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Why I’m in favor of this impeachment process, EXACTLY as the Democrats are running it:

All of this is just my personal opinion, you can form your own.

We have, live and saved on video, direct confessions of just how corrupt the Democratic Party in general, and the Democratic Leadership in particular, have become, are, and will continue to be.

They can’t run away from that. They can’t stop it being thrown in their faces for years to come.

1) They like, and have called and run, Kangaroo Courts of the worst kind.
2) They despise “The Rule Of Law”, precedent, and even modest fairness.
3) They forbid legal council to the defendant.
4) They forbid even identifying the accuser.
5) They find guilt before even identifying a crime.
6) They despise Personal Privacy (publishing the call records of a Journalist not accused of anything).
7) They have hatred deep in their hearts, and blatant on their faces.
8) They love getting dirty money, and brag about it.
9) They love perverting governments in other countries for their own gain.
10) Nepotism R Us is their motto. (Biden, Kerry, and so many more).

and on and on.

When I voted for Trump, 3 long years ago, it was from a strong dislike of Hillary The Corrupt. I’d have been more ambivalent about some other Democrat and might well have voted for a middle leaning Governor from some Midwest State. Trump was a “Wild Card”. But given how Hillary railroaded the Convention, I was just not given any real choice. I had one choice: Bet on the unknown and hope.

Now, 3 years later, Trump has succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. He’s doing exactly what he said he would, inside the limits imposed on him (McCain the traitor…) and I’m very satisfied with his skill and performance.

Now, 3 years later, I also know that it wasn’t just Hillary that was corrupt. It’s the whole DNC and Leadership at a minimum, and many layers down too. Not only will I NOT vote for ANY Democrat in the coming election, I’ll not vote for one for at least a decade, maybe never ever again. You see, they are ALL now painted with the Corrupt Dictator Wannabe Brush. Guilt by association and membership.

I’ve seen that Pelosi, instead of just being a bit daft and “poodle in the headlights” is in fact a coward easily bent by a Junior Know Nothing into doing incredibly stupid and damaging things (like calling for the Schitt Show). I also know that she has no moral compass (or would simply step down before such criminal acts as violating civil rights) and lusts for power more than anything else.

I’ve seen that Nadler is a corrupt little vindictive Troll who loves to inflict pain on people.

I’ve seen that Schiff is a lying petty vindictive worm who thinks violation of privacy and civil rights is just fine.

I’ve seen that to a person all the Democratic Candidates despise the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and wish to ignore it and trample, remove and destroy your Constitutional Rights. No mere constitution will get in their way. No Rule Of Law nor courts need apply.

I’ve seen that the leader of the C.I.A. was running an operation against an elected POTUS, and even after he was removed, folks lower down the management chain continued to run it.

I’ve seen that the leader of the F.B.I. was happy to hand out immunity to the guilty in exchange for Party Favors.

I’ve seen that the whole Swamp Creature Lot Of Them get fat contracts on CNN, huge advances on book deals for books nobody will ever read, and generally manage to retire with fame and wealth on a “government salary”… that alone cries out “Corrupt!”.

And so much more.

So yeah, go on, keep the show running. The longer the better. Right up to November… See, I haven’t decided if I’ll volunteer to drive Republicans to the polls or not, and I need the nudge to get me over the line…

Tim Pool

In this video, Tim Pool does a great job of ranting. He’s a “Center Left” sort. I’m a Center Right sort. We’re both just about “middle of the bird” and lean Libertarian. The DNC has lost it, and lost Tim in the process.

I suspect he is particularly livid about Schiff publishing the phone records of a journalist innocent of all crimes save being an irritant to Schiff. I can see that as Tim could be treated the same way. No right to privacy for Journalists anymore? Hey, ACLU, how about looking into THAT violation of Civil Rights…

Much of what he covers was also covered by Bongino in the last few days. That Russiagate never ended, and Ukraine is just the continuation. My belief is pretty simple. Follow the $Millions up stream and you will find Soros and Bloomberg demanding the Impeachment Show be run as part of a Color Revolution. It is directly following the Color Revolution playbook with the goal of driving from power via smear campaign any elected leader they (Soros and friends) don’t like in any country of the world, voters be damned. 22 minutes.


