IF AGW is exposed as a “Jump the Shark” graft; what was the prior sub rosa?

This is perhaps the shortest post I’ll ever do. It simply asks a question.

While pondering, that I do rather too much, it occurred to me that AGW (Human Caused Warming) might not be the first nor even the most important manipulated and totally fake “issue” that sucked buckets of money out of Joe and Jane Public and might have been preceded by many other similar frauds.

The most obvious is the whole Ozone Hole “crisis” from which Dow Chemical (among others) made a bucket of money. An unproven (and computer fictional) failure of ozone based on a product with a patent about to expire.

So what other “issues” might be of the same ilk?

I’d suggest starting with anything that has a UN signature on it. Perhaps digging in to any other convenient and profitable correlations. UN Connections are likely a good avenue of exploration. Similarly any “odd” tendency for money to flow just about patent time…

So experss yourselves. What do YOU think might have been entirely “for effect” prior to AGW? Put on your sleuth or even your paranoid hat and speculate. Where else are the rats hiding? Hmmmm?

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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33 Responses to IF AGW is exposed as a “Jump the Shark” graft; what was the prior sub rosa?

  1. as the precursor for the phony global warming, In the 70’s was: ”because of the CO2 dimming effect – by year 2000, will be an ice age” They were the first carbon molesters: here are the real proofs: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/genesis-of-the-warmist-cult/

  2. omanuel says:

    You are on the right track. Outright lies disguised as “Standard Models” & “consensus science” were inserted in textbooks of astronomy, nuclear and solar physics and cosmology soon after the United Nations was formed in Oct 1945 – about the same time George Orwell moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura to start writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

    FEAR of nuclear annihilation in Aug-Sept 1945 apparently convinced world leaders to:

    1. Unite the Nations in Oct 1945

    2. Pay scientists public funds to hide the energy that destroyed Hiroshima

    3. Falsify textbooks of nuclear and solar physics and cosmology

    4. Scare the public with exaggerated claims about radiation dangers

    See: Galen Winson’s video:


  3. adrianvance says:

    There have been many such hoaxes for money. AGW is just the most recent and it has cost us a trillion Dollars in outright costs, lost production, wasted money on bad technology, destruction of science education, new taxes, graft and corruption. And, it is not over by any means. It will die fighting. The demonization of DDT, CFCs, “Man in Space,” the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan were all for money for flag-waving “defense” contractors. Dick Cheney was never off the Halliburton payroll the whole time he was VP. They were caught overbilling $116 million and paid a fine of $16 million, keeping the difference. Corruption is the real problem. It gave us 1929 and 2008 for openers. There is much, much more….

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  4. Don Matias says:

    Remember Germany’s “Waldsterben”? “Bodensterben” (death of the fertile topsoil) did not catch on but more recently “Feinstaub” (airborne dust) did → cars with diesel engines VERBOTEN in many German towns and cities. Acid rain, too much ozone in the countryside’s air. But people stubbornly insist on getting older and older – and no social engineering prevents them from doing so. It’s a shame.

  5. omanuel says:

    The entire course of world history was changed, and mankind enslaved by:

    1. A promise and a warning in the last paragraph of Aston’s 1922 Nobel Lecture

    2. Unreported CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in Aug-Sept 1945

    3. Formation of the United Nations in Oct 1945 to save the world by hiding nuclear energy from the public

    See: Aston’s Promise & Warning (12 Dec 1922); CHAOS & FEAR (Aug 1945)

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

  6. automatthew says:

    My “gifted and talented” classes in the ’80s tried to make us cry about acid rain.

    Earlier, they assigned me a project on the sinking of the Lusitania.

  7. Sandy McClintock says:

    Yes, Adrianvance, I too think the adverse effects of DDT were blown out of proportion. DDT has been quietly reintroduced because of its benefits in controlling insects that spread Malaria.
    Y2K: I was assured by the Y2K team that tractors would fail to start because their engine computers were not Y2K compliant!!
    Tamiflu: Are any readers experts on the efficacy of Tamiflu? My sources say, unofficially, its about as useful as two Paracetamol tablets. By coincidence, Paracetamol is reputed to have no more impact than ‘placebo effects’ !! In other words, those governments around the world which have spent big-time stockpiling Tamiflu, could have saved their money.

