Creating A Nation Of Kaczynskis? The C.I.A., The Left, & The Frankfurt School

Well this is a disturbing and fascinating video. It ties together the root of Hegel that we explored earlier, along with the self-loathing destructive results of Marxism, connects them with the Frankfurt School (that we brushed past earlier, so noted then moved on); but all in a much more approachable way.

Then manages to tie this in with the C.I.A., and Ted Kaczynski – the Unabomber.

When that was happening (the Unibomber) I had no idea he had been a subject of mind control experiments driven by the C.I.A.; yet here it is (she shows documentation…).

Then the whole “Outrage Mob” approach seen everywhere today. It traces back to the same cold war efforts and group.

Finally, the connection to the same PC Police / De-platforming. Right there predicted in the Unabomber’s Manifesto.

Essentially, he was subjected to the early forms of “Name & Shame” and the whole get in your grill and insult / degrade you; but refused to break. That turned him from a very bright, gifted even, student who entered Harvard at 16 on a scholarship, into the Unabomber.

Now with those same techniques being applied across the board to the entire conservative half of America (and one presumes the Conservatives in Italy, France, Hungary,…) I find myself wondering: How many more “Unibombers” is this creating? How many of the “mass shootings” are the result of this deliberate inflicting of “stress” by The Left? How many of the folks forming “Outrage Mobs For Effect” are run by someone trained in this background and techniques? (And how many of them know of the unexpected outcome that was Ted Kacyznski…)

I think maybe I need to read a copy of old Ted’s manifesto and see just what he really was all about. Find out if the few bits quoted (that are surprisingly lucid and accurate) are representative or the exception.

Perhaps if Ted had had the Internet to publish his “Manifesto” he would not felt the need to blow folks up to get it “published”. OTOH, perhaps he would have been de-platformed from Faceplant, Goorble, and Twitser and then chosen his targets.

In any case, the video has much food for thought in it, and connects a lot of threads I’d tugged at, but not pulled to the end. That the goal of the C.I.A. was to destroy the self reliant individual and that the same techniques are being used by the Outrage Mobs today is also telling.

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17 Responses to Creating A Nation Of Kaczynskis? The C.I.A., The Left, & The Frankfurt School

  1. u.k.(us) says:

    I’ve probably watched too many movies, but when the CIA says anything, it is only to gauge reactions to their disinformation, which is probably 4-5 levels removed from reality.

  2. philjourdan says:

    And yet, most of the violence is still perpetuated by the left and their darlings (Muslims). The right has a built in escape valve. The left does not – other than violence. FOr the most part impotent violence, but effective from a PR standpoint.

  3. Power Grab says:

    @ u.k. (us) re:

    “I’ve probably watched too many movies, but when the CIA says anything, it is only to gauge reactions to their disinformation, which is probably 4-5 levels removed from reality.”

    I agree. I’ve decided that the deluge of outrageous, stupid stuff that comes out over social media and through email is put out there to see how much people will swallow and allow themselves to be controlled by.

    I figure the emails like that are agitprop and they go out to both leftists and conservatives. I’ve grown weary of their hype and rarely even read the body of the text, and don’t care to click through to their web sites. I didn’t sign up to receive emails from all these groups. I don’t know who most of them are, and I certainly can’t give money to everyone who emails me.

    I’m not surprised to hear about “outrage mobs” and their origin. That sheds new light on events in the news…of course, there are news events that are staged by the media companies themselves.

  4. Serioso says:

    This video raises a number of questions, of which the first is why anyone would waste half an hour to view it. But the more serious question is: Why video? Why audio-video? The human species invented writing some thousands of years ago. Why not use it? And the answer, generally speaking, is that writing is a less emotional, more easily fact-checked, and more rapidly absorbed means of communication. Those who use audio-visual means usually have something to sell. Buyer, beware!

  5. Power Grab says:

    Her comments about the goal of shaming the bright, diligent achievers were new to me. But I have become sensitized to how the current message of most cultural communications do seem geared to cut down (not reinforce) traditional American values. I can see how the current message does seem to shame values that we formerly had encouraged for more than 200 years.

    I do sense that current cultural manipulation is geared towards eliminating self-reliance and encouraging (almost mindless) dependence. Heck, I’ve seen that change just in comparing my grandmother’s and my attitudes towards problem solving! She was likely to just strike out on a do-it-yourself solution, while I was more conscious of today’s tendency to require certification and licensing before a person hired themselves out to help others solve problems.

    I am puzzled by the huge push to bring in millions of non-Americans who are unable to support themselves and contribute to society in more than a base, menial capacity. Of course, a huge number of them will be unable to contribute in any way at all. Other millions probably are here so they can destroy our society.

