t be turned back home.” *

    “We’ve found Korans, prayer rugs and many other unusual items at the border that certainly raise concern,” the agent said.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    Wow! What a difference a desktop makes….
    Using the LXDE desktop on VOID Linux is actually fast. It was Enlightenment that was killing the laptop. Even when resizing a window, it runs about 75% idle and that’s with FireFox sucking down about 15% of the CPU. So less than 10% (other stuff taking bits too). That’s about 85-10=75% of a CPU saved… just by avoiding “Enlightenment”…

    Well, at least now I know… “Note to self: ALWAYS test a linux release with the same desktop environment / windowing system”… otherwise you are not comparing the Linux ports, you are comparing the DE / WS…

    FWIW, after I tried getting fancy with SSL support in SQUID and some DNS finagle, the Squid Proxy on the Pi_B has been finicky. It crashed a few times ( I think I’ve fixed that, maybe…) and is often giving the refused to connect error to my browser. I likely have some config item set wrong… I hope to have more debug time today.

    For now, I’m using the old laptop to get a couple of “Linux On A Stick” releases on ix86 arch going. Since most folks port to that first, and it’s easiest to “make go” (the Pi being a bit ‘different’…) I like to explore ‘variety linux’ on an x86 box first. It also gives me a nice “keyboard and monitor built in” alternative posting platform when the Pi is busy doing something and monopolizing the HDMI monitor… and the Tablet just doesn’t cut it for input / heavy typing…

    OK, first report on VOID / LXDE: Seems fast and works well. Unfortunately, they only build gnu clib on it, the musl build is on the x86_64 and that machine of mine (the ASUS / Antek) has a PITA set of boards in it (limited folks have the drivers) AND has started to throw disk errors… so is ‘depricated’ (i.e. on the “parts and / or despiration pile”… ) So “next up” will be a musl / Pi install with LXDE… maybe tomorrow…

    OK, enough of this, back to the crazy “This Was Your Country” crap shoot du jour…

  10. chris says:

    I would say ZPE and aliens are off the wall topics but Podesta wikileaks has a NASA astronaut emailing Podesta. Second link is an eccentric I follow. Relationship between gravity and ZPE?

  11. pg sharrow says:

    @chris; Gravity is a myth, the Earth sucks!

    now, poindexter is a political hack and belongs in prison along with his friends the Clintons. ;-)…pg

  12. sabretoothed says:

    Interesting Santorini Volcano article

  13. Another Ian says:


    For your comment – health inspectors???

    Kenji tote replied to comment from Colonialista | November 9, 2016 10:52 PM | Reply

    And … in the same election … my fellow CAL’ifornicators also FORBID my groceries from being slipped into a plastic sheath. No … I have to bring my own saggy, soggy, natural fiber bags and slip the fresh meat into them – bareback. NO plastic grocery bags allowed ! Early retirement to a RED state cannot come soon enough”

  14. Sera says:

    Found this by accident…
    Looks like a pro AGW site.

  15. pg sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; yep! looks like you are becoming famous……… infamous. lol…pg

  16. Gail Combs says:

    E.M., Economics, and worthy of your comment.

    SUNDANCE: Wall Street, Main Street, and Global Economics With a Donald Trump Victory…

    The one thing that I see everyone forgetting is QUALITY and DURABILITY.

    I still have and use the muck buckets I bought 20 to 25 years ago. The new ones crack and die in three years.

    The Simmons frost free hydrants, made in America that I bought and installed in 1995/6 are fine and give no problems. The new ones by Simmons, now made in China, leak, don’t work at all or have frozen and busted. We are going to have to replace about 25-50% of them after ten years.

    The same thing with hoses and garden hose adapters, quick connects, Ys shutoffs valves…. My old ones are fine but the new Chinese made ones have cheap coated pot metal ball bearings and springs and rust solid in a season.

    Then there is the white and red polyester rope (Blue Hawk) sold by Walmart. Again it used to be Made in USA and was ALL polyester. Polyester rope is the most sun/weather resistant although nylon is stronger. I use a lot of it around the farm. The last batch I bought was NOT all polyester. It had a polyester sheath but inside it was literally garbage recycled into fiber and smelled like it when burned. It did not melt like a plastic but charred instead. They are doing the same with kermantle nylon ropes. Climbers and cavers have found ‘look a like’ rope being sold that mimics high strength climbing and caving ropes sheath patterns. Yeah the tensile strength is marked on the package but once out of the package you can’t tell the difference.

    Those are just a few example off the top of my head where the ‘cheaper’ product is actually more expensive in the long run. This of course is ‘Built-In Obsolescence’ which is a great economic model for corporations AND government. Good for government because every time a dollar moves from one person to the next they get to tax it.

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    @Sera & P.G.:

    Gee… I feel so, so, um, ‘noticed’ ;-)


    Reading it now…


    One can only hope…

    I’ve been lagging on Climate related postings since Paris was done, Obama was running roughshod over any claim to the contrary, and it all hung on the election. Once it was clear that the Science was just window dressing on pre-decided Politics, I kind of lost focus on the tech side… Now with Trump, we’ll need to see just how it all unfolds.

    Personally, I’d like to see him just go down the list of “50 years of Legacy” deep sixing things…

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    Yup, that’s about right.

    The “short form” is that China is acting in a “mercantilist” manner. Mercantilism has been well understood and practiced for generations. The whole point of “Free & Fair Trade” is to stop mercantilism. What we have with China is NOT free trade. It is Mercantilism vs Open Markets, and in those cases the open market is always absorbed by the mercantilist.

    The “easy fix” is just to have a single trade policy: “Our rules of trade will reflect yours.”. Or “Generous Tit For Tat”. So China demands partners? We demand THEY put factories here… The threaten a tariff? We start tariff legislation. They back off tariffs, we back off. Etc. This is a variation on my general “Be The Mirror” philosophy of dealing with people… Or “Goose, meet Gander”…

    They go into a lot more detail, and all of that is important, but the basis is really pretty simple. NEVER EVER accept an asymmetrical deal where the other guy has an advantage.

    I regularly reviewed contracts for my departments for all sorts of ‘deals’. One of my favorite “tactics” was to just go through the whole contract and anywhere it said “The Buyer” put “both companies” and anywhere it said “The Seller” put ‘both companies’… Right Quick all sorts of crap would be taken out of the contract ;-)

    China is an asymmetrical deal merchantilist. Trump intends to make it at least a symmetrical win-win deal (if not a “USA wins”…) and Free & Fair Markets, not mercantilist vs Open Market.

  19. sabretoothed says:

    Whats more Corrupt then a Hillary, a Saudi Dictator :P

  20. sabretoothed says:

  21. sabretoothed says:

  22. Gail Combs says:

    Thanks E.M.

    BTW Here is the List of the Protests PLANNED

    Can you name what cities we held protested in when obummer was elected?

  23. Gail Combs says: covers the protests and also has this:

    Lady Gaga and other leftists are pushing this rather desperate play to sign a petition to sway the electors. They are even encouraging electors to break the law, if the law in their state prohibits them from going rogue, and offering to pay whatever fine they may receive. Some have passed around electors addresses and phone numbers and are bombarding them with phone calls.

    Sounds like the Rule of Mob not Rule of Law. If Hillary does succeed in taking the country this way there is going to be hell to pay.

  24. Gail Combs says:

    Tim Ball and Tony Heller made presentations to the Climate Realists of Five Dock, Sydney last night.

    Video From The Australian Senate Floor

    (I hope that is it.)

    Looks like some sanity may be returning to the world.

  25. philjourdan says:

    Can you name what cities we held protested in when obummer was elected?


  26. J Martin says:

    “In late 2012, Peter Turchin, a professor at the University of Connecticut made a startling claim, based on an analysis of revolutionary upheavals across history. He found there are three social conditions in place shortly before all major outbreaks of social violence: an increase in the elite population; a decrease in the living standards of the masses; and huge levels of government indebtedness.”

    All three factors are about there. The top 0.1% own as much as the bottom 90%. National debt is fairly impressive and there is growing poverty in the countryside. Maybe not enough poverty in the blue tower belts yet.

    8 years of Clinton business as usual economics might have done it.

    But perhaps revolutions can no longer take place in democracies. The people vote for change, either Bernie or Trump, and things get changed enough to prevent a violent revolution.

  27. J Martin says:

    I wonder if Trump did a deal with Obama to not pardon Clinton. Like, how about I don’t repeal Obamacare ?

  28. J Martin says:

    Free trade and NAFTA in particular. Government economists repeat the mantra that free trade makes the country wealthier. But does it?

    A company shuts down its manufacturing in the US and moves it to Mexico, so now 200 families in the US are kicked out of the American dream and have to survive on benefits. The company bosses import the goods back into the US and sell them as before. The company elite and shareholders make more mone, the company is more profitable and the government tell us we are all better off as a result.

    But these imported goods add to the national debt instead of reducing the national debt. The money that had been earned and spent by the US workers no longer adds to the economy. And the net effect is that the rich grow richer, the poor grow poorer and increase in number, the national debt grows.

    Even if the goods are now cheaper and more people can buy them, this doesn’t make up for the negatives.

    Free trade deals may or may not be a good thing between countries that have equal living standards and costs etc, but not between countries with disparate wages and economies.

    In my view Trump is absolutely right.

  29. J Martin says:

    If the poor little snowflake people can’t accept democracy then they should emigrate to a country that doesn’t have democracy.

    If the Electoral college are insane enough to appoint Clinton, then I will have to end my 6 years without a TV and order in a pallet of popcorn while I watch from the UK the second civil war take place in the USA which has more than 300 million guns.

    Gail, thanks for those videos on Putin, I put them on Facebook to try and open up a few minds amongst friends and family.

  30. J Martin says:

    I loved the Les Deplorables image. A masterstroke. If I could post it here I would.

  31. J Martin says:

    The liquidity trap the world is in. How Trump will fix that in the USA, but the EU is in for a messy end.

  32. Larry Ledwick says:

    On archeology and well preserved ship wrecks in the Black sea deep stagnant water.

  33. cdquarles says:

    This, if true, is fascinating: Talk about breaking the glass ceiling, Trump is the first President elected that has *never* been in government at all.

  34. Larry Ledwick says:

    For all the space weather geeks and folks interested in being informed about CME’s and solar flares.
    I just found this, and am now following on twitter. Will see if they do a good job of putting out alerts ahead of the major media stories.

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    It is true, and fascinating…

    @J Martin:

    Nice article. Relies a bit too much on Krugman (sometimes wrong, never in doubt…) and ignores the effects of taxation (as taxes, not just a lever inside fiscal policy) and regulations. Generally a decent POV. I’d simplify it though: When things are stagant and miserable too long, folks get pissed enough to try other things even if breakage is threatened.

  36. Larry Ledwick says:

    Okay what’s wrong with this picture?

    Now if the emission rate has been nearly flat for 3 years and atmospheric concentrations continue to rise doesn’t that mean the Human caused CO2 is a trivial contributor to increasing concentrations in the atmosphere?

    If we had any significant contribution and had held emissions near a constant value for 3 years shouldn’t the graph knee over at least a little?

  37. E.M.Smith says:



    It is Trumps fault!


  38. Sera says:

    Leon- RIP

  39. Sera says:

    How many days?

  40. Gail Combs says:

    J Martin, Paul Craig Roberts has several of Putin’s speeches translated into English. (I always try to go to the source instead of getting MSM filtered news.)

    Dr. Roberts knows the US government but hates the Jews which is his one major draw back. However President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Dr. Roberts was awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.” (More on his about page)

    Given his expertise his pages on economics are worth reading.

  41. Gail Combs says:

    I should mention I was impressed by Putin’s handling of the Greenpeace attempt at sabotaging a Russian Arctic oil rig and the aggression by Soros/Clinton/Obummer in the Ukraine. The USA and the EU broke agreements when the EU/USA made a grab for the Ukraine by ousting the elected President.
    Luboš Motl had several post on the subject.

    This is one:

    And a bunch more from the same time period.

    I have yet to find the one I actually remember but Google is very good at tossing information down the memory hole.

  42. Gail Combs says:

    Oh and where in the news have we seen this? Vladimir Putin’s Russia Adopts Concealed Carry

    It’s beginning to border on the surreal. We’ve talked to great lengths about the inversion of international influence between the US and Russia. Under President Obama we have seen America’s command of world events sink to an unrecognizable (and quite embarrassing) level, while the Bond villain in the Kremlin has taken control of international conversations…..

    And not by just a little. After the reforms, they’ll make some US jurisdictions look positively Soviet. While places like New York and Washington DC continue to make it (almost) impossible to get a permit for carrying a handgun, Putin’s Russia is about to make it easier.