  8. omanuel says:

    Others are realizing that truth and freedom are closely connected:

    1. “The truth will set you free”


    2. “How Today’s Top Scientists are gambling away scientific credibility”


    3. “Modern science is corrupted


  9. power grab says:

    I have to submit the cholesterol myth. Ancel Keys’ work during WWII involved finding out what happened to the human body during starvation. His 7 countries study used only cherry-picked countries to put forth the idea that consuming cholesterol was the cause of heart disease. That project was undoubtedly hand-in-glove with the PTB behind the creation of the UN. Now we have a huge medical-industrial complex that successfully dupes people into taking cholesterol-loweringdrugs, supposedly to prevent death from heart attacks. In reality, people with low cholesterol are more likely to die earlier from things like cancer, suicide, or violent death. AIDS patients naturally have the low levels of cholesterol that the latest standards recommend. You know how healthy those people are, right?

  10. Another Ian says:


    Ever read “Desertification: Exploding the Myth” by D.S.G. Thomas and N.J. Middleton (1994). Wiley?


    We started this book with a prologue (page xiii) proposing four parts to the desertification myth. In the preceding pages we have attempted to break down and analyse desertification into terms of how it has been commonly presented, how it has been turned into a global problem and how science and social science researchers and commentators have attempted to disentangle fact from fiction. We now return to the myth and summarise the evidence that leads us to confirm its four main parts.

    1. According to United Nations data, desertification affects one third of the world land area. It is a voracious process which rapidly degrades productive land, especially in drylands

    The bases for such data are at best inaccurate and at worst centred on nothing better than guesswork. Estimates ot the global extent of desertification that may have been derived for guidance or as rough indicators became facts, almost carved in tablets of stone. These data have been widely used to publicise desertification and create a sell-perpetuating institutional myth. Problems of estimating the extent of soil-degradation over large areas or regions and problems of separating natural variations in environmental conditions from those due to human actions make even the most guarded calculations nothing more than estimates. The advancing desert concept may have been useful as a publicity tool but it is not one that represents the real nature of desertification processes. ii is however the myth that has commonly entered public and political imaginations.

    2. Drylands are fragile ecosystems that are highly susceptible to degradation and desertification

    Ecological studies are indicating that dryland ecosystems commonly experience dramatic changes in character and biomass in response to natural climatic fluctuations These changes are often reversible as the ecosystems appear to be well adapted to cope with and respond to disturbance, demonstrating good recovery characteristics. Vegetation changes alone caused by human actions do not in themselves necessarily constitute degradation and may well be easily confused with natural changes. These changes are relatively easily identified compared with changes in soil systems and have commonly been treated as desertification. Changes in dryland soil svstems can be harder to identify and are certainly harder to monitor, especially over large areas and using current satellite-based systems

    3 Desertification is a, if not the, primary cause of human suffering and misery in drylands

    Distinguishing the social outcomes of desertification and drought may be difficult. Drought and desertification together may have provided .convenient explanations for general social maladies that may be due to politicaI mismanagement and disadvantaging economic systems. People may cause desertification when traditional land-use systems are destroyed or pressurised, population pressure increases or developing nations have to participate in the world market economy.

    4. The United Nations is central to attempts to understand and solve the desertification problem

    The United Nations has played a major role in conceptualising desertification since 1977. It could be considered to have created desertification the institutional myth. It has been the source of publicity that has frequently had little reliable scientific foundation. The success of UN­-derived anti-desertification measures have yet to be reliably demonstrated and, in many eases, appear to have had little relevance to affected peoples Without the UN. desertification may not be as high on the environmental agenda as it is today.”

    Reads like “Desertification” was a UN prototype for CAGW.


  11. Graeme No.3 says:

    Scared to Death by Christopher BOOKER and Richard NORTH; from a UK perspective
    The Great Salmonella Scare
    the Hygiene police
    Listeria Hysteria
    Mad Cows and Madder Politicians
    The Belgium Dioxins Debacle
    The Y2K Bug
    The Modern Witch Craze
    Speed Kills
    Unleaded Petrol
    Passive Smoking
    The Great Asbestos Scam
    Global Warming
    and to add to the score OrganoPhosphates are safe – non scare.

  12. One scare I’d add is the number of species going extinct each day or year. http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/biodiversity/biodiversity/ for a sample (search on species extinction rate). About half the known species are beetles of one sort or another, and most of the rest are insects. If there are 1E+8 species, and we are losing dozens per day, then maybe there would be a problem in a few thousand years, but we also don’t know how many new species are being produced each day.

    It’s maybe sad to think that the Giant Panda would go extinct, but they really aren’t secure in their niche anyway. They only eat food that is of such a low nutritional value that they need to spend all their waking time eating, and the female is only fertile for a very short time each year (and even then the males have difficulty impregnating them). In evolutionary terms they’ve gone down a very narrow path where any change in conditions will terminate their viability.

