What We Know, What We Don’t, What We Need

I’ve been pondering this whole Chinese Wuhan Covid / Global Warming / Society Manipulation thing and got to thinking: It might be useful to collect some of what we know about it in one quasi-strategic place, organized by degree of certainty.

To that end, feel free to mention things and the place you would put them on the list. Lord Knows I’m losing track of some bits.

This is not to be considered definitive nor complete. It’s just a “working list” to toss things at the wall and see what sticks.

What We Know

1) This is GLOBAL. (we see the same actions / mandates rolled out in the UK, EU, USA, Canada, France and other nations).

2) Some nations are resisting (Global Warming and Covid mandates). They get vilified. Russia & Hungary for example.

3) It is lead by Globalists. See actions at the UN and folks making “NGOs” to roll out policies globally.

4) One of the more active Globalists is George Soros. (See the long list of NGOs, their actions and what they promote. Also note that Russia & India tossed them out for that kind of political manipulation).

5) One of the other identified Globalists is Bill Gates (via the Gates Foundation – promoting sterilizing vaccines and other population reduction measures as well as promoting Tracking Devices via computer and otherwise).

6) There is a strong Communist Component. Sometimes dressed up as Socialist (aka early stage communism in drag; or communism in the closet). BLM for example is a Communist Front organization (their leaders said so publicly). I’m sure there must be others.

7) One clear tactic (or is it a Strategic Thrust?) is to parasitize National Governments and turn them into effective puppet states.

8) China is involved.

9) No moral compass is in evidence. Forget moral arguments or morality based limits. Viz the Clintoncide List. Viz the current “Vax & Booter over all, NO Therapeutics” push for maximum profit over saving lives and preventing disease. These folks are just evil.

10) In the USA, the Democratic Party is captured. Republican not so much (RINOs excepted).

11) TLAs are involved. Three Letter Agencies around the world, to various degrees in various countries. Just look at the USA election fraud involvement of the CIA ( Eric Chiarly Mello and the name you can not speak) and the FBI (FISA abuse and undercover Boyz In Shorts provoking illegal actions).

12) Major Media companies and many other Major Listed Companies (AT&T, Microsoft,…) are captured and “acting on side”. The level of obvious propaganda and flat out demonstrable lies is astounding. Banks and Financial companies seem in on the rigging too.

13) These operations are NOT in isolation. Be it “Global Warming” or “Covid-19”: When the same “solutions” are repeated for each of them, you know The Little Narratives are part of the Big Narrative. Like the UN Agenda 30 in sync with “Global Warming” fantasy predictions and having outcomes in line with “You will own nothing and you will be happy” from the World Econ. Forum (that just happens to match “get a government check and sit in an apartment” from Government COVID responses): You can be assured this is all part of One Big Coordinated Monster.

14) At present, opposition to The GEBs Narrative is ill-coordinated, poorly informed (fractured by topic), under funded, scattered in focus, too few in number, too tepid in response; and under attack. That must change.

Speculation / Possibles To Explore

1) What other Communist Front organizations are involved?

2) List of NGOs and their sponsors “in play”.

3) Further identify the GEBs driving things.

4) Further identify the UN organizations being leveraged, their driving “leadership” and connections to the GEBs.

5) Identify those National Parties in various nations and their personnel who have been co opted to The Cause.

6) Is China involved as major driver, active partner, or simply exploiting the results? I would speculate it is a quiet driver in some cases, via buying off politicians directly and via bribing Business Leaders via quasi-fraudulent business deals. Belt & Roads for example, plus their “business” dealings (like requiring all your Intellectual Property and 51% ownership for business in China).

7) Major Banking families and banks are clearly acting for effect, but what is the depth?

8) Is this a single monolithic coordinated monster? A consortium of aligned interests? Accidental alignment of interests? (Like China playing along for a few $Hundred Billion of Climate Graft a year but not really “on board” with the whole Agenda.)

What We Don’t Know

1) Why? Just lust for power? Driven by ideology? Money?

2) Exactly who. The real power is behind most of the public actors. Is this cabal based in Europe? A GEB Consortium?

3) How to stop it. They have now captured the EU and the US Government along with strong indications they own the UK (or significant parts of the Lords & Commons). Australia & Canada are clearly toast / GEB Controlled. How do you stop /reverse that?

