W.O.O.D. – 3 November 2018


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What’s Going On?

There’s two big events this coming week or two.

1) The USA Mid Term election will be counted up on Tuesday, November 6th. Voting started some time ago, and early indications are for a record turnout. In the balance hangs control of the House, and with that impeachment of Trump on some “trumped up” charge.

2) The Invading Mob from Central America has begun to arrive at the border (for early elements who road trucks more). There will be an increasing ramp up of hostilities as the U.S. Military gets their POTUS Commander In Chief Executive Order. I expect it will be martial law at the border and The Left pulling out all stops on the Street Theatre violence.

It will be a hinge point of history in a couple of ways. Interesting times.

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115 Responses to W.O.O.D. – 3 November 2018

  1. jim2 says:

    The real question is, can the US build a structure impressive enough to memorialize Trump? Tall order, that.

  2. ossqss says:

    I will prognosticate that if there are actually record turnouts, it will not be good for the Dems.

    My take is that of all the people watching this political 3 ring circus, who actually pay attention (and taxes) and care about their future, will see things clearer than they are being credited for. I mean really, where are we in politics now? It is not about substance or accomplishments. It is about timing of accusations and distraction, like the caravan. Staged like a B movie, LOL

    OT, on a Roku update, as I could not find that blog iteration on my phone.

    Express + version does exactly what I needed. The composite output is quite good (digitally enhanced) feeding the 4 TV’s , with one Roku, that were cable direct connected. I do still maintain a switchable HDMI connection to the primary TV. I have had a few instances of pixelization, but not much.

    The Premier + iteration provides the same, but it quickly becomes apparent the benefit of having TV power and volume control from the RF remote. That’s right, not an IR, it is RF. No line of sight needed. I have yet to test the distance, but no issues to 30′ blind.

    That being said, the App works great. Room for improvement, but Having the ability to type from a phone or tablet keyboard has its benefits. Integration of supporting keyboard applications running on the Roku will vary.

    The big delta on the Roku versions is coming to a bandwidth variation. As I stated earlier, I did see some infrequent temporary pixel issues, I do not know if that would not happen on my 5G network side. The Roku iterations I am using don’t have AC MIMO capability. For comparison, my currently connected speed tested 2.4 network was at 98 megabits/sec, and my 5G was at 230. Keep in mind this is via an ASUS router (Cat6) connected to the ISP combo equipment.

    I like what the Roku brings to the table. Much room for improvement on the GUI side, but it is there.

    BTW, I did some speed testing this weekend during the football games. I tested my cable, directv, cable app, and Roku for latent timing. Generally speaking, the Satellite was about 18 seconds ahead of the digital cable box. The cable box was about 20 seconds ahead of the mobile app, and the Roku was about 18 seconds behind that.

    Think about that at a sports get together. Put that roku on the screen for the crowd and possibly have 56 seconds to bet. ;-)

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    Meanwhile President Trump trolls HBO

  4. ossqss says:

    Hummmm, I now wonder if we have a similar situation with latency in the stock market transaction/timing…… think about that for a second. What’s in your broker or connection? Satellite or Roku? Doh!

  5. Power Grab says:

    I just watched this video:


    and it reminded me of an old movie I watched last night, “Life With Father”. It was a public showing on a big screen. it was the second of a monthly series. Last month’s movie was “Meet John Doe” (in which the opening scene showed a newspaper reporter composing a FAKE NEWS story as her parting shot after having been fired when new management took over her newspaper). LOL!

    Anyway, it struck me that the alpha male behavior in both the movie and the Trump video were in stark contrast with the behavior that is officially expected from male leaders today. In fact, it seems to me that the only time the YSM treat us to a show of alpha male behavior is when it is done by illegal immigrants, 3rd world tyrants, gangbangers, etc. Decent people who are only protecting their loved ones and homes are not allowed to appear on camera (on regular news broadcasts) performing decisive actions with confidence and passion.

    At last night’s movie, there were not only “village elders” present, but a goodly number of young people. In fact, there were 4 coeds seated in the row right behind me. We traded a few comments. They said they hoped it didn’t bother me that they were right behind me. I said I thought it was great that they were there! I mentioned how different it was to see “father” acting so sure of himself, and not mealy-mouthed or politically correct at all. The idea that he might offend someone was entirely foreign to him!

    As the Trump video above opened, there was narration (by a YSM Koolaid drinker, I assume) about how he interpreted what he was seeing. He called POTUS a “thug”. What a delight it was to hear correct commentary about what was really going on!

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    That is an interesting insight, now I understand why the left calls him a bully etc. They have never been exposed to a dominant male and are misreading him badly. This is probably a consequence of all they recent shift in education to “work as a team” “establish consensus” “cater to everyone’s needs”.

    Back when I went to school although most of the teachers were female, we did have male role model teaches in the Phys ed coach, or the shop teachers etc. I think as those “practical skills” classes have gone away you have kids who have never done anything that was not designed to create a docile gray NPC herd of compliant kids.

    They have never been exposed to strong capable leaders in their formative years other than the negative alpha types from the gangs.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Thanks for that memorial link. Despite a lot of news trawling, I’d not seen a thing about Trump’s Black Soldier memorial.

    FWIW, not watching HBO for a decade+, I don’t know what that Meme spoofs…


    I’ve wondered, too, if the Dems “get out the vote”, based on identity politics assumptions, might deliver surprises…

    Internet based stuff has large buffering devices so bursty transmission gets smooth delivery. Satellites have a 26000 mile delay each way. Some services take a few satellite loops AND internet buffering. I’ve seen a several second delay on different channels on the DirecTV feed; similar delays over the air on broadcast. Then just on the Roku, live feeds can vary by a few seconds. Those then get added to the last delivery link difference.

    Each vendor choosing their own path from source to you, with different buffering and link length.

    For stock trading, the public feed is delayed 15 minutes (TV, internet, whatever) and you must buy a “membership” of some kind to get real time feeds. Computer trading now dominates volume so folks fight over millisecond advantages from co-locating their trade platform closest to the exchange. All human trades are disadvantaged.