    Previously, Russians were only permitted to own firearms (subject to approval) for hunting or sporting. But under the new law they will soon be allowed to carry guns, open or concealed, for the purposes of self-defense. (Yeah… A background check and training will be a prerequisite.)

  43. Larry Ledwick says:

    On the forensic technique file we have this little item.

    Like any clue profile this technology could also be intentionally used by an adversary to create a false trail for investigation if they knew it would be applied to an object left at a crime scene.

    Or as my Karate instructor used to say “there is no such thing as a one way got-cha”

  44. Larry Ledwick says:

    Memo for the government don’t screw with people’s money access it makes them cranky!

  45. Larry Ledwick says:

    And in finance we have this item.

    To beat the rush, here is some future head line.
    “The model did not factor that behavior in as it was believed to be highly unlikely.”

  46. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Yeah, quantum computing is the way of the future… and always will be ;-)

    In short, while the most theoretical basis for it is shown likely valid, nobody has any real hardware… I’d guess it will be like hot fusion, always just 50 years away…

  47. Larry Ledwick says:

    One more security/data leak to China. Cell phone firmware that calls home and forwards all text messages, locations and call logs to a Chinese server.

  48. E.M.Smith says:


    Why I’m likely to be building my next phone. (Buy a cheap SIM card based phone to get the service activated – GSM system, then move the chip to a DIY platform…)

    The one I have now is old and stupid enough it can’t do that kind of intrigue, but the new ones are just too locked down by the vendor. For example, an open sw phone:

    Oh, and also why I’m interested in that “lock out .cn and IP ranges in China” DNS and routing bit…

  49. iPhone costs a bunch, but I trust Apple and the tech involved more than any Android phone on the market. Even a DIY can be dicey (I.e., I trust myself but know I can’t harden a modern cell phone as much as a trusted third party).

  50. Larry Ledwick says:

    Not sure where to put this, perhaps we need a new thread to comment on the coming changes that will be pushed by the arrival of Trump in the White House.

    It looks like from this story that Steve Bannon clearly sees the life and death struggle going on between Islamic Jihad and Western Culture and also the poison of modern forms of capitalism that seek profit for a small group at the expense of the public whether those power brokers are with government or industry which has weaponized capitalism for their own corporate benefit.

  51. Larry Ledwick says:

    An item on the Iranian Nuclear deal (not-a-deal) and its outcome.

  52. Larry Ledwick says:

    A comment by Allen West on the liberal freak out over Trump’s election.

  53. Larry Ledwick says:

    It appears that by applying sanctions to Russia for its recent aggressive actions that it is turning to arms sales for foreign exchange instead of oil sales.

  54. E.M.Smith says:


    When in doubt. put a comment in tips. If you think a page a good idea, say so. I see my role as facilitator of open thought, so unless it offends me (in some ill defined way, but strongly) I’ll open a thread. BTW, Serioso: That applies to ‘your side’ too. I enjoy thought and especially enjoy being undecided and on the edge; so ideas that “Need some think” call to me most, regardless of POV of the source.

    It may take me a while to open a thread, due to location or focus, but a round tuit is usually on the cards…

  55. philjourdan says:

    It aint heavy man, it’s just gravity –

    Interesting hypothesis. And refreshing to read that, while outside of the “consensus”, it is actually getting a hearing.

  56. pg sharrow says:

    Information stored in the fabric of space. So there is no need for dark matter or dark energy to explain galactic gravity.
    Yeah right! and you are going to store ,exhibit, that information, in, on, nothing? you still need something.
    Ain’t, Nothing, in space! space is packed full with something. Call it Dark Matter, call it Aether, call it the Fabric of Space, something is needed to conduct EMF through space, something is needed so mater can create the effect of gravity and energy transfer on other mater over great distance.
    In my Universe “Aether” is used to explain the effects of Photons, Electrons, Darkmater/energy, Gravity, Fabric of Space and EMF energy transfer.
    Bubbles of Charge in 3 dimensions of motion to explain everything. The GOD Particle…pg

  57. Larry Ledwick says:

    The climate change agreement

    Over 300 U.S. businesses have signed a statement calling on President-elect Donald Trump to support the Paris Agreement on climate change — including General Mills, eBay, Intel, Unilever, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies.

    Their statement reads “implementing the Paris Agreement will enable and encourage businesses and investors to turn the billions of dollars in existing low-carbon investments into the trillions of dollars the world needs to bring clean energy and prosperity to all.

    Translation, please save the agreement so we can make a boat load of money off the back room deals we have set up.

  58. Larry Ledwick says:

    In the all your data belong to us category:

    This means that your official existence could be wiped out with a few key strokes by a hacker or a corrupt official, shades of some of the sci-fi movies.

    Finger print access devices are no security at all, as the finger print sensors can be spoofed by anyone who has had access to something you handled and gotten a finger print impression image.

    Hack into the data base and you could provide doctored digital ID’s to anyone anywhere remotely.
    Even had multiple people simultaneously identify as the same person in multiple locations.
    It will add a whole new dimension to identity theft.
    How will a security person know the info showing on your phone is from the real identity data base or a spoof database with false data in it?

    It will be interesting to watch and see what unintended consequences this has for Beta testers as this gets rolled out.

  59. Larry Ledwick says:

    To file under just cool crap, an interactive map showing city lights world wide with highway overlay if you set the click box in the upper right corner.

    For those of us interested in night sky photography or for the climate debate regarding using night lighting as a surrogate for human thermal influence on the climate.

  60. Bill Still gives a brief, informative synopsis of the historical relationship between Russia and the U.S.A.

    He also gives an outline regarding several generations of Russian czars and their own internal political strife, up through the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, which resulted in the elimination of the czar ruling class, while introducing the world to a dark form of communism, Soviet-style.

    11 minutes in length.

  61. Let’s try that again…

  62. Gail Combs says:

    J Martin says on 12 November 2016 at 10:57 pm
    “The liquidity trap the world is in….”
    Mr Trump seems keen on massive tax cuts and a big increase in government spending (on defense, and perhaps also on infrastructure).
    Why do they ALWAYS assume everything else will remain constant and you just add the money ear marked for the infrastructure and military into that historic spending budget?
    The total spent in 2015 was $3.8 trillion of which $1.11 trillion is discretionary spending.
    $29 billion is for transportation,
    $63 billion for housing and community,
    $70 billion for education,
    $41 billion for international affairs,
    $39 for energy and enviornment
    $73 for government.
    Military is already $598.5, much of it wasted via stupidity. That is writing contracts incorrectly. Raytheon makes big bucks by following the letter of the original contract and then redoing it two or three times to get it right. (I worked across the street and had many friends at Raytheon. Poorly written government contracts were a running joke.)
    Here is what is spent where:
    08/06/2012 “..Tom Firey of the libertarian Cato Institute estimates that the U.S. has dumped at least $2.5 trillion of fiscal stimulus into the economy since 2008… Art Laffer, economist and former economics adviser to President Ronald Reagan, also puts the true amount of stimulus spending much higher than $819 billion — at more than $4 trillion…”
    We really really need do need businessmen to straighten the mess out in the bureaucracy.

  63. Larry Ledwick says:
  64. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry :

    Note that the withdrawn Indian notes are worth $14 & $7 respectively. So they are keeping things smaller than that. $1.40 or so. Just nuts.

    The Austrian School thesis on money is “the most tradeable good”, so eliminate government currency, other money arises. Gold during wars, cigarettes in prisons. Need currency? Just buy fixed value debit cards and trade them (Someone will make a portable reader to assure value on them) or even just coffee by the ounce… Heck, I could see cocaine packets becoming currency in some places.

    A few years back, I bought a car, partly with gold coin, just to avoid the exchange costs (the Chinese seller was Very Happy to take the coin…) The coin in question was also legal currency, btw.

    Per Oil:

    I find it funny they call this a “discovery”. Huge swaths of shale have been known for decades. It is really just an economic reclassification and proving out drilling.

    BTW, this is how ALL mineral resources work. The best deposits are very few in number, the lowest grade deposits, gigantic. As prices rise and new methods develop, the useable resourse increases exponentially. The prime fallacy of the Running Out Chicken Littles is the assumption of fixed or at most limited linear resource increases.

  65. philjourdan says:

    @P.G. – I am ill equipped to evaluate the hypothesis, but found the article intriguing for 2 reasons.

    #1 – “Dark matter” and “Dark energy” are merely unknown variables in the physic equation of the Universe. They call them “dark” because current knowns do not explain what is happening. It could be a herd of unicorns (ok, not really) for all we know. It is still the unknown that will be found out in time.
    #2 – The hypothesis demonstrates how real science is conducted. This guy may be all wrong. But he is not being ostracized and ridiculed for advancing the hypothesis. And in time, they may find he is all wet. But it is refreshing to see open and honest discussion on a subject that we clearly do not have all the answers to. Contrast that to the Climate.

  66. philjourdan says:

    @Gail – why do they assume it? Because that is the way it always happens – with the democrats and Republicans.

    But Trump is not one of them (he may turn into one, but that is not what got him there to begin with). So we will see. If he does cut spending on other programs (Welfare has gone up over 30% since Obama took office, SS only about 3%), I suspect he will win in a landslide.

  67. H.R. says:

    This tip is for Larry (Hot Rod… spelling?)

    A teen was clocked doing 208mph on the Oklahoma Turnpike. He was driving a 2011 Mustang that had been – ahem – modified.

  68. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve often asserted that if you have physical access any computer can be hacked, but that one is surpisingly elegant.

    FWIW, when I really care about security, I have hard coded IP adresses and static routes. I’ve had folks scoff at that as sooo old fashioned… yet this exploit depends on shifting network routing via spoofing, that doesn’t work with static routs and hard IPs…

    I also have separate machines for “general web browsing” vs “private stuff” that would isolate them from this hack (the secure private side is only booted up when I am “butt’s in seat”…

    I’ve had folks accuse me of paranoid excess… then I see things like that article and have a warm smugging wash over me ;-)

    I know some day I’ll be hacked, but it ought to be long after most others…

  69. E.M.Smith says:

    Fox News just showed the San Jose Airport ( in Santa Clara) for a story of police responding to an attack of foam…

    Dramatic shots of 6 foot deep foam coming from a hanger, both ends.

    Yes, it is “The Attack Of The Suds!,,”

    My guess is someone tipped an industrial tub of detergent into the plane washer….

  70. LG says:

    @ E.M.
    I say, when it comes to I.T. security, one can never be too paranoid.
    Question: When you need to move accumulated resources (data, pdf,etc) from general browsing platform to private platform, one presumes that modern versions of sneaker net is the preferred approach ?

  71. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like they accidentally (or due to a fault) tripped a flooding foam fire suppression system designed to fill the interior of the hanger with fire fighting foam in case a fire was detected.

  72. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting look at history in the middle east. Growing up I recall being puzzled by some of the things that happened in the middle east in the late 1950’s early 1960’s and now with the view of hindsight and the recent experience with our current administration it makes more sense.

    Never attribute your moral values to your enemies, they might look at the world through very different eyes.

  73. Larry Ledwick says:

    The link intended for the above post

  74. E.M.Smith says:


    It varies, but yes. The risk is that an infected USB drive can infect the private box (as was done to take down the Iranian centrifuges) so the least connection the better.

    My preferred is to write a CD that is mounted read only nonexecutable. I sometimes use a USB stick, but typically with a linux filesystem, not windows (Fat32 or NTFS). There are times that it must be Fat32 (chip from tablet for example) but it isn’t a significant risk. (Just reduces things expecting a MS world a little, so boot sectors and such are different).

    Sometimes I will turn on NFS and mount the filesystem that way (briefly and monitored), but that is rare.

    In reality, just not moving things usually is easy. The posting box, for example, has saved downloaded files used in posting. Why would I ever need to put those where I do email? Similarly, I don’t need to move my email to the posting box. (Most such use can be accomodated by copy / paste of text in one terminal into another. Depending on ssh to keep isolation and a display image to not have much executable ability…)

    IFF I ever needed to do a file copy, I would take an SD Card, format it fresh (on a backroom services box / chip used for that kind of stuff only, like a R.Pi with Debian on it) then put that in the SD to USB adapter, copy the file (while ‘top’ is showing other tasks not doing anything worrying), unmount it, move to the other box and mount read only, copy off (again with top running) then unmount.

    For multiple files, I usually make a tarball or a squashfs file system image. Thus no file is executable until unpacked and hashes can assure no changes happened (and things ‘between the files’ in a file system header or whatever also don’t get packed…)

    It really isn’t hard as long as a type of use per box is kept pretty clean.

