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Will This Never End?

Last time, in a fit of optimism, I’d titled this first section:

“Three Weeks To The End Of This Crap”

Little did I know…

Oh, wait, the next line was:

“And the start of new crap…”

Well, I feel all redeemed and everything.

The election happened. THEN they stopped counting, pulled out all the stops, and began an epic level of Vote Buggery. Resuming the counting, there were a few hundreds of thousands (to millions?) of freshly manufactured votes to shove into the count.

Some, it seems, were paper ballots sub-contracted to a Mafia cell (If I can find the link again, I’ll include a cite, later). Some were electronically created via software config. Some were just reassigned from Trump to Biden. So it went.

Now we’re up to our eyeballs in legal processes, and rumors of military raids on a server farm in Germany used to swap / steal the votes. (Variously attributed to the DNC, China, Soros, CIA, Deep State in General, etc.etc.) We’ve yet to see any decent evidence this is real; yet we have seen lawyers for Trump with a lot of “reputation cred” at risk stating that something big is up. So that’s a ‘watch this space’.

IF we are lucky, we MIGHT know who our POTUS will be and what, if anything, happened, by December 20th or so. Maybe.

Moving on…


Per a Jeff Taylor video, the EU is trying to claim dominion (Dominion? Where have I heard that name before…) over ALL of the Chunnel including the parts on UK dirt. This is seen as a bit of a deal breaker. Also, in some odd way, the EU thinks that the original treaty between 2 sovereign nations (UK and France) signed prior to entry into the EU, is nullified by washing the UK through an EU membership. How’s that work? Does that mean ALL prior treaties are Null & Void too? The implications of THAT are really great for folks looking to dump some prior agreements with the EU…

So, once again, we’ve got a theoretical “He’s Dead Jim!” on any EU “agreement” in about 6 weeks. Maybe. But we’ve been through soo…. many “This Time For Sure!” deadlines. Who knows when that nightmare might end.

As I said last time:

“For God’s Sake, man, just leave already. Take your sovereignty and leave.”

Lockdown Version 3.0

With the W.H.O. saying to forget lockdowns now, we have the Dimocrats stating that Biden wants a several months to a year Hard National Lockdown. SO, OK, just one more question… (best Columbo voice…)


I just need to know what the Dear Commissars of Silly Con Valley have deemed the “authoritative” and “correct or to the Gulag for you” answer that can be spoken in public. You know, like I can’t say the proper name of Erik the Half a bee Chiarly Mellow or the CIA will be pissed and social media nuts squeezed until I’m gone. Just want to know the rule I’m to follow. Willing to please and all that. Good little comrade me… So is it “lockdown is medically necessary” or is is “W.H.O. says no lockdown”? Inquiring minds want to know…

Until then, I think I’ll just not say the word “lockdown”. Maybe I’ll call it “house arrest” instead. Or “indefinite immobility instruction” (I.I.I. for short… or perhaps Ay yie yi…)

It’s time to just get back to life and move on.

In Conclusion

Last time I’d said:

The whole world is just collectively marking time until the USA election is over and a Chinese Wuhan Covid vaccine is approve. Until that happens, it’s just circling the drain.

Oddly, China is now acting all bold and aggressive again, having got Their Bought Biden elected POTUS they are ready to rumble with their neighbors knowing the USA is out of the game (or maybe even will enter on their side). The rest of the players are seeing an ever bigger circle of the drain forming.

We’ve got a vaccine (several of them. Chinese, UK has 2 I think, and 2 or three in the USA plus whatever the EU is up to.) But it’s being delayed by the Dems as they want to take credit for it. Can’t let a good thing happen on Trump’s Watch even if it is the last month or so. Hell, so what if you kill a few thousand extra “useless eaters”. Politics first, money second, people last if at all.

I strongly hope POTUS Trump has a big fat Ace up his sleeve on the corrupted voting front. If not, and Biden is installed as Puppet In Chief, the world will be a holy mess inside a year and a catastrophe in 4. Oath Keepers have already stated they will not recognize Biden as POTUS. I know he is entirely “Not my president” given the obvious and blatant voting fraud that was done (in some cases live on TV… as Trump totals DROPPED in some counts. Negative votes? Where was my negative vote bubble for Biden?) There’s a whole lot of Millions of Trump Voters who are not going to just roll over and have a “let’s just get along” moment. We went through 4 years of “Russia. Russia! RUSSIA!!!” so you will get, at a MINIMUM, 4 years of:
“China. China! CHINA!!! F-ing CHINA!!!

I now that it’s a Knight Fork problem. China wins if either: Biden is accepted as POTUS or the USA ends up in Civil War over Usurper Biden. I’m hoping for an alternate option.
“But hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith”

As I’m not in charge of anything, I can have no influence over any of events unfolding. It will all happen a continent away on the other coast from me, and as many layers of social hierarchy as you can possibly get from “me on the bottom”. So my having no strategy doesn’t really matter. But…

I’m an indicator. I’ve lost all faith in our election process. NOBODY in elected office will be seen, by me, as “legitimate” as long as the cloud remains. I’ve lost all faith in our government. NO Government agency has any moral authority now. They are all corrupt bodies doing evil. They will remain that way, to me, until faith in elections and our government processes can be restored AND the blatantly corrupt are removed. All that matters is “me and mine” and my friends. In a world where the Corrupt are Authority, Authority is despised. Folks act only for themselves. If that’s what you want: So be it.