    @Per Alpha Males:

    There has been a strong and persistent effort to drive “maleness” from the public square and especially schools. The result has been a flood of “metro-sexuals” (just the fact there’s a word for it…) and Beta-Males. Glory for Gays and none for thee…

    So genuine males have chosen to “pass”. Both by just letting folks “do stupid” and not helping them, and by just laying back and laughing at times. The old “You wanna do this job, OK, I’ll just take that comfortable easier job and laugh at you as you struggle…” Then there’s that whole MGTOW movement in the younger guys. (Were I having a “do over”, I doubt I’d put all the effort and work into it that it takes to marry and raise a family. I’d get to spend EVERY year a few weeks in stellar vacation spots instead, and have a much nicer collection of “toys”… You go where the rewards are, and if “manning up” has derision, well, I can just go skydiving in Tahiti instead…

    So along comes Trump. There’s a whole lot of us who are rooting for him just ’cause he’s a brawler. We’ve wanted to “body slam” somebody quite a few times, but didn’t since that is now a high risk thing to do (you WILL get arrested and only later they MAY decide it was justified). That whole “Western Justice” thing – delivered fast, but fair, and with emphasis on the “leave me the F alone, asshole” aspect, yearning to be freed. Then we’ve had those mealy mouthed “20 minutes and said nothing, very precisely” Talking Heads on TV and in Politics. Trump just says something with content you can understand. Like instead of obsessing for 10 minutes over the travesty the “caravan” is trying to escape and hand wringing over how to handle it without offending anyone; we get “Illegals not getting in.” Just follow the G.D. Law. AT Last. Such a breath of fresh air.

    The fundamental error of The Left push to neuter maleness is the notion that it is just a “social construct”. It isn’t. (Male chimp kids play with trucks, female chimp kids play with dolls…). It is driven by differences in brain structure, hormone effects, and a few million years of evolution. Sure, you can move the “metro” from trying to be a beta and the beta from trying to be more Alpha, but the Alpha doesn’t move, nor do most of the betas. They just do what men do and harden the shell for the long haul push through it.

    IF you really like a culture where 1/3 of the population is just “pretending” a lot of the time so you don’t have a reason to scream at them, then go for it. We’ll just smile politely and find somewhere else to be, and someone else to be with. Oh, and don’t expect that door to be held open or any help when somebody is in your grill. Just not worth it… Resentment, it’s a thing.

    (I actually had some ‘feminists’ give me grief for holding the door for them back in the ’80s. OK, so I would instead just slip rapidly through the door and make sure it had close momentum for them instead… the fact I’d hold the door for other guys, too, was lost on them. Not my problem.)

    What I find funny is the women who now complain about not being able to find a guy they like. Well, Duh! Have 30% of the female population scream and kick every time some guy winks at you, guess what, you don’t get anyone paying any attention to you. Make it a crime punished by loss of job to say “Hey, I like the way you look, wanna get dinner?” and you don’t get asked out anymore (at least not by the “good guys” – there’s a small number of “bad guys” who won’t care about what “society” says is bad and you can “hook up” with them. They’ll be interested in you for at least 1/2 the night…)

  8. cdquarles says:

    As I understand it, Larry, a docile herd was what Dewey (surprised, somewhat, by what I found out later about him … knew him only from the library classification system, if I got that right) and Wilson wanted. “Progressive” not on your life. We are some 100 years into this ‘experiment’ and they were quite effective at ‘boiling’ the frog slowly. Lincoln got that right and Franklin, too.

  9. jim2 says:

    The Dimowits do have an uphill battle on their hands WRT their social goals – the things they fight against, like alpha males, are the natural order. They are messing with Mother Nature and they will live to regret it.

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    FWIW, not watching HBO for a decade+, I don’t know what that Meme spoofs…

    That meme is a play on the series game of thrones the background is the ice wall “The wall” in the series that divides the country and keeps the “white walkers” and the “wildings” (think viking like bands from berserkers to independent freemen) north of the wall and out of the more civilized south.

  11. Pouncer says:

    “There has been a strong and persistent effort to drive “maleness” from the public square and especially schools. ”

    Which is inconsistent with the stated, progressive, objective of making sure subordinates can see superiors who “look like them” throughout all hierarchies.

    It doesn’t matter if the Hispanic Senator from New Jersey is taking bribes (or near-bribes that are specifically quid pro quo), it’s that he models Hispanics in a position of power. It doesn’t matter if the candidate for Senate in New Mexico has good policy positions or not, it’s that she would be the first person, presenting as female, who is intersectionally ALSO a person of Original American heritage. (Despite what that claim does to Elizabeth Warren’s prior claims.) It doesn’t even matter whether a prior presidential candidate earned her position on the ballot or simply inherited it from a husband ( like Texas Governor Ma Ferguson or Alabama Governor Lurleen Wallace — and Thank GOD Cindy McCain did not inherit by appointment a Senate seat.) It’s only that the position of power be passed around so that every constituency sees that “someone who looks like me” has a turn at it.

    Unless such a position of power is at the very front of an elementary school classroom. In which case about half the students will spend the first 7 or 8 years in custody while NEVER seeing a person who looks like them – or how they aspire to appear – directing them.

    To be fair, the other half of the class who aspire to be Barbie, a Disney Princess, or Nancy Drew are not likely to see a cute, busty, and resourceful young woman at the head of the classroom either.

    But young females are more likely to have a vaguely similar role model than anyone who wants to grow up and become Tony Stark, Chuck Norris, or Will Smith. That half of the student population has to wait until football season starts in 7th grade, and then they are coached to aspire to become Colin Kaepernick, by over-weight, over-paid, middle-aged has-been former college athletes who failed to make it to the pros, were lucky to get a school gig, and can’t themselves answer a classroom question without resorting to the back of the textbook. NOT a version of adulthood very many young students will admit to wanting to “look like.”

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    I read all the Hardy Boys and all the Nancy Drew books in my grammar school library. I suspect Nancy served as roll model for the girl I wanted to meet…

    THE most offensive thing to me is the way The Left insists on monopolizing and politicising EVERYTHING. “How can I miss you if you won’t go away!?”

    They politiciced the NFL, now millions down in ratings. I will not go to games while people make it a political platform. I ONLY go to escape the rest of the world.