    Yep we should be careful to avoid bringing in foreign species into an environment where they haven’t got the necessary predators to keep them in check – such introductions can change the environment adversely (for us) from what it was. Rabbits in Australia are an example here. After a while, though, things will settle to a new stability. Leave it alone and it will stabilise, but if we try to keep changing things then stability won’t be achieved.

    If a biological niche changes too much then the species that has evolved to fill it will go extinct, but a new species will appear to occupy the changed niche. This has been happening for billions of years, and will no doubt continue as the world changes. Trying to stop this process has about as much chance as King Canute (or Cnut or Knut in modern spellings) had of controlling the tides.

  13. Peter Azlac says:

    The prime example involving the UN, USA Government and its paymasters the US Chemical companies is the banning of DDT following equally false claims by Rachael Carosn about it toxicity in nature as AGW. The result over 40 million deaths of mainly children in underdeveloped countries and buckets of money for the US companies (hence politicians) that made th more toxic replacements:

    Organophosphate and carbamate insecticides, e.g. malathion and bendiocarb, respectively, are more expensive than DDT per kilogram and are applied at roughly the same dosage. Pyrethroids such as deltamethrin are also more expensive than DDT, but are applied more sparingly (0.02–0.3 g/m2 vs 1–2 g/m2), so the net cost per house is about the same over 6 months.[30]

    Organphosphates are less toxic! – I worked on an Agricultural Research Station in Africa in the 1960’s where this toxic product was sprayed from the air and saw flocks of birds (quellas) drop dead out of the sky when they flew through the spray and they banned DDT because it ostensibly reduced the viability of bird eggs This act of genocide by the Green Industrial complex must rank alongside those of Genghis Kahn, Hitler and Stalin.

    Carbamates, malathion are also less than environmentally friendly but are apparently OK to spray where children live in the Third World.

    Another one is methyl isocyanide that caused the Bhopal disaster that Union Carbide was able to walk away from with minimal compensation to the people concerned.

  14. M Simon says:

    You might like to read “Smoke and Mirrors” by Baum. The Drug crisis was wholly manufactured and used to gut the 4th Amendment. Every time there was a political crisis reflecting badly on the administration they screamed DRUGS as a distraction. It used to work.

    We will not be getting the 4th Amendment back any time soon though. And that of course means a police state to varying degrees. If you travel on the roads police can now search you and your car for any reason – even an imagined one.

    Since anonymous “tips” are now allowed police can make them up as necessary to get a warrant. Just as you get notional agents in intel, notional tipsters are now common in police work. How common we don’t know because tipster identity is secret.

  15. omanuel says:

    Sacred Truths versus Human Pride, Arrogance and Selfishness
    False Science versus Human Freedom

    Thanks to all who nominated candidates as the best “scientific” tool for enslaving humanity. Regretfully, my own chemistry profession contributed generously to the Orwellian control of society, and the engineering application of false chemistry to human life (medicine) and food (agriculture).

    Another perhaps more basic “scientific” tool used to enslave humanity is misrepresentation of the energy that powers the cosmos – creating, destroying and sustaining atoms, lives and worlds: Einstein’s 1905 discovery that E = mc^2

    The German theoretical nuclear physicist, the late Dr. Carl von Weizsacker, deserves a great deal of credit for obscuring the veracity of Aston’s 1922 report that his “nuclear packing fraction” correctly identified nuclear energy by replacing it with von Weizsacker’s deceptive concept of “nuclear binding energy.”

    Carl von Weizsacker’s concept of “nuclear binding energy”
    _ a.) Exaggerated the force of proton repulsion
    _ b.) Minimized the force of neutron repulsion
    _ c.) Was higher for radioactive atoms (H-3, C-14) than stable decay products (He-3, N-14)
    _ d.) Became even less accurate after the nuclear structure changed at ~150 amu (atomic mass units) to make NEUTRON REPULSION the dominant nuclear force in the neutron-rich cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies with mass greater than 150 amu.

    Kuroda’s autobiography explains the importance this misunderstanding of nuclear energy and its importance in deciding the winner of WWII: “My Early Days at the Imperial University of Tokyo” See Kuroda’s description of Aston’s 13 June 1936 lecture and response from audience, pp. 5-8


  16. Ian W says:

    The Acid Rain scare is the one that will not die.
    The reason that the UK is closing coal fired power generation stations is not because of ‘carbon emissions’ but because of the Large Combustion Plant Directive which is to prevent ‘Acid Rain’
    What does the LCPD do?