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  1. cdquarles says:

    From a medical point of view, lockdowns make *no* sense this far into this. They make sense *very early*, but you can only guess at that. Was it December? Was it October? If October, it makes less sense than December; but after about March/April, the answer was quite clear that “lockdowns” didn’t do much. From a political power point of view … well, tyrants gonna take away your personal liberty as much as they can get away with.

  2. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I, for one, will do no further “lockdown”. Just done with it.

    OTOH, I don’t really do much that would violate any “lockdown” order. In theory I’m under one now. Still walk the dogs, BBQ, buy groceries, fill the car, visit parks, very occasionally hit a restaurant.

    What has changed is I do have a mask in each car. I’ll wear it if in public. More because it’s a good excuse to make facial recognition a failure than anything else. We tend to “fast food and eat in the car” instead of “Sit down inside”. But tended to that anyway, not liking crowds and noise much. “Fine Dining” is too expensive now anyway.

    Frankly, other than a “mask in pocket” and the odd lines to get into / check out of some stores, I completely forget that there’s some mystery “lockdown” order. Heard something on the news / spousal amplifier that Gov. Nuisance had given detailed and specific rules (some very daft, like ‘put mask back on between bites’ at restaurants…) for Thanksgiving and more. Frankly: I don’t know what they are, and I don’t care to find out. Apparently most other folks don’t care either. A short drive through Los Gatos (high end fru fru city on the hill in expensive land) had loads of folks at “road side tables” all talking and eating and zero masks in place.

    To Dear Leaders Proclamations: “Good luck with that.”

    I’m doing what I’m doing that that’s all. Mask in pocket. To face on approach to stores / camera locations. Wash hands when I get home. (that I did anyway). That’s what you get from me. Nothing more.

    FWIW, the other day on my “dogs around a few blocks” I realized I’d gone out without “mask in pocket”. Decided to just continue. The half dozen other folks I saw out on bikes and walking? All sans mask… Just sayin’…

  3. Another Ian says:

    A thought of the last few days

    Likely (IMO) that the bureaucracy of their one world government will have hit the upper limits of “the Peter Principle” well before they get to sorting out the boss of the whole show

  4. philjourdan says:

    YOu are correct. China is going to win either way. But then that is what they Paid Bite-me for. They got their money’s worth and then some.

  5. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Given the wacky ideas coming out of the UN & Davos et. al. I think they are already into the over performance Peter Principle area.

  6. pouncer says:

    One chooses the rationalization for the choice after making the choice for irrational reasons. I choose to visibly support protestors in Hong Kong who strive to keep English-style rights in English-style courts, but must protest in masks. In solidarity, I too wear a mask. Which incidentally keeps me out of certain arguments with certain other irrational people.

    With regard to elections, the media misunderstands the location of, and distance to, the goal posts. Trump doesn’t need to flip thousands of votes. Trump merely needs to get a few state legislatures OR the courts to agree the November election was untrustworthy. Then the selection process drops into the House of Representatives. The House has a majority of Dem members, but the presidential selection is done by state. This is a bit difficult for most of us, so suppose there were only three states involved: Two Dakotas and a California. So each Dakota normally sends in one representative and California sends 59 Dems and 3 GOP reps. The Dems have a huge majority. But when selecting for President, California has only ONE vote, which gives one vote to Biden and the two Dakotas — two different states — are constitutionally awarded two votes and give two votes to Trump. Oh yeah, the usual suspects will SCREAM at exercise of a constitutionally ordained process. But in my opinion, that’s exactly the way this year’s craziness should resolve.

  7. jim2 says:

    The Georgia legislature and governorship are in Republican control. Why don’t they change the voting rules before this Senate runoff? No voting machines and no mail-in ballots!!!

  8. jim2 says:

    @ https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/11/17/w-o-o-d-17-november-2020/#comment-135074

    Pouncer – YES! That’s exactly what I was thinking. Let the legislators send Trump electors to the EC.

  9. jim2 says:

    pouncer – that’s not EXACTLY what I was thinking, but either way might work.

  10. MarcusZ1967 says:

    Hopefully, someone wants Joe Biden.


  11. Compu Gator says:

    Chiefio‘s gardening or hot-pepper enthusiasts might want to consider seeking seedlings like some I saw this year, when next year’s veggie-growing season arrives: My local ACE Hardware, on its outside racks of garden seedlings, was selling a few oblong pots containing a pair of pepper plants. In the 1 pot that attracted my sudden attention, the pair was 2 different cultivars of hot pepper: an otherwise easily found Habanero, plus a “red ghost pepper“! The pair was in a pot probably marketed as “3 gallon” [#], and as of late October, the “red ghost pepper” plant was bushy and low (<< 2 ft. tall on the top rack), but it was already producing nearly full-sized deep-green ghost pepper fruits, perhaps more than 1/2 dozen.

    I was tempted to buy it, even at the $19.99 shown on a near-by price sign, and wait out the claimed red color before an obviously can’t-miss harvest. But I hadn’t done any veggie gardening thus far this year, and am not inclined to start so near overwintering season [♣]. Someone eventually preëmpted my indecision: The pot was gone as of last Friday.

    I assume that most Chiefio denizens who are avid gardeners understand that veggie plants such as the subject herein, which were likely forced by fertilizer mixes to flower then fruit quickly for sale, are inferior choices for one’s home, whether in ground or containers. That’s because fruit production from that marketing-&-sales practice robs energy from important over-all plant growth: Let the plant grow to its maximum size & shape [⇳] 1st, then flower & fruit 2nd.