4) Detailed listing of players, connections, modes of action, puppet organizations (like BLM) and governments. Can’t tell the players without a program…

5) Are the TLAs fully corrupt, just “corrupt at the top”, or playing an angle that’s unclear but eventually for the good of the nation? I’d vote for #2 on that list.

6) Exactly which TLAs in which countries are on the Naughty list, and who’s on the Nice?

7) Where is the Center Of Truth from which a process of recovery can begin? Is Russia mostly “un-involved”? (It looks that way to me). Is it down to USA “Domestic Groups” (currently being vilified in many cases) and individuals? Is it up to the Global Populations to do the march and protest thing (as is happening in the EU & UK)? Random blog posts and posters around the world? Where does it start?

8) How to facilitate #7?

9) Are there any non-participating banks? Do we have a list of non-participating major companies to avoid? How about a listing of countries and supra-national Governments sorted by “Active Drivers”, “Participants For Gain”, “Passive”, “Supporting Liberty”? I know I’m not going to support the Australian or Canadian Governments until they change. Ditto the EU quasi-government. But where is it OK to invest, vacation, etc.?

What We Need

1) Consistent communications abilities. (I’d vote for an IP2 based community as that vehicle is pretty secure).

2) Modes to prevent infiltration, and organizational capture.

3) Counter Force / Counter Narrative / Counter Propaganda to stop the creeping influence operations.

4) Some degree of organized protest & influence operations.

5) Persistent counter force intelligence.

6) Recover Election Integrity in the USA and other parasitized nations.

7) An up to date and maintained list of “Naught & Nice” companies and banks.

8) A “parallel economy” of financial institutions, social media companies, IT communications companies, heck: even restaurants, airlines, grocery stores, and hospital companies that are not bought off and “acting for The Agenda”. Identified and communicated.

9) Someplace where the Governance is not corrupted and controlled, not “controlled opposition”. Right now my best guess is The Free State Of Florida in the USA. Others also need to rise up and be counted. Texas? Idaho? In the EU it looks like Eastern Europe is the best bet at the moment. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic. They all seem to have awakened to some extent. Others?

10) The means to protect and extend the places identified in number 9.

11) Take back “Education” from the Radical Left. But how? Ditto any Professional Organizations, Standards Bodies, and QUANGOs operating under cover of “government”. (like, oh, The Fed).

In Conclusion

It’s looking like a really heavy big lift. So we need to break it up into smaller bits that individuals can carry. I’ve tried to do some little things. Like show how to set up an IP2 server on a Raspberry Pi, or point out errors in the Climate Porn Narrative and now in the Chinese Wuhan Covid Narrative. But that’s not enough.

This Octopus seems to be everywhere. That will require thousands of folks, acting together, to turn back even one major arm of it. We need ways to whack off one of those arms and point an army of like minded folks at it. Then proceed to the next one.

But who will help with the big obstacles? Things like organizations, funding, intelligence assets, data and infrastructure farms, banks & transaction processing?

Rumble had made a good start on the infrastructure side. But now it has merged with Locals and then got listed on an exchange. Is that an indication of Big Money and Success inside the system? Or a sign of having sold out and being turned? Don’t know. Time will tell, I guess. But now, being under SEC Rules and subject to Listing Agency guidelines, and having “Professional Management” being added to boards of directors and the C-Suite (due to share holder pressures), I’m not feeling the freedom flowing towards it…

But before even those big issues can be admired, I think we need a framework understanding of the command and control of The Other Side, along with their logistics structure and their ideological indoctrination operations. Until and unless those are understood (and steps taken to neutralize or turn them) we can at best be taking pot shots at the visible bits. I think that is not enough.

IF anyone has pointers to folks who have done that analysis, please present them in comments. You’ve seen what I’ve got, and it isn’t much. We need a whole lot more.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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29 Responses to What We Know, What We Don’t, What We Need

  1. Paul, Somerset says:

    One motivation to add to that list is the demographic time bomb. The plunging birthrate has combined with increasing lifespans to make depopulation, in the sense of reducing people’s life expectancy, not just urgent but inevitable. Healthcare requirements and unfunded pensions have gone beyond the point of ever being brought under control. It’s the common, looming disaster which brings everyone, from China to Germany, into the conspiracy.

