Lisa Haven – A Nice Summary of Globalism vs Trump & Nationalism

I’m not familiar with Lisa Haven, but she has managed to pretty much nail it in a 10 minuted video on just who is after whom and why. Cuts right to through the fog to the key conflict. Globalism vs The Rest Of Us.

I ran into this via one of those YouTube chains.
Watching A leads to B leads to… how did I get here again?

It seems one of the Roku YouTubes has decided I’m a Trumper… (Not the one that thinks I’m Hispanic… the one that was all aviation and military gear all the time, until I watched a few other things. Now it’s all political and military stuff. Fun to watch it try to figure me out ;-) So, OK, I’ll use it as a quick way to fish for interesting other Trump Folks.

The only thing where I’d question her assertions is on who she puts in the Nationalist column. She tosses all Christianity there. It is important, IMHO, to note that some Christian Sects are more Globalist than that. The Pope, for example… In reality, it is the Protestants who are more Nationalist (though even some of them are Globalists). Then the current Pope is busy pushing large chunks of the Globalists agenda.

Other than that quibble, she’s pretty much spot on. Even the quibble isn’t that far off. In any 10 minute pitch you can’t cover every edge case, nuance, and exception. To a large degree, the notion of “For God & Country” does indicate a tendency for Christians to be Nationalists too. Which leads me to a speculation:

There is clearly a big push by the Globalists to spread Islam all over the world. Why? Just to piss in the beer of all the Christian nations? Help sow discord and cause riots so we’ll need them to keep the peace? Or is it due to the nature of Islam also wanting a One World Domination? Is it recognizing a fellow traveler? A nice tool to clear out all those independent thinking Christian Nationalists? Maybe all of the above…

I don’t have an answer to that question (those questions). I’m just observing the observable (push to have Muslim “migrants” and “refugees” sent all over the world by the millions) and wondering “why?” when they could be far better served in The Muslim World… But it sure looks like a Globalist Goal.

In Conclusion

So there’s the video. There’s another name to follow. I’ll be searching (later…) for Lisa Haven on BitChute and and just to see if she is already there. I’m sure that being non-Left her time on YouTube will be limited and eventually truncated.

Anyone knows of some links for “Her Stuff”, feel free to put ’em up.

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4 Responses to Lisa Haven – A Nice Summary of Globalism vs Trump & Nationalism

  1. philjourdan says:

    “Maybe all of the aboveā€¦”

    It depends upon who you ask. So it is all of the above, just not all the people doing it are doing it for all of the above. Each faction has their own reason. So that opposing factions can work together on this goal for their own purpose. Soros to bring about one world order. Atheists to punish Christians, etc.

    As the democrats are primarily (but not solely) behind it, it does remind me of their “coalition” that if they had half a brain, would ask why they are supporting policies that are detrimental to their own goals (unions supporting illegal immigration – that drive down wages for unions, blacks supporting hedonistic practices, even though their faith is against it – even Farakhan!).

  2. A C Osborn says:

    Just put Lisa Haven in DuckDuckGo and quite a few videos come up + her Twitter & Facebook, assuming it is the same person.
    This is a her bio.

  3. David Walker says:

    “There is clearly a big push by the Globalists to spread Islam all over the world.”

    You might find this interesting:

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