    I’m fairly sure that the brand was “Bonnie“, whose plastic retail plant cultivar markers are green logo-&-text on bright yellow. Their plants might not be readily available outside the U.S. Southeast: Founding & current h.q. are in Union Springs (Bullock Co.), Alabama [🞈].
    See https://bonnieplants.com/product-category/vegetables/peppers/ (in alphabetical order), e.g.:
    🌶 https://bonnieplants.com/product/red-ghost-pepper/
    🌶 https://bonnieplants.com/product/carolina-reaper-pepper/
    The individual cultivar Web pages have a “FIND A RETAILER NEAR YOU” button.

    Note #: I consider the sizes of plastic pots containing plants for sale & transplanting to be overstated, e.g., the “1 gallon” pots, even without vent holes, would not hold as much liquid as the common plastic “1 gallon milk jug. It’s not like measurement of lumber, for which there’s loss of wood from the saw blades.

    Note ♣ : The unremedied hassles of container gardening at a “multifamily dwelling” complex are really getting to me, after the theft of a couple of important tools, and overall changes in the residents to ummm, substantially less neighborly. My long-time melanin-gifted neighbors have also commented on the unfavorable changes in overall resident neighborliness. It’s almost easier to buy the hot peppers that I’m willing to eat: Certainly jalapeños, serranos, and Habaneros are dependably & widely available. But what I’d really like to find are fresh Tabasco peppers; their approx.-substitute, the small cayenne-like “Thai peppers”,  are scarce at local greenish grocers because of a lack of reliable suppliers. Alas, Datil peppers, the only heirloom cultivar naturalized in Florida (St. Augustine), have been kept away from commercial sources (except for ready-to-use sauces), and need to be grown from seeds.

    Note ⇳ : “size & shape”.  That’s “form factor” to any computer marketeers out there. It’s yet to be exceeded as easily the worst widely-adopted pseudotechnical jargon of the last 40–50 years. But I digress.

    Note 🞈 : The eyebrow-raising name “Union Springs” was adopted antebellum. County seat of Bullock Co., which adjoins Montgomery Co. on the S.E. stretch of the E. border of the latter, in which the state capital of the same name is situated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Springs,_Alabama.

  12. YMMV says:

    “Some, it seems, were paper ballots sub-contracted to a Mafia cell”


    The innermost circles of the American mafia are abuzz. The Boss of the Philly mob — ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino — is taking a victory strut, hobnobbing around the highest echelons of old-time mafia folk, mostly in Florida, describing what may have been the heist of the century: the 2020 presidential election.

    The feat is drawing praise from far-flung corners of the Italian American business community, which sees the thanks of a grateful administration as key to the revival of the community’s political influence.

    But an associate says that Merlino might just be willing to flip on Joe Biden and the Pennsylvania political operatives who ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden. The source alleges that Merlino and a lean team of associates manufactured those ballots at a rate of $10 per ballot — a whopping $3 million for three days of work. They were then packaged into non-descript cardboard boxes and dropped off outside the Philadelphia Convention Center.

    Read the rest too. “He wants a clean record. He wants to fish and hunt on federal lands. He’d really like a job with the National Parks Service.”

  13. ossqss says:

    So, just to review, we wanted to flatten the curve, right?

    So, we did, right, and not overwhelm the system initially for health care.

    So, at no point did any “so called” expert say anything about the curve ending point # changing. We simply just extended the timeline of the inevitable as everyone on the planet will ultimately be exposed to the challenge at hand, as shown with the millions of super sensitive tests we are doing every day in the US with deactivated virus positives in mass.

    So, we now can have a vaccination for the common (coronavirus) cold too?

    Ya think?

    The agenda is operating at full speed>>>

  14. Terry Jackson says:

    American Thinker has an interesting article: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/trying_to_think_ahead.html
    /snip/ Obviously, our present ruling class rules on the basis of its superior education and evolution and its moral commitment to fighting racism, sexism, and homophobia.

    That is its “political formula.” Notice how this formula does not connect with the basic beliefs of the American people.

    On the other hand, Trump’s “political formula” is that the American people are the best people in the world, America is the best country in the world, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Which political formula do you think appeals best to ordinary Americans? /snip/

    Also, vote totals in the last 3 elections were at or under 129 million, and for this cycle have increased nearly 30 million.

  15. cdquarles says:

    Re: common cold vaccine, um, no. Common cold, the specific illness, is caused by rhinoviruses and rhinoviruses only. There are more than 100 strains of that and the disease, outside of immunocompromised folk, is just too mild. Common cold, the syndrome, is caused by a couple of dozen different virus families, of which there are many strains. Coronaviruses are but one of these. We may get a vaccine that’s pretty good against this SARS beta coronavirus, but I’d not expect it to be very effective against the others, for some folk. This vaccine may also induce antibody dependent enhancement (of their pathology) in these other strains (see dengue).

  16. President Elect H.R. says:

    @President Elect cdquarles – There is a cure for the common cold. I learned it long ago.

    You take a cold shower while fully clothed. Then you go outside in below freezing weather and run around until you turn nearly blue. Come back inside. Soon, your cold will turn into pneumonia. They can cure pneumonia. 😜

  17. jim2 says:

    YMMV – that is hilarious – wants to fish and hunt on Federal lands.

