Trust In Media Collapses – Again – Further

An interesting story. I tried to get the Rasmussen article directly, but they demand an “account” to read it. So here’s secondary references.

First up, a Dr. Steve Turley video that goes through it all. The statistics are startling. Basically, about 1/3 of the population, max, thinks the media is being honest and can sort of be trusted. The rest do not. Democrats, of course, make up most of the “believers”. But even there about 40% are saying it isn’t trustworthy.

Trump & GOP raised $13 Million since Pelosi decided Indictment By Rumor was a good idea.
Trump poll numbers are up.
Media trust rank plummets.

Rasmussen: “It is Game Over for U.S. Political Media voter influence”
54% of Americans don’t trust the MSM on political news
32% trust the media
61% of Republicans and 59% of Independents don’t trust media.
42% of Democrats trust the media.
43% of Democrats don’t trust the media

Rasmussen end of Sept: “Do you think the NYT is, generally speaking, reporting the news in an accurate and fair manner?”
30% yes
2/3 no.

Zogby poll:

3/4 of Americans think the media is dividing Americans along political, racial and gender lines. (That whole “Woke” thing… and gee, they are going broke…)

“Republicans were almost unanimous” and “slight majority of Democrats also believe the media were divisive and guilty of spreading hate and misunderstanding. 51%”

Media Insight Project in assoc. with A.P.:

“Only 6% of Americans have a lot of trust in media”… SIX. NOT a typo. You get 6% just from people who didn’t hear the question right…

“Nearly 95% of the population being skeptical at least in some degree”

So what happens when your Propaganda Operation is outed, folks are staying away in the millions and those that do see / read / hear it are thinking it’s lies and crap / spin? Then they look on CSPAN / YouTube / whatever and actually watch the barf fests of Nadler, Shiff, The Squad, Pelosi, etc. and just decide for themselves that this is NOT what they want.

IMHO, the Democratic party as currently constituted is toast. Way past “Jump The Shark” and off into Socialist / SJW Insanity Land. Most Americans are not.

Having decided to drive away the “middle of the bell curve” where most of us are found, embracing the 3 sigma end of the far left: that is a strategy for losing. Big Time. And they are taking down the media with them. Thousands have already gotten “lay off” letters (“redundancy” in UK terms) with many many more to come.

11 minutes 40 seconds:

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10 Responses to Trust In Media Collapses – Again – Further

  1. glenndc says:

    Hey Smith, don’t forget that half the population falls in the lower half of the intelligence spectrum, and 2/3 of those are mildly to severely retarded. this portion of the population neither knows nor understand what is going on. Don’t read, don’t know, don’t care. Part of the Marxist/Socialist/Progressive ethos is that they know this, and firmly believe that they have a moral obligation to vote the bottom half’s constitutionally allotted votes on their behalf, so they can “save” them.

    The modern construction that “poll taxes” and limiting the vote to property owners was racist misses the point. That requirement limited voting to people smart enough to “make it”, in the case of property ownership, and that had “skin in the game” in the case of limiting the vote to taxpayers, which included the poll tax.

    You could produce a 5 item verbal comprehension test and only include people that got at least 3/5 correct, and then examine beliefs and attitudes of “voters” but of course, the “bien pensants” would scream RACISTS!

  2. H.R. says:

    Polls are done to shape opinion, not measure opinion. I wonder how this one got loose?

  3. philjourdan says:

    A couple of points.

    43 versus 42 for Democrats??? That is the biggest number. I think the Mueller report is primarily responsible for that, After being lied to for 2+ years even the slowest among us learn. That leaves just the brain dead – which accounts for the 42.

    And the 2 numbers do not add up. 6% have a “lot” of trust, but 95% are skeptical? That is 101%.

    I will also note that Rasmussen is in name only, They booted Rasmussen several years ago, I no longer read or follow them.

