Davos, “Leadership”, God Giving Snow Clue?

Every year the Moneyed Well Connected get together for a little gab fest and Globe Plunder Planning in Davos.

This is called the “World Economic Forum”
(since “exploiting the globe for fun and profit via collusion” is just too long…)


Key moments

Special Address by Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
1h ago
Davos in focus: Pictures from the Annual Meeting
2h ago
Narendra Modi: These are the 3 greatest threats to civilization
4h ago
An Insight, An Idea with Cate Blanchett
5h ago
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on India’s future
8h ago
9 things you probably didn’t know about Davos
8h ago
In Tech We Trust
9h ago
Meet the Co-Chairs
10h ago
Welcome to Day 1
11h ago

It makes ALL the financial news and ALL the big financial networks and papers send “correspondents” off to interview the High and Mighty. Kings and princes. Captains of Industry. Well moneyed sociopaths. They are all in attendance.

This year, for the first time since Pres. Clinton, the US President will attend. LOTS of pre-propaganda about how horrible this just MUST be is already being pushed in the Yellow Stream Journalism Media. (AKA Lame Stream Media AKA Main Stream Media). Chomping at the bit for their moment in the sun, or at least on the slopes, at the Davos Ski Resorts.

The other thing that makes this one interesting is that it’s been a bit snowy there this year:


I don’t usually quote the NYT, as they are typically highly biased left, rarely show up in the searches I do, and IIRC, have a “one or two for free then blocked” behaviour that makes it hard to quote. (Read an article or two, then find one to quote, come back to it and be blocked… moving on…) So for that reason I’m quoting this one heavily. Leaving out the pictures, though. Big nice pictures of the place with tons of snow.

Heads of State and C.E.O.s in Davos Beware: 6 Feet of Snow in 6 Days


(Picture caption follows. Image of hand driven snow blower tossing snow onto 20 foot pile, skipped. – E.M.Smith):
On the eve of the World Economic Forum, the Alpine town of Davos, Switzerland, is buried in snow. Credit Gian Ehrenzeller/European Pressphoto Agency

DAVOS, Switzerland — It may be tempting fate to try to gather 60 heads of state and hundreds of global business leaders in the dead of winter in a Swiss mountain valley. This year, the World Economic Forum’s luck seems to have run out.

Fat, damp snowflakes have been tumbling down for the past six days, burying the town in six feet of snow, three feet of it in the last two days alone. Snow was still falling fast on Monday night, and the steep, pine-dotted slopes were so heavily laden that some neighborhoods here in Davos had to be evacuated for fear of avalanches.

Head-high snow drifts quickly piled up along the roads, leaving no place for street plows to push more snow. Sidewalks completely disappeared. Pedestrians slipped and slid in traffic between huge trucks and luxury minivans on streets carpeted with compacted ice several inches thick.

(another picture skipped – people walking in front of cars with snow falling, huge piles on the sides, and a casino in the background. -E.M.Smith)

Davos is not alone in getting clobbered with snow in Switzerland this winter. Just two weeks ago, 13,000 tourists were stranded at the foot of the Matterhorn by heavy snow and rain. But the timing of the snowfall — on the eve of the World Economic Forum’s annual conference — has had an outsize impact.

By Sunday night, heavy snow had already blocked the rail line through the Alps from Zurich, and villages along the route were at the highest level of avalanche alert. Swiss Rail began unloading Davos-bound passengers from their express trains, taking them on a half-hour bus trip on back roads around the blockage and then loading them onto a crowded red commuter train that ran the rest of the way into Davos.

“What shall we do,” the mayor of Davos, Tarzisius Caviezel, said at a news conference on Monday, admitting he was at a loss for how to respond. “It’s impossible.”

(Picture of guard in snow gear with sniper scope rifle on snow covered roof, skipped. -E.M.Smith)

There was too much snow to find places to put in the narrow, steep-sloped valley, he explained, and no easy way to take it anywhere else. That throngs of uber-wealthy conference goers and their entourages were trying to push their way toward Davos did not help. A giant purple freight truck wound up in a snow bank on Monday morning across the street from the conference center, temporarily paralyzing the already slow-moving traffic.