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    For year round scalding pleasure sans theft or weather issues:


  19. E.M.Smith says:

    A Who’s Who of characters in the vote machine biz including their convicted felon programmer…
    View at Medium.com

  20. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    The vaccine from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE [ from WSJ ]

    I think I come last on this list.

    The vaccine must be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius, equivalent to minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit, which prompted Pfizer to create a special container to keep the shots cold during distribution and set up its own supply chain to ferry them around the globe.

    The need for ultracold storage has also sent some health authorities and hospitals racing to find special freezers.

    In the U.S., health officials are completing the plans for rolling out the vaccines. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a group of external medical experts that advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will vote on who should get initial doses. Health experts expect they will go to doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients.

    A National Academy of Medicine panel recommended that next in line should be people whose health conditions put them at high risk of developing severe Covid-19, elderly people in nursing homes and people in prison. The panel said teachers and transportation workers should follow.

    Health authorities expect that the general public could get vaccinated in the spring or summer. (from the WSJ, 11/18)

  21. cdquarles says:

    @ the Hultquists,
    That’s exactly how this should go early on, in my opinion. Medics first and the very vulnerable second. Everyone else later and at their discretion.

    That Danish mask study has finally been published. It basically says little to no effect, whether harmful or beneficial. One limitation is that it uses p-values; which also don’t really give you information. See here: https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/M20-6817, if you are interested.

  22. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    As mask use effectiveness depends a whole lot on nature and quality of mask along with nature and quality of use habits, I’d expect there to be no One Answer To Rule Them All.

    I use my N95 mask with great care when I think there is real risk. Likely very effective especially when paired with my eye covers.

    I use an old bandanna from my hip pocket or a folded used surgical mask from the car when I don’t give a damn and am required. Essentially useless but legal compliant.

  23. Here in NC you can’t really tell there’s a lock-down. I still go to work (where we have to wear masks), go to the grocery store (where I have a couple beers with friends; one of our local chains has eight beers on tap for drinking and shopping) and occasionally dine out. Most people I see are wearing masks, though not all (~80%-90%). My wife (who is a liberal) is convinced that we’re going to catch covid and die any day, and is constantly asking me if I wear my mask and social distance; of course I say “yes dear”. She won’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. We’ve gone out together two times since all this started, and both times she was completely freaked out by people either not wearing masks or not social distancing (or both) and will only go out if absolutely necessary. I’m ready for this to end, and I’m afraid that if Biden is installed, it will only get worse, not better.

    Re: peppers – I grew habanero and red ghosts this year. I had a pretty good harvest, so I cut them open and put them on my smoker to dehydrate/smoke them. I then used a coffee mill to grind them up. I’ve got plenty of smoked hot pepper powder for seasoning my food :) I’m thinking about digging one of the habaneros up and bringing it in the house to see how it does over the winter, but I’d better do it tonight since it’s supposed to get below freezing. We’ll see…

    Re: vaccines – I read somewhere that a whistle blower claims that one of the vaccines caused infertility in ~95% of people who received it, but I can’t find what I would call a ‘reputable’ source to verify the claim (and even if it was true, the MSM wouldn’t report it).

  24. PubliusFlavius says:

    No Faith
    No Confidence
    No Consent
    To Fraudulent government.

  25. philjourdan says:

    @President-Elect Pinroot – I am President-Elect EM’s age, so I am not worried about infertility (I would be worried if it reversed my vasectomy).

    And yea, my wife is the same as yours. So we do not go out. We went out last month for our granddaughter’s birthday dinner and she freaked out when I would not put on a mask until I got INTO the restaurant. I told her that it was not a mandate OUTSIDE, and she was still freaking out.

  26. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @P.E. Pinroot:

    In an “emergency” you can make an ersatz “cloche” for a plant out of most any plastic or fabric cover. Not good enough for mondo below zero, but fine for a bit below frost level… Can buy you a few days…

    Per vaccines:

    Given that the virus is known to cause issues with male fertility “sometimes” via binding to the ACE receptor in the testes, there’s two risks here.

    1) Did they confuse prior issues from an undetected infection with that of the vaccine?

    2) Is the vaccine binding to the receptor and causing the issue / and / or creating antibodies that bind where the virus would bind and causing the issue? (I.e. there’s a pathway where it might be real).

    In any case, I’m not going to be “first up” for any mass testing on the public. After a year, maybe. I’m quite happy with loads of Vit-D, nice Zinc level, and my bottle of ivermectin. (Perhaps modulated with the occasional Gin & Tonic ;-)

    Per your Spouse:

    My condolences. My Spouse is well familiarized with the tech and reality. Her twin, however, is ‘hard left’ and is similarly afflicted as your spouse.

    I find it quite odd that a tech question (degree of transmission, risks) would divide along political lines; but suppose it comes down to “who do you trust” being different and The Left only listens to Left Propaganda News where The Right listens to all sides (though 60% / 40% biased to Right) then evaluates.

    FWIW I’m pondering another Chinese Wuhan Covid update posting, with current infection levels vs deaths levels. (or maybe not… it’s not thrilling…) As I’m in one of THE hottest of Hot Spots in the nation, I do need to pay attention to it. OTOH, my county had something like 300 cases in a day, so it isn’t like it is flooding the space. (And most of those cases are ‘detected but so what’, not OMG hospitalized. Do I really care if a 12 year old kid had snivels for a day?).

