If “Hate” is Grounds For Deplatforming, WHY Are Antifa and Leftists Still “Up”?

Really a very simple question. Paypal, YouTube, Apple, Google, Twitter, etc. etc. have “de-platformed” Alex Jones InfoWars, and dozens of other Right Leaning sites and voices for “hate”.

Yet Antifa and a host of other Leftist sites openly attack (both verbally and physically) Trump and his supporters with some of the most extreme hate and verbal abuse; yet no deplatforming happens.

So my question is pretty simple: Can folks “on the right” bring a class action or RICO suit against those organizations for only applying their “hate” rules one way? All those folks burning MAGA hats and bragging about it on FaceBook, all those Antifa folks proudly showing their desire to “Punch a Nazi” (by which they mean punch anyone not a communist); yet their Facebook pages and YouTube accounts are not taken down. If “punch someone” is not “hate”, what is? Then there is Maxine Waters openly advocating accosting people in public and hounding them from public spaces. Were Maxine white and the folks being hounded from the restaurant black, would that not be a “hate crime”? Is NOT applying the “hate” metric to what Maxine did itself racist, hateful, bigoted, and unjust?

If “hate” is the new “root password” to social ostracism, then there’s a whole lot of miles to go on shutting down the hateful sites on the Left…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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19 Responses to If “Hate” is Grounds For Deplatforming, WHY Are Antifa and Leftists Still “Up”?

  1. H.R. says:

    RICO would have to start with a pro-MAGA federal prosecutor.

    I don’t think there is one available, or in existence, at the moment, but give it a couple of elections and we could get lucky. It would be the right thing to do.

  2. seabrznsun says:

    As we watch the current news cycle we have learned neither the left or the news is fair.

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    In their mind it is not hate just long over due righteous indignation that the world has not bowed down and supplicated itself to their obviously superior intellect. In their mind it is perfectly reasonable to want to lynch white people, especially if they are old men.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    See they are not hateful just calling out the masterminds of the universe who are responsible for all bad things which have happened in their life.

    What makes you think they are hateful?


  5. H.R. says:

    Whaddya want to bet she’s single, Larry?

  6. philjourdan says:

    Being non-PC and ignorant in newspeak makes me think they are hateful.

  7. Canadian Friend says:

    Because Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Amazon ( and a few others ) agree with the violent left.

  8. corsair red says:

    Neither Professor Fair’s webpage nor Wikipedia page mention a partner, not that I really needed to check. Her webpage includes this:
    She can cause trouble in multiple languages.

    Her rant from Larry Ledwick’s link certainly confirms this.

  9. H.R. says:

    @ corsair red: So…. single it is. I wonder if she even has a cat?

    Oh, silly me. Strong odds she would have a neutered tom.

  10. John Robertson says:

    Cause our progressive comrades,sincerely believe in rules for thee but none for me.
    Their stunted emotional growth leaves them incapable of understanding logic.
    Hence the impassioned demands from progressives in the highest offices in your land,demanding we dispense with rule of law,presumption of innocence and right to face your accuser.
    And evidence.
    Way past time we play by their rules,when engaging them.
    Every progressive is a blot on society,they are the rust attacking the girders of civilization.
    Hence their Progressive Self styling..
    They truly do not see themselves as hate filled miserable emotional wrecks.
    Their lack of a sense of humour is not a defect in their eyes.
    You and I need to be controlled,corrected and “reeducated”, cause our progressive comrades know we are guilty of wrong think.

    I guess they are right cause I seldom agree with anything they say..
    yet they are the most miserable people I know and most are mechanically incompetent to boot, which is why I find it hard to take their ravings seriously..”We ,the non tool using,anti gun ownership, parasitic component of human society, do declare that we shall rise up and smite most violently the tool using, majority gun owning, productive segment of society.”

    Makes them a little hard to take seriously,until you realize they do not see reality this way.
    And via elected offices they have seized many of the institutions of civil society.
    Which is why the courts and the cops are under attack from both sides.
    Their elected progressive bosses prevent enforcement of law. And the taxpayer begins to distrust the institutions.
    Which is why the violent street theatre of these anti fascist thugs is going to end very badly.
    Police and courts that refuse to perform their duties,quickly become identified as destroyers.

    I suspect Google and Facebook live in a bubble, it is not hate speech if they agree with the speaker.They “feel good” about their POV,have no concept that other points of view can be real.