    Since the societies they come from probably do not provide cradle-to-grave support, would they not be likely to “wing it” in finding a way to live and survive here?

    I’m not sure what my point is. The video did seem well done and thoughtful.

    Oh, I have one question: What is “oversocialization”?

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    @Power Grab:

    I do not know of any formal definition of “oversocialization”. I took it to mean, roughly “overly in tune with social norms and pressures”.


    First question:

    Because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I found much of interest in it.

    Why Video? Several part answer:

    a) In this specific: It is the form in which I found it. The author’s choice. I can either go repeat all her work to make a textual version, or just post the video link. I don’t have several days to weeks to dig up the details in her video, so put a text wrapper around it for folks to get a summary.

    b) In the general: I’d asked some time back if folks wanted more video or what and the feedback (limited as it was) said “More Video”; so I’m working toward what the visitors here wanted.

    c) In the personal: Throughout my life and career I’ve been almost 100% text. Can’t draw well. Artistic ability limited. I’ve made some movies / video but always felt uneasy doing it. I’m working up to making my own videos (to overcome that self imposed limitation) and in the process doing some ‘study’ of other folks videos. So when I have YouTube (usually on one of the Roku as there it has a more random list of suggestions) offer me a list of choices, I watch some off my main comfort zone of “news” to see what’s effective, how it is done, how much work was likely needed to make it, what set dressing is done, etc. etc. This was one of those. Some of them have interesting “connections” in them. ( I REALLY liked the TV Show “Connections”). When one of those “pops” for me, I’ll post it. There’s been quite a few of them over the last year.

    d) In the theoretical: People are multimodal communicators. Our highest bandwidth is visual and text is a terribly bandwidth limited mode inside that channel. (Though it is far more precise if used right, which is why it is my preferred mode). Over the decades I’ve learned that most people do NOT prefer text. The spouse is a Special Ed teacher and from her I learned about the limits of mode some folks have ( they test each child to identify ‘issues’ with auditory, visual, text, etc. and adapt the teaching to the channel that works). What this means is that to be most effective at communication to the largest group, and to satisfy the largest group, you need multi-modal presentations. So I’m putting out text postings, and video, and audio… In this way the “entertaining” value of video can balance against the long dry analytical text blocks of things like the GHCN analysis. (Or this answer … a good example of long dry text causing people to glaze over and not read it.)

    e) In the historical: Look at my first year of postings, it’s basically all 100% text. Not even much of a graph or linked image. Over the many years I’ve learned to add linked images (initially just semi-random links to photos on Wiki so “decorate” the page with something quasi related as “eye candy”) , eventually adding some graphs, then a few of my own photos and links to other folks videos. I’m up to the point where (as of just a year or two back) I’ll do postings that are a music video montage of things I like or, in cases like this, a video presentation of something of interest. It may take another year or two but eventually I’ll reach the point of “My Own Videos”.

    f) In Short: People watch a hell of a lot more TV than they read newspapers. It is more compelling and more enjoyable. Print is a dying medium, even if it is my best ‘mode”.

    End Note: Note that not one of MY reasons is at all related to your speculation. I’m not selling anything. (This is a zero money site. I have no benefactor list, no Patreon account, no NGO Sugar Daddy, etc. It’s just us here. Interesting to note that as a non-funded site, I can’t be “De-Funded” ;-) so that’s a feature of a sort… In a good year I might get $200 of paypal donations that goes 100% to the computer gear I use for analysis and evaluation so a net zero. Near as I can tell, the author of the video wasn’t selling anything either (with the possible exception of marketing her site as a place to find interesting things / videos). FWIW, I also lived through the Unabomber era. Where she had citations and descriptions, they match my contemporary experiences. I didn’t have a lot of “fraud detector” alerts nor any “that’s BS” moments watching it (and my BS detector is pretty good)

    Speculative Sidebar:

    One must wonder just why a video about something from long long ago, with speculation about a C.I.A. connection, and with very limited implications for the present, would so prod you that you make a complaint about it and “talk dirt” about it? About a video saying that insulting and degrading were being investigated as techniques for breaking down the opposition… when one of your favored methods is to insult and degrade… and your posts originate not too many miles from Langley… I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence… Probably just a side effect of that “style” now being rampant in Leftist organizations like “Higher Learning”.. and the DNC…

  7. cdquarles says:

    Hmm, I do remember that part of military training is just that: Name & Shame. It is also part of growing up. Kids are the worst. They have to grow/be taught to *not* gratuitously Name & Shame.
    Back in the 50s/60s; the mantra was “Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones; but Words will Never Hurt Me”; so what happened to that? Saul Alinksy? /rhetorical, maybe