    Other motivations for Their actions, you can list under ‘optional’ – you know, things like fabricating global warming, central bank digital currencies, control in general – all very desirable in themselves from Their viewpoint, but no more than that. The demographic timebomb, however, is non-negotiable. They have to defuse it, or Their world will collapse.

    I’m sorry that this offers no help in terms of how to fight Them or overturn Them. But from the point of view of what you need to do as an individual, it tells you to keep your head down, remain anonymous, be self-sufficient. And before saying yes to anything, question whether it might in fact be helping Them achieve Their goal of reducing YOUR life expectancy.

  2. philjourdan says:

    We live in an age where the most off the wall Conspiracy theory is more believable than the “reality” trying to be forced on us by the GEBs.

    I trust no TLA, nor Fake News, and damn little of the so called “conservative” news.

  3. erl happ says:

    There is little room for optimism. In most Western Countries Income distribution is now too skewed. This is characteristic of the late stage of the business cycle. Expenditure can be met via taxation or borrowing. No country is as indebted as the USA. This applies to consumers, local governments, state and federal governments and the nation as a whole. The FED knows it is sitting on a house of cards.

    Without further expanding debt, people won’t be employed. Look at the leakage to China where people work as much as 9/9/6, a 72 hour week. Hence the logistics crisis. At some point debt has to be repaid or monetized away via default or inflation. The US dollar went off the Gold Standard under Nixon and the pressure of external military engagements. Fiat currencies have a life.

    Planning constraints based in NIMBY interests facilitate the creation of housing for the top half of the income stream, ignoring the needs of bottom half of the demographic. Developers induce people to buy by creating designer communities (covenants) that suit those who want to see their investment increase in value. Freehold titles make re-purposing and re-developing land difficult or impossible. Old towns just ossify. Residents turn to crime.

    If couple’s can’t afford the cost of the nest, they won’t breed. Work force participation rates climb when a potential mum gets a job and birth rates in countries like Australia have been below replacement rates since the 1970s.

    Real estate is primarily a vehicle for speculation, offering a better return than the stock market where the big investors run things to their own advantage. And governments bail them out as required.

    The Chinese are also worried about the effect of the skewing of income and are trying to do something about it.

    Construction is a big part of the economy.

    Indian PM Modi has suggested that the climate change nonsense is the last gasp of colonialism, designed to maintain the supremacy of Western elites.

    Covid may represent a mistake, a miscalculation due to overconfidence in technology. But the reliance on vaccines rather than prophylactics like ivermectin, vitamin C and Zinc that is driven from the top, is a clear evidence of venality and confidence that the elites have the tools at their command to ensure compliance.

    The press is a vehicle for propaganda.

    There seems to be little chance of reform from within.

    But humanity continues to evolve, adapt, improve.

  4. John Hultquist says:

    I’ll toss out Bloomberg as evil.

    On the other hand, I have a theory that as folks find they have been lied to there is a tendency to turn away from the liars. Consider the USA government is no longer considered a creditable source of Covid information. Just this week, Uncle Joe turned the mess over to the States, but a year ago he said he would solve the issue. Inflation is transitory. The end of coal and oil — “but please OPEC and American Companies, produce more. Earth is having an existential crisis because of CO2. Right!
    Anyway, most of us get mad at the people that lie, cheat, and steal.

  5. AC Osborn says:

    Add the WEF as a major player.
    And add New Zealand, who’s Prime Minister is a WEF product to the list of most extreme countries.
    The video that was posted on here pulled it all togetherin a very cool, calculated and careful way.
    I will try to find it.
    I have many links stored that might be useful and trawling through the various COVID and Wood posts would bring a lot as well.

  6. AC Osborn says:

    Here is the video, it has been removed for youtube but is still on Bitchute.


  7. Simon Derricutt says:

    “1) Why? Just lust for power? Driven by ideology? Money?”

    Maybe the biggest question. I suspect it’s mainly driven by a set of beliefs and that the people doing these things are excusing them as being “For The Greater Good” (reference “Hot Fuzz”, maybe?).