    There only needs to be a female equivalent of MGTOW for women who want real men and reject the feminist dogma; to get us headed back to normal. Women who say “I love men and want a family”. In one generation, the families will become normal as the lonely complaining schrews die off.

    The alternative is what we are getting now. MGTOW men, lonly feminazi women, some single mom kids from jerks and desperate hookups. IIRC there was a statistic from (somewhere… Calif.?) that over 50% of current births are single moms…

  13. Pouncer says:

    “I suspect Nancy served as roll model for the girl I wanted to meet…”

    yeah, tho as I assessed my own teen-aged abilities to attract girls in general, I think I might have settled, quite happily, for “George”.

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well this could be interesting. Might be much more effective than charges of censorship.
    Might also want to consider breach of contract or deceptive advertising as these organizations tend to promote themselves as public square in digital form yet are anything but even handed in the enforcement of their terms of service.


  15. Pouncer says:

    Which leads me to another rant: From 1930 to about 2016 there was nothing at all unusual or derogatory about a young woman presenting herself to the world as short haired, slender, athletic, capable of judo or karate classes (and actual fights, come to that) best-pals with other girls, and outfitted in slacks and comfortable shoes suited to fights, flights, skulking around or getting up to shenanigans. George Fayne, Lois Lane, and Calamity Jane — none of whom depended on landing a man, none of whom objected to taking a favored one out under the apple tree (or climbing up into the branches with him) for a long smooch.

    Recently the comics have re-conceived Nancy Drew’s buddy “George” to be out as a lesbian. (What this is intended to say about Nancy and/or Bess, I can’t guess.) The point being, I guess, that modern day Nancy can’t make a new friend with new characteristics. Batman can cycle through various Robins of various ages, genders, and death-state, (on, off, zombied, retro-actively on again) all with different back-stories and names. But Nancy Drew is stuck with Bess and George. I suppose Bess will be a tri-racial Native-American/Hispanic/Black immigrant from the Carribean, next. Got to have a role-model that looks like the reader.

    And the young people-presenting-as-females, lined up for mysteries at Barnes and Nobles, have SO many lesbian multi-racial, ESL readers waving their money around to buy books …

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:
    That one may have “legs”. Well see. A Federal finding that they are now a publisher and open to Libel and Slander charges would go further, IMHO.

    FWIW, this sidebar on that article is also interesting. Another Black called “Racist!!!”… Go figure.

    So a beautiful Black model attends a “Turning Point USA” Young Black Leadership conference and gets dumped by her agency for leaving the Democratic Plantation.

    One hopes the nations Blacks are watching… you are free to have all the personal liberty you want; just so long as you stay on the Democrat Plantation and follow the directions of massa’…

    What her agency did is what is a Racist Action. Dumping a Black Model for her politics.

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Somehow I think this fits here:
    Conservatives used to try too hard to be polite and non-offensive, and what did it get them? It got them steam rolled by obnoxious anything goes Machiavellian manipulators who had not boundaries beyond which it was too far to go.

    One of the big shifts of this last election cycle and the current cycle in conservatives are starting to push back, and respond in kind to the misrepresentations of the left.

  18. E.M.Smith says:

    Oddly, the sentiment in that meme is exactly what I was feeling when I first ‘outed’ myself as being ‘pro Trump’. Back during the primaries when he was seen as a bogus amateur with personality issues. I saw my choices as Hillary or RINO Sameold Sameold… OR Trump. Gritted my teeth and went for “Bull in their china closet”…

    What I really would like is an Ike, or a JFK, or a Ronald Reagan. Not available ATM…

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    OK… when I looked at the top level (link above) it worked. When I clicked on “popular” I got:

    Retry for a live version 	
    This page (https://gab.com/popular) is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare's Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare | Hide this Alert
    Error 502 Ray ID: 474ac4861db91ea7 • 2018-11-04 23:12:49 UTC
    Bad gateway

    So a gazillion folks all trying to connect at once? Or a DDS? Hmmm….

    I’ll give it an hour to die down before I worry, but…

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    The “store” page would not come up but the “privacy” page did. I suspect it’s just a record setting number of folks “hitting them” all at once ;-) It’s acting like an overload situation.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, I’ve gotten to the “popular” page that was barfing before. I think it is just a load issue…

  22. Larry Ledwick says:

    Gab is live again – just logged in

  23. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like another interesting malicious tactic used by the left to damage conservative media.


  24. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:
    At Last! Someone doing some Aikido on the Leftest lawfare!

  25. Larry Ledwick says:

    The anatomy of a slogan going viral
    ie (Job not Mobs)

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well this gives a warm fuzzy feeling — Iran issues threats about what they will do if oil exports are cut off.


  27. Pouncer says:

    “The anatomy of a slogan going viral”

    Alternate headline: “How Free Speech Works”

  28. Larry Ledwick says:

    An in depth analysis of our major news papers and their customer base.
    (unfortunately this is largely accurate)

  29. E.M.Smith says:

    Porque lo que será será

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    Because it is la experiencia bilingüe:

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    Maybe I have a “type”…

  32. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, it’s a type…


  33. H.R. says:

    @Larry L regarding the newspapers:

    Yah, but… 50% of the subscribers to all those newspapers aren’t actually reading those papers. They are either bird owners who need cage liner material or are paper-training puppies.

    But regarding the 50% who do read those papers on the list, yeah, I think those descriptions of the readerships are pretty accurate.

  34. cdquarles says:

    gab is having teething issues, sadly.

  35. cdquarles says:

    I used to be an avid reader of the WSJ, when Dow Jones owned them. The thing is, the WSJ’s news pieces, even back then, were maudlin leftist in style. It was the opinion pages that provided something other than NYT/WaPost type opinion. I’ll still read the WSJ for hard financial/market data; but the articles, no. I’ll read some WSJ opinion columnists, but the WSJ no longer gets my money. I’ll read their columnists whenever these get published outside of the Boston/NY/DC outlets.

  36. H.R. says:

    @cdquarles: Same here on the WSJ. During my working years, I was up at 4:30 am and the WSJ would arrive on my driveway around 4:45 – 5:00 am. I’d have my coffee and read the WSJ until 6:00 am when I had to get ready to leave for work.