    The LCPD aims to reduce acidification, ground level ozone and particles throughout Europe by controlling emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dust (particulate matter (PM)) from large combustion plants (LCPs) in power stations, petroleum refineries, steelworks and other industrial processes running on solid, liquid or gaseous fuel.

    So despite the Acid Rain hypothesis having been falsified the bureaucrats in the EU (and presumably the EPA) continue to enforce regulations to prevent the myth. The result being that UK is now only a hair from power cuts this winter.
    I fully expect that even if the AGW hypothesis is totally falsified that bureaucrats in the EU and the Etats Uni will continue enforcing all the regulations to reduce CO2 output.

  17. M Simon says:

    Peter Azlac says:
    17 December 2014 at 10:00 am

    Genocide of birds? That is nothing. It was found in 1974 that cannabinoids were effective against tumors. The research was shut down by the Ford administration. And the Reagan administration tried to make the research papers disappear.

    Recent research has confirmed the early work but human trials by researchers are very hard to do because according to the government cannabis has no accepted medical uses and is dangerous at the level of heroin. Nonsense on stilts. None the less we have anecdotes and some human research. Just to get you started “biochemist Dennis Hill cannabis” and “cannabis brain cancer”. Note: the body’s natural cannabinoids fight cancer if the endocannabinoid system is working well. Be sure to get your omega 3s to avoid joining the 586,000 a year who die of cancer in the US. Genocide enough for you?

    [Reply: While I’ve generally put M.J. and Cannabinoids on the list of blocked key words (since you have difficulty staying on topic on threads and I don’t need 100 M.J. advocacy comments on every thread) I’m going to let this one through since it is marginally on topic. But only barely. -E.M.Smith]

  18. A C Osborn says:

    Diet Fads.
    Fatty Food being harmful.
    Salt Being harmful.
    Sugar being Harmful.
    Those Researchers have never heard of “moderation”.
    Various BirdFlu epidemics.
    CJD epidemic
    Nuclear Generation scares, well done the French for ignoring them.

    Most are from the Food or Drugs Indurstries where big profits can be made very quickly.

  19. M Simon says:

    It is interesting Chief that the deaths from lack of DDT are important but the deaths from lack of that other substance so annoy you. Could it be who champions the prohibition and not the prohibition itself? I’m fairly non partisan in that respect. In any case thanks for letting it through.

  20. p.g.sharrow says:

    If you want to discover the origin of the Ecoloon meme you should begin with the time of Teddy Roosevelt and the creation of the Forest Service and Federal Park Service.
    Livestock caused Desertification was the grabber for this federal preservation push to lock up public lands from private ownership and development.
    When the Republic was founded the locking up of resources for the use of the King and his sponsored grantees was a prime point of the revolution. The new republic was forbidden the ownership of land except for The District of Columbia and military reservations.
    Public lands that were, at that time, the Western Lands was put into temporary federal control until they could be transferred to private ownership and for the creation of new states. The Homestead Act, Forest Claims Act, Grazing Lands Act, Mining Act, and others were passed to accomplish this requirement. While these still exist, Federal bureaucrats have refused to recognize new applications for one reason or another since the 1960s. This is why every president after T.R. have used presidential orders to transfer control of selected public lands to the Park Service or other agencies to get them out of the public lands category.
    Livestock caused Desertification was taught to me in the 1950s – 1960s in school, but was a known lie even at that time. pg.

  21. bruce says:

    I recently moved to AZ. and often wonder why there is no top soil. I considered the monsoons washing away everything, the wind blowing away desiccated soil, but always came away unsatisfied. I have been reading an early history of the state and according to reports at one time AZ had extensive topsoil, large fields of grassland and was seen as being able to support millions of cattle.
    I don’t know to what extent those stories are hype but the story is that as a result of the drought in the late 1870’s or 80’s cattle ground the pasture into dust. Then when the rains/ read torrential monsoons returned the top soil was seen sluffing off.
    Of course besides the grain of salt one has to remember the state is large and an observation here doesn’t mean much there. And an interpretation can be just as wrong as not.

  22. Verity Jones says:

    Right now I’m thinking statins and the whole cholesterol thing. Apologies if someone’s mentioned it above.

  23. Terry Jay says:

    My nominee would be the Food Pyramid. You can trace various portions back to the 20’s, so it is nearly 100 years old. The Food Police compounded it with the various food element scare stories. “If you eat (eggs, fill in your nominee) you will die!!!” The transition from recipes to packages correlates rather well with the advent of TV Dinners and packaged food along the lines of the Food Pyramid, and the increase in obesity and Type II Diabetes.