    Overall I see most people being driven by a set of beliefs, and thus any evidence is filtered in a way that accepts evidence that supports the beliefs and rejects the evidence that goes against them. It might be obvious to us that a leaky vaccine being put into as many arms as possible in the middle of a pandemic is not a good strategy and has no chance of ending the pandemic, but as far as I can tell the majority of people do believe that and are even agitating for forcible vaccinations of those who have chosen to not be vaccinated. The evidence from Gibraltar with 100% vaccinated people makes it obvious that the strategy won’t work, and Israel’s data also shows that.

    I’ve also noticed an increased level of belief that computer models are infallible, even when the failures in previous computer models might be acknowledged (this time for sure we’ll have the predictions right!). We know that those climate models need their starting conditions carefully adjusted, since otherwise they will “blow up” and predict either boiling oceans or permanent iceball for the future Earth. That narrow range stability the models exhibit is obviously not what happens to the real Earth, yet the proponents of the models can’t see that point at all. Similarly, the model predictions that 2 million people would die of Covid in the UK drove the policies. They had to be seen to be doing something, even where the restrictions made very little actual difference in practice. I’ve seen plots of infections versus when the restrictions were implemented that shows that the waves had peaked and were dropping by the time the restrictions came in, which implies that the drop in infections was going to happen whether or not the restrictions were brought in. Since I haven’t got the figures and plotted it myself, I’m not totally sure of this, but then I’m not that certain of anything in the Covid statistics.

    I’d suggest that we need to consider Terry Pratchett’s “auditors”, who want everything to be neat and tidy and thus want to stop the messy distractions of individual thought and actions. The sort of people who reduce a painting into piles of dust of different colours and thus know the weight of each colour used, but can’t see the art in the piles of dust. We laugh at slapstick, and at people being stupid, but the deeper comedy comes from exposing a deeper truth that might be somewhat dark. Pratchett was good at that.

  8. John Robertson says:

    I hear you.
    we may not be able to do much at the State Level or dampen the lust for power our fools and bandits bath in..
    But as individuals we can cause some interesting effect.
    We seem to be up against universal deceit.
    So words from our fearless leaders have come to mean nothing.
    Their actions,however,are obvious.

    The first step is to recognize evil and incompetence as one.
    There is no cure for stupid.

    Mockery works.
    For these people obsessed with controlling everyone and everything are brittle.
    Repeatedly they declare themselves supreme ruler and always some comedians will play along.

    I have noticed that those who demand that they must rule ,get bogged down in the minutia of control.
    Worst thing you can do to any Dear Leader,is to play along and insist they inform you how you may comply.
    Dumb insolence drives them violently insane.

    For me,these Mandates to take The Government Goo,has crossed a line.
    We know how this ended in the 1930s.
    We have seen it played out repeatedly.

    So my short term solution?
    Document your local idiots.
    For the big Evil Greedy Bastards are seldom in reach,but they can do nothing without their local minions.
    This Dread Covid Theatre.
    Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.
    The Ozone Hysteria..
    All have been great .
    For exposing the most gullible amongst us.

    The last two years have been especially beneficial ,in that our enemies have self exposed most loudly and proudly.
    The destruction wrought by their hysterical terror has exceeded that of any a real plague or famine.

    We have seen,that the actions of these self styled helpers,are poison.
    These are fools,with delusions of Adequacy .
    Unfit to hold any position involving authority over any other human.
    They declared “Emergency”.
    Then they showed us how they perform during a “crisis”.
    The result?
    We now see them as both the emergency and the crisis.

    This is the local solution.

    For the evidence indicates that Covid is a plague of the cities.
    As a Mennonite Woman put it,when asked why they did not catch Covid?
    “We do not watch TV”.

    So we need to let the Progressive Enclaves enjoy their fear and self loathing.while containing the spread of madness.
    Rural areas have ignored the “Blessed government help” same as they always do.

    So as far as countering this sweeping madness and spreading malaise of State Control,we must look inward first.
    For fear is the tool of choice.
    If you cannot be stampeded.
    You win.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    So many good comments. I need to ponder them a bit more over the 2nd Cup Of Java of the day…

  10. cdquarles says:

    Two things here. 1. Human nature is evil, particularly if not countered. 2. We are all biased. Mature people recognize both traits and if properly raised, try to avoid the first and stay humble from the second; given that we all have limitations, from our intellects onward.

  11. gailcombs says:

    “1) Why? Just lust for power? Driven by ideology? Money?”

    How about raving mad psychopaths?