    My subscription expired about 3 or 4 months after the paper was sold and the hard left turn was so abrupt and obvious that I didn’t renew. I still get a letter or two each year trying to lure me back for $1.00 per week for a one-year subscription to the delivered hard copy.

    That’s an obvious money-loser for them, so now I’m thinking I should take them up on the offer just to hit them in the wallet. Sadly, I have no birds and no puppies to train. On second thought, I’d be better off just keeping the $52 for myself. That’s 2-3 haircuts at today’s prices. No subscription makes the point better than a wasted subscription, anyway.
    Side note on an interesting publishing model: There’s a publisher that puts out a series of special interest magazines; Birds and Blooms and Cats and Horses and a few others.

    They charge a very modest, but profitable fee for a subscription to their magazines. The contributors of the articles and photos are the subscribers themselves! No writers or staff to speak of. Just an editor and probably a layout person or two.

    Schweeet! Whoever hit on that business model was one smart cookie and is probably enjoying their time on their own tropical island or mega-yacht right about now.

  37. E.M.Smith says:

    Reading gab.ai humor without issues. (Enjoying the memes again ;-)

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    Hmmm… Another pattern?

    In the ’80s and ’90s I had a subscription to WSJ, Investors Biz Daily and the local Business paper. One at a time I “let them go”. Now I get none of them. WSJ was about the time they turned. IBD was last to go. ( I mostly used their data pages – but once I figured out my method that wasn’t needed anymore).

    WSJ was good news. Now not so much.

  39. philjourdan says:

    I like your “type”. :-)

  40. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting comment on how civilian satellite constellations are now direct competetors with expensive national asset intelligence satellites. This could change the game in a conflict.

    Do you nationalize the commercial asset during an emergency, shut them down by seizing their ground stations and data centers. blind their satellites or jam them electronically.

    I know during the opening stages of the Iraq war, the defense department simply bought up all the commercial services available from some companies to have exclusive access to the data, but what do you do with companies located out side the US?


    Do you declare their data a strategic asset – the game she is a changing. The days of a ship running over the horizon at flank speed to break off an attack are ending, unlike the Bismark, they won’t even be able to disappear into the watery void for more than a few hours instead of days.

  41. Larry Ledwick says:

    Related Elon Musk comes out as a supporter of President Trump’s “Space Force”


  42. Larry Ledwick says:

    Okay back in the proper thread –

    An interesting thread on twitter explaining why the Democratic model for voting is broken because they won’t let go of their traditional assumptions and recenter on the current lay of the land.

  43. Larry Ledwick says:

    What illegal immigration costs the states (not counting Federal costs). If that cost was diverted to productive projects it would remake America. It could completely fix our fixed infrastructure problems for example.

  44. Larry Ledwick says:

    An interesting item on gluten intolerance treatment using a new vaccine about to under go international trials.


  45. Larry Ledwick says:

    I’ve been pondering this same thought – Just because you are registered as one party does not mean you are going to vote for it, especially during times like these.

    Bill Mitchell
    ‏Verified account
    4 hours ago
    In 2016, Trump had about 10-15% approval among black voters. That is now 40% according to TWO polls. And yet, no one is factoring THIS into their predictions of Democrat victory at all. Assuming many of that 40% are registered Democrat, pundits could be in for a shock.

    I wonder how many of those traditionally Democratic registered blacks will jump ship in the voting booth? If any significant number do it will totally screw the Dem election prediction data.

  46. Larry Ledwick says:

    Just finished watching the last Trump Rally at Cape Gerardo Mo.
    Crowd was wired and President is getting even better at his extemporaneous speaking. He took the time to thank several folks that have backed him from the start (Rush L, Hannity, Justice Jeanine, His daughter Ivanka, Sarah Sanders, Kelly Conway etc.)

    Watching tomorrows results come in will be very interesting. My gut feeling is a Red Tsunami is entirely possible.

  47. p.g.sharrow says:

    There are a lot of life long Democrats that can no longer hold their nose while voting Democratic. They will ether stay home or vote their conscience. Trump is no Republican, he is a real middle of the road American that believes in American greatness. Mean while the Democratic Party is fielding Internationalist Socialists that want to subjugate Americans to their new World Order. Even though right now these people are fiening middle of the road words their deeds are FAR Left.
    they can no longer fool the people…pg

  48. E.M.Smith says:

    The Rebel News report (Canadians) reporting on the caravan from inside it. Says 80-85% male under 35 ish. At about the 9 minute mark pokes fun at the Guardian? for claiming it is caused by Global Warming.

  49. R. de Haan says:

    Latest scientific news from Zharkova predictiong a Deep Solar Minimum starting in 2020, 8watt per square meter reduction in TSI due to 4 different solar magnetic fields going out on sync coinciding with the biggest distance of earth from the sun resulting in very cold NH winters and cool SH summers. https://youtu.be/M_yqIj38UmY

  50. E.M.Smith says:

    2 things;

    1) There’s a re-do of BeOS open source for the PC called Haiku. looked like it was fast and clean. 32 bit or 64 bit. Runs Libreoffice and a browser… I might give it a try on one of the old PCs just to play with it.

    2) Watched a Spanish Language YouTube podcast where a guy was ranting about their southern border problem and the “caravan” of invaders. Showed a news paper where one of their politicians was saying they could find jobs for 1 million “immigrants” and ranted about how much taxes it would take and just what about Mexicans getting those jobs!? Pointed out the millions of socialists who wanted to invade Mexico from Venezuela, Nicaragua etc. Amusing. I can link if anyone is interested.

    Oh heck, here’s the link and nobody needs to decide anything:

  51. E.M.Smith says:

    A somewhat epic 50 minute rant by a guy with what I think is a Scots accent dissing PC Crap, “hate speech”, “micro-aggression” and “safe spaces” et. al.

    Does have some strong language and starts off with a long bit of a black woman calling all whites horrible (not like that’s racist…)

  52. E.M.Smith says:

    That’s interesting background… I’d wondered what kind of screw-up could get that ship hit.