Bongino has a pretty good one today too. About an hour. Has a clip of Nadler almost nodding off in his own “investigation”, and has one of Pelosi swallowing her pride and Doing The Stupid Thing since otherwise no money for her from Soros and no power of being Speaker either. Sold out, and she shows it on her face as she chokes out her little lying spiel… He also has an interesting take on the reason for some of the announcements of innocence and such just before the 2016 election: As cover for the dirty tricks. They thought Hillary was a win, so were finding “no Russian interference” as cover so after Hillary was in, they could point at the history and say her win was legit. I had not thought of that, but it makes sense. Similarly Comey and the email thing. But then he had to reopen it when the laptop surfaced.

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10 Responses to The Daily Watch

  1. philjourdan says:

    At one time, I thought I was the only one who bet on Trump as a wild card with no hope that he would amount to anything as a president. But was pleasantly surprised that he is a man of his word. I wonder how many others of us there are?

    But my intention for voting for him in the first place was to stir up the swamp. I knew the rot was there (just not how deep). My Trump vote was against the establishment, not for him. I fully expected him to be impeached in the first 2 years (I see I was not far off). Because he was not of the swamp, so all the swamp critters (R&D) would gang up on him. And many did. But something happened on the way to the forum. Some of the swamp Rs grew backbones. And Trump kept his promises, so the people got behind him which meant the R swamp things had to as well. So much so that for only the first time in history, the votes for the charade have been strictly partisan.

    Yes, all those D swamp critters are denebian slime devils. But they have always been From the corrupt waters (paying her husband with our money) to the squad (who paid themselves with campaign funds) to the old guard swamp things.

    I will never vote for another dem either. I am a citizen not a subject. Something the left does not understand. But then you have to have knowledge to understand. And there is their shortcoming.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    I think there were a lot of us. Just look at the primaries. Every time one of Trump’s opponents would get the Official Nod, that person would sink like a rock in the polls.

    A Whole Lot of folks wanted “not anyone from the political class”.

    I was slightly for Jeb Bush at the start. He’d done a great job as Governor of Florida from what I had seen (and what my Florida Friends said). But then he was clearly just going to be a Same Old Same Old seat warmer administrator and it was clear we needed a bull in the political china shop… Jeb would have been roped and neutered in no time.

    So as nobody else had the guts to stick to it in a fight, or just came across as Party Slime Part Deux… I figured “OK, Trump looks like the guy. Roll them dice”.

    Then look at the total voter turnout. A WHOLE LOT of folks who’d just given up, decided that “Sticking it to them” was worth it and showed up to vote. Even if it was just going to be giving them a PITA dealing with a NOOBY who had no clue how things worked in D.C.

    Now we know what we’ve got and we like it. I’m thinking a record breaking turn out… Anyone not a hard core Socialist and anyone with a shred of decency or love of the Constitution ought to be showing up…

  3. philjourdan says:

    I know many of us voted for Trump to “stick it to them”, but how many did not believe he would govern as a conservative and be impeached? That is what surprised me – that there were a lot of folks who thought the way I did.

    The left is hard core as well, but there are not enough of them to win elections. They need the center – who only vote every 4 years. And they vote the economy.

    One other thing You do realize that Trump will be the first president in history to be impeached AND win re-election/ The screams at 9pm on Nov 3rd will be exquisite!

  4. Taz says:

    Pretty much a lifelong Democrat, but I sent Trump to break things. My only gripe is that he hasn’t broken enough, and I’m becoming a real curmudgeon about that wall. He wasted too much time when the Republicans had full control. Don’t care for his “high maintenance” either :(

    But finding ANYONE to fight DC is very, very hard. I’m probably expecting too much when I prod for pink slips for all those folks at the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

    ANY Congressman who promises to sunset those agencies gets my vote. I’m not picky about party. Americans wouldn’t believe how light they will feel if those agencies can be put down. They’ve bankrupted us.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    I was mostly a Democrat type in the 70s, then Peace & Freedom for a while, then Libertarian, then about the 90s became a decline to state. I think I registered Republican for a couple of years about the Arnold S. Governor election, but moved on when he was a dud. I think I’m mostly Libertarian now, minus some of their nuttier positions. Basically Classical Liberal. British style sort of.

    I’d mostly like to see the UN kicked to the curb, and the Federal goverment shrunk by about 3/4 then pull back our troups from being world policeman…

    But folks accuse me of being a Republican because I like Trump being sand in the gears…

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    He wasted too much time when the Republicans had full control.

    I would submit he never had full control.

    The total numbers of Republican seats made it look like he had control, but many of them were Rinos – Never Trumpers – grifters who just pretended to be Republican to get elected in their districts.

    There were several occasions legislative done deals were screwed at the last minute by his “own side”.