    Barbara Marx Hubbard

    ….Her name was placed in nomination for the vice-presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket in 1984…

    Hubbard’s views on human population, specifically depopulation, are morally repulsive to many, but are widely held in academia as the solution to climate change, global poverty, etc. She succinctly explains the philosophy of those that want to enslave and destroy certain human populations.

    “One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.” ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

    “This act is as horrible as killing a cancer cell. It must be done for the sake of the future of the whole. So be it: be prepared for the selection process which is now beginning. We, the elders, have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity. It is like watching a cancer grow; something must be done before the whole body is destroyed… The destructive one fourth must be eliminated from the social body.” ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

    The New World Order – Doing God’s Work by Killing the Bad Seed (More about this woman)

  12. patrick healy says:

    Well Mr Smith, a great list and we really do need to believe in miracles.
    You omitted perhaps the second most influential person – after Soros – ‘my’ pope Francis.
    But then Soros admitted some time age that Francis was ‘his’ Pope so that says it all.
    I would venture that a sizable proportion of us Catholics would agree that never in modern history has there been one as far from the true shepherd of Christ than pope Francis.
    Then there is Henry 8’s ‘Pope’ – this arch bishop of Canterbury – what can one say.
    So get praying.

  13. jim2 says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

  14. Terry Jackson says:

    A look at who is on Team Xi, and names some names.

  15. Paul, Somerset says:

    Here we go …

    “Pension managers to get £7bn Covid boost as life expectancy is cut by nine months
    The average Briton is expected to live nine months less as a result of the pandemic, according to analysts”


  16. E.M.Smith says:

    Odysee has this auto-play feature that’s interesting to me in that it presents “out there” stuff I’d never go looking for or know about otherwise. In this case, a Hard Libertarian group of young folks running a “live radio” like show. On Odysee they have the old shows recorded. I ran into this one:


    It gives me hope to watch folks with an eclectic mix of “hippy look” and “red hair dye” and “Tee Shirt & Jeans”… dissing The Big Bad Government. There’s hope for the future of “revolution of freedom”.

    Some minor stuff randomly copied without full understanding from their banner:
    shiresociety.com – (Seems to be a movement to set up a Libertarian community in New Hampshire?)

    Where they “broadcast”:
    chat.lrn.fm instructions
    Free Talk Live @ odysee
    Streaming at DLive.LRN.FM – 720p 7-10 PM ET Mon-Sun
    Twitch.LRN.FM – 480p

    Just an interesting change of pace. Looks like there’s just some percentage of the population that has an innate tendency to the Libertarian Ideals.

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    Congratulations! You have won the “MUST be worth reading!” award via the WordPress “Spam” filter flagging your comment here:

    From what I’ve been able to tell, when a Normal Person posting goes there, it is because someone got their panties in a bunch over the person, or the people or topics referenced in the comment, and marked it as SPAM for Political Reasons. That usually indicates something that was hitting home a bit hard ;-)

  18. E.M.Smith says:

    @Terry Jackson:

    That “Thirty Tyrants” article is a gem. I had an intuitive grasp of some (most?) of the Chinese Influence operations, but it “names names” and puts dollar signs on their “take”… then wraps up the ideological angles in a very clear way. Good find.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    @Patrick Healy:

    Perhaps that’s because I’m only tangentially interested in him. (i.e. “My Bad”)

    The Spouse is Catholic, my Dad was born Catholic (but stopped attending when the Church refused to baptize his first born due to his Spouse not converting from Church Of England…), and my Mom (said Spouse) eventually became a Catholic after Dad died so was buried a Catholic.
    But I’m not.

    Mum raised me a Southern Baptist for my very early years. (It was the closest we could walk to and she did not drive at that time). Later, about 4 years old, we moved, and tried out Lutheran, Methodist, and one or two others nearby. (About a year each). Eventually she got a licence and we would drive to a First Southern Baptist when I was about 7 or 8 (different from the other Baptists in some way that escapes me…) about 2 miles away. That’s where I was baptized (full dunk and all…) at about 12. Mum really wanted to attend an equivalent of Church Of England, but until I was about 15 or 16, there was no Episcopalian Church in town. Once they arrived, I finished my years there (and my older sister dated the ministers Son for a while…), so about 2 or 3 years of that before going off to college.