“We can do nothing,” Mr. Caviezel said, except wait for better weather to arrive, perhaps some time on Tuesday, and gradually dig out.

The mayor had been expected to be joined at the news conference by Ulrich Spiesshofer, the chief executive of ABB, the Zurich-based multinational. ABB makes some of the world’s brawniest electrical power equipment for the world’s harshest and most remote locations. But Mr. Spiesshofer arrived late because his car was stuck in traffic.

(Photo of a hound dog looking for a place to pee in a mountain of snow with dog walker skipped. -E.M.Smith)

In perhaps the most harrowing indignity for the plutocrats who have made the World Economic Forum their favorite winter meeting ground, even the town’s helicopter pad was closed because of the snowstorm. By early afternoon, a quarter-mile trip in one of the ubiquitous black luxury minivans with plush leather seats that shuttle participants around the town took nearly an hour.

Linda P. Fried, the dean of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, allowed three hours at midday on Monday to travel from her hotel to the uncrowded registration center nearby and then a few blocks to the conference. But because of the gridlock, she was a half-hour late to give her speech. The topic had been the health risks that arise from climate change.

“I’ve been coming for eight years and this is the worst I’ve seen it,” she said. But she bristled when asked whether some — like perhaps President Trump — might question the incongruity of discussing global warming during a blizzard.

“It isn’t accurate, people just don’t understand, that’s not the metric,” she said.

Climate scientists have long warned that rising emissions of greenhouse gases by humanity may cause weather extremes, and not just heat waves. But it is hard to link any single weather event to climate change.

Still, there were some who liked the snow: avid skiers.

“I skied here as a kid,” said Anthony Couse, the chief executive for Asia at Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants, “and there definitely was not this much snow.”

So much Clue being bandied about, and so few heads recognizing it when they are whacked on the head with the Clue Stick. “Not this much snow” when a kid. “Health risks of climate change” when cold is most killing and we’ve got a big cold driven flu season underway, but it’s because it is too warm, don’t you know, and all the cold and snow is caused by being hot… As the Snow Clue Stick bashes her limo…

There is a “live feed” available for the proceedings at the link to the WEF above. It will also be well covered on CNBC and other financial channels.

It will be fun to see if all these, THE most mighty, most wealthy, and most well connected; can find a way to move snow. Maybe that bit of God’s Clue will sink in. They are powerless before the storm…

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33 Responses to Davos, “Leadership”, God Giving Snow Clue?

  1. omanuel says:

    God definitely has a warped sense of humor.

  2. Another Ian says:

    Maybe you just need a warped sense of humour to appreciate it.

    Like news that Australia has signed the new TPP

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    If they held these things on aircraft carriers a few hundred miles southwest of the Azores, snow would be a thing of the past.
    And their electric powered planes could land on decent runways.

    {There is a bit of snow in the Cascades tonight. Inches, not feet a pass levels.}

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    Another Ian mentions the TPP:
    Chiefio wrote a long post on this a year or so ago. If you missed it, go dig.

  5. Another Ian says:


    I did. IIRC Gail Combs had some contributions, one of which highlighted that there were 29 chapters, only 5 about trade and that would be handy right now if anyone can point me to it. TIA

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    Trump is evil – he has put a tariff onto Chinese (and other imported, if any) Solar PV panels to “protect American producers from dumping”. Obviously all the MSM must abuse him for his ignorance and unilateral breach of International trade rules – while somehow avoiding the 30% tariff put on by the EU last August and the 70% tariff by the Indian Government before his decision.

    Incidentally I switched to a post by the SMH (or Sydney Morning Herald), which has claims to be the oldest newspaper in Australia, and made the mistake of reading it. The article was about the need to rapidly “de-carbonise” Australia by, for example, setting up large solar PV stations to recharge electric powered trucks while the drivers slept. That was the “sane? bit”. The comments below left me in no doubt that Australia is doomed, and the green left will take over at the next national election (currently there are murmurings in the Left that their current Leader might take too long [3 months] to destroy the Australian economy and stronger action is necessary). The opinions expressed varied from lunatic to bizarre or beyond. I supposed similar lunacy prevails in your MSM in the USA and I suggest that if you are religeous that you pray for Trump.
    The only hope is that the readership continues to decline rapidly and that they are left without a rallying point. Unfortunately we have ‘our’ ABC (which some claim represents All Bloody Communists) and our SBS (which is worse but mostly in other languages, it is certainly ‘special’). Where can one go to live?