  27. @Phil – Well, I recently turned 65, so I’m not worried about infertility either, but it’s something younger people might be concerned about. Also it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with a spouse like mine, so I know what you’re going through.

    @EM – Thanks for the ‘cloche’ idea, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll do that, it should get me to the weekend (hopefully). Also, thanks for your condolences, lol. I appreciate that :)

  28. President Elect H.R. says:

    Mrs. H.R. does not buy into the effectiveness of masks, but puts one on to enter a store or restaurant. She takes her mom out to lunch once a week and – ’cause restaurants can get their ‘elf & safety’ licenses pulled – you wear a mask if you want to go in and be seated. No mask, no entry. Once you’re at the table it’s OK to doff the masks, according to local rules.

    She never wears a mask when leaving the restaurant because, what are they going to do, throw you out? 🤷‍♂️

    Or what… keep you in the restaurant without a mask until you put one on to leave? 🤷‍♂️

  29. YMMV says:

    President-Elect Pinroot: My wife (who is a liberal) is convinced that we’re going to catch covid and die any day, and is constantly asking me if I wear my mask and social distance; of course I say “yes dear”. She won’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. We’ve gone out together two times since all this started, and both times she was completely freaked out by people either not wearing masks or not social distancing (or both) and will only go out if absolutely necessary.

    Good example. This is how you weaponize FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). Like Climate Change (aka Global Warming), except this time it’s not so distant. XXX is happening! We have to act! NOW! Never mind your freedoms and rights! Or your morals, conscience, or ethics.

    We’ve seen it happen. Now for some imagined futuristic dystopia sci-fi screenplays.

    1. It’s an evil conspiracy! To get rid of extroverts! Introverts are tired of being ignored and have decided to take action!

    2. A secret evil gang of Chinese developed the virus for germ warfare, but it got loose before they developed the antidote that they were going to keep for themselves. Then they discovered that even so, their plan to take over the world worked anyway!

    3. Big-pharma, in co-hoots with Big-govt and Big-media, took advantage of the virus for their own purposes (money, world dominance, the usual suspects). Hype the fear factor, but don’t tell anyone how they can avoid getting the disease and don’t tell anyone that there are simple cheap cures. Keep them afraid and submissive until they can sell their snake oil for big bucks or they can sell their magic potion cure for big bucks. And get a Nobel Prize. And not only that, eliminate their enemies at the same time! win-win!

    4. Sequel to 3. The Covid disease was dying out. Big-pharma was getting worried, so they got together with the Chinese to send unordered seed packets to unsuspecting customers in the US. What kind of seeds? Doesn’t matter, Covid seeds! Sprouting the second wave!

    Hollywood, that digital count-down timer meme for the nuclear bombs was getting boring.

  30. YMMV says:


    Lot’s of very good points in this article. Here is a teaser:

    Alex: Wow. So basically the implication here is that…is nearly everything that we’re seeing a false positive test, even if it’s in hospital?

    Dr Craig: I would hold back from saying that, but I would say that cannot be excluded. The reality is that we have a problem with false positives, and the only way to clear that problem up is to start to carry out confirmatory testing and to sort out the labs.

  31. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    PCR, rather like the voting machines, has a control knob for relative sensitivity. Turn it down too far, you miss real cases. Turn it up high enough, you find massive virus from a dust mote of randomness…

    I find it interesting that The Evil Ones have a control knob on votes and a control knob on virus detection. Makes a fella go Hmmm….


    Nah. Don’t like the story. Besides, documentaries are boring…


  32. cdquarles says:

    In a way, it is worse. Very few state “heath” departments publish the sensitivity and specificity of the tests that are being done (lab employee error rate is another story). You can *not* properly evaluate what’s going on without *three* values. 1. that sensitivity, 2. that specificity, and 3. (the big one) true prevalence. What true prevalence is happens to be a guess at best. Again, the doctors are going to think “what’s common” first; and given the publicity, why that’d be COVID!!!!!! before anything else; never mind that the signs and symptoms of these illnesses are *NOT* specific. All the testing can do is somewhat sort this out. Since you can have more than one illness at a time, it gets complicated. With bacteria and fungi, that’s not as much of an issue. With viruses, who really knows. That said, most of the time it won’t matter much. In these times, it is crucial and the PTB do *NOT* want the truth out there. They have a “crisis” to not go to waste.

  33. DonM says:

    Pinroot & PhilJ,

    Please inform your wives that I, as a licensed Environment Engineer, have determined that the effectiveness of the mask(s) can be modeled as a time-linear function (as accepted from the CDQ link above).

    It is also true that wearing 2 masks is twice as effective as wearing just the single mask … four masks, four times so. When I see people like your wives wearing just a single mask, I just shake my head at their ignorance.

    AS example, by wearing 5 bundled masks while driving to the places I need to be, and not wearing any masks at the places I go to, I am just as protected as if I wore a single mask all day long.

    Government guidelines are usually considered the minimum needed to ‘get by’. Government “requirements” (wearing of the mask) is also by no means the most a person can do to protect themselves … it is just somewhere on the protection spectrum. Those that want to step it up, set an example, and follow through on their moral obligation to protect society can do more. Three overlapping masks and a full face shield (to protect the eyes) would be a good start for the wives. If they have any questions, feel free to have them contact me.

  34. President Elect H.R. says:

    Well, then. I guess I’ll wear 7 masks all day Sunday and then go maskless the rest of the week.