    Yes, eclectic. I’d also visited services at the local Presbyterian, Mormon, Catholic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and a few other churches over the years; and that “variety” of exposure (as opposed to dogmatic indoctrination in “one only”) has left me with an interest in a variety of religions and attending various services “just to find out”. ( I especially enjoyed the several Buddhist services I’ve gone to, and found Jewish Temple comforting – despite the “burnt offering” aroma making me hungry ;-)

    The point?

    The Pope is “just a guy in a funny hat issuing orders” in my world view. Spouse (and many other Catholics) have been happy to ignore Papal Orders when inconvenient. (See the rise of contraceptive use in the ’70s to ’80s…) So, yeah, he’s “on side” with China and the Oligarchs (after all, can’t upset the Chinese or they will lean on the Catholics in China…); but I don’t see a whole lot of folks really hanging on all his words. Popes come and go, and things don’t change much.

    But yeah, you are right, I left him out and likely he does have a lot of influence in much of the Church, especially outside the USA.

  20. philjourdan says:

    @Patrick Healy:

    I would venture that a sizable proportion of us Catholics would agree that never in modern history has there been one as far from the true shepherd of Christ than pope Francis.

    I agree. I guess it is appropriate that this pope is paired with Biden as the worst in history Just as Pope John Paul II and Reagan were paired as the greatest. This world has a constant war between good and evil. Most of us hope that good will prevail, but the war is never ending. The current occupants of the respective offices reflect the evil.

    I lost all respect for Pope Francis when he came to this country and said nothing about the selling of baby parts. NOTHING. He is a disgrace as is Resident Biden.

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    “Yes, but…”

    Some of us are far less evil than others. Generally your observation is true. I’d just point out that some of us are “naturally nice”… and generally got beat up a lot along the path of life until we learned to just “suck it up” and be artificially evil in return to abuse. My “be the mirror” philosophy.

    Yes, I used a magnifying glass to burn ants when I was a kid. But I’d been told ants were a plague / pestilence and ought to be got rid of. Later stopped when I thought about it on my own… So not so sure I was “evil” for that, as that I just didn’t have think time on it yet.

    So I’ve had a little bit of “done bad stuff”, but mostly from errors and not from desires. I’ve also observed that the bulk of humanity is “not like me”. Only about 5-10% of males, and I’d guess about 20-40% of females (or they hide it better).

    But as a “bulk property”, yeah, on average humanity tends to the Predator set of morals. Not those of the herd grazer prey. (It seems that in the process of becoming a predator, species lose their empathy as empathy for the prey leads to hunger… and humans as omnivores are transitioned away from our vegetarian ancestors toward predator…)

  22. erl happ says:

    at: E.M.Smith says: 30 December 2021 at 4:09 pm
    Yes, pertinent. If you were a Cardinal, you would get my vote for Pope.

    Yes the Thirty Tyrants is perceptive and integrative.

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    There’s a lot of jobs I’d not want, and Pope is one of them. (Mostly due to that whole Celibacy thing… but I like the funny hat and robes… Do the Episcopalians have a “Pope”?…) If elected, I’d likely “suck it up” and do the job, though. My Martyr Complex ;-) IFF there’s nobody who can do some job better than me, then I figure it’s DIY time.

    Come to think of it, I’ve essentially stopped being captive to any “formal religion” (as of about 18 years old) and instead went for “Roll My Own” or DIY… I guess in some way that makes me Pope Of Me ;-)

    Pope is really just Chief Bishop or Head Apostle in the modern age. That’s why we have at least three of them right now. (Ethiopian, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic). I used to wonder why they said ROMAN Catholic; then I learned about the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church… Catholic meaning, roughly, universal…

    One of the bits about Christianity that fascinates me. How the “funny names” churches give themselves lay out their “source of authority” and who they think is “in charge of beliefs”.

    Going, basically, backwards in time…

    Evangelicals believe that “anyone can evangelize” so YOU are the source of authority for your beliefs and what YOU choose to evangelize. (This, then, fractures out into a variety of sub-types with Pentacostals looking for a conversion episode and Pietism seeking the Pious and Puritanism seeking the Pure as sources of authority. Oh, and the Quakers (or Society Of Friends) looking for the light of God in everyone)

    Presbyterians think the Presbyter is an OK source of authority. Presbyter meaning “elder” or “senior”, so a Senior Priest.