  7. jim2 says:

    What a blessing it would be if Merkel’s feet were permanently frozen to the ground.

  8. Gary says:

    God definitely has a warped sense of humor.
    We see it as humor when it’s really the still small voice of patient correction.

  9. A C Osborn says:

    Another Ian says: 24 January 2018 at 3:27 am
    “IIRC Gail Combs had some contributions”
    I wonder where Gail is at the moment, we don’t see much of her.
    I do hope she is OK.

    What we are seeing in Davos is of course “The Gore Effect” in action.

  10. cdquarles says:

    She’s fine. She mostly posts at the Conservative Tree House.

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    Trump going to Davos is really “special”. They would never invite someone like him to their little coffee klatch. It will be very hard for them to say “No” to the most important man in the world. ;-) Wonder how many will leave early to avoid being there for Trump’s closing speech?…pg

  12. John F. Hultquist says:

    Another Ian,

    Gail’s comment is the last here:
    Musings of 13 Dec 2015

  13. Another Ian says:


    Thanks. Not the one I had in mind but it will do for an opening salvo.

  14. gallopingcamel says:

    C Osborn says: 24 January 2018 at 1:35 pm
    “IIRC Gail Combs had some contributions”
    I wonder where Gail is at the moment, we don’t see much of her.
    I do hope she is OK.”

    Gail is better than OK……she is busier than usual but has found the time to meet with some of her fans at breakfast gatherings.

  15. gallopingcamel says:

    You have to love the way Trump has been received in Davos. The folk who were groveling to Obama are now trying to cozy up to Trump!

    The yellow stream media is baffled by the fact that Trump goes like a battleship under attack by a bunch of pygmies.

  16. jim2 says:

    The guy that started Davos criticized the press! Nice turnaround. Trump was treated like a rock star by business types there. The other government types probably weren’t so thrilled and Soros was downright hostile.

  17. tom0mason says:

    I see that Norman Page has finally got published @ http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0958305X16686488?journalCode=eaea .

    Called The coming cooling: Usefully accurate climate forecasting for policy makers

    This paper argues that the methods used by the establishment climate science community are not fit for purpose and that a new forecasting paradigm should be adopted. Earth’s climate is the result of resonances and beats between various quasi-cyclic processes of varying wavelengths. It is not possible to forecast the future, unless we have a good understanding of where the earth is in time in relation to the current phases of those different interacting natural quasi periodicities. Evidence is presented specifying the timing and amplitude of the natural 60 ± year and, more importantly, 1000 year periodicities (observed emergent behaviors) that are so obvious in the temperature record. Data related to the solar climate driver are discussed and the solar cycle 22 low in the neutron count (high solar activity) in 1991 is identified as a solar activity millennial peak and correlated with the millennial peak – inversion point – in the RSS temperature trend in about 2004. The cyclic trends are projected forward and predict a probable general temperature decline in the coming decades and centuries. Estimates of the timing and amplitude of the coming cooling are made. If the real climate outcomes follow a trend which approaches the near term forecasts of this working hypothesis, the divergence between the IPCC forecasts and those projected by this paper will be so large by 2021 as to make the current, supposedly actionable, level of confidence in the IPCC forecasts untenable.

    Maybe the full paper should be distributed to all government officials everywhere!

  18. tom0mason says:

    In reference to my above posting there is a review of the paper at http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/global-sst-data-confirms-cooling-is-on.html

  19. tom0mason says:

    Thanks for the correction — my bad.