    FWIW, while it is a bit of a stereotype and there are exceptions: In my own family, the women can’t navigate worth a damn and the men just do it without effort. I’ve watched a “something” Island “Fail” YouTube where someone (Bear Gillis? Something like that) puts teams on an island and they have to “survive” by finding water and such. An all female team spent close to a week going in circles (literally) trying to get from one side of the island back to the other (kept going S then curve back N to a beach when they wanted to go W…) one saying “But we always kept the water on our left…” (Not so helpful on a small roundish island)

    Women navigate by landmarks. Men navigate by bearing and distance. That’s been repeatedly shown. I once sailed my boat all day from one marina to another by pointing it on the right heading and waiting. Hit the outer channel marker just about dead on. Didn’t use the compass though, just knew which way was “that-a way”… My sisters, who got the same training from my Dad, could managed to get back to camp, but struggle, and often look for familiar landmarks…

    My point? At sea there are no landmarks.

    There are women who can sail quite well. There are women who are excellent pilots. There are more men. While I’d not exclude women from “going for it” (not the least because that’s the kind of woman I like best) I would have reasonable and pertinent requirements and if you can’t meet them you washout.

    FWIW, I’d have the same rule for traditional female jobs. In the peach cannery, women worked the fruit lines up front and men stacked the cases in the warehouse. Why? Women could not sling 50 lb cases at 200 to 400 / hour and men, faced with the moving belt of peaches, got dizzy and also had too slow a hand motions. A 120 lb women will NOT be able to carry me (double that weight…) out of a burning building, but I’d rather have her sized hands working on a surgical procedure inside my chest…

    Does that mean I don’t want women fire fighters or do want all female surgical teams? Nope. Give me a Samoan Woman fire fighter at 200 lbs and we’re good, or an Asian man of 5 foot 2 surgeon with small precise hands… What I want is the person best suited to the given task.

    I’d make THE worlds worst ballerina. Short legs, dumpy build, almost 3 x the desired weight, then the mustache is not going to help… and I look lousy in a Tutu… Similarly, I’d not want the ballerina trying to install a 200 lb computer into a rack and then programming it. We each are especially well suited to something and horrible at something else; we ought to go with where we do best.

    Forcing “diversity” in every role is guaranteed to fail. Forcing “equality” of outcomes just means worse failure as we are all of different fundamental abilities and interests. Liberty lets each person find what they love most and succeed at best.

    Sidebar: For anyone thinking me a sexist troglodyte for saying such things: I put myself through school working as an office clerk and typist during a time when that was “women’s work”. I was one of only 2 guys in my High School typing class. I ran an old plug board PBX (phone switchboard) of the kind seen in old B&W movies ALWAYS with a woman operating it. I do all the cooking and dishes / clean up kitchen at home. I’m not at all adverse to role reversal – I just want folks to be good at it.

  53. Another Ian says:

    “Glaciers on the move: Two minutes of extreme climate change on Swiss Alps, Italian beaches”

    Video at


  54. Another Ian says:

    More cold

    “Jo and others this is an important one to watch, if you have missed it?
    2018-11-06-gwpf-c3-Professor Valentina Zharkova- The Solar Magnetic Field And The Terrestrial Climate
    • Date: 05/11/18
    • GWPF TV
    Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018.


  55. Larry Ledwick says:

    So the Soros “shock troops” are mobilizing to protest that Sessions was replaced (they apparently do not understand the phrase “at the pleasure of the President”

  56. Larry Ledwick says:

    Meanwhile the Antifa Weenies are protesting in the dark outside Tucker Carlson’s house.
    Me thinks Tucker should get some IR hunting cameras so they can get identifiable pictures of these lunatics.

  57. Larry Ledwick says:

    Oops link

  58. p.g.sharrow says:

    Chuck Sumer said the same thing earlier, he is another one of Soros minions…pg

  59. Larry Ledwick says:

    On a side note my personal car got totaled today as I was driving into work, Got rear ended by a 24′ box van while sitting at a stop light. The car is now about 2 ft shorter than it used to be. Other than some minor soreness so far no problems personally but unfortunately the 19 year old girl in the car in front of me got injured. I suspect she had no seat belt on, and got bounced around a lot when I got pushed into her. She got out of the car in obvious pain and immediately lay down on the pavement beside the car, and ended up getting transported by the ambulance. Hope her injuries were not serious.

    This is the second time in two years I have had a car destroyed on that same stretch of road way, the other rear end accident was 4685 ft south of where this one was. Same thing someone never touched the brakes and drove into me at the speed limit (40 mph there).

    Luckily this guy was worrying me because of his behavior and I was watching him and knew immediately he was never going to be able to stop and was able to brace for the impact.

    But this shit is getting old (grumble grumble grumble)

  60. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well this sucks!

    Mass shooting reported tonight

    Jory Rand

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @ABC7Jory
    BREAKING: Reports of a mass shooting at a bar and grill in Thousand Oaks. May be dozens shot. Headed to the scene right now. @ABC7

    12:41 AM – 8 Nov 2018


    8 minutes ago
    #Borderline: Officer shot multiple times. Dozens of victims shot. Suspect still inside.

  61. Larry Ledwick says:

    ‏Verified account
    10 minutes ago
    #OaksInc: Firefighters and first responders are arriving on scene of a report of a shooting at an establishment in @CityofTO. PD is working to secure scene. Multiple injuries reported. @VCFD

  62. Larry Ledwick says:

    Ryan Saavedra
    ‏Verified account
    14 seconds ago
    BREAKING: ABC 7 reports that the suspected gunman in the Thousand Oaks shooting is a Middle Eastern male, according to multiple witnesses.

    3 minutes ago
    BREAKING: Dozens of shots fired in Thousand Oaks, California. Casualties reported – LA Times

    Reported as a level 2 mass casualty incident meaning likely 10-20 injured

  63. Larry Ledwick says:

    Jory Rand
    ‏Verified account
    2 minutes ago

    Just spoke with a man who was at the front door of the bar when the shooter began firing. Says he had a handgun, shot the guard at the door, threw several smoke bombs inside, and then continued firing. Described shooter as middle eastern looking with a beard.
    More to come…

  64. Larry Ledwick says:


    Sounds like this shooting is going to not fit in the approved story line category so expect it to get black holed by the major media, of focus shifted hard.