    Oh, I’ve also been known to use a different system on the chip (Berryboot) for a download… So boot Ubuntu with disk mounted, do download to USB disk. Reboot, telling BerryBoot to reset that Ubuntu image to starting point (erasing anything that crawled), then start Daily Driver image with disk mounted. There’s your file… Now if the file itself is buggered, you are hosed in any case that moves it but you at least know that your OS didn’t do it…

    The nice thing is it takes about a minute to boot a different image on the Pi. Or from a USB Stick on the laptop… so swapping profiles is easy.

    FWIW, on one contract I put a Solaris image in a virtual machine on a 32 gb SD card so I could use it for anything marginal, not the desktop MS from I.T. I also put my MS pst files / directory on a different SD… That tended to assure the eMail archive wasn’t in the machine if I was using it for playing with Solaris :-)

    Oh, and I’ve been known to retype a whole URL from the tablet just to get the same page to download something.

  75. Gail Combs says:

    If what I read at Alex Jones was true, there may have been a very very temp ban on Breitbart and infowars at the time I was posting. Obummer and comp. were trying out the banning of ‘FAKE NEWS’ sites and then it got screamed down and they gave up the censorship idea.

    So it looks like my paranoia may have actually been correct. They WERE out to get ‘me’ or rather Breitbart and infowars.

  76. andysaurus says:

    A little while ago you suggested that you didn’t need guns or a truck to commit a terrorist act, and gave the recipe as some accelerant and a baseball bat. I don;t know if this guy reads your post, but it came true. If it’s any consolation, I think he was just mad.

  77. E.M.Smith says:


    I probably ought to do a posting on Paranoid Computer Hygiene as another item came to me (after 40 years of working with computers the habits tend to be below awareness…)

    I am constantly thinking contamination risk and contageon risk.. In the restaurant, where I grew up washing dishes and cutting up chickens, just as in the hospitals where I worked during college, you assume bacteria are arriving all the time trying to kill you or others. You set up a flow direction and sterilizing zones. The kitchen has a “clean side” and a “dirty side”. You NEVER take an item or your hands from the dirty side to the clean side without a wash first. As raw chicken is about as risky as it gets and the dish you eat from is the highest customer exposure point, I did a LOT of washing. There were three dish sinks (no machine…) with the last one being a bleach water rinse. Dump the garbage, wash hands and bleach dip. Cut up chickens, place utensils in wash, wash hands and bleach dip. Similarly in the hospital, enter a room, hand sanitizer. Done with a patient, hand sanitizer.

    Now a network is like one big dirty zone and you are hoping the firewall keeps the bugs out. Like a hospital in that sense. New stuff coming in the door all the time. So air flow and sterilizing washes are used to keep the sterile zones clean and thing are isolated where possible. In computer terms, you want a similar sterile zone available. This is most easily done with a fresh Operating System on a machine not connected to a network. I’ve used old PCs from the discard pile (wiped) or the laptop (booted from external media) or the Pi (clean chip) or even just took the disk offline in my main box and did a new install to another disk.

    Where do you get a clean OS? I still have old Linux and Microsoft manufactuers media in shipping boxes on the shelf. Hopelessly out of date, but work on the old junk in the junk pile. Worst case, I can bootstrap from there. Moving to this millenium I have known good CDs and DVD s made from downloads on clean systems (checking MD5 or SHA hash is typically enough to say iy is a cood copy). But say you don’t have those: with a probably clean system, you make one. (establish a flow with you moving toward cleaner and the dirt being left behind) Believe it or not, I often use a Microsoft Windows PC or laptop for this. Why? What infects them usually doesn’t infect Linux or Unix systems which is what I make… So, with the PC, make a Raspberry Pi chip (or an x86 Knoppix USB stick or a bootable CD /DVD). Now check any hashes and reboot using that media. Now you have an almost certainly clean system. IFF truely paranoid or a critical context, use it to only make another new one (I will often make this one a different distro, so for example, use Knoppix to make an Ubuntu Live) and reboot (watching blinky lights and disk activity for anything curious) and that 3rd generation removed system is your new Golden Master. Copy it and run from the copy (or make two copies at the start and archive one). In a real critical environment you would do a forensics look (search for infection signatures) on one copy with the other, but rarely is that warranted).

    Since you have a Golden Copy, you never need to do this whole process again. Just use it to make new images.

    Using a Golden Copy, you can use gparted to format disks or USB drives or SD chips. This is like running surgical tools through an autoclave. While it can fail to sterilize, the rate is extremely low. (for both formats and autoclaves). Now this could have a bug crawl up stream into the Golden Copy OS. For this reason, I like using a Live System where state is lost on a reboot. CD DVD based is inherently that way. BerryBoot lets you reset a system to the squashfs base. Knoppix or Puppy or SystemRescue or a dozen other Live Systems also only save state if you tell them to make a file. (the base system image is squashfs, so read only, and they save an overly). Have at least 2 Golden Copy images of such live systems or BerryBoot images. I have a couple of dozen… mix of CD, DVD, USB, and BerryBoot on SD.

    Using that Golden Copy and the reformatted media (USB or SD or..,) make a clean Daily Driver removable media image. (Make a backup copy of it) Use it to boot your Daily Driver hardware (run from the removable media or install to hardware as you like it). Now you have a Daily Driver and a known clean image of it, or starting media to recreate it. You ought to only rarely need to go back toward the Golden Set…

    Your Daily Driver is put into production. IF you ever suspect it, unplug your files media (I never have my home directory on the system image media) and replace your Daily Driver system image with a new one from the backup copy or remake it. (If a critical system, or high risk, check signatures on your data disk files. I.e. do a forensics sweep for contamination signatures).

    In this way system image bits only ever flow from the direction of the Golden Master and trusted archives toward the dirty side. Any media gets the autoclave treatment (full format) before reuse and that is done on an infection proof Live System image. Oh, and since 90% of my data is on disks NOT plugged in at any one time, it is not suspect if a system suddenly has issues. By having different system images used for email, browsing, archiving, building systems, contagion between them is limited (like separate surgical suites) and if it does happen, it only hits a Daily Drive image that is subject to disposal / remake with clean bits at any time.

    While this isn’t perfect, it is darned good at keeping things clean. I need to add IDS/ IPS and automated hash checks to it (under way now) and an automated sweep of disks for infection signatures, but mostly that will just be for keeping my skillset up as the odds of anything being on my gear is already small… I tend not to go to high risk websites, click on popups or random links, download crap (science papers and Linux codes dominate my downloads), etc.

  78. E.M.Smith says:


    I doubt they read here. Wrong type.

    I only posted the method (where IIRC it was pose as janitor with bucket and mop. not bb bat, bat was about self defence weapons I think) but I only broached it after it was already well known. (During USSR collapse street fighters took down tanks with wood in a tread and gasoline bath… among others). Besides, it isn’t exactly a big leap…

    Expect more such as “weapons” are banned by idiots who don’t understand that the PERSON is the weapon, not the object… I can weaponize an ink pen, rubbing alcohol, heck even cooking oil… (my favorite bizzare explosive is silver acetylide or copper acetylide. Made from copper and welding gas…) and I’m a novice at this stuff. Special Forces guys are much better at it. FWIW, an interesting explosive enhancer is a dust air explosive. Say you only have a few ounces of C4 and want to take down a building. Put it in a Tuna Can size and shape. Set a bag of flour on top. Detonate. Yup, weaponized cooking flour… the C4 disburses it into the air, where it ignites, as 5 lbs of dust air explosive…

    BTW, none of this comes from my ideas. It is all public information I learned from books (pre-internet… so internet censorship isn’t going to stop it).

    Focus on the bad people, not the stuff or the good people.

  79. E.M.Smith says:


    Do remember that such a ban on Facebook does nothing to WordPress. Also please internalize that there are SPAM fighting bots all over the place and they usually include “repeated posting text” counters, posting rate counters, and “marked SPAM” by some other site metrics. Those exist and do not go away.

    Occams Razor says all you need to be in the SPAM bucket is frequent and fast posting of the same thing, whatever it might be. I know, I’ve built and managed spam filters for email systems, and that is the core of it.

    Secondary to that is Black Lists. Either from sites dedicated to making them, or as ” voted off the island”. Those are a standard and will not go away. Maintenance of blacklists is a significant workload and always will be. Things OFTEN get put on, then the sysadmin needs to take back the mistakes. This happens every day all over the planet with dozens of flagged sites or people. It is boilerplate. Then things that show up often in the first (rate detection) method that are shown to be repeat offenders get added to the blacklist locally or at the commercial blacklist providers.

    None of that is political. It is all mechanical (and automated as much as possible).

    THE most likely case is that some folks inspired by the push on “fake news” marked things as SPAM and that caused WordPress bots to add it to their spam search, then others, like me, marked it “not SPAM” by fishing it out and the system learned that it can’t call that spam and removed that ‘rule’.

    RARELY to never does a sysadmin put in a political ban rule for the simple reason they are too busy doing things that matter and they automated the voting anyway.

    You are almost certainly arguing with bots, not administrators, on WordPress.

  80. Larry Ledwick says:

    New weather satellite coming on line GOES-R, will be major improvement in capabilities for weather observation/forecasting.–finance.html

  81. LG says:

    “Passcodes ?
    We don’t need no stinking pascodes !!! “

  82. Gail Combs says:

    E.M. others are reporting a problem on that date with posting Breitbart links. Fake News!

  83. E.M.Smith says:


    I’m not arguing about the existance of a problem, I am illuminating the mechanism..

  84. G. Combs says:

    OK, Thanks EM
    Again my ignorance of all things computer is showing.

    There seems to be a lot of twists the progressives can use to screw stuff up.

    I noticed my problems started directly after I finally outed the birddog harassing me for years at WUWT and then at Tony Heller’s. He made the mistake of switching sides on an issue just to harass me and I documented it. I haven’t seen him since. That made me a bit paranoid esp. after I got banned by google and DISQUS.

  85. Larry Ledwick says:

    So what happens when the government tries to eliminate large bank notes to attempt to control the black market economy?
    India is a test tube for this – as always the public finds numerous ways to dodge the bullet if they can.
    Resulting in alot of future consumption being pushed forward into the current time frame to use up the dollars in one way or another, and get something that will hold value.

    The interesting question will be to see how the echos of this mass consumption spike echo through the economy over the next months/weeks as you have a massive spike in sales of retail merchandise followed by a dead time where no one wants to buy for weeks or months and all sales of this merchandise moves to the informal economy.

    Will this experiment be so painful that other countries think twice about forcing a cashless economy?

    – need more popcorn –

  86. Larry Ledwick says:

    6.4 earthquake Argentina, originally reported as 6.7

  87. Larry Ledwick says:

    The results of a survey to determine how many Mosques in American advocate or promote violent jihad.
    It has some numbers which show that concern over the true agenda of some Muslim organizations is not irrational.

  88. Larry Ledwick says:

    It will be interesting to see if this discovery is validated and workable for monitoring for cancer.

  89. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, a Doctor in Germany told me and my Mom there was a bloood test for cancer back in the mid 1970s. When I confronted her American cancer doctor (Rochester University’s Strong Memorial of illegal human nuclear radiation testing infamy) he said yes there was but it was never used because they would not know where the cancer is.

    We now have chemo so that answer no longer matters.

  90. pg sharrow says:

    Measurement of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio-Frequency Cavity in Vacuum
    Air test, Vacuum test, Device works to provide thrust with no propellent except by micro wave activity within the shaped chamber. Next it will be sent into space. A renewed NASA will have a new toy! GOD’s second gift for the new area. An EMF space drive…pg

  91. Larry Ledwick says:

    If anyone is still actively following the Reddit investigation on pizzagate and their “findings” here is a summary that covers much of it in one place. Requires you to click to agree you are over 18 to view the thread as it has a couple not work safe images. Most of it is rehash/summary of stuff that came out in the beginning but they are still stitching together connections and links.

    Just posting this here to capture the link for anyone interested.

  92. Larry Ledwick says:

    Drat – word press wants to expand it and show the whole thing, is there a way to neuter links so they don’t expand into a page and a half of crap? Like maybe use the code or pre tags?

    [Reply: I put it in an html: wrapper. <a href=”your link” >display string</a> ]

  93. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, I think if you post the URL within a sentence with words before the URL it does not post the image.

  94. Another Ian says:


    Might be useful?

  95. Larry Ledwick says:

    Some historical notes now commonly known about Islam and slavery and its relationship with Europe and the early history of America.