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    He isn’t in trouble for selling munitions or inciting riots or something? So selling flamethrowers to bank robbers and terrorists doesn’t put you on somebodies lists? Sheesh… If I’d only known…

    (I once turned a 5 gallon propane tank into a dandy flame thrower by inverting it and lighting the liquid shooting out of the valve. Can’t do that now as they have safety cutoff valves… but gave a seriously entertaining flame! Applying the ignition by hand was an interesting challenge ;-)

  21. R.de Haan says:

    Very amusing., Try it with a camping gaz bottle. No safety valve.
    By the way, we play with gasoline cannisters and gas bottles for many years to demonstrate our security tech. We put completely filled propane bottles in diesel pool fires. We shoot the full cylinders with incendiary bullets and stand in front of burning oil barrels.. We always have the fire service stand by who wear heavy suits, goggles and fire resistant gloves which is very amusing if the demo takes place in summer in the desert surrounding Kuwait City but we play with fossil fuels and fire without any safety precautions. No safety glasses, no hand shoes just bare handed while we wear a business suit and tie. We also set fire to the fuel fillers of expensive cars (including Bentlies, Rolls Royces and Ferrari’s but also trucks, aircraft and motorcycles..All totally legal and under totally controlled circumstances. Over the past two years because we became fed up with air travel and living in freaking hotels, we have developed an indoor presentation with glass tubes and containers that are filled with propane, gasoline or both, just to show prospects how we control and mittigate any ignition process and prevent any fire or explosion in fuel storage tanks or pipelines. We do this in our office and it allows us to do presentations via Skype or live presentations attended by customers. Fire fighters and professionals in the oil business who experienced fires and explosions go banana’s when we perform our act. Some of them even run for the exit shouting that we are crazy,
    Love this part of the job.

    We perform those demo’s for many years now and we not even burned a single finger and never ruined a suit.

  22. R.de Haan says:

    Anti dote: Just nice to now.

  23. R.de Haan says:

    And this one from Willy Soon

  24. gallopingcamel says:

    C Osborn says: 24 January 2018 at 1:35 pm
    “IIRC Gail Combs had some contributions”
    I wonder where Gail is at the moment, we don’t see much of her.
    I do hope she is OK.”

    “Gail Combs” does amazing research and she is a prolific blogger yet very little comes up when I “Google” her name. My conclusion is that “Gail Combs” is being censored by Google and other organizations that serve the “Evil Bastards” who own the “Main Stream Media” to the detriment of “Free Speech” and the “American People”.

    I appeal to our fearless leader (Chiefio) to tell us how to bypass Google and thereby connect with Gail Combs and her pearls of wisdom. it is not enough to enjoy meeting her over coffee.

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, I just use Duckduckgo for my searches. Using it with “Gail Combs” unfortunately gives too much as a result (finds all sorts of folks with that name all over), so that quoted string plus some further filter would be needed.

    IIRC, she liked to use the work “Bankster” and a search with that added looks like it has found places she hangs out. So once confirmed, searching on her name plus those sites ought to be productive…

    It looks like long URLs were truncated in the below search and I’ve not fixed them up, so do the search yourself if you want to have working links.


    Results of duckduckgo.com search for ( “Gail Combs” Bankster ):

    Urging President Obama To Go Big | Real Science
    9 Responses to Urging President Obama To Go Big. … Gail Combs says: … As long as the sheeple believe the propaganda put out by the bankster owned media …
    [Search domain stevengoddard.wordpress.com] https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/urging-president-obama-to-go-big/

    Hansen Confirmed The MWP In 1981 | Real Science
    Gail Combs says: January 14, 2016 at … Three Trees for the Bankster**-kings under the crimson sky, … Hansen Confirmed The MWP In 1981. Yes, yes.
    [Search domain stevengoddard.wordpress.com] https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2016/01/14/hansen-confirmed-the-mwp-in-1981/

    A Single Shot Through The Right Temple | The Deplorable …
    45 Responses to A Single Shot Through The Right Temple. … Gail Combs says: March 12, … bankster families working hand in hand creating the FED to controle the …
    [Search domain realclimatescience.com] https://realclimatescience.com/2017/03/a-single-shot-through-the-right-t

    Donald Trump Sunday Talk – ABC “This Week”… | The Last Refuge
    187 Responses to Donald Trump Sunday Talk – ABC “This Week … Gail Combs says … The MSM was purchased by the bankster-military-industrial complex back in 1915 …
    [Search domain theconservativetreehouse.com] https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/03/27/donald-trump-sunday-talk-abc-t