    Remember that people are people wherever you go and that human nature doesn’t change. Everything else might; but not that. So the CIA part is a bit of BS, to me; since the techniques are thousands of years old. Now I will grant that the CIA/DIA/DOD & others have made some refinements (remember, special forces guys did undergo torture so that they’d know what to expect if/when they were captured by enemies). I also note that the CIA is the first, if not only, group that gets mentioned whenever this stuff comes up; yet few mention the KGB, Chinese Intelligence, MI5/MI6, et al; though Mossad might get mentioned. Wonder why that is? ;p

  8. Steve C says:

    Miles Mathis has an interesting article on the Unabomber:

    Click to access unabomber.pdf

    @CDQ – I think “CIA” has become a recognised brand name. My hoover isn’t a Hoover, nor the public address at the railway station a Tannoy …

  9. Ed Forbes says:

    ( I REALLY liked the TV Show “Connections”).

    One of the best tv shows EVER !
    I liked it enough to fork over the obscene amount of money the BBC wanted for the 2 sets of series.

    One snip: my math extends to 3 semesters of calculus and I still think the BBC piece showing how and why calculus was first developed should be mandatory for all first year calculus students.

    Then again, I am more of a hands on sort in engineering than pure theory which dominates most math departments. God forbid that something be presented in a clear, understandable, and worldly format when pure theory is available.

  10. tom0mason says:

    It’s the technology, or at least the use it’s put to. Here’s some examples here —
    And for others this same technology is the slow creep of technocracy as in here —
    So is anyone in control or is there some subtler controlling going on. A subtle method of trying to get everyone to conform, to agree, to be part of the social consensus? If there is what happens to those who for whatever reason fall outside of norms, outside of the consensus. They may well never hurt anyone, they may just wish to be left alone to lead their own life no matter how deranged others in the consensus find it. They may well signal the errors of the consensus which could not be well tolerated.
    Is the next move to soften the consensus folk up so that the idiosyncratic individuals, you radicals and misfits, are treated as that great Fabian G.B. Shaw advocates?

    Ah, the joys of the outsider ‘social watchers’, forever pattern matching …

  11. Foyle says:

    video has been immensely improved by 2x speed option on youtube, except Ben shapiro he is the sole Mr 1.75.

  12. Steve C says:

    Better be careful with those non-Agenda-supporting thoughts. WordPress is also moving into the censorship business, as Jon Rappaport has found. Exhorting people to learn to think is out of line, it appears:

  13. John S Howard says:

    Apparently, your free speech is now not so free as you are not allowed to speak negatively about Islam… (accoeding to Breitbart)

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    So WordPress is now enforcing Pakistani Sharia law, eh? Like that’s gonna work out well…

    Guess it’s time to start researching the alternatives. After all, I praise beer and wine here and that’s not sharia compliant…

    I suspect some hidden Saudi / other Islamic oil money, is leaning on companies threatening to simply buy and destroy them if they don’t comply (or some countries, like Pakistan, are saying they will ban the company).

    Welcome to the world of Globalization. Lowest Common Denominator Only allowed…

    FWIW, I’ve snagged a backup copy of the site. Per the WordPress utility that does it (easy re-load into another WordPress blog, but otherwise not as useful as a web crawl). Claims to get all postings and comments, but the size is rather small. I suspect maybe it’s not grabbing all the media files? Either that or it just compresses really well….

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Gee… no real surprise, but it looks like there’s guidance for setting up a WordPress blog on a Raspberry Pi:
    And a somewhat more flashy version of what looks like the same process / stuff but with a pop-up asking you to download their free guide:

    I think I’m going to do a “test install” on one of my SBCs here, including upload of my site archive, just to get the experience base / scripted bits written.

    I don’t think I’d want to try running a site from home (due to security issues and the telcos don’t like residential folks running servers with upload traffic) but it would let me do proof of concept and all, then go looking for a VM site somewhere to actually put it. Then there’s no “attack surface” that’s inside my space ;-) I.e. break into the system, you get a VM site somewhere, not my desktop nor my workbench…

    Given the “banning” going on, it looks prudent to prepare. Lord knows I can’t possibly comply with Sharia, not the least because I have no idea what all is in it, but the bits I do know are antithetical to Western Libertarian Democracy, Freedom Of Speech, and, well, beer ;-)

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    I don’t suppose there are any Antifa or Professors who hate conservatives or BLM White Haters or “Feminist” Man Haters and such on the list…. are there?

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