  96. David A says:

    Larry, the entire pizza pedophile story is so bizzare, perhaps the outlandish nature of it helps protect whatever the he’ll is going on.
    Any word/rumors on or from the suposedly ongoing investigations into this?

  97. Gail Combs says:

    David A there will be no investigations until AFTER January 20th when Sessions becomes US Attorney General. If you are an American make sure to voice your approval of Trump’s picks to your Congress critters.

  98. Larry Ledwick says:

    Any word/rumors on or from the suposedly ongoing investigations into this?

    That is really the most interesting question after the election it pretty much got kicked off the front page (which by the way it only reached outside the shill media).

    At the time it developed it was rumored that some in the FBI and some in the NY PD may be working the case but given the politics it would have to be a low key bottom desk drawer kind of thing where they slowly piece things together outside of official channels. That is supposedly one of the reasons some really hinky stuff is associated with highly connected people, they are either above suspicion or are sufficiently connected that they are protected.

    We had a similar situation here in Colorado a few years ago with a highly regarded County Sheriff who was often thought of as being a model sheriff until things finally broke wide open.

  99. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, if Steve Pieczenik is telling the truth I imagine there are a huge number of ‘bottom drawers’ and ‘no access’ hidden computer files among the rank and file.
    For example former Department of Homeland Security official Philip Haney….

  100. Larry Ledwick says:

    Really funny video (truth in advertising regarding use of Nitrogen in tires) includes a bit of not work safe descriptive terms (ie real people verbiage) 17 min long.
    It introduces a concept called science and common sense to auto maintenance.

    Absolutely correct in his analysis for average consumers, but does ignore the reason racers use nitrogen in their tires (minor technical flaw, but how many of you drive 204 mph on a NASCAR oval and will go backwards into the fence if your tire pressure changes by 0.5 psi more or less than you expect as the tires come up to full racing temperature).

  101. Larry Ledwick says:

    Large earthquake reported in Japan just minutes ago:
    14 minutes ago 7.3 magnitude, 10 km depth
    Name, Fukushima, Japan

  102. Larry Ledwick says:

    EM as we get closer to inauguration day, perhaps it would be appropriate to have a thread on the Trump-Obama transition and the first 100 days.
    Toward that end, Trump’s update on the transition process and plans given today by video.

  103. Gail Combs says:

    In the Oh S…T category…

    With Malicious Intent – Obama’s Homeland Security Shuts Down Aerial Surveillance of Southern Border…

    In what appears to be a transparent effort to allow unchecked border crossing in the final two month of his presidency, President Obama’s DHS has shut down the aerial surveillance program. Texas Governor Greg Abott goes one step further saying President Obama is doing everything he can to “open the border” for illegals…

    It is not the Hispanics I worry about.

    FBI: 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA Last Year

    Smuggling Network Brings Aliens With Terrorist Ties Across U.S. Border

    Cartels, Corruption & Terrorism — An Investigation on the Mexican Border

    Cartels, corruption and terrorism have ignited a major security threat on the Mexican border. Islamic terrorists are training in southern border towns near American cities and have joined forces with Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate the United States. Judicial Watch spent the year investigating this national security crisis and interviewed local, state and federal law enforcement officials as well as military sources on both sides of the border. Our reporting confirmed that ISIS has a training cell just a few miles from El Paso, Texas in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. We also verified that Mexican drug cartels are smuggling foreigners from countries with terrorist links to stash areas in a rural Texas town called Acala. Judicial Watch also reported the latest development in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cover-up involving a narco-terror ringleader with ties to ISIS and Mexican drug cartels….

    Here Are the 190 US Cities Obama Selected to Dump Muslim “Refugees”

    …Barack Obama has allowed an influx of 100,000 Muslim immigrants a year into the United States. However, these immigrants are not being properly screened or vetted to protect national security.

    The State Department has released a list of 190 cities in the U.S. that these immigrants can go to. The full list can be seen below….

    A lot in Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, Florida…. most states are seeded with ‘refugees’

    Syrian ambassador to India says that over 20% of refugees to Europe may have links to the Islamic State

    The Gateway Pundit reported back in 2015, SHOCK POLL: Third of Syrian Refugees ISIS Sympathizers, 13 Percent Support

    A poll released in November but ignored by the mainstream media shows a third of Syrian refugees do not want the Muslim terrorist group ISIS defeated. The survey results buttress concerns by the dozens of U.S. governors who have announced opposition to President Barack Obama’s plan to import 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year.

    The poll shows thirteen percent of Syrian refugees have a completely positive opinion of ISIS with another ten percent having mixed feelings on the terror group, suggesting that nearly one quarter are open to recruitment by ISIS….
    The survey result for the other Arab countries show similar levels of support for ISIS… even more supportive of ISIS than the Syrian refugees, are Palestinians.

    The survey shows twenty-four percent of Palestinians have a positive view of ISIS with another thirty-six percent only having a somewhat negative opinion of ISIS. The survey also shows Palestinians as the only group where less than fifty percent (48) support the defeat of ISIS .

  104. Larry Ledwick says:

    Egypt has issued a report in response to efforts of European governments to paint the Muslim Brotherhood and political islam as benign.

    It sounds very interesting, I have found some summaries on it, but so far cannot find an actual online copy of the report itself which was issued on Sunday (about 24 hours ago 11/20/2016)

    It would be an invaluable source for those who attribute opposition to unrestricted immigration to racism rather than a sober and fact based analysis of what jihadists have been doing for the last 80 odd years. This comes with the authority of an official government document of an Islamic country which considers the Muslim Brotherhood and all its offshoot organizations a mortal enemy and a declared terrorist organization. It could also be a good resource to back up Trump’s expressed interest in a sane immigration program for refugees from high risk countries.

    If anyone can find a direct link to the Egyptian report please post a link.

  105. Larry Ledwick says:

    Alternate news source on middle east, link to stratfor web page

  106. Larry Ledwick says:

    I found a source listing known Islamic terror attacks.

    During this time period, there were 208 Islamic attacks in 28 countries, in which 2267 people were killed and 2966 injured.

    Jihad Report
    Nov 12, 2016 – Nov 18, 2016
    Attacks 54
    Killed 470
    Injured 554
    Suicide Blasts 11
    Countries 10

  107. Larry Ledwick says:

    Some other sources since it looks like this will be a hot topic for the next few weeks at least.

    This video gives you pause if you allow your imagination to absorb and mentally visualize what happened at Kahlenberg Mountain Sept 12 1683 (note the date!). It is hard to internalize a cavalry charge of 20,000 horses in full gallop line abreast charging into the Janissaries opposing them but this is what it took to stop the Islamic invasion of Europe and buy Europe 400 years of respite in a war that has been underway for 1400 years.

  108. G. Combs says:

    Soros, the Rockefellers and Angela Merkel are inviting that enemy straight into the heart of white Christian civilization with the goal of the genocide of the entire white race. History shows any country with a sufficient minority of muslims ends up 100% muslim before they start eating their own.

    Unless Europe wakes up really really fast it is lost. All you have to do is look at the changes in London UK. As it is only the forceful ejection of ALL the muslims imported to Europe will save Christian civilization in Europe and that ejection will make WWII look like a picnic.

    The elite behind the move are stark raving bonkers!

  109. G. Combs says:

    In Peru Obummer repeats his desire t shut down ‘Fake News’ such as Brietbart and this site and other sites that disagree with gov’t propaganda.

  110. sabretoothed says:

    MTHFR defects effect Choline, since a large proportion of methylation is production of choline it could be a major factor in chronic disease because of the reduced production of bile and neurological problems

  111. David A Anderson says:

    ” The elite are stark raving bonkers”

    Gail, like you I find this PC support for what I call the last empire religion insane.
    In my view we are in an age of mental illness. The last 2000 years was an era of intense physical suffering where life was often brutish and short. Not so true now for billions of people.

    Now we have this massive PC disease, where crybullies wine for free everything, demand “respect”, and demand agreement, praise an ideology that is the antithesis of liberty and equality, demean men, (pajama boy) and praise emotional breakdowns, all the while spending 400 per month at Starbucks.

  112. Gail Combs says:

    I was on the same page as you until Trump showed up and the sane people came out in droves to support him.

    Much of what we see is Smoke and Mirrors orchestrated by the MSM and globalist elite.

    We do have a major uphill battle in front of us but now at least I see we have some Warriors willing to fight it.

    Also, what many forget is kids REJECT their parents philosophy.
    Do you really think all the PC temper tantrums going on in College is going to impress kids?

    I took on one of these PC bullies at a science fiction convention in Boston MA. She was pontificating on the evils of plastic and had a large crowd gathered. I had just lost my job at a plastics manufacture and was a wee bit steamed at the time. So I lit into her not only with facts but demanded she give up ALL plastics including her clothes and car right then and there. She turned beet red and sputtered as everyone laughed.

    She looked like this….

    Which did not help her cause.

  113. Larry Ledwick says:

    File this under materials science, not really new, they have tinkered with glass fiber reinforced concrete for a long time. This does how ever have interesting applications to space habitats as you can make a version of concrete out of moon dust and other planetary regolith.

  114. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter:
    Brad Todd ‏@BradOnMessage 3 hours ago

    Before you get too outraged over HRC popular vote “victory,” know it comes entirely from NYC + LA County. She trails -711,370 in rest of US.

  115. Larry Ledwick says:

    A look at Putin’s chess skill with real weapon systems in the Baltic, slowly inch by inch he is putting NATO in a check mate and most don’t even see it happening.

  116. E.M.Smith says:


    They would be more accurate to say ~’gold extracted from coal ash, $23/ton, pays for coal’

  117. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm looks like pizzagate is having an unexpected secondary impact. Lots of folks are aware and willing to take action on this sort of thing and now have a public voice to back them up.

  118. Larry Ledwick says:

    Take a memo be sure you don’t run out of candy when you take in refugees.

  119. Jeff says:

    Gummi bears and Nutella apparently are Haram, as the gelatine in a lot of Haribo products is pork-derived, and Nutella has milk from incorrectly-handled cows.

    Makes me think of the sign on “The Ground Cow” restaurant that used to be somewhere around Sacramento: “Carnation Milk, from contented cows. Buttermilk, from cows who don’t care”…

    Apparently the Moslems don’t care either, or are practicing Taqiyya as well as fire-starting.

  120. Pingback: TT minus 8 weeks | Musings from the Chiefio

  121. Larry Ledwick says:

    This on twitter, as mentioned looks like the internet community is not going to let things slide on their investigations of suspicious emails and weird behavior by the powerful.

    Brittany Pettibone ‏@BrittPettibone 57 minutes ago

    ALERT: We have decided to add another hashtag to the #PizzaGate investigation. The hashtag is #PedoFiles. Please start using both together.

  122. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter:
    Reuters U.S. News Verified account

    BREAKING: U.S Navy says sensitive personal info of 134,386 current and former sailors compromised in security breach – NBC

  123. Larry Ledwick says:

    More on the navy security breach through a contractor’s compromised lap top.

  124. Jeff says:

    I hate to be so cynical, but doesn’t this come at a rather convenient time to take attention (again) off of Hillary and her *cough* security issues? Also with the PizzaGate #PedoFiles scandal…

    The other thing that troubles me is why does someone have so much info on a laptop. Granted, the enormous disc capacities of today make that possible, but I would hope that folks only have that type of info on a “need-to-know” basis, and fully encrypted at that. Not to mention some sort of drop-dead mechanism if the lappie is compromised or stolen… sigh…

  125. Larry Ledwick says:

    The info was probably not “on” the laptop but a contractor who had access to the info as part of his permissions. Gain control of his computer and you gain access to everything the system will allow him to see. Futz around with the system a bit and gain access to stuff he was not “supposed” to have access to but they did not lock all the doors so they then likely backdoored the security and had run of the place. (This is all assuming he had root/system admin access or close enough that they could get there with a bit of effort).

  126. E.M.Smith says:

    I have spent years fighting the same constant battle over computer security. Typically, there are one or two folks who give broad suuport for the idea (V.P. Business Affairs: “You are in charge of security and compliance. Now, on to important new topics…”) Yet in substantially every specific, the Pointed Question, often with glaring eye or edgy voice, is “Why are you obstucting business? Get his access going now.”

    It does not advance your career to place security ahead of operational desires.
    It does end your career if you are breached.
    The breach is often caused by others without your knowledge and against the rules.

    That is the nature of the head I.T. job. It takes a LOT of careful political skill to sell folks on “enough security” while a LOT of hustle is provided to build some new demanded access in a secure yet workable way, very fast. In many companies and most of government, that degree of skill and speed is not available (as it comes at a price). The result is open poorly secured access, rarely reviewed. Then breaches.