  65. Larry Ledwick says:

    Bill Melugin
    ‏Verified account
    9 minutes ago
    UPDATE: Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirms “half a dozen” people shot including a deputy at Borderline bar & grill in Thousand Oaks. Says threat is still active and not under control. SWAT on scene. Says shooter can still be alive. @FOXLA

    Ryan Saavedra

    Verified account

    9m9 minutes ago
    BREAKING: Law enforcement official says regarding the shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks

    -1 Sheriff’s Deputy has been shot
    -Approximately 6 people injured
    -The scene is still active/shooter not in custody

  66. Larry Ledwick says:

    Starting to down play the numbers now:

    The Associated Press
    ‏Verified account
    Following @AP
    BREAKING: Sheriff’s spokesman says 6 people wounded, including one deputy, in shooting at bar in Southern California.

  67. Another Ian says:

    E.M. Check the second item here with link

    cripto says:
    November 8, 2018 at 1:03 am


    “The second report is more serious:”Telecom with ties to China’s government misdirected traffic for two and a half years.” ”

    Link is


  68. Larry Ledwick says:

    Holy crap –

    Caption this first one:

  69. Jon K says:

    Larry, I’m sorry about your car, but I glad you made it out ok. Was the driver insured? I’ve had a couple cars totaled in the last few years by uninsured drivers. Nothing more frustrating…

  70. Larry Ledwick says:

    I know the girl in the car in front of me was checked out in the ambulance and I strongly suspect she was transported. I will stop at the fire station on the way in this morning and ask if they know any info on her condition.

    On the thousand oaks shooting first coherent details starting to come out, they lost a 29 year sheriff deputy who went in to confront the shooter.


  71. Larry Ledwick says:

    Laura Loomer

    4 minutes ago
    More Laura Loomer Retweeted Jory Rand
    “Middle eastern”

    Just so you know, Pepperdine is a Christian University.

    If the suspect is indeed Middle Eastern, then these Christian college kids were targeted at the Country music festival.

    No doubt about it…

    Jory Rand
    ‏Verified account
    Follow @ABC7Jory
    Just spoke with a man who was at the front door of the bar when the shooter began firing. Says he had a handgun, shot the guard at the door, threw several smoke bombs inside, and then continued firing. Described shooter as middle eastern looking with a beard.
    More to come…

  72. Larry Ledwick says:

  73. Larry Ledwick says:

    Boy talk about a busy news cycle,

  74. Larry Ledwick says:

    Meridith McGraw
    ‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @meridithmcgraw
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to the hospital this morning after a fall last night at her SCOTUS office, PIO says. She fractured three ribs.

    7:07 AM – 8 Nov 2018

  75. cdquarles says:

    What’s funny, to me, about the leftist’s turnaround is that Sessions was the bogeyman not that long ago. Thanks to media reporting bias, we likely will never know the full truth of the situation. Sessions was a victim in the “muh Russia” thing just as Trump was. We shall see how much difference this will make. As I recall it, Sessions offered to resign early on, but it wasn’t accepted then. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn 10 to 20 years from now that Sessions did not do as bad at the job as it seems now.

  76. llanfar says:

    Now that Sessions is out, he can testify in anything where he was a victim (Crossfire Hurricane), and be on a tribunal in any military court.

    Taken from Twitter posts yesterday…I need to get a 3rd-party app to allow me to do searches (iPad).

  77. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith looks like a big fire between Magala and Oreville, hearing explosions…pg

  78. p.g.sharrow says:

    All of Pluga and Paradise are being evacuated from hiway 70 up Penze rd to Paradise/Meglia

  79. H.R. says:

    @p.g. – Since I’ve never been to the area and don’t know it, I zoomed into it on a map ap.

    I’m kind of stumped as to what would cause the explosions you mentioned, unless there is a commercial propane facility around there for people not on gas lines. Or… unless all those explosions are the propane tanks at individual homes.

    I didn’t see much commercial real estate that might create worries of a toxic release, but maybe I wasn’t zoomed in enough to pick out something like that.

  80. H.R. says:

    @ Larry L. – Glad to hear you’re OK from the accident.

    Was that the Subaru that got wiped out?

  81. Another Ian says:

    Fair summary IMO

  82. Power Grab says:

    @ Larry Ledwick re:

    “Luckily this guy was worrying me because of his behavior and I was watching him and knew immediately he was never going to be able to stop and was able to brace for the impact.”

    Ah, man…!!!

    So, how do you brace for that sort of impact? (Someone was closing in on me from behind on a road with a similar speed limit. They finally looked up (I guess) and braked, but I wondered how to brace for that…)

    I don’t have an air bag in that car.

  83. Larry Ledwick says:

    I just pressed my head back into the head rest, so it does not get a running start at your head, don’t want to lock out your elbows on the steering wheel either.
    (if you have airbags don’t want your hands in front of the air bag or the bag will punch you in the face with your own arms & hands so use 2:00 – 10:00 or 3:00 – 9:00 grip on the steering wheel)

    Some of the circle track folks when they know the hit is coming and they are out of options take their hands off the steering wheel and cover their faces with their hands. That might be useful if you have no airbag as more stuff between you and the steering wheel.

    Just make sure you are sitting facing straight ahead in the seat so it can do its job to dissipate energy and so your neck is not exposed to any sharp twisting motions want to be facing straight ahead. The objective is to minimize whipping motion so by pressing your head back toward the head rest in a rear end impact there is very little relative motion and both of them yield to the forces together with the head rest supporting the head and neck in their normal anatomical position.

    Proper placement of the head rest helps too, don’t want it set too low, want it to catch the weight of the head near the center of mass of the head. I always set my seat as vertical as I can comfortably set it so that the head rest is just an inch or so behind the head when you are sitting normally.


    Rear end impacts account for 28% of all accidents.

    The worst impact for your head and neck is one at an oblique 45 deg angle.
    That is the kind of impact that killed Dale Earnhardt, due to a basal skull fracture.

    (ie your head whipping to the right front or left front at about a 30 – 45 deg angle as would happen in an intersection accident where you are struck from the side on the right or left front fender.)