    I’m a rip-the-bandaid-off kind of guy so it makes sense to me.

  35. Another Ian says:

    Firefox – been having trouble at Jo Nova bringing up latest threads and comments.

    Was tipped to use “SHIFT + REFRESH” and it seems to work

  36. @YMMV Yes, they have certainly weaponized the FUD, especially this time around. As for the dystopian sci-fi, it’s already been imagined:


    This is something war-gamed by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, of four possible future scenarios. The first one, “Lock Step”, concerned a global pandemic, and if you read the first part of the link, it looks like they’re currently following that scenario.

    @DonM – LOL, I’ll let her know about that. I like @EM’s solution, just wear seven masks on Sunday :)

  37. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    You know, I suppose I could wear my Israeli Military Industrial Complex Strength GAS MASK (CBW rated no less… I think N too, but not sure…) for the grocery store run on Monday and then be “set” for all week! Might get some strange looks at the store though… I do look kind of like something from a 1950s Sci Fi invasion of the Planet Meme… ;-)

    I do like my Gas Mask. I bought it for the purpose of surviving the Zombie apocalypse ;-) But somehow this doesn’t seem to qualify…

    Maybe I could pretend it’s the Zombie Apocalypse… and get some cred with the Globalists in their desire to move the meme forward…

    BUT, the cartridges for it have a fixed use life for C in the CBW set (the reactants react away once the seal is removed) so I’d really want a resupply option…

    Kinda like this one, but without the drinking tube:

    So, can I wear it while I’m holding the dogs (their dander makes me sneeze and the mask blocks it…) and then be safe the rest of the day? I’m up for that! /snark;

  38. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @P.E. Pinroot:

    That was P.E. H.R.’s solution. Mine is to wear my gas mask while holding the dog…

    Or maybe just not feed them leftover chili beans… ;-)

  39. Just found what I want for Christmas:

  40. Well, that didn’t work like I thought.

  41. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I have a picture of a T w/ Hunter crack pipe… not what U wanted?

  42. Oh, not showing up when I look. So the problem is on my end… typical. Thanks EM.

  43. YMMV says:

    “Just found what I want for Christmas” — A White Christmas!

  44. gallopingcamel says:

    President-Elect Pinroot views make a lot of sense so I hope he will become a regular contributor here. He has captured the situation in North Carolina where Roy Cooper wants to be a tyrant like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer but lacks the cojones.

    Currently things are almost normal although many schools are still using “Remote Learning”

    There is a new color grading by counties:

    This appears to have zero effect where I live (Alamance County) but next door Guilford county (Greensboro) seems to be in trouble.

    The VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) Chapel Hill Local meets each week on Fridays at 0900 hours in in the Bob Evans restaurant (Durham county) at the junction of I-40 and 15-501. I hope that President-Elect Pinroot lives near enough to grace us with his presence soon.

    Attendance that the VRWC meetings used to be over 20 each week before COVID-19 hit. Now we are averaging about 12 each week. The amazing thing is that the octogenarians who should fear COVID-19 are showing up…………the absentees are mostly our younger members.

  45. Another Ian says:


    Reap what you sow! ”


  46. Another Ian says:

    “UPDATE: Treehouse 2.0 – Migrating Site After Deplatforming by WordPress/Automattic…”


  47. Steve C says:

    President-Elect Pinroot is dead right about ‘them’ cranking up the FUD. The media coverage in the UK is remarkably unsubtle; all you will ever see or hear is Covid Evil, Wear A Mask, Maintain Social Distancing, Praise The Vax, Do As You Are Told. There is never even a mention of any of the many good reasons for doubting the sincerity of the jackboot currently stamping down on your face.

    One of the most telling tests I’ve found for FUD infection is to see how people respond to the news that this year the normal death rate for ordinary ‘flu has fallen by 98%. The truly indoctrinated will respond “You see? – Wearing a mask and social distancing cures other things too!” When I then say, “Or have those 98% just been re-labelled ‘Covid’ to keep you scared?” some of them actually look shocked. It’s frightening to see how quickly this scared submission to authority has spread.

    If you believe that published opinion polls represent any kind of view on reality, it gets worse. If you think they are just another influence agent used against the public, it also gets worse. According to the Daily Mail a couple of days ago, 80% of people support “prosecutions for vaccine misinformation” – the word “misinformation”, of course meaning the display of any attitude other than “Gosh, can’t wait to get my Covid vax!”. Today the same paper tells us that 49% of the country supports forced vaccination – and it’s worse among “right wing” Conservative voters, 54% of whom apparently back this atrocity. Very FUDdled “thinking”.

    As for Brexit, well, they’ve been pretty quiet about that. I thought there was supposed to be another dramatic deadline on Oct 31st, but not a lot of news since to support that. They are, apparently, continuning “negotiations”, which should have finished 19 days ago. There is deafening silence about the future of our armed services, which Teresa May wanted to get, and may have, locked in to the upcoming European defence force whilst most of us don’t, and about the European “Justice” system and whether its “warrants” should be honoured by the UK. (They should be, but only if the Eurodrone who issues the warrant provides evidence satisfactory to British values of justice.)

    And the perennial shitstorm of other stuff, like our “top” lawyers who think that “hate speech” laws should be extended into the “privacy” of your own home. So what they want is that, when you invite a few friends round for a meal, every word anyone says must be carefully checked against the PC lexicon so as to be sure the police won’t be kicking your door down later and dragging you off to jail. In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is rooting for extending “hate speech” laws to cover the Bible. No other holy books, you understand, just the Bible, to stop those evil Christians from sinning against political correctness. To be fair, I suppose, both the Catholic and Anglican churches are so woke these days that their leaders would probably be all in favour of banning the Bible.