  11. ossqss says:

    I agree John. We have the meek, those who are unable to socialize in the real world, in positions of control of major socializing applications. What could possibly go wrong when people who have lived in a digital world their whole lives makes decisions for the real world? Worse yet, those whom are a couple standard deviations from socially normal, for what ever deviation they choose, at the top of those food chains in these companies feeding/controlling these social media companies policies. Worse yet (for them), if they are successful, and basically destroy society into social chaos, things will fundamentally reset and they will recognize their error as the protections for their POV will be destroyed along with them. Just remember that pyramid of hierarchical scale needs. They left out ammo ;-)

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    I Think you are onto something. Those folks operate only from the Ego up, and are broken because of it; yet it lets them manipulate the masses and gives a kind of social structure power. Likely why they keep resorting to psychology and “social”-everything as their go-to tool-kit.


    Interesting sidebar point on that pyramid. It DOES presume you are already in an organized peaceful (law enforcement present) society… In the real world, under Physical, their ought to be:
    Fort, Heat, Guns, Bullets, Bandages, Body Armor…

    In many ways the SJW Nuts are just operating at the Self Actualization and Ego (with perhaps a touch of in-group Social) and have no clue about Security of Physical having never experienced a world without it. The rest of us start at Physical (including above additions…) and Security and only THEN look up the stack.

    What I find there, up stack, is a different set of importances.

    Oddly, I have near zero “need” for the “Social” layer. Very little what is called “social need strength”. As I am “a finished person” and “secure in myself”, I do not look to others for validation. “Being loved” is nice if it happens to happen. I don’t expect to be able to create it in others. I “am what i am”, love me or not. “Belonging, Inclusion” are things I do not ever expect. Something about being a few sigma away from the “norm” on a lot of scales. I will always be an outsider. (Even at Mensa where lots of folks are Progressives… or highly “social”.) Once you embrace rigorous logic over “what I want”, then all those who “want at you”, and you point out the error of their logic, will reject you. Lots of folks want you to endorse what they believe. At that point you either ‘get over’ the need for belonging and inclusion, or you must let go of reason. I chose not to let go of reason. The rest follows “logically”… (Yes, I was a little Spock growing up, even before there was a Spock…)

    Buddhism teaches us to let go of the Ego layer. I have no need for recognition or power. Mostly I just need to keep “power” from others away from messing up my life. Recognition can be pleasing if it comes on its own (in a guilty sort of “don’t let it go to your head” kind of way). Self-esteem comes from yourself, so nothing external matters to it. I know myself. Power? It is just a tool to do what is right. If charged with it, use it to the best possible ends. If not charged with it, enjoy freedom from that duty and task. Seek power? Why? Without a good and just ends to be accomplished, power is just a corrupting influence. I am but an egg.

    Self Actualization? Everyone always has that. You can CHOOSE to do things you wish done. Creativity is innate (though can be increased with practice) and can be done anywhere anytime by anyone. (I’ve spent many months of time daydreaming while some drone prattled on about something mandatory… “imposed by power above” does not stifle creativity nor self development. It can create resentment of fools with “power”.)

    Perhaps here we have that answer Serioso so persistently sought. What makes me, me, and different from his expectations. At a VERY young age I came to the above understandings. I accepted the UN-importance and in some cases UN-availability of things like Ego Strokes, Self Actualization through others, social “reward” systems as conditioning tools, etc. I realized I could be a “Finished Person” all as an Individual, and I realized the importance of different building blocks. A Tidy Mind. Fundamental Truths. Logic. Reason. Foundational Principles.

    He wants to manipulate or understand me (and others) via the top 3 levels.
    It doesn’t work.
    He’s puzzled.
    I work at the bottom 2 levels, then add levels of foundational principles, fundamental truths, understanding of the functions of the universe, reason, logic, all to build a Tidy Mind. One immutable to forces of “inclusion” or its bastard sibling “rejection” or “prestige” (which just means you are at risk of getting too “full of yourself”). Orthogonal to “power”.

    I suspect I need to make a new pyramid…

    But is there another truth in here too?