    Just like the Democrats used to have the southern conservative block –
    ( )

    The Republicans have long had liberal Republicans (like Romney) that were never true conservatives or for that matter even business friendly wall street republicans. Some were grifters and pimps for back channel payoffs just like some on the other side.

    I think to understand what is going on in Congress, we need to understand that much like a parliamentary system we have voting blocks within the nominal parties and the true power is the sum total of the voting blocks that choose to cooperate.

    There are lots of legislative votes that never should have been even close that the split factions made the vote break in unexpected ways.

    You have hard left Democrats
    Traditional pro-labor Democrats
    Moderate/conservative Democrats
    On the Republican side you have the same sort of blocks.
    Hard right military nation building types (military industrial complex cheer leaders)
    True conservatives (small government – libertarians)
    Social liberals but fiscal conservatives
    big government republicans
    small government republicans etc

    What Trump has done, is he pulled the middle blocks of those groups together into a Trump Coalition that may eventual fork into a new party or may fragment when he leaves office.
    Right now they are forming a block that is America first, non-interventionist but pro-necessary military when it is in the true self interest of the US, sound business practices and solution of the national debt problem not through limited spending and higher taxes, but rather by increasing productivity and using GDP growth to grow tax revenue, while making strategically necessary investments in the military, but cutting money wasters like unnecessary regulation and head count bloat.

    We know that historically tax revenue stabilizes at around 17% of GDP regardless of the tax rate.
    Raise taxes too much and productive declines and in spite of the higher rates you net less revenue.

    We also know that with the current debt load we exceed ideal tax rates for maximum productivity if we try to tax the debt down to size.

    The only positive solution is to unleash the economy in every way possible and try to grow our way out of the debt mess before it blows up when interest rates go up.

    That is why Trump is pressing the Fed to lower interest rates to keep our debt service under control while he grows the economy enough to try and pay down the debt bubble and squeeze money waste out of government.

  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    Larry Ledwick:
    Just a thought from an outsider but there seems to be a lot of money in various “charities” which turn out to support either Democrats or Green Organisations (which support Democrats). The name Hewlett was the first I thought of. Then there are the billions gathered by all those (Democrat supporting) winners in the Electronic Stakes (I’m sure you know some) who are probably planning on setting up “charities” for political purposes after they have gone.
    Eliminating the charity status of the first, and death duties on the second lot, may help reduce the public debt.
    They could get their fame by an honoury plaque or even a bust or statue (on the steps to Congress perhaps? or along the new Pelosi Parade?). Not the American Way? Neither are they.

  8. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes the political types make an art form out of manipulating “charities” so that only a small fraction of the donations actually go to the nominal purpose but millions go to salaries and expenses.

    The legitimate charities like Salvation Army actually use their donations for their advertised purpose, with 84.0% going to their programs.

    Although you need to take some of those numbers with a grain of salt. Some non-profit charity organizations on paper have very good numbers, but are widely known to be very corrupt and their “program costs” include circular billing type activities where they buy goods and services from companies or organizations that they have a back door interest in or some other back channel way of making the nominal percentages look good but in reality they are just moving money from one pocket to another and calling it an expense, and channeling money to off books benefactors.

  9. cdquarles says:

    I’ve been aware of the history of the Democrat party for decades. I started listening to my grandparents who raised me (and remember I am in a one party state that was D to start and is R for now; partly because of the leftward drift of the D party leadership and because parts of the old D coalition split in the 60s/70s over Jim Crow then Great Society). I noted the differences from what they said and how they lived. Then I started doing my own research, helped along by some good history instructors.

    Long ago, I decided to never vote for a national D unless I knew/know enough about the person. Here, you do not register by party. You declare one if/when you want to vote in the party primaries. I have, mostly voted R or L and have been a paid member of both. Since those have also too often betrayed me, I’ve dropped back to voting for the best person I know of, which tends to be R or L in national elections.

    I have also noted that the R and the L parties were more bottom-up in organization than the D one. I have noted that the R and L party consider personal success in a non-governmental career as a plus way more than the D one, especially after McGovern.

  10. cdquarles says:

    About Trump governing as a conservative? Well, I did some research and found lots of similarities between Trump and Reagan; so I voted for him, not just as a bull in the swamp’s china shop; but also for his being the real deal. Re impeachment, recall that the Ds said that they’d impeach him as soon as they got the chance. They’d been plotting for that from the day they lost. Why not enough R voters took that threat seriously enough during the midterms and didn’t turn out disturbed me (as well as their dirty tricks pulled in the special Senate election here … words fail me when trying to describe that! Talk about election interference by outside groups, that one was the worst.).

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