  4. philjourdan says:

    half the population falls in the lower half of the intelligence spectrum, and 2/3 of those are mildly to severely retarded

    AH! That explains the 42%

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    The 101% is rounding error from saying the approximation of 95%. It was not stated AS 95% but as “about 95%”. I was hesitant to use the number, but it is what was said, so did. My presumption is that there’s a 5.large and a 94.small involved…

    The Rasmussen polls have been the more correct on Trump issues. Not fully correct, just better than the rest of the wrong polls…

    On another point:

    Just finished watching France24 The World This Week. Episode and write up here:

    It’s one of my “Hold your nose and watch” opposition research sources… It is ALWAYS hard left and I have a bit of fun playing “catch the echo chamber falsehoods given as facts”. I was not disappointed this week ;-)

    One of their “regulars” is Christopher Dick-ey editor of The Daily Beast, and they regularly say something like “in cooperation” or some such “with the Daily Beast”. Near as I can tell, it’s approaching Alt-Left in POV…

    It is a bit fun to watch them spinning up and ginning up each other, heads nodding in agreement on stuff that’s demonstrably false. One was Dick-ey doing a Shiff and channeling his inner Mafia Don to translate what Trump actually said into what only Shiff-face and Dick-ey can hear…

    Then they spend a good while deploring Boris and his “illegal” acts, poo-pooing Brexit, and claiming it will be the end of the UK in a storm of horrors if it leaves under WTO rules.

    It is clear to me that the Remainers are hard core Globalist camp, leftists, and aligned with the Never-Trumpers while the Brexit folks are also aligned with the Populists of many countries, including to some extent Trump. There seems to be a Globalist vs Populist / Nationalist soft-war breaking out all over Europe and the Americas (see the attacks on the Brazilian president and the fake news that the Amazon fires are worse than before as a smear on him.)

    They of course had praise for Gretta (with the lone woman on the panel saying that maybe the anger part was a bit too much – then everyone else saying it was necessary to goad people into action…). Every single one of them asserting in the strongest way that there was no doubt at all that The End Is Neigh! and we’re dooming the generation of The Children….

    I skipped the end portion that was all a praise fest for Jacques Chirac simply because I don’t care about eulogies of politicians. Any of them.

    While France24 does have some decent news, especially on things from a European perspective and inside France; it is way off the deep end some times, and always so in that program. Never an opposing view heard there. But it is a great way to see inside what The Other Side is thinking… even if the echos are so strong as cause a retch reaction from time to time…

    Then folks in The Media wonder why their audience shrinks…

    Personally, the only reason I watch some of these, and read some of the journals / papers on line, is just to see what crazy crap they are pushing now. So for that “about a million” CNN audience, I wonder if 1/2 a million are just tuning in to catalog the lies…

    In any case, I do recommend The World This Week as a quick and easy insight into what the latest Talking Points and Spin are from the Alt-Left.

    Oh, and an interesting note:

    It seems that “Shame” is the word du jour.

    Curious that Serioso would use it a few times in a day or so and then Dick-ey on that episode does a rant on how Trump and Boris and all their followers are “shameless” and how that’s shameful… Not catching on that they have been outed as their handbook says to “Name & Shame” and we’ve caught on, so no longer accept them as the Source Of Authority on what is shameful…

    So perk your ears up and start listening for when folks go on and on about the “shame” in the next few weeks. You can instantly peg the folks who are on the Talking Points Tour ;-)

  6. H.R. says:

    Apparently, I have no “shame.”

    I am a firm believer in, and supporter of the US Constitution. I have no rational reason to listen to St. Greta. I don’t care how many genders you think there are, all I want to know is if you have an innie or an outie and if you will then use the appropriate bathroom for your current equipment, with minimal inconvenience to others; take a whiz and move on.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about ‘Climate Change’. As near as I can determine, the only significant global ‘Climate Change’ events are Glacials or interglacials. Everything else is just weather, although weather can have significant local or regional effects.

    I cannot comprehend why I should have any shame whatsoever for wanting ‘Gubbmint’ to stay the HELL out of my face and keep their damn hands off’n my pocketbook.

    Shame is for suckers or someone who has been caught doing the nasty in a McDonalds.
    P.S. My favorite college team is WINNING! Screw the NFL. Is anyone still watching them?

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    What’s the NFL?


  8. philjourdan says:

    I noticed shame came into vogue (before you mentioned it).

    But like racist, I ignore it as that is merely their self description.

  9. Another Ian says:

    In places down here NFL = Not F’in’ Likely

  10. Power Grab says:

    @ HR re college team:

    Mine won, but I had to watch it on a Facebook Live stream from some fan’s home. There are so many sports channels these days, I have trouble keeping up with them. Apparently, the channel that was supposed to carry the game had technical difficulties, so 3 or 4 Facebook people streamed the game on the Facebook Live function from their home. None of them had the image from their TV sized to take up even half the available screen space, which was rather off-putting. But the chatter from other viewers was entertaining, with just bare minimum of cussing. At one point, the stream I was watching had 225 viewers, though it usually was just under 200.

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