    It is not uncommon to put entire databases copies and / or extract reports of them on laptops. At one company, all contractors (and most of the tech team and management) worked on Lenovo laptops (“Pre-hacked from the Chinese Factory!”) in docks as a desktop. Taking work “home” made easier that way… Now MY computer had a spreadsheet of every computer in their computer rooms, location, os, application, the name and phone of the tech team and managers and directors of all applications, what the application did, and more. About 170 applications. Oh. and the penetration testing report listing all know weaknesses…

    Raising the issue of that exposure just got me questioned about why I was looking at that security question as that was not my contract… (I was in the security and compliance department, but contracted for Disaster Recovery prep., for which there was a legal compliance requirement.)

    BTW, they didn’t use disk encryption since they didn’t want an employee to leave and them be locked out… (“We” in our group, put a password on the spreadsheet anyway… crappy security, but better than none.)

    This, BTW, at a company that actually understood and cared about security, generally. Never had a PII or financial breach, for example.

  127. A look back at the Antarctic explorers’ records shows that the ice-pack is just about the same as 100 years ago. Another conundrum for AGW to explain.

  128. LG says:

    In case you had not yet seen this.

    Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit connect some dots.

    One of the best-known Climategate incidents involved the deletion of emails in order to avoid a FOIA request. Phil Jones notoriously emailed Michael Mann asking him: “Mike, Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4? Keith will do likewise… Can you also email Gene [Wahl] and get him to do the same? I don’t have his new email address. We will be getting Caspar [Ammann] to do likewise. Cheers, Phil”. Mann cheerfully agreed, contacting Wahl who promptly destroyed the emails that worried Jones and Briffa.
    As a result of researching potential U.S. legal issues in the Climategate email deletion, I discussed or mentioned an interesting U.S. case on obstruction of justice (U.S. v Quattrone) at Climate Audit on several occasions (most thoroughly in a post here on the Mann v Steyn libel case in 2014, but also in passing here and here). In the post on the Mann v Steyn libel case, I summarized U.S. v Quattrone as follows:

    At the time, Quattrone’s firm was under SEC investigation for its handling of IPO trading. It was then relatively late in the calendar year and an administrator at his firm had sent a standard memo to all staff reminding them of the firm’s document retention policies and procedures. A few hours later, after learning of a leak of the investigation by the Wall Street Journal and being told to retain counsel, Quattrone sent an email to his staff endorsing the seemingly routine instruction as follows: “having been a key witness in a securities litigation case in south texas (miniscribe) i strongly advise you to follow these procedures”.
    Quattrone’s email was countermanded the following day by the firm’s legal department and no documents were deleted. Nonetheless, Quattrone was charged with obstruction of justice under pre-Sarbanes-Oxley section 1512. The case had a complicated history and went on for years. The key point for the present discussion [Mann’s role in the deletion of climate emails] is that an appeal court ruled that a trier of fact could have concluded that Quattrone acted with a “corrupt intent”, an element of the offence, even though, on its face, Quattrone was endorsing a legitimate request.

    The Quattrone case has a remarkable connection to the present controversy: the DOJ attorney who had found corrupt intent in Quattrone’s actions was James Comey, the present director of the FBI.

  129. pg sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; We, hope you have a fulfilling Day of Thanksgiving.

    The people that celebrate Thursday, seem to have elected a wise old man to lead them. GOD’s plan is coming together as prophecised.

    Next, The head Oligarch will be assinated…pg

  130. Gail Combs says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving All.
    As an agnostic I have been praying hard and have given thanks for the ‘ election of a wise old man.’

    I do this because of my love for my country since I am old with no children and little family to speak of. I find the thought of a new Dark Age descending on humanity disgusting. Trump gives me hope.

  131. Larry Ledwick says:

    You can file this under interesting Russian military equipment acquisitions. Russia has announced it will modernize about 3000 T-80 tanks to modern standards which will give them about 6000 operational tanks when complete. This in effect would restore the former Soviet Unions massive advantage in armor and enable it to conduct significant ground assaults with armor for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union.

    By contrast the European countries have largely gutted their armor capabilities since the fall of the Soviet Union since the saw no viable ground threat any more. Germany only has 5 total tank battalions right now and one of them is a training battalion. This upgrade would give the Russians about 100 tank battalions they could field. That massive miss match in capabilities will fundamentally change things in Europe and return us to the old days of NATO where the entire eastern NATO countries were intended to only be a speed bump to slow down a Soviet armored assault long enough to bring in reinforcements and mobilize Britain, France and Germany with US support. This means that in the foreseeable future with the forward basing of Iskander nuclear capable intermediate range missiles and advanced SS-400 antiaircraft defenses, Russia has recently deployed that very soon Russia will have over whelming advantage in combat power within about 800 miles of its current frontier with NATO and NATO will be helpless to stop any move by Putin unless they are willing to go nuclear.

    In short Checkmate –
    Putin will be able to do almost anything he wants for about 5-10 years if Europe and NATO do not take immediate steps to match or neuter that threat as much of our armor has either been retired, transferred to useless allies like Iraq or is so battle worn from continuous deployment in the gulf as to be seriously degraded.

    Need to run this through google translate or similar–putin-laesst-3000-alte-panzer-modernisieren-7204014.html

  132. Jeff says:

    There are many, many sites with info on this. Also there are other activities of the elite-elites that are extremely odd (see vigilant citizen for some of their parties and dedications, for instance).

    They could have stumbled onto something that is deeper, wider, and more evil than they could have conceived. Maybe that’s what the Clinton camp was afraid of coming out, so the various DDOSs
    against Wikileaks and others happened just in the (old)Nick of time… Just speculating, but it seems that folks are really worried. Here in Germany Merkel is going on and on about “fake news, false narratives, etc.” so it appears our “Media Matters” to some folks as well.

    The “common folk” aren’t having any of it, so the AfD is still growing.

  133. Larry Ledwick says:

    Under the category of bitcoin, digital money systems, over reach of government and IRS we have:

  134. G. Combs says:

    Iceland looks quiet. It was a bit active a while ago.

  135. A C Osborn says:

    I just suggested on the AGW what now post that EM could revisit his work on Earthquakes and tectonics due to so much activity.

  136. beththeserf says:

    Re Larry Ledwick @ 12.42am.
    How will the EU survive both
    the enemy within and the
    enemy without?

  137. Gail Combs says:

    It occurs to me the ‘enemy within’ may be one of the reasons why the ‘enemy without’ beefed up their ground game.

    Europe may have forgotten that they have been clear of Islamic threat for only ~100 to 200 years but Russia has not.

    …The conflicting interests of European states propped up the Ottoman Empire until after World War I. Great Britain especially was determined to keep Russia from gaining direct access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. Britain, France, and Sardinia helped the Ottomans during the Crimean War (1854-56) to block the Russians. In 1856 Russia was defeated, it’s navy gone and severely weakened, but the Ottoman Empire was in no better shape. The Russians and Turks battled again this time in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, that brought Russia almost to Constantinople. The Ottomans were forced to sign the harsh Treaty of San Stefano, which would have ended their rule in Europe except that the European states called the Congress of Berlin. It succeeded in propping up the old empire for a few decades more.

    The Young Turk Regime took power in 1909, diposing Abdulhamid II and placing a puppet Sultan Mehmet IV. During the Young Turk reign Turkey fought two Balkans Wars, with Greece gaining independence and most of Turkey’s Balkans providences were lost. Turkey sided with Germany in World War One….

  138. beththeserf says:

    Agree, Gail.
    Weak at home, – sick man of Europe ‘ syndrome,
    expected neutrality of third parties – been a game change,
    opportunism in international affairs prevails …
    a cause of war and a cause of periods of peace.

  139. Larry Ledwick says:

    Germany also stirred up Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey during WWI as part of their influence operations on the Ottoman Empire to get them to side with Germany in the war. We are now bearing the fruit of that effort 100 years later.

  140. Larry Ledwick says:

    Very very very politically incorrect – includes a long lost Bob Ross episode on how to paint a certain founder of a religion of peace.

    If you are easily offended with such humor don’t go there.

  141. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter:
    Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 5 minutes ago

    Apparently Twitter thinks the Washington Times article about fake news is unsafe. I’m literally shaking.

    Link to the page that bypasses the twitter warning:

  142. Larry Ledwick says:

    Fidel Castro just died at age 90.
    It will be interesting to watch the media spin him as a misunderstood visionary persecuted by the US for his political beliefs or some such.

  143. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting that AFP news in France, DW (Deutsche Welle in Germany) and BBC in Britain broke Castro’s death 10 minutes or more ahead of the major US media on twitter.

  144. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, might be the difference between places WITH diplomatic presence in Cuba and those not… Just saying… we’re a bit standoffish…

    With that said: Yea!!! The SOB finally kicked the bucket! I was starting to think he might out live me ;-) Now if his brother would just come down with something serious…

  145. Another Ian says:


    I nkeeping with your Castro comment

  146. sabretoothed says:

  147. Larry Ledwick says:

    A little throw back item on Cuba and their intelligence influence on America, as proxy to Russia.

  148. Gail Combs says:

    In Miami’s Little Havana they are dancing in the street waving US flags and Trump signs.

    ““Fidel, tirano, llévate a tu hermano,’ they chanted outside Versailles. Fidel, tyrant, take your brother. There was also a variant: ‘Raúl, tirano, vete con tu hermano’ (Raul, tyrant, go with your brother’)….”

    The Pope of course has tears in his eyes
    VATICAN CITY, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Pope Francis said the death of Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was “sad news” and that he was grieving and praying for his repose.

    And MOOooocheL and the Obummer are having Air Force One prepped for a flight to the funeral and inviting Kaepernick along. /sarc???

  149. Larry Ledwick says:

    By contrast this from twitter:


    ALERT: Cuban dissidents are being arrested, taken away to unknown locations. Relatives are told to remain indoors or also face arrest.

    Perhaps Raul is using his brothers death as a way to smoke out those who opposed Fidel?

  150. E.M.Smith says:

    @A.C. Osborn:

    The USGS screwed up their web site some year or three back, going to fancy interactive dynamic things and ditching the very nice images you could link into a posting. At that point, most of my “modus” was killed. So I drifted away from it. Maybe it is time to drift back… Quakes are more common during high tidal force periods (lunar perigee and full / new moon IIRC) and that would imply also that certain sun / earth / moon sets when the Jovians et. al. have swung the sun around to the sweet spot would also have more volcanoes and quakes. IIRC, during the Little Ice Age the images of volcanic tropical islands was common as more of them were smoking it up (or maybe just novel and discovered recently…)

    At any rate, yeah, maybe… but I’ve got a lot going on right now too…


    Interesting stuff…


    Let’s see… A communist dictatorship with pliant population where any citizen that touched US dirt got to stay and be a citizen, closly allied with the USSR / Russia… Now what could one possibly do with that… I’m sure the ‘boat people’ were salted with agents-to-be working for both Cuba and Russia. The real question is what happened after they got a taste of America and how many family members back home makes a ‘blackmail quorum’ ;-)


    Oh to be in Florida in Little Cuba today / tonight! It will be one heck of a party, and I’m not there…

    The Cuban Americans have been given a great gift. Partly by their own hand (their vote likely tipped Florida that gave Trump the win…) they got an America that understands, and then partly by luck and the clock, they get the old fossil arch enemy gone. Man that’s got to be a party time unlike any other…

    But I wonder why the Pope is crying? Doesn’t he believe in God and Heaven? Or maybe he knows something about Fidel’s true destination… ;-)


    They will presume that a coup attempt is likely in the stress of the transition and loss of Dear Leader and will have plans to prevent the “counter revolution” from getting a foothold. That will start with “Round up all the usual suspects” and take them out of action until power is consolidated / assured. It will not require a reason or cause of action, just suspicion or ANY indication of not being pliant.

    At least, that has been the history in such times in such countries and governments…

  151. Larry Ledwick says:

    A little examination of the recently posted media black list promoted by the Washington Post. Looks like they did an unusually shoddy job of checking their source even coming in under their usual low bar for quality journalism.

  152. Larry Ledwick says:

    A little refresher tutorial on Cuba / Castro from Stefan Molyneux

  153. Larry Ledwick says:

    Word press screws things up again, the video I was trying to link to is #7 in the series on Castro, but the Che video is good too.

  154. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like Venezuela is finally entering the early stages of a Weimar Republic sort of massive inflation where people have difficulty carrying the money needed for simple transactions.

  155. Paul Hanlon says:

    I happened across some links to a very interesting woman – Catherine Austin-Fitts. You guys over there probably already know her, but she looks at things a lot more strategically than most people I’ve read up to now. She’s very bullish on Trump, and on the equity markets long term, although thinks there will be a 25% correction short term.