    Episcopalians think any Bishop will do. You Catholics have yours, we have ours… This the Bishop of England being rather important to the Church Of England.

    Then the Catholics (both east and west) think Their One Bishop is THE GUY so only his authority matters to the “universal” Christianity…

    There’s other related bits. The “Solo Scriptura” folks say only The Bible matters. Read it and be done. Luther (and yes, the Lutherans say he is their source of authority) was the main hot button on this linage. Methodists have their method. Churches with “Apostolic” in the name point back to a founding by some Apostle or other. So it goes.

    FWIW, I tend toward the Solo Scriptura POV. I can read it just fine, thank you very much. OTOH, it does help to have guidance about how some of the words changed over time and over translations.

    Oh Well. Is what it is.


    I say this every so often in the hope of saving others a few years of their lives: At one time I wondered just how good translations really were. Spent a couple of years “down the rabbit hole” looking into the history of the Bible and earliest sources. Struggled through just enough Latin to translate some of the Vulgate myself (and more importantly, Q.A. check, to some extent, blocks that I could not directly translate). Got to where I could check the basics of some of the Greek Septuagint translations. Not the big chunks, but “spot checks” long hand. Read translators notes in my Parallel Bible. Bottom Line is that things are extraordinarily well translated for 99.9% of it all and the folks doing it can do a much better job than I can ever do.

    ALMOST all the differences are trivial. Largely things like Greek having Singular, Dual, and Plural while English lacks the Dual. So the Greek says “They(dual so two of them) Arrived” and that gets translated variously as “They arrived” or “the two arrived” or “they, both of them, arrived” or similar. The other biggie is what to do with the tetragrammaton. YHWH. Some folks take the position that the name of God must not be spoken, so put in God or Lord or similar. The Jehovah’s Witnesses say “put in the name where it is in the original” so have Jehovah instead. Is that really a big difference? There are very very few “errors”. Only one that’s worth mentioning that I ran into is that the Peshita (original in Aramaic) makes a point that “camel” and “rope” differ by a tiny dot and in theirs it says: It is easier to pass a ROPE through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

    Even there, I think the sense of it is the same even though the image is different. (FWIW I think the Peshita is the most accurate…)

    So as long as you stay away from the Very Modern Free Translations and stick with things like American Standard or King James or the Catholic approved, or similar, it’s pretty much good. No need to go down that Rabbit Hole.

    Major difference there is The Apocrypha. I’ve read it in a few versions. It doesn’t add much. Yeah, nice history. Different version of Danial And The Lion, but not much of importance to life.

    Oh, and I’ve also got the Gnostic Bible and a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Unless you really really want to become a Biblical Scholar, just don’t bother… Yes, there are nits to harvest; but not many and not very tasty… Better to put more time into just trying to be a better person.

  24. jim2 says:

    COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,261 studies
    Analysis of 30 COVID-19 early treatments, database of 345 other potential treatments. 68 countries have approved early treatments.


  25. jim2 says:

    Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies. 137 studies, 89 peer reviewed, 72 with results comparing treatment and control groups


  26. Annie says:



  27. watersider says:

    Oh Mr Smith you are a one!
    You truly are a polyglot (among other attributes!)
    I am sorry that I rattled your cage so that all your religious baubles fell out.
    All I intended was to add our sorry Marxist Argentinian Pontiff to the list of those who would return us to cave living.
    My religious belief is based on an itinerant preacher who was born of a virgin, died and was buried, miraculously rose from the dead and told Saint Peter our first Pope, on this rock I will found my Church. I do not find any reason to doubt Jesus, and oscillate around the thousands of disillusioned sects which bear tangential allegiance to the One True Faith.
    Btw the Eye of the Needle I believed referred to a rock formation which was shaped like a modern day lock, through which a fully loaded camel could not pass due to its load being top heavy.
    But then I am one of those unfortunates who actually believe in the scientific principle.
    Have a Happy Hogmanay

  28. AC Osborn says:

    Another factor to add, read this post about denial of treatment being part of the Vaccine Trial “control” and illegal under most international laws.


  29. p.g.sharrow says:

    @AC Osborn; I shared your link around. This needs to be spread far and wide. The more that see it, the more will spread it. It is time to break the back of those that perpetrated this crime…pg

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