Trump Approval UP, Media All ‘Splody

It would seem that Trump’s approval rating has gone up on the Impeach Screech Crap (despite the “polls” being pushed by the Dimocrats who poll only their friends and find approval for impeachment exists somewhere). Trump support is up ESPECIALLY in swing districts where Dems are set to lose big with this; the natives are very restless and LIKE Trump. Bad move Pelosi…

Of course the YSM (Yellow Stream Media) just can’t figure it out… (Hint: It’s called “losing” and “you look stupid” and “Maybe if you didn’t LIE all the time”)

Here’s a nice video that lays it out fairly nicely. Dr. Steve Turley for 9 minutes:

Here’s the article from The Hill 2 October, 2019 discussing the Harris Poll:

President Trump’s approval ticked up to 49 percent — its highest mark this year, according to a new Hill-HarrisX survey released on Wednesday.

The figure marks a 2-point increase from a Sept. 11-12 poll, but a 2-point decrease from its previous peak of 51 percent in August 2018.

Trump’s disapproval rating, meanwhile, dropped to 51 percent, which marks his lowest level so far this year.

The nationwide survey was conducted on Sept. 28 and 29, less than a week after House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump over concerns raised in a whistleblower’s complaint about the president’s communications with Ukraine.

Now figure that The Hill is no friend of The Donald, and that the polls have been about 10 points low on Trump just about forever…

I get the feeling that most folks are move peeved at the Dimocrats (Pelosi, Shiff, Nadler, Schumer, etc) than at Trump.

Oh, and by about 2 to 1 the US Voters want Biden investigate for corruption. They are not jumping to the conclusion that it was necessarily illegal just yet, but do think it is evidence of corruption of some sort.

So, with Uncle Bernie out with a heart attack (and do you really think folks will vote for him living another 4 to 8 years under the stresses of being POTUS?) and Biden on track for that Orange Dress Suit; that just leaves Professional Victim Liar Pocahontas / Mummy in the lead.

For anyone who’s not heard the latest, Pocahontas Warren is chanting about being fired for being pregnant from her first teaching job. She is also on film from a decade or two closer to the event stating she didn’t have a credential, was teaching on a provisional (i.e. temporary / emergency) credential then went back to college to finish her degree and decided it wasn’t really her field of interest. Well, I can tell you as a teaching family (me and spouse both have credentials) when they hire someone on a provisional, it is due to no fully credentialed being available. Furthermore, you are usually told “finish your credential requirements” to continue / get hired full time. So Ms. Warren is clearly lying flat out, AGAIN, about her “victim” status.

Do folks REALLY want a POTUS who makes up SJW Incitement Crap? Repeatedly? And gets caught on tape? AND seems pretty clueless about why this might matter?

Then we have the couple of dozen midgets who don’t move the Dim-O-Meter at all.

So there’s talk of dusting off Hillary, getting her dried out (Hide The GIN!) and maybe some new speed prescriptions to keep her lucid, and trying a retread / rerun. Like that’s gonna work… We chose a complete unknown asshole with zero track record over her (and her corruption) last time. Now we have a VERY successful POTUS with time in grade and a record of “WINNING!”. Run Hillary and it will be the worst blow-out loss for the Democrats in a LOOOONG time.

When the Nation is in the mood for Change and Truth and Honesty (even rude and crude Honesty) re-running a loser government hack with ethical issues is just not going to work.

Of course, the DNC can’t see that and has shit-canned any really interesting candidate. Pushing “his turn” Creepy Uncle Joe Biden and his Pay To Play Agenda…

As much as I like Trump and think he’s doing a good job for the Country; I really would like an honest choice for someone with integrity and clean hands from the Democrats. But “good luck with that”…

So POTUS is up in the polls, America is behind him, even the RHINOs are starting to realize that embracing the Dims is a sure path to the Vertical File Of History as a footnote in Wikipedia… Let the Legal Follies continue. Every turn of the crank at the House Committees is playing on YouTube and CSPAN for all to see (Dramamine is your friend…) as the Dims pour gas all over and light it on fire, then notice they are the only ones in the room and are soaked in it. Then the YSM shouts “FIRE! Republican Arson!!” and discovers that their “under a million” audience is 60% folks doing opposition research, 15% DNC & staff and 5% “family and friends”. (The other 20% is drunk in a bar or has earbuds in at the airport). Then they wonder why their “influence” isn’t working. (Hint: Caught in a lie, repeatedly, for over 2 years: Doesn’t build respect nor trust.)

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7 Responses to Trump Approval UP, Media All ‘Splody

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Another nice summary of why folks are supporting Trump and dissing the YSM:

  2. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Top 7 world issues:
    1. Climate hysteria,
    2. Trump derangement syndrome,
    3. Brexit,
    4. China vs Hong Kong & Tiawan,
    5. Turkey vs Kurds,
    6. Iran vs everybody, and
    7. I can’t seem to get contacts in my phone
    to download to the car’s Bluetooth.

    I think I need a drink!

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Bongino Ep. 1083 well worth watching.

    Seems when Shiff-face was saying he never talked to the Rumor Monger (yet tweeted what was in the “complaint”) he put a staffer on a plane to Ukraine… paid for by the Atlantic Council who were funded by Burisma where Hunter Biden had worked…

    Then more…

    The “connections” uncovered matter. Looks like The Atlantic Council is a center of corruption and the process is shakedowns of large corps (like Burisma) and selling “favors” from the US Govt. in return.

    Bongino also does a good job of laying out how pulling the Ambassador from testifying is setting up Pelosi and Shiff to “put up or shut up”…

  4. Kneel says:

    Looking from half a world away, it seems to me like Biden used political pressure from his office to protect and enrich his son, and was open about it. When Trump suggested to the Ukraine President that he (Trump) is not happy with that, and therefore implies that there is no longer any pressure to forget this corruption, so investigate away if you want, the Dems seem to think that means it is Trump who is corrupt.
    IMO, the Dems are so hard into their echo chamber, they don’t even notice that the independent voters are likely seeing what I am – that Trump’s “corruption” involved removing political impediments to a corruption investigation in another country. Hardly a reason to impeach Trump, I would have thought.
    But that is the Dims all over, from what I can see – “fly-over counties”, “deplorables” etc are symptoms of this same derangement that they (Dims) seem willfully blind to.
    I am expecting Trump to win in 2020, and with a larger margin (unless the long march is by then sufficient to allow “bottom up” corruption, as per Florida etc last time (2016).

  5. philjourdan says:

    When you lie, you have to remember your lie. Warren lies so much and she is getting senile. Her problem is that the truth is in the public record now even if the YSM will not print it (they found the documents from when she “quit” the teaching job).

    The sad part is, the nomination was hers. But while the YSM is not going to out her, the 2nd tier (Butt-a-judge, EL Paso Pete, Coney Island Cory and Kama Kameleion) will. They are not out of it yet (as the first real primary is still almost 4 months away).

    Bernie may not live to see that date, Biden will be too busy defending himself (when he remembers who he is), so that leaves tier 2. Take your pick from that motley crew.

  6. jokward says:

    Trey Gowdy.

    Yippee ki-yay mofo!

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