    Trump’s “Deplorables” are concerned with the bottom 3 levels (including that “inclusion” one as they have been rejected by the “Progressive Left” in abusive terms, so creating their own in-group is a reward in itself). Trump promised (and has been delivering) improvements in those 3 levels, along with increasing freedom from the “SJW Crap” and “Progressive Crap’ shoved at us by those folks stuck in the top 2 levels (and trying to kick us out of the 3rd). Said “Crap” being in many cases antithetical to our bottom 2 level concerns. (Like, oh, jobs going to Mexico and electricity prices “necessarily skyrocketing”…)

    Then all us “Skeptics” who value reason and logic (and unadulterated Science) over “power” and political ends are unswayed by the Global Warming Scam that works via lies, deception, and adulterated science driven by power… So TPTB “reject” us and we say “So?”… and that causes puzzlement in them.

    Not just people working at different levels of the pyramid; but people working in different pyramids.

  13. cdquarles says:

    So very true, our gracious host. That may be why we get along (as in a herd of cats ;p ) so well. I’d be very surprised if most of us are not +3 sd folk of one or more kinds.

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes I suspect you are right, and I have had similar experiences, I qualified for MENSA based on my military entrance test scores, and went to a few of the meetings and too many of the folks there were so busy dueling with each other in mental sword fights to prove their rank in the group it got very oppressive. I just wanted to have interesting conversations with folks who had a broad range of interests and the intellectual capacity to go deeper than Popular Mechanics magazine, not engage in mental fencing matches for points. I would much rather go to a quiet cafe with a good friend and have a quiet conversation on 30 different topics than try to do small talk with a bunch of people I don’t know at a party. Party situations like and quickly push me toward the door with an over whelming urge to go for a quiet walk in the park rather than try to fit in to conversations on topics I have zero interest in like the latest draft choices of some sports team or some such.

    EM’s fine wordpress blog has become that quiet cafe for me.

  15. Larry Ledwick says:

    On the other note, too many of the current generation have never ever seen hardship of any significant kind. They have never opened the cupboard and seen only a half a sleeve of crackers as the only thing in the cupboard. They have never been stranded beside the road 100 miles from a town large enough to have an auto parts store, with less than 10 dollars in their pocket and no credit cards, or been unemployed for months in spite of working hard to find a job. They have never found themselves in a situation where really bad things could happen and there was not a cop within 20 minutes response time.

    As a result, they take those bottom two layers of the needs triangle as guaranteed and don’t realize that what they advocate would pull those layers out from under them and everyone else in society..

  16. philjourdan says:

    They have never been stranded beside the road 100 miles from a town large enough to have an auto parts store, with less than 10 dollars in their pocket and no credit cards

    Nah! It was just 30 miles from town for me. :-)

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    Yes! The quiet cafe, the bar where you could actually talk to someone. Now flooded with Muzak or loud bands requiring you to shout your order and making it impossible to just talk.

    At Davis there was a bar for a year or two. Something like “Elegant Barn” or something with an E in it… Had a large open area with sofa / couches and easy chairs. Waitresses in evening gowns. They had a stage, with relatively mellow entertainment. I’d go there after work each Saturday. (Running radio to the ambulance and admissions clerk – you see a lot of stuff…) and I’d order an Irish Coffee or two and just mellow out. Then one day it went POOF! Replaced by something that packed 5 times a many people in, with loud over the top environment and faster rate of drink pouring…

    Oh Well… I do wish there was something like that now. The Pub where you could swap lies. The quiet coffee shop with intellectuals nattering.


    I’ve had a few… but when my generator on the VW went out on my way IN to the Grand Canyon as the sun was setting… there was some math to figure amps and hours… and we camped, saw the place, and drove back to Williams to buy parts during daylight a couple of days later ;-) Replaced the brushes as I could not afford a new generator and have enough money to get home…

  18. Larry Ledwick says:

    There used to be a bar in the west side of the Denver metro area that had an interesting setup, they had the main bar area which was typical – close packed tables busy in the evening and they also had a second room setup like a library with comfortable chairs, chess boards etc. where the more intellectual folks could hang out and chat without getting beer spilled down their back.

    It was popular with the local teachers.

  19. Soronel Haetir says:

    Any suit against these providers would be incredibly difficult, Section 230 immunity (a part of the old Communications Decency Act that was not struck down) gives electronic re-publishers basically blanket immunity regardless of their choice to moderate what people choose to publish or not or how they choose to moderate.

    S230 came about after old-style dial-up services (I believe a case against CompuServe was the major triggering event) were won based on the actions of volunteer moderators. S230 makes it so that only the original publisher (basically the author in these cases) can be liable.

    And honestly I fear the courts being used as political weapons far more than I fear private companies being so used.

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