    Developing this thesis would run the risk of taking over the blog. Maybe just reference Gary Taubs, on Why We Get Fat.

  24. omanuel says:

    @Terry Jay: Food is a source of energy for life. Thus, the 1945 decision to

    1. Form the United Nations, and
    2. Forbid knowledge of the nuclear energy that destroyed Hiroshima

    Effectively removed the top of the energy pyramid.

    The decision implemented in 1946 – soon after the United Nations was established on 24 Oct 1945 – leaves peoples representatives of national governments unable to answer simple direct questions, like “Why Did Our Government Deceive Us?”

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

  25. p.g.sharrow says:

    @bruce; I too have heard those stories as I grew up in cattle country of the Great Basin. I was fortunate to converse with old cowmen as a youngster about the land conditions when they were young in the late 1800s. I also read actual observations of the conditions of the area made of that area 1840s and later.

    There were many areas where the soils were of high quality and covered with grasses. I have seen areas of Great Basin Wild Rye as high as the back of a horse and thick enough to cut for hay. The maintenance of these grasslands requires FIRE, every few years, to limit encroachment of brush and scrub trees. Desert brushes poison the surface soil to limit germination of competing plants and grasses. Long periods of brush cover results in degradation of the soil as the humus disappears. Brush and trees use up huge amounts of water and lower the local water table as well as dry up the springs. Brush and scrub trees speed wind and water erosion that grass cover prevents. Where I clear old brush nothing grows for the first year, not even weeds. After 10 years grass grows lush and the soil quality and depth is increasing nicely.

    During the homestead era the Sodbusters claimed up the good grass lands for farming and stopped the late summer wild fires as they threatened the grain crops and the fenced livestock as well as the farmstead.
    In the late 1970s I was a passenger on a flight to Washington DC and the Nevada State Representative was seated next to me. During our passage he remarked on how the livestock had ruined the range below us. When he was young there were few Juniper Trees and little brush on the range lands where now they were choking out the grass. So….. I pointed out his window at the large patches of grass amongst the vast area of brush and trees. Those were patches burned out by wild fires over the last 10 or so years. A burnout lasts about 20 years before brush reclaims it. Told him, to save the grass range land,
    “KILL Smoky the Bear!”
    He remarked that he could not do that. So I said, the grassland can not be saved, even with no livestock.
    Forest lands have the same problem. Old timers and the Indians set fire to the brush thickets in the early fall and let them burn out. The early range and forest was man managed for thousands of years. Heavy brush cover was little known until the mid 1900s. Those of the mid and late 1800s remarked about the park like forests and range covered with grass with little little brush and undergrowth. In the fall the smoke and smell of grassland fire was everywhere. pg

  26. Skeptic says:

    Pick a religion, any religion. Any one of them will be a fine example.

  27. Slightly off topic, but NASA released some data on CO2 concentrations. Compare the simulations at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1SgmFa0r04 and the real data at http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-30399073 and it looks like the forests of Africa and South America aren’t a CO2 sink but a source instead. The real data from the satellite is only 5 weeks worth from 1st October to 11th November, but it’s interesting the way the simulations don’t match the real data. Note the nice little bloom around Iceland, too.

    On topic, it’s interesting that Borax has been banned for being too poisonous and has been replaced by a Borax substitute that is far more poisonous. This has of course been discussed here before.

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    Model looks like “Evil Industrial North” destroying the melting arctic.
    Reality looks like tropical south and China burning and rotting their forests, wood litter, and farm slash…

  29. EM – yep, there’s also a nice red bloom round Indonesia, too. It also looks like the oceans are absorbing CO2 and not the trees (makes sense since the forest isn’t expanding). Possibly other strange high concentrations over the sea near Autralia may be a result of a cold water stream warming up and releasing some of its store. Getting real data rather than simulations, where presumably the measurements are an average over altitude (but I don’t know how they are measuring it) should lead to better understanding of what’s happening. It will be interesting to see the explanations from the AGW people – maybe it will be quietly ignored as going against The Story.

  30. p.g.sharrow says:

    Blessed be Carbon. The foundation of all life! May GOD shower blessings on those of The Church of Carbon. ;-) The old year ends today and tomorrow brings the start of the next. Seasons greetings and a wave offering to all. pg

  31. E.M.Smith says:


    You beat me to it! Here I was figuring out what to say other than “shortest day, solstice” and there it is…

  32. p.g.sharrow says:

    You are welcome Reverend Smith, ;-) pg

  33. M Simon says:

    Borax has been banned – we can save it for pB11 reactors.

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