    Donald Trump Rally Waterloo Iowa – Noon Live Stream Video …
    Candidate Donald Trump is holding three events in Iowa on Caucus day today. The first is at 11:00am CST, Noon EST in Waterloo Iowa. The second is at 1:30pm CST, 2 …
    [Search domain theconservativetreehouse.com] https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/02/01/donald-trump-rally-waterloo-io

    Proof Of Russian Election Hacking | The Deplorable Climate …
    Proof Of Russian Election Hacking. … Bankster Critics=Tinfoils. … Gail Combs says: March 21, 2017 at 12:01 pm.
    [Search domain realclimatescience.com] https://realclimatescience.com/2017/03/proof-of-foreign-election-hacking

    Hansen’s Death Trains – now with extra scary ‘coal fallout …
    109 thoughts on ” Hansen’s Death Trains – now with extra … Gail Combs says: July 18, 2012 … me while my buddy Bill the Bankster skims X% for …
    [Search domain wattsupwiththat.com] https://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/07/17/hansens-death-trains-now-with-

    WSJ: Even The EPA Admits Biofuels Are A Disaster » Pirate’s Cove
    If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all
    [Search domain http://www.thepiratescove.us] https://www.thepiratescove.us/2013/08/20/wsj-even-the-epa-admits-biofue

    Josh on the skeptic computer raid | Watts Up With That?
    64 thoughts on ” Josh on the skeptic computer raid … solution to the Eurozone debacle and our bankster-raddled “MF Global … Gail Combs says …
    [Search domain wattsupwiththat.com] https://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/12/15/josh-on-the-skeptic-computer-r

    Comments on: WSJ: Even The EPA Admits Biofuels Are A Disaster
    Hello non-personal non-real jayden. If you were to peruse the archives of this here blimey blargh, you’d find more of this fine writing. Teach, many people have …
    [Search domain http://www.thepiratescove.us] https://www.thepiratescove.us/2013/08/20/wsj-even-the-epa-admits-biofue

    THE QE/TROIKA/AUSTERITY THING: Don’t call it mad, call it out …
    THE QE/TROIKA/AUSTERITY THING: Don’t call … your life is a consequence of BANKSTER AND POLITICIANS … Gail Combs from http://www
    [Search domain hat4uk.wordpress.com] https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/the-qetroikaausterity-thing-do

    Probably searching on her name with “Trump” and “Global warming” would work too.

  26. jim2 says:

    Here’s something to try:

    “gail combs” site:http://joannenova.com.au

    substitute a web address for jo nova’s. On Jo’s site, there is a post from Combs Sep 17.

  27. jim2 says:

    And that was on Google Advanced Search.

  28. Seems like Moscow has had the heaviest snowfall in a day since 1957.
    Not a word of global warming from the BBC here….

  29. nickreality65 says:

    RGHE theory exists only to explain why the earth is 33 C warmer with an atmosphere than without. Not so. The average global temperature of 288 K is a massive WAG at the ”surface.” The w/o temperature of 255 K is a theoretical S-B ideal BB OLR calculation at the top of – the atmosphere. An obviously flawed RGHE faux-thermodynamic “theory” pretends to explain a mechanism behind this non-existent phenomenon, the difference between two made up atmospheric numbers.

    But with such great personal, professional and capital investment in this failed premise, like the man with only a hammer, assorted climate “experts” pontificate that every extreme, newsworthy weather or biospheric flora or fauna variation just must be due to “climate change.”

    The Earth’s albedo/atmosphere doesn’t keep the Earth warm, it keeps the Earth cool. As albedo increases, heating and temperature decrease. As albedo decreases, heating and temperature increase.

    Over 9,800 views of my five WriterBeat papers and zero rebuttals. There was one lecture on water vapor, but that kind of misses the CO2 point.

    Step right up, bring science, I did.

    Nick Schroeder, BSME, PE (LinkedIn)






  30. E.M.Smith says:


    https://www.iceagenow.info/ has a good list of all the cold and snow all over the place right now. Pretty much everywhere…


    Interesting point, that it’s all trying to reconcile 2 WAGs…

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