    I take a simpler view of “hate” legislation. Any country which has “hate” legislation is ipso facto unfit for human habitation.

    Strange too how all these alien cultures must by law be “respected” by us, while we are banned from enjoying ever-increasing areas of our own culture, which our traitor politicians insist on enriching with a limitless supply of those lovely people who made the Third World what it is today. If we don’t wake up soon – and there is no sign of it happening – we won’t have any culture left. Fine thanks for our dragging humanity out of feudal squalor and giving it everything it’s got today, not.

  48. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    For me, this morning, posting or editing comments has been remarkably slow at times. “Waiting for wordpress” in the status line (bottom left of Chromium browser window).

    I wonder if they are just having high load, or if the deplatforming of CTH has caused a sudden run of {whatever, scraping sites – I thought of doing a few…, DDS attacks,…}.

    Maybe just I don’t normally do much this time of the morning and it’s normal but not a frequent experience for me… East Coast Lunch Break and all…

    Anyone else notice any differences?

  49. Steve C says:

    I just left a comment on the climate cell model and all went OK, no slowdown.

  50. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Steve C:

    I’m still having (very sporadic) sloth. Sometimes in forming the encrypted tunnel in https, sometimes on encrypted gravitar. It looks to me like sporadically something is fooling with the encrypted bits.

    My SQUID server continues to have near zero load and no swap / low memory use. So it isn’t having issues with load at all.

    Had a similar issue with TallBloke’s site. So it’s either “me” or “wordpress” or a much more wide spread DDS of some sort / failure of encryption to form.

    Speaking of which:

    Looks like France is going to “go there” and show the world just how horrible the Paris Climate Obligations will be:


    You Go France! Show us how it will work!! We’ll all enjoy watching how you do it!

  51. YMMV says:

    “Looks like France is going to “go there””

    Here is the Conseil d’Etat press release about their ruling, in English: https://www.conseil-etat.fr/Media/actualites/documents/2020/11-novembre/com.-presse-cne-de-grande-synthe-gaz-a-effet-serre-traduction.pdf

    If the justifications so provided by the Government were not satisfactory, the Conseil d’Etat may then consider requiring to take further steps in order to achieve the target of 40 % by 2030.

    Good to know who’s in charge! But what can they do to force the government to cut emissions?
    This is a caution to other governments not to sign feel-good measures that cannot be implemented. Some little city will sue. (Hint to Boris).

  52. YMMV says:

    University of Wisconsin declares large rock to be racist.

  53. @gallopingcamel – I’ll try to be a little more active here, I come around often, but I don’t comment a lot. I’d like to check out the group, but it’s a little far for me (I’m in Forsyth county), plus I’m working at that hour. It would be nice to meet more like minded people and network a bit. Also, thanks for the wfmy link, I’ll definitely bookmark that.
    @Steve C – At work we have a TV in the breakroom, they usually run one of the local channels with their news. It is wall to wall covid coverage. They have found a way to make every story somehow covid related. In addition to the daily case count and hospitalizations, all the “human interest” stories have some type of covid tie in. Going on vacation? Here’s some covid precautions. Thinking about shopping? Here are some covid precautions. Stay tuned and see how covid impacted little Johnny’s birthday party. On and on. I’ve learned to just tune them out.

  54. Compu Gator says:

    Steve C replied 19 November 2020 at 12:13 pm GMT:
    In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon
    [“First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party since 2014”, per Wikipedia] is rooting for extendinghate speech” laws to cover the Bible.  No other holy books, you understand, just the Bible, […]

    Sure!  With the infiltration & subversion of British culture by Muslims that the E.U. suicidally mandates via open borders, I think it’s high time to protect Britain’s Christian heritage. Which in many ways, is the heritage of Christianized Celtic & Germanic, thus Anglosaxon, and (altho’ it pains me to concede it)  Frenchified Viking  Norman bodies of law. Huh?  Whazzat?  Oh, wait!

    Steve C replied 19 November 2020 at 12:13 pm GMT:
    […] to stop those evil Christians from sinning against political correctness. To be fair, I suppose, both the Catholic and Anglican churches are so woke these days that their leaders would probably be all in favour of banning the Bible.

    Well, let’s see:

    • “Pope Francis” Bergoglio is suspected by increasingly many traditional on-lookers of being a genuine Marxist, and a communist sympathizer if not fellow traveller.

    • “Pope Francis” has made public statements contrary to New Testament teachings. His deviations are not subtle, e.g., preaching that proselytizing for the Catholic Faith is a sin, which is unmistakably contrary to words directly from the mouth of Jesus, e.g., “go, and teach all nations”,  as plainly attested by the Evangelist Saints in the New Testament.

    • “Pope Francis” publicly preaches that disobedience or resistance not only to the E.U.’s sovereignity-destroying open-borders laws, but also to certain U.N.-or-E.U. radicalenvironmental treaties or other mandates are “sins“.

    • “Pope Francis” has shamelessly nearly abandoned his disciplinary duty to root out the unquestionably sinful pedophilia & ephebophilia among his clergy, while vigorously packing the Catholic hierarchy with unwarranted new appointments of leftist or Marxist bishops.