  84. p.g.sharrow says:

    @HR power has been off for the last 2 hours. I’m running on a UPS backup/battery bank for my computer lab and satellite connections,,land line phone is out. The fire is about 10 miles to the south of us, the wind has picked up here. It was from the north east now more from south east. Much of my South horizon is BLACK all the way to Chico. Many of the properties use LP gas with tanks and the Paradise/Megala area is full of small machine shop and Fabrication operations hidden in the woods. I don’t think we are in any danger here, There are 2 big ridges and a deep canyon between and this is a cool wet spot, that I chose because there was no indications of older fires. It was also a long term Indian village site so I figured we would be safe. The last big fire that headed this way died out 3 miles away after the firefighters abandoned the area..pg

  85. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Related to the auto-braking not braking: There was a crash of a 737 that killed something like 189 folks. Boeing has issued a NOTAM to RTFM… See, they have this “safety feature” that if air speed suddenly drops, it figures you are entering a stall, so put the airplane into a dive to recover from the stall… except if the air speed sensor gets crap in it of fails, it will crash you into the ocean and kill everyone… so if that happens, you need to “disable that feature” in the computer settings…

    Yeah, you are the Pilot, your plane enters a sudden un-commanded dive just after take-off and you have maybe 10 seconds to impact, so of course you will consult the setting on your avionics computer control and have a bit of a think about what to change…. NOT!


    There really is a point of just way too much automation “helping” and killing you…

    I liked the animation of the glaciers. I’ve stated a few times that the Ice Age comes from the top down…

    Per California and Chicken Cages:

    It will be interesting to see if it survives the Federal control of interstate commerce… it says you can only sell products raised that way… but the other States have commerce rights too…

    FWIW, I have recently found I like pasture raised eggs… (More on that in a posting “sometime”…)

    @Larry L:

    Yeah, Gab humor had a Meme with Fauxcahontas quotes – one demanding Sessions be fired (when first appointed) and the next one demanding All Hell & Shit for him not staying. I guess it is easier being a Democrat as you need not ever remember the past….

    InfoWars is claiming to have documents from inside Antifa planning a 900 CITY mob attack. We’ll see… (I’d not be surprised to find folks like Tucker getting CCW for self and spouse. At home you can just slide one into a pocket – what I do when something goes bump in the night… Just make sure NOT to step onto the sidewalk as that and the “parkway” strip are technically “public” so not your property…

    Sorry to hear about your car… Consider using your insurance money to buy a small tank… ;-)

    Per the California Shooting: Yeah, it was being 4-walled for a while. I just shook my head and “moved on”. The shooter had been visited by the “intervention” group of the Police some months before… for emotional disturbance issues. Want to bet psychoactive are involved? SSRIs?

    So how’s that California Strictest anywhere gun laws working out for folks? (BTW, guns are forbidden in bars here – so another shooting in a gun free zone…)

    YSM showing pictures of him in his Marines? Uniform from when he was in the military…

    Had a .45 Glock with the PC 10 round limit but police said he had put an extended magazine in it with unknown total capacity at that time. So both that magazine and combining it with the gun are illegal under California law (as is “brandishing” by having it visible or “concealed carry” if not visible) and a few dozen other laws – not to mention assault and murder…

    What ended it was rapid response by “Men with good guns” i.e. police, one of whom was killed in the process of running in on the guy.

    Back in a minute…

  86. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes they are now finally identifying him as a 28 year old former marine


    Sorry to hear about your car… Consider using your insurance money to buy a small tank… ;-)

    I am shopping for one of these but they are a limited production model and not many of them show up on craigs list.

    Weighs 150,000 pounds, used to recover stuck tanks.

  87. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    BGP was being gamed. It isn’t hard. The presumption is that all the players are moral… this needs to be changed with China in the game.

    And folks wonder why I don’t like email… Which reminds me I need to get that whole crypto email thing done…


    Yeah, that whole Russia Collusion Investigation needs a new direction… /sarc;

    Ol’ Ruth can manage to just fall down in her office and break 3 ribs? Osteoporosis? I don’t see her lasting too much longer… Folks will be on invalid watch for the next 2 years…


    Yeah, I find it just soooo funny that the entirety of the Dims can turn on a dime from “Devil Spawn MUST be FIRED!!!” to “Orange Man Evil – bring back Angel Sessions!!!”


    Interesting points… Wonder if this is setting Sessions aside and letting someone else “out” all the dirt he’s assembled… Keeping him out of the mud wrestle…

    @P.G. & H.R.:

    Ouch! That’s some of my favorite area. Hope it isn’t near the old covered bridge between Chico and Paradise…

    Trees can sound explosive at times, but there’s also a lot of propane tanks and cars and even some rural above ground gasoline tanks out in those hills…

    PG: Best of luck and hope all is good with power returning soon…

    @Another Ian:

    That meme is about right ;-)

    @Power Grab:

    Well, for one thing, you can stand on the brakes… ( I usually flash them a few times if the guys behind me seem not so aware, then prepare to stand on them if I can’t escape. Due to my motorcycle history, I like to keep my “45s” open and enough clearance in front of me that I can run out on that 45 degree angle next to the traffic in front of me. I like to be on one side or the other of the road where there’s an empty space next to the lane. I avoid the “cars on both sides” lanes.)

    Hands can be used to brace your body with the steering wheel, or across your face to cover from debris depending on risk. Make sure thumbs are NOT over airbag cover or they get broken.

    Larry has covered the headrest stuff…

  88. H.R. says:

    @p.g. – Ahhh, the propane tanks going off. I’ve never heard one go off but I can imagine it’s a big kaboom. An oxygen tank in a fab shop would make a loud pop, too.

    With bit of luck, perhaps the winds will shift back to the northeast and hold the fire into itself a bit, or at least keep it from spreading fast.

    @Larry L. – I just ran across the “hands at 9:00 and 3:00” advice only a year ago or so. Supposedly it puts your hand and arms more out of the way than the old 10:00 and 2:00.

    I started paying attention to headrest height close to 40 years ago when my next-door neighbor got rear ended and had a bad whiplash injury. He was telling me all about it over at the fence line, as neighbors do, and he mentioned that, “if only I had my headrest in the right place.” Duh! Simple and quick enough to do, so I started paying attention to it and it has become a habit. It’s particularly easy to “set it and forget it” if you’re the only driver of the car.