    Her website is at

  156. Larry Ledwick says:

    Mentioned in the final minutes of the top video above, this link has some “very interesting” reading in it.
    It is an ebook which she says every time she tries to publish it in hard copy she gets threats, so leaves it up as an ebook for people to grab on their own. Tells the tale of the hidden money systems and power blocks that really run things.

  157. Jeff says:

    We have crowdfunding, why not crowd publishing?

    With laser printing (even color laser printing) relatively cheap, getting folks to print, say, 10 or 20 copies and getting them bound (local copy shop) shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Then distribute them appropriately. Say, in the lobbies of schools, libraries, banks, and other financial institutions. It would do Gutenberg proud.

  158. Larry Ledwick says:

    For those who wonder what is really going on with the Dakota Access pipe line, some links on the real situation in the Dakota pipeline protests. The common media narrative is not the whole story.

    It is a manufactured problem intentionally created to further a meme of over zealous government abuse of Indian tribes and using fabricated situations to justify the protest. The Standing Rock Sioux did not participate in good faith with efforts to minimize impact of the pipeline or contest its route. The area being protested runs parallel to two previous construction projects for a pipe and a power line, so the assertion it was distrubing sacred ground is baseless. The pipe route has already been disturbed by this prior construction.

  159. Paul Hanlon says:

    Wow Larry, I’ve just stayed up all night reading it. My ghast is utterly flabbered. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with as many twists as that. Truth really is stranger than fiction. Wonder if Bannon read it?

  160. sabretoothed says:

    Volcano Porn from Guatemala

    Lot of earthquakes and action since that Large moon

    Also interesting article about electromagnetic field around earth. Jupiter and Saturn have had some interesting aurora as well lately

  161. sabretoothed says:


  162. David A Anderson says:

    E.M. please consider finding the time to read Larry above link from Catherine Fits. I would like to hear your take on this fascinating tale of goverment business and criminal enterprise corruption.

  163. Larry Ledwick says:

    Paul Hanlon says:
    28 November 2016 at 8:43 am

    Wow Larry, I’ve just stayed up all night reading it. My ghast is utterly flabbered.

    Yes, I am not quite done reading it all, and some will need to be re-read to put it all together in my head.
    Short version is that “Yes Martha the Evil Bastards really are – – – Evil Bastards” a lot of the things normal people see as stupid, careless and broken are that way on purpose because someone found a way to skim some cream off the top as trillions of dollars of money hard earned by the serfs passes down the pipeline that they control and they quite simply don’t give a crap who they are screwing over to get that skim.

  164. G. Combs says:

    Interesting Video (Not Alex Jones TG)

    At around 11 mins Putin’s comments on what is going on in Europe.

    Also Wikileaks Strikes Again, Yemen Files

    Seems at it’s core, all the fighting in the Middle East is about the control of energy (Saudi oil and Russian gas pipelines) with Gadhafi’s transition to gold based money challenging the US petrodollar tossed in for good measure

  165. E.M.Smith says:

    The link / book will have to wait a week or so. I’ve got a lot going on this week. But I will read it. From Larry’s summary, it looks like the same conclusion I came to some years back…

    BTW, as “manager of Documentation and QA” I learned about publishing. There are LOTS of contract printers. It is dramatically cheaper to take an e-copy to one of them and have a print run done. What a ‘real publisher’ gives you is store placement, distribution, and promotion (sometimes editing if you didn’t do it right).. If you just want printed copies and private distribution / promotion, I’d go with a contract printer. The kinds of folks who print things like user guides and Unix manuals and such. IIRC, it was on the order of $1 a copy for modest sized things. (We did runs of something like 1000 ish, so we’re not talking the economies of scale for 1 Million units).

    If folks “get the rights”, it would be far more economical to have a dozen folks pitch in for 100 copies each at a contract printer… At least in Silicon Valley there were many of these shops. Did tape and media duplication too. Every quarterly software release, I’d run over with the software and docs master and get our shipments printed up. Then about 4 days later we’d do the “packing party” where all hands were on deck and we assembled the correct media, release level, and docs for each client and shipped it. Putting things on a copy machine or using an inkjet printer is 10 x as expensive or more… only used as a very last resort.

  166. Jason calley says:

    Hey Larry! “Short version is that “Yes Martha the Evil Bastards really are – – – Evil Bastards” a lot of the things normal people see as stupid, careless and broken are that way on purpose”

    Yes, exactly. Most people discount the actions of politicians by saying things like, “I can’t believe they are that stupid! How do they stay in office?!” Part of the reason why they stay in office is that the average person persists in thinking that politicians are stupid — when we should be saying, “these people are evil. They did this on purpose and they did it just so they can get a little more money or a little more power!”

    When Catherine Austin Fitts was Undersecretary of HUD, she went in assuming that the place was perhaps poorly run, but could be cleaned up. The more she requested information of where the money was going, and tried to use standard accounting practices, she more she was marginalized, shunned and threatened. This is a clue! Eventually she realized that what she had thought was incompetence was actually a very high level of competence, but was just working toward a goal which she had not initially recognized. Imagine someone saying, “That Bernie Madoff! I can’t believe how stupid he is! How does he keep that mutual fund going?!”

  167. G. Combs says:

    In one of the Alex Jones videos he showed a call for attacks in Europe and the USA by Islamic Terrorists.

    Just this morning an attack on students at Ohio State Univ.
    UPDATE: Somali Terrorist Attack – Suspect Named Ali Mohammed – OSU Police Kill Black Male Attacker Armed With Butcher Knife During Attack Against Ohio State University Students…

    At approximately 9:52am a dark skinned male suspect drove a vehicle into a crowd of students on the campus of Ohio State University. After exiting his vehicle he attacked the surrounding crowd with a large butchers knife injuring nine people before a campus police officer shot and killed the rampaging suspect….

    UPDATE: Here is the suspect vehicle 2002 Honda (silver). In the police scanner below the vehicle registration (GHL-6769) checks backs back to Ali Mohammed, 20-year-old Somali Refugee …

  168. G. Combs says:

    At least US News got it right. They even got the ~20% correct.

  169. Paul Hanlon says:


    I won’t give it away. It was your link. A lot of the things I’ve been watching / reading about some of the things that have been going wrong with America got tied up in the ebook.

    A couple of the links on her blog grabbed my eye. First one is James Goldsmith, who to most Americans is a corporate raider, but he actually built one of the biggest food businesses in Europe from the ground up, The video is 60 minutes long, but he has a full blown argument with Laura Tyson in 1994 about the dangers of GATT, which turned out to be prophetic.

    Second one is about the true rate of inflation in America, about 10% according to this guy, and his methodology seems fairly sound. Messing around with that statistic is a major no-no in my opinion.

    There are a pile of other great links on the front page of her blog

  170. Larry Ledwick says:

    Related to my prior link a 27 page PDF, very similar but not the exact same content.

    Click to access q301.pdf

  171. Gail Combs says:

    OSU Attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan Was Unvetted Somali Refugee Via Catholic Charities…

    …various religious “humanitarian” organizations have been at the tip of the spear promoting refugee and illegal immigration status. The business model for ‘Baptist Child and Family Services’ as well as ‘Catholic Charities’ are dependent on hundreds of millions from the taxpayers via immigration/refugee resettlement programs.

    To give you an idea of the scope: so far in 2016 BCFS has been granted over two hundred million. $201,069,016 to be precise. The scope of awards given to Catholic Charities is even more jaw dropping …

    They are often ‘called’ children but they are actually military aged men in many cases.

  172. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yep Gail!
    The refugees are just ATM’s with legs, same sort of skimming operation as noted in the links above for private prisons. When you are running out of criminals just import some more and get paid for bringing them in and “taking care of them”.

  173. Larry Ledwick says:

    The same as what happened to the Tea Party the parasites bled it dry and killed the host.
    They see every major issue not as an issue to promote but a cow to milk.

  174. Gail Combs says:

    Here is a picture of those Military Age MALE ‘refugees’

    The picture shows Syrian Refugees (arriving in Hungary), and for all intents and purposes reflects an accurate depiction of all other EU photographs showing the same. Mostly 18 to 45-year-old males, few women and/or children…
    This aligns with various EU print reports showing 85% of the “refugees” are middle-eastern males. The remaining 15% women and children. link

  175. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, the ‘Cold Anger’ that formed the Tea Party did not go away and the People learned.

    One should never forget that WikiLeaks revealed Politico is part of the DNC/Uniparty propaganda apparatus.
    What they are spreading is despair. YOU LOST we Killed the Tea Party. There is no hope for a grassroots party that truly represents the American people. This is aimed at those supporting Trump and the take over of the GOPestablishment.

    Was the Tea Party targeted? OH yeah, very definately. First there was The Blair-Rockefeller Poll manipulated to make the Tea Party look ‘racist’ that was referenced in all the leading papers and then there was the Soros Funded ‘Occupy Wall Steet’ Astroturf to drain off the left leaning groups.

    Next up was Salem Media, the ‘Voice’ of the Tea Party movement. This from an insider reveals how the citizens were betrayed.
    Insider Reveals Salem Media Was Part of The Coordinated Gang-of-Eight Manipulation…

    And as the race by Trump has revealed
    Conservative “Media” Protecting / Advancing “Their” Candidates… And now everyone knows it.

    More sunlight on the media
    Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and The Immigration/Amnesty Agenda…

  176. Gail Combs says:


    “The chief problem of American political life for a long time has been how to make the two congressional parties more national and international. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so the that American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

    Quote from Tragedy and Hope, 1966 by Carroll Quigley, member of Council on Foreign Relations, mentor to Bill Clinton.

    Understanding Legislative Priorities Through the Eyes of the UniParty…

    …One of the more complex nuances to understand in this election cycle is the construct of the DC UniParty. When it comes to substantive legislative priorities the Republican and Democrat parties are ideologically aligned…

    In order for the UniParty objectives to continue, they must provide the illusion of a distinction. That necessary illusion is where social issues come into play. Social issues such as, abortion, marijuana legalization, transgender bathrooms, some elements of 2nd amendment or religion etc. are necessary shiny things used to distract and manipulate voters. Pull lever – Get Pellet.

    The social issues are the distinctions within the Republican and Democrat sales pitches used to divide and keep the voting electorate distracted. What both parties don’t want people focused upon is the actual legislative priorities themselves; the stuff they actually do accomplish….

    So we get guys allowed in girls bathrooms and locker rooms and the all time favorite abortion.

    The UNi-Party is made glaringly obvious when the US Chamber of Commerce switches sides.

    Mass Immigration / Globalism are Prerequisites to Fundamental American Change – Marco Rubio is the Vessel…

    And when that didn’t work the switch from the GOPe to the DNC.
    Tripwire Alert – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist, DNC Convention Speaker, Predicts Clinton Will Support TPP…

    “We spend a lot of time following Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce simply because if you trace any tentacle of globalist advancement from DC back to its origin you’ll find Donohue and the CoC at the nucleus.”

    “In a post Citizens United SCOTUS landscape, it was Donohue in 2011 who seized upon the unlimited finance opportunity, used K-Street lobbyists, and formerly announced his plans to attack Tea Party (conservative) insurgent politicians.”


    Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Tell Sean Hannity: We’ll “Stay Out Of Any GOP Primary Race That Involves Incumbents”…

  177. Gail Combs says:

    I intentionally used only ConservativeTreeHouse (CTH) in the above to prove a point.
    One thing I forgot to mention. it was repeated over and over at CTH, DO NOT DONATE TO PACs donate directly to Trump, Paul Nehlen… When a PAC with a Trump name in the title showed up it was immediately called out and again the Trump website was posted. Donations to the GOPe were discourage.

    Alternate media, esp alternates like Drudge, CTH, Alex Jones and even Brietbart are therefore a major threat to the Globalist Uni-party as Trump’s election despite all the cheating shows. This is why Obummer turned over the IP address keeping to the UN. This is why the screaming about ‘Fake News’ This is why FacePlant and Twatter are pulling nasty games. Slowly the grassroots is awakening and organizing.

    The Tea Party did not disappear. It did not get squashed. It morphed. The Uni-party was hoping to split the Tea Party up using Fox News, Cruz, Glen Beck, Salem Media and the #NeverTrump astroturf campaign. It didn’t work. Trump was the ‘Tea Party’ Candidate.

  178. Gail Combs says:

    sabretoothed, robot lawyer will NOT help!
    Unfortunately the courts could not care less about what laws were broken. On three occasions I did the legal research came up with all the laws broken by the individual, proved they broke those laws and got SWAT. What matters is what political party you belong to and how much you donated. PERIOD!