    • Jorge Bergoglio is increasingly being recognized as not at all the “Humble Pope Francis” of early laudatory reporting by the Western mainstream media. Instead, accumulating reports from Vatican insiders reveal him to be a quick-to-anger vengeful tyrant. But the low-information pew-sitting majority sees only a carefully contrived cult of personality, showing no resistance to the seriously unCatholic but tacitly encouraged belief that electing someone pope gives him sacred authority to change whatever aspects of Roman Catholic belief & practice he wishes. The combination is known as papolatry (i.e., papal idolatry), which is a grave departure from a proper papacy.

    I’ve concluded that “Pope Francis” considers much of the Bible to be an irritating nuisance that’s detrimental to his agenda, which draws heavily from the NWO agenda. It might not be too extreme to speculate that his goal is to become the founder & leader of a NWO religion.

  55. p.g.sharrow says:

    Back when I was a very young member of that cult, I was told to accept the words of the Pope because ” The Pope speaks for God”.
    Some how I never could accept that for an answer. The Pope speaks to the Church, I rather doubt that the Pope listens to God…pg

  56. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I tended to ask things that got me in trouble, but made sense… like…

    “Why does God need someone to speak for him? Can’t he talk?”


    “If the Bible is the word of God, why do I need some guy to interpret it for me?”
    “Why can’t I just read it?”

    And the related:

    “There’s a bunch of Churches with different leaders and even a few Popes. They all claim to be the one truth. What makes this one special?”

    Never got good answers. Guess I’ve been a skeptic and a solo scriptura sort for a while…

    Thanks to the spousal conversion, I attend Mass almost every week. Not keen on this Pope. The service is OK…

  57. philjourdan says:

    @DonM – Actually, I could not care less about the mask. The one I wear is a cloth one that my daughter made me, and is probably about as effective as a rubber with holes in it. I wear it because our racist governor has become a little hitler and is clueless about what actually works.

    I am like President Elect HR – rip the band aid off. Get it and get over it. All they are doing now is prolonging it for their own megalomaniac purposes.

  58. Another Ian says:

    Don’t know if you’ve heard of this club?


    Motto “Grow old disgracefully” so this story is in keeping with that:-

    “Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me, again, asking why I didn’t do something useful with my time.

    “Like, sitting around the pool, drinking wine isn’t a good thing?” I asked.

    Talking about my “doing something useful” seems to be her favorite topic of conversation.

    She is “only thinking of me,” she said, and suggested I go down to the Senior Centre and hang out with the fellas. So I did, and when I got home, decided to play a prank on her.

    I sent her an e-mail saying that I had joined the Senior Parachute Club. She replied,

    “Are you nuts? You’re 86-years-old and now you’re going to start jumping out of airplanes?”

    I told her that I even had a Membership Card and e-mailed a copy to her.

    Immediately, she telephoned me and yelled,

    “Good grief, Dad, where are your glasses?! This is a membership to a Prostitute Club, not a Parachute Club.”

    “Oh man, am I in trouble,” I said, “I’ve signed up for five jumps a week!”

    The line went dead.

    Life as a Senior Citizen isn’t getting any easier, but sometimes it can be fun.”

  59. Re: Religion – I’ve come to think of religion like this old parable:
    A group of blind men heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the town, but none of them were aware of its shape and form. Out of curiosity, they said: “We must inspect and know it by touch, of which we are capable”. So, they sought it out, and when they found it they groped about it. The first person, whose hand landed on the trunk, said, “This being is like a thick snake”. For another one whose hand reached its ear, it seemed like a kind of fan. As for another person, whose hand was upon its leg, said, the elephant is a pillar like a tree-trunk. The blind man who placed his hand upon its side said the elephant, “is a wall”. Another who felt its tail, described it as a rope. The last felt its tusk, stating the elephant is that which is hard, smooth and like a spear.
    Each religion gets some aspect of the whole thing, but they don’t see the big picture (they can’t, they’re blind). The bad thing is each one thinks THEY are right and all the others are wrong.

  60. Compu Gator says:

    A “clo-cheee’“, you say (🐸)?

    I  prefer the potential for precisely shaping offered by hardware cloth, whether manufactured along 1/4-in. or 1/2-in. grids. Beware that the sheared edges can produce nasty cuts. Sections of rolled retail lengths act like (metal) springs. When wrestling the stuff into your desired shapes, wear safety glasses and puncture resistant gloves. Donning a face-shield, as being made familiar by CoVId-19 and cops in Antifa/BLM riots, would not be too extreme as personal protection.

    For construction from possibly less troublesome chicken wire, see, e.g.:

    Here in Florida, the conventional & reasonable wisdom for defending against frost and minor freezes insists on covering the cloche with cloth, e.g., an old bedsheet, instead of transparent|translucent plastic, because of the risk of vegetation damage from solar heating as soon as temperatures rebound after sunrise. Or the old bedsheet can just be draped over reasonably positioned garden/patio chairs.

  61. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Compu Gator – Yeah, I made a coarse filter for a sump pump out of hardware cloth last year; no gloves. I can best be described as “scar tissue held together here and there by odd bits of skin.” 😜

  62. billinoz says:

    @Compu Gator, you missed something about about Papa Frankie : He believes that all humans have the right to migrate where ever they want and that humans in destination countries have an obligation to accept them. In fact he thinks it’s a sin for them to stop these migrants… Frankie is a Jesuit. And I always thought that Jesuits had some