    I also keep my armrest folded up so I’m not tempted to use it and slump to the right while I’m driving. I didn’t think about it in terms of keeping my neck and spine aligned; more just for visibility and alertness. It would probably be a good thing not to be slouched onto the armrest in an accident so I’ll keep up that practice.
    Odd story.
    When seatbelt use became mandatory in my state, I worked with a guy who adamantly refused to use one, even if it meant paying fines. It seems he was in wreck several years prior and was thrown from the car, which went on to crash and burn. So he was saved by the lack of a seatbelt.

    I never bothered to research it, but I’d be fairly certain that there are way more deaths from being thrown from a car due to no seatbelt than people saved by being thrown from their cars in a wreck.

    Even if I did have stats and they were 100:1 in favor of having it on, that guy was never going to wear a seatbelt again. Kind of a “I’m always wearin’ my lucky socks” thing. He was convinced that seatbelts were death devices based on a sample size of one.

  89. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting peak accelerations of driver’s head is at least 2-2.5x the acceleration of the struck vehicle which is often in the 8 G range for common traffic rear end accidents.

    Click to access A-note-on-Head-Acceleration-During-Low-Speed-Rear-End-Collision.pdf


    (at very high accelerations modern car seats can break backwards)


  90. Larry Ledwick says:

    Is this the fire you are seeing?


    Follow @BreakingNLive
    BREAKING: Massive wildfire in Butte County, 50 miles north of Sacramento, California. The #CampFire is growing at an estimated rate of 80 football fields PER MINUTE. Thousands have been forced to flee.

  91. H.R. says:

    Whoa, Nellie!

    You might be OK, p.g., but start thinking about an escape plan if you haven’t already done so.

  92. Larry Ledwick says:

    James Woods on twitter is using the hashtag #CampFireJamesWoods to created a rescue list of people reporting friends and relatives in the path of the fire who are currently unaccounted for.

    Breaking News Live is also posting this alternate call number


    2 hours ago

    9-1-1 is overwhelmed.


  93. Larry Ledwick says:

  94. E.M.Smith says:

    Watching the fire news on KCRA Sacramento via ROKU

  95. Larry Ledwick says:

    There is some good upper level winds to support surface winds .


  96. E.M.Smith says:

    Report has it moving about 3 MPH in winds up to 25 mph. Fire has reached Paradise and approaching Paradise Pines.

    All that crews are doing is evacuating folks.

  97. Pingback: Camp Fire News | Musings from the Chiefio

  98. E.M.Smith says:

    Since this thread is getting long and slow to load, and the fire is fast moving, I’ve opened a new thread for tracking it:

  99. Larry Ledwick says:

    Another rescue resource for those impacted by the Camp Fire

  100. Another Ian says:

    “Bye, Bye Angela”


    I haven’t seen it put as bluntly as this before

  101. H.R. says:

    Coming soon to a TV screen near you… AI Anchors

    Fake, Fake News Readers!


    Side note to Jim Acosta: You can be replaced. It wouldn’t take much to program your boorish behavior: Badger, whine, shout “have you stopped beating your wife” type questions, debate, repeat and call it journalism.

  102. cdquarles says:

    About the seat belt thing, I did do some research on automobile related trauma deaths ca 1982. I wrote a paper on it and presented it as a personal communication, so it was an internally published study and was early on in the air bag era. Being ejected from the vehicle is more likely to result in serious injury or death than not being ejected. I don’t think the ratio was 100:1, but it was enough to make using the belts helpful. The main thing the belts do is keep you from being thrown around in the vehicle into the steering column or dash/windshield or elsewhere. Air bags help there too; but you also had the explosion of azide (back then) for inflation of the bag happen, too; so sometimes the bags did more damage than the wreck otherwise would have done. They’ve since modified the bags such that this risk is much lower than it used to be. The bags also help keep you in place and provide a softer thing to hit.

    Now if the car burns, which is really rare (1/1000 or so, I think) for gasoline fueled ICE powered cars. I want to say that I have only seen one such car wreck that had a fire with it, and I want to say that it was the battery that started it. I once saw a car battery, Pb/PbO2/PbSO4, internally short and start a fire without lighting the gasoline. Had that one had a fuel leak, well, there would have been an awful fire in that parking lot and the nearby vegetation and buildings would have been at risk.

    I want to say that the risk of ejection is higher in a side-swipe than either head-on or direct rear-end collisions. The worst wreck that I’ve ever seen was an 18-wheeler that jack-knifed sideways on a narrow two lane road where there was a cliff face on one side and a creek on the other. A person was ejected and it was a very bloody mess of a scene.

  103. Larry Ledwick says:

    Okay now we have the background on the shooter in Thousand Oaks, it was a political act by a deranged gun control advocate to force greater controls. Since it does not fit the Left’s narrative they will either black hole it or try to play up the fact he was a white male military veteran and ignore his social media history.

  104. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 9 November 2018 | Musings from the Chiefio

  105. E.M.Smith says:


    Any news on his stress drug use / prescriptions?


    I’ve dumped a few motorcycles in my day, including one where I did a great shoulder roll down the street until I rolled up onto my feet and returned to the bike. Wearing NO safety gear at the time – I got very minor scratches on one elbow and a slightly bruised knee on the same side (where the road impact ‘spun me up’ to rotation speed).

    So I think i know something about “ejection”.

    What I do now is wear FULL protection gear when on a bike – EVEN if it is 110 F in the shade and there ain’t no shade… FULL “leathers and helmet” boots gloves etc. etc.

    In the car, it’s 100% belts all the time. A square foot of seat belt over your chest and lap is a more gentle stop than 3 square inches of steering wheel or breaking window glass. (Shoving your head through glass then pulling it back does bad things…) I’ve occasionally thought of putting on my helmet when driving the car but figured the police might wonder and want to talk…

    The more you can dampen and dissipate the energy in something other than you, the better. The ground is NOT a soft way to dissipate energy.

  106. Larry Ledwick says:

    Related to the ThousandOaks shooting

    It appears there may be even a deeper back story that this goof ball likely converted to Islam recently.
    There were multiple eye witness reports that would have been a good match for the photo on the right. Also note the long delay before he was publicly identified during which his social media got mostly purged.

  107. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have not seen anything yet on if he was under treatment of taking any psychoactive drugs.

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