  179. Larry Ledwick says:

    I agree Gail but we are actually talking about two different things here.

    There is the “Tea Party brand” which they killed and the popular ground swell “Tea Party movement”. The formation of the Tea Party made people realize that there were a lot of other people of similar view out there who had been invisible in the media, and lacking focus. They poisoned the brand name and stole its money and think they killed the movement. What they really did is they just energized it, taught it some lessons on how the big boys play, and drove it underground making it an amorphous social movement suddenly appears when there is a reason to coalesce (ie Trump Rallys).

    It comes together when needed and acts in unison to achieve a self defined goal, then melts away when it suits them so there is no organized public structure to attack. They learned not to just knee jerk respond to slick calls for money but conduct a little vetting of their own and be diligent and just a bit suspicious of folks that try to jump on their hay wagon.

    That movement still exists, but has become a popular resistance movement to the Corporate Uniparty that is operating quietly in the shadows as a diffuse self actualized push to break their strangle hold on political action. Very similar to our immune system – maybe we should call it the Phagocyte party ;)

    It has taken on a character very similar to the computer movement Anonymous which has no identifiable leader or structure to target. They learned that if they became a too visible and coherent they could be targeted. As you mentioned they also have become very wary of carpetbaggers who want to herd them toward the nearest cliff after taking their money.

    The movement does need an identity that is not tied to a specific leader even though they currently support Trump, they need the freedom of action that comes from not being tied to any one candidate or party platform, or media handle that allows them to be targeted and boxed in.

  180. Gail Combs says:

    Yes, we are on the same page.

    This is rather interesting on the “Anonymous” point.

    If I recall Sundance and some of his people ran into major problems with threats when researching the Zimmerman and other cases. We also saw over at NoNAIS blog when the ?USDA? stole evidence out of a car in the Henshaw case.

    That was ten years ago before the Tea Party was formed when many were starting to wake-up to the fact that the US Federal Government was NOT the friend of the American people but a sellout to the globalists.

    (There is a good chance Sundance isn’t even one person.)

  181. Gail Combs says:

    Just ran into this and got a good laugh…

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, BUT, not for entering and remaining in the country illegally – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, BUT, not to get an abortion – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, BUT, not to vote for who runs the government – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, BUT, gives oodles of military equipment to Islamic terrorists – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, BUT, a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots….

    Could have lots of fun with that list.

  182. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Gail; Henshaw case, What I call “Cops on Drugs” An All Expenses Paid Shooting Expedition! Nothing they love more then live fire outings…pg

  183. Gail Combs says:

    Historic town of Gatlinburg Tenn threatened by fire:

    (It has also been really dry here in NC this fall too.)

  184. Gail Combs says:

    Fire Jihad? Israel is battling fire jihad.

    Local news reports said witnesses claimed to see people intentionally setting these fires.

  185. Larry Ledwick says:

    Resource for future reference on the war on terror and the long term plan of Jihad against the west and specifically America.

  186. Gail Combs says:


    Note we have high winds, 8 to 20 mph, today that will make these fires that much more devastating.
    Georgia fires:

    State emergency responders and the National Guard are working together at this point to help the thousands affected by the devastating wildfires burning throughout Gatlinburg, Pigeon Force and the Great Smoky Mountain Park.

    ” In this satellite photo taken during the afternoon of November 16, smoke from wildfires is clearly visible in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.”

    Five of the most active wildfires in the South

    …While several large fires in the southern states are still actively spreading, firefighters have made progress on dozens of others.

    On Monday the Southern Geographic Area reported 52 large uncontained fires, for a total of 133,146 acres. There were 185 new fires of all sizes for 1,477 acres; most of those were suppressed while still small. That was considered “moderate” initial attack activity.

    Firefighting resources assigned in the South:

    78 aircraft
    83 hand crews
    1,011 pieces of equipment
    4,476 personnel

  187. Jeff says:

    @Gail: I was wondering if all those states voted for Trump, and if any resources (FEMA, etc.) will be allocated to/for them, as it looks like Obama is in full revenge mode.

    One thing that’s really disturbing (and seems to be a recent development) are all the “concern trolls” at CTH, Breitbart, and other new news outlets. Soros must have money left over after funding Stein
    (Left Behind readers think Soros=Stonegal or Carpathia)… Would be nice if anonymous &co. could root out some of what is really going on there, and with the “flash funding” of Stein.

    Another thing to note is that Israel is just getting over a rash of “Jihad fires”. Just when you think the perps can’t get any lower, they do.

    Thoughts and prayers to all those affected.

  188. Gail Combs says:

    Interesting comment:

    Red says:
    November 29, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Fires have been burning since the first week of November. The news has not been reporting what’s going on. The Southern Appalachians are in a severe drought but most of these fire’s are believed to have been set by arsons. It has been an ongoing nightmare in Western North Carolina for a month…….no news coverage…..

    We are in NC and I was not aware of these fires. Just caught a wiff of smoke now and again.

    Newest report via twitter by a firefighter’s Mom:
    Gatlinburg is GONE link

  189. Gail Combs says:

    This from the same lady was deleted

  190. Gail Combs says:

    Skuttlebut from twitter is that there is a large Muslim Population and they lost the fight to get Islam into the local school systems

  191. E.M.Smith says:

    Note the parallels of Tea Party disruption and Bittorent downloading disruption… both morphed toward P2P (peer to peer) structures and hidden (I.e encrypted torrents) communications. Both got bigger, not smaller, but with better camo….

    I think we saw that in the poll errors. Less bandwagon, more HALO jumpers…

  192. Larry Ledwick says:

    Unfortunately folks in that part of the country (actually most of the country) do not practice good fire safe building practices, and depend on luck and normal high humidity and precipitation levels to keep fire conditions from becoming severe. Eventually you lose that gamble. It took California several massive urban interface wild fires which burned out entire neighborhoods to catch on to good fire practice. Here in Colorado we also push the envelope in the mountain communities they have no historical memory of massive fires and violate just about every rule in the book of good fire safe building practices.

    I am quite frankly surprised folks have not used massive arson attacks up to this point. They could do enormous damage in many parts of the country if they did.

    Feel sorry for the folks down in Tenn but the rebuild is usually better than what was destroyed, just hope it stays relatively casualty free.

  193. Larry Ledwick says:

    Now we see the tit for tat dance in eastern Europe vs Russia. The US just approved purchase of the JASSM-ER by Poland it is a semi-stealth air launched cruise missile (900 km range 1000# class warhead able to attack hard targets)

    From twitter:
    Carl von Clausewitz ‏@clausewitz11 8 hours ago

    Russia is scared, Russian nuclear submarines long-haul communications center in Vileyka, Belarus in the range of new Polish #JASSM-ER.

  194. Gail Combs says:

    Thanks for the stuff you posted on vitamins. I have had major breathing problems esp this fall. I finally found some Methyl B-12. That 4X a day plus vit C and my breathing problems have really eased. The iodine in a large enough quantity, 12.5 mg, has me alert again and losing weight.

    A big problem as you get older, is you feel so rotten you don’t have the energy to actually take the vitamins and it becomes a vicious circle.

  195. Gail Combs says:

    Seems they caught at least one of the arsonists Cops: Wannabe weatherman set fire to gain views

    A wannabe weatherman was jailed for arson after admitting he started a wildfire to draw attention to his selfie videos on Facebook, his town’s police chief said Friday. Meanwhile, a Georgia sheriff appealed for help identifying the driver of a dark blue SUV last seen where other wildfires began. And in North Carolina, authorities suspect arson in more than 20 wildfires burning in a national forest.

    “It’s really too bad because he’s not a bad kid — he’s just misguided,” said James Stephens, the police chief in Jenkins, Kentucky, where Johnny Mullins, 21, was arrested this week on a second-degree arson charge….

    Not a bad kid my rosy red rear, he is a 21 year old ADULT and should know better, esp since he lives in the mountains.

    A teenager in Harlan County, Kentucky, also was arrested for arson this week, and in Tennessee, authorities said Friday that Andrew Scott Lewis was charged with setting fires and vandalism causing more than $250,000 in damage and threatening homes outside Chattanooga….

    Law officers in Georgia’s Rabun County suspect that someone started a series of small roadside fires Wednesday that eventually merged into the much larger blazes firefighters were working to contain Friday, said Justin Upchurch, the county’s assistant fire chief.

    This is the Oregon ranchers using controlled burning to ‘groom’ grasslands, a typical practice used to destroy weed seeds. . The BLM came down on them like a ton of bricks. So this ‘kid’ deserves the same five years.

    Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46, both residents of Diamond, Oregon in Harney County, were sentenced to five years in prison by Chief U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken for arsons they committed on federal lands.

    A jury sitting in Pendleton, Oregon found the Hammonds guilty of the arsons after a two-week trial in June 2012. The trial involved allegations that the Hammonds, owners of Hammond Ranches, Inc., ignited a series of fires on lands managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), on which the Hammonds had grazing rights leased to them for their cattle operation….

    Key fact: Hammonds targeted because government wants to steal their land

    Feds want control of Harney County’s natural resources, here’s the story the corporate media will not tell you

    …According to the article the BLM often worked with ranchers on collaborative burns to manage invasive juniper that steal water from grass and other cover. Erin Maupin, a former BLM range technician and watershed specialist and rancher in the area, said backfires by other ranchers had burned BLM land in the past and the agency had not taken action.

    During her tenure as a full-time BLM employee from 1997-1999, Maupin recalled other fires accidentally spilling over onto BLM land, but only the Hammonds have been charged, arrested and sentenced, she said. Ranchers “would call and the BLM would go and help put it out and it was not a big deal.”

    This had to do with Clinton’s sale of the Uranium that the ranch was sitting on.

  196. Larry Ledwick says:

    Video of people trying to get out of burn area in Tenn. bit of strong language.
    Scary images.

  197. E.M.Smith says:

    Found in SPAM and un-SPAMed… the links to articles on MAOA and violence at

    It doesn’t surprise me that blacks have a higher rate or the warrior gene since Africa has always demanded more to survive, while centuries or hangings and prisons will have wrung it out of whites and asians, well, that plus our tendency to recruit millions of volunteers at a time to annihilate in mechanized wars…. a pretty stong filter to remove those prone to fighting…

  198. Larry Ledwick says:

    Prager U video on Islam

  199. sabretoothed says:

    @Gail often air hunger can be hypothyroid symptoms? Maybe you should check for thyroid antibodies as well and thyroid function? Methyl B12 works well in undermethylators (you can see if you are a under or overmethylator with Whole Blood Histamine). For overmethylators hydrox B12/Dibencozide is better to mop up excess Nitrous oxide. Yeah I find the high dose Vit C really helps the adrenal gland . I think a lot of people are chronically in a mild form of scurvy from stress of different forms, physical stresses or eating too much sugar which depletes vitamin C. Vitamin C can mop up excess histamine in the body, so a lot of food allergies are probably low Vitamin C due to adrenal depletion. Low or High Cortisol can cause hypothyroid symptoms and so can B12 and Iron being low. Iodine makes the cell more responsive to thyroid hormones :P With iodine its best to take a mix or iodine/iodide with cofactors like Vit C, Vit B3, Celtic salt. Iodine is needed by every glandular structure in the body.

  200. Larry Ledwick says:

    Economics of oil after the saudi price war on shale.

  201. G. Combs says:

    Symptoms showed up when I quit using iodized table salt (NaCl) and I lowered my meat intake.

    That would point to Iodine and B-12 deficiency. Also I had stomach problems and quit taking any vitamins/pills until that got straightened out.

    FWIW, many years ago I heard vit E + vit C + Selenium was shown to prevent cancer in mice bred for cancer.

  202. cdquarles says:

    @ Sabretoothed
    About that MAOA thing, it should be noted that there is a natural suppression (random, which means there is much we don’t know and can’t account for) of duplicated genes. Thus, the article that mentioned that men only have one X (from the mother) having half the potency of the ladies (having a X from the mother and an X from the father) isn’t quite accurate. For the ladies, one of the Xs will be suppressed. Sometimes it will be the dad’s and sometimes it’ll be the mom’s and it may not be known whether damage to the active X will result in its suppression while activating the other one.

  203. cdquarles says:

    I’ll look into Mrs/Ms Fitts e-book over time. I came to the conclusion years ago, spurred on when I got my mitts on copies of the earlier Austrian School works (Carl Menger, Eugene von-Baum Bawerk, after having read Hayek and Mises) that one simply *must* limit government. Governments are corporations, too. The government corporation has one thing going for it that normal commercial or non-commercial corporations don’t have (families being an example of non-commercial corporations); and that’s the legal monopoly on the use of force. What our Founders realized, when studying previous societies and cultures, was that most governments refused to recognize that it was the general public that lent that power to government, for each person had an inherent right to life and with that, the right to defend oneself and from that, to defend others. From that power, flows money; for those who have power right now, and the money that comes with it; want to keep it and not have to earn it by honest living.

  204. llanfar says:

    This is why I love this site. So much varied content.

  205. cdquarles says:

    @ Gail

    Vitamin E, being fat soluble, will be stored in the body. As with the other fat soluble vitamins, one can poison oneself through chronic overdosing. Vitamin C, being water soluble, is generally less of a problem, for once saturated, the rest goes out the urine (beyond the daily amount lost through metabolism, of which some make oxalic acid out of it). I’ve never heard of calcium ascorbate kidney stones, but I sure have heard of calcium oxalate ones; so there are people for whom pharmacologic doses of Vitamin C is going to be bad for them. Selenium, like other oxygen group elements, is essential within a variable range. Too little will be bad, too much will also be bad; just right is optimal. Again, what will be just right will vary from person to person.

  206. Larry Ledwick says:

    By the way for those interested in a censor free twitter like site that does not ban non-progressive subscribers to serve a political agenda, the new is up and has enough subscribers now that it is worth looking at.

    Signup is straight forward. When I signed up early on during beta they put you in a waiting queue then after a short delay (I assume verify a real person and such) send you an invitation to actually sign up.

    The link above was found in a post on so folks are bringing topics of interest to the feed.

  207. Larry Ledwick says:

    Military deployments to NATO getting underway as efforts to increase US Military support of NATO to counter recent Russian moves in the area get under way. Getting back to the sort of routine deployments to Europe we had in the 1980’s.

  208. Gail Combs says:

    Time to grab Soros and his sprouts and make a gift of them to Russia as a start for a new era of détente.

    The USA can follow that up with making a present of Obummer, Clintons (and toss in Kerry) to Egypt…

  209. Gail Combs says:

    Kelloggs declares war on Breitbart. Breitbart asks followers to dump Kellogs.

    Not hard to dump Kelloggs since they only make eatable napkins and tummy fillers and such.

    It is REALLY REALLY dumb to pi$$ off a major segment of your customer base.

  210. Larry Ledwick says:

    Lucy ( Australopithecus afarensis 3.18 million years ago) likely spent a good deal of time in trees based on telltale clues in her bones about how muscular her arms were, but also had feed adapted to walking.

  211. sabretoothed says:

    Selenium is needed for T4 to T3 conversion. Vitamin E you need a mixed one, all the studies used the alpha one alone mostly.

    With the MAO A thing, some people are fast and slow with this enzyme, with some people Tumeric actually will be bad for them depending on the speed of it as Tumeric acts on MAO. Its funny that doctors don’t test it before giving people blanket SSRI. A lot of school shootings are people with too high serotonin.
    Social Status Provokes Inflammation, But It’s Not Permanent

  212. Larry Ledwick says:

    Light cycles and illness (your biological clock)
    There are also changes in how drugs act depending on what time of the biological day they are administered.

    As a shift worker I can lower my immunity if I let my day/night cycle vary too much for too long, from workday to holiday. Rotating shifts are especially hard on the body and upset the hormone cycles as they slowly get out of sync with each other, because they drift at different rates if their day/night cues change.

  213. Larry Ledwick says:

    An examination of potential for EMP warfare today.

    Click to access Long_Sunday_Final.pdf

  214. sabretoothed says:

    You know whats weird, Potassium iodine/iodide was the universal medicine for practically everything until about the 1920s, now there is a massive iodinophobia via the Wolf effect which was a discredited study which occurred around the time of the fat demonization.

    It seems that because of the advent of patent medicine, fear about iodine has occured. Now suddenly only micro doses are allowed otherwise you will end up in ER, but maybe most of the side effects are due to accumulated toxins (Bromide/Fluorides) coming out of the body in the short term. The TSH will rise if iodine is taken and because of the advent of T4 mediation and demonization of a better medication the dessicated thyroid hormone which has both T3 and T4 doctor just seem to just diagnose everyone off a useless TSH and do not look at the patient anymore. Iodine is something worse then terrorism, but why was it the main medicine in the past? How come it is so hard to find iodine in the drug store today? Even the topical form was plasticized for your safety (so you couldn’t swallow it :P ). Also the iodine added to salt is potassium iodide (which primary goes to the thyroid alone (don’t worry about other parts of the body) and this is distruptive because you need both potassium iodine and potassium iodide at the same time like Lugol’s solution which has been used since the early 1800s. There is strong evidence that breast cancer is just an iodine deficiency. Anything cystic in the body too is basically an iodine deficiency.

    “Critics of the W-C effect note that the standard dose of potassium iodide was 1 gram until the mid-1900s, which contains 770 mg of iodine, over five thousand times more than the RDI. For many years physicians used potassium iodide in doses starting at 1.5 to 3 gm and up to more than 10 grams a day, on and off, to treat bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, apparently with good results and few side effects. Even today, dermatologists treat certain skin conditions, including fungal eruptions, beginning with an iodine dose of 900 mg a day, followed by weekly increases up to 6 grams a day as tolerated.

    But the general use of iodine and iodine compounds in medicine has waned, as has its use as an additive in the food supply. Today’s medical establishment is wary of iodine as are public health officials. Thyroidologists cite the W-C effect and warn that TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) blood levels can rise with an iodine intake of one milligram or more.

    Every glandular structure in the body needs iodine and ever cell uses it. Iodine helps the cell be more responsive to iodine hormone, the connective tissue disease could be attacks due to failure of structure due to lack of iodine.

    In a 2000 review paper on use of iodine as a water disinfectant, author Joe Hollowell notes that studies indicate marked individual sensitivity to iodine; the most vulnerable to adverse effects are those with underlying thyroid disease and previous low iodine intake. Problems from consumption of iodized water—including both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism—usually resolve after consumption is discontinued. A safe dose is 1-2 grams per day, and most can tolerate much higher amounts without problems.” Interesting discussion about people taking large doses without much ill effects.

  215. sabretoothed says:

    Maybe the problem is people taking just potassium iodide and not a mix of iodine a iodide why some people “seem to be susceptible”?

  216. sabretoothed says:

    Merkel wants to send 100,000 migrants back, not a racist.

    Geert Wilder just says something about wanting less migrants and is a racist on trial

  217. sabretoothed says:

    Tryptophan Steal due to chronic inflammation causing health problems in large proportion of population

  218. sabretoothed says:

    For the last 90 years, the so-called Banda Detachment fault has remained an unsolved mystery to geologists.

    Nobody has been able to explain, how a 7.2km (4.4 mile) deep abyss beneath the Banda Sea located in eastern Indonesia, became so deep.

    Now, for the first time, researchers have seen, documented and worked out how this mysterious and dangerous abyss formed.

    Read more:

  219. philjourdan says:

    @Larry – Just this morning I made a comment over on Pointman’s blog about how the UK press appears to be better at reporting news in this country than the US press does. And your link just backed me up.

    That is not something I am proud to be right on.

  220. G. Combs says:

    Thanks for the vid by Dr Tenpenny. It certainly explains why the first couple of days taking Iodine I felt great and then I started having tummy and other problems. I hate to think of how the people who have a diet heavy on brominated bread, oils and soda must feel as the Iodine displaces all the bromine/chlorine/fluorine

    Now I just have to find a doctor more interested in nutrition than patent medicine. Since Dr. Jorge D. Flechas is in NC I will probably call his office for a recommendation. Ashville NC is only a few hours away.

  221. G. Combs says:

    sabretoothed do not forget you need Selenium to go with the Iodine. I am glad I have been taking it for decades. Milk was my beverage of choice into my thirties and I LOVE cheese, shrimp, lobster and oily fish. All reasonable sources of Iodine. (At Chinese buffets I stuff myself on shrimp, mussels, sushi and salmon. )

  222. Larry Ledwick says:

    Venezuela tightens control on food to deal with economic problems.

  223. E.M.Smith says:

    some random replys:

    cdquarles: In women, each cell disables most of one X chromosone (an active tail is left poking out of the wad of one x on the wall), but which one is random, so if an enzyme is missing or broken in one cell, it can get some from a neighbor. Not so for men. Thus the sex linked issues like blood clotting failure. For the Warrior gene, this means 1/2 the brain cells will be strongly working, and 1/2 diffusing some of their chemicals to neighbors. Overall moderating the defect.

    Iodine: as an abligatory label reader, I’ve noticed bread is not made with bromine anymore, it now lists Iodide on must (all?).

    News: Fox, MSNBC, CNN, et. al. are obsessing on domestic politics to the exclusion of most else. External sources (I catch RT, BBC, DW, NHK, France24 and occasioal others) have MUCH better international coverage. Local news channels are mostly the local police blotter, sports, weather, the Awww story, and any local disaster. Seasonal politics. Online news has a lot more, though business channels like Fox Biz and CNBC have decent news for things with economic impact, foreign or domestic. From India banning money to fires in Tenn.


    During the NASA study, they played with our clocks. At one point, 180 degrees sudden shift in ‘daytime’, my body temp moved one way (forward, IIRC), while heartrate bp etc. moved the other. Resync came about 6 days later (12 hours to shift, each moving about 2 hrs / day for peak). Think disorienting jet lag on steroids…

    And how did Popdrek find out what I was doing with my Pi? ;-)


    Kellogs is now nongrata in this house. When any PC Boycott comes, an immediate counter boycott must follow.

  224. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Gail, you may already know this, but here is an odd bit of info re selenium.
    Seems that the mortality rate for ebola is cut to near zero for patients given selenium supplements. Hmmmmm…. Interesting.

  225. sabretoothed says:

    Africa seems to have a big selenium problem in some areas. Eboli people just end up dying from scurvy in the end, it would be best to just support them with IV Vit C, which kills virus as well, but there is no patent :P Also large doses to bowel tolerance of Sodium ascorbate or lipo Vit C would be best, not 1000mg which is totally useless

    “Ebola virus and the other viral hemorrhagic fevers are much more likely to cause hemorrhaging before any other fatal infection has a chance to become established. This is because the virus so rapidly and totally metabolizes and consumes all available vitamin C in the bodies of the victims that an advanced stage of scurvy is literally produced after only a few days of the disease. “

  226. sabretoothed says:

    FB the best short for 2016/2017? Another Cisco buy it for your grand kids in the making :P?

    If they start their “fake news” crusade, masses will leave they are already censoring health articles on groups.

    Remember more then half of USA is not extreme lefty like Zuckerberg

  227. G. Combs says:

    Sabretoothed, At one point there was a big push to regulate vitamins and minerals by the WTO, UN and the EU. The latin name name escapes me, but there was a major out cry on both the right and the left. IIRC, the EU or maybe just Germany has the RDA so low it borders on subclinical malnutrition.

  228. My #3 son served in CENTCOM under Petraeus and Mattis. He was beyond impressed by both of them. If these are the kind of people advising Donald Trump expect something WONDERFUL.

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  230. Larry Ledwick says:

    Four new element names settled on to fill out row #7 of the periodic chart.

  231. sabretoothed says:

  232. E.M.Smith says:


    Looks like normal blue eyes to me. I squint in bright sun when brown eyes don’t, and can see in fair darkness. (Starlight, no moon, is enough to walk around, and a candle, small, enough to read.) Remember that blond and redhead folks originated in north central Asia, and sporadic redhead or blue eyed kids are common toward Mongolia; a low percentage, but not rare.

    So IMHO, no need to invoke anything beyond normal gene drift with as most an enhanced retinal reflective layer like in many species. I.e. a small mutation.

  233. LG says:

    An Attempt @ predicting earthquakes and an upcoming app to test it

  234. Jeff says:

    @Larry, it looks like Tom Lehrer is going to have to revise his song (even when he recorded it in Denmark, it was slightly out-of-date, as Lawrencium had just been “discarvared” :) ).

  235. p.g.sharrow says:

    Water that freezes at high temperatures and conducts Protons:
    nano tubs that are hydroscapic rather then hydrophobic…pg

  236. Larry Ledwick says:

    And what happens if the water is heavy water?
    Seems more evidence that unexpected physical reactions might take place in certain small confinement situations like postulated for low temperature fusion.

  237. philjourdan says:

    Gail will love this from Scott Adams (no Trumper or even conservative) –

    He hasn’t even started the job and he’s already performing better than any past president in the same phase.

  238. Jeff says:

    It looks like “the wall” has claimed its first “victim”. The head of Mexico’s Central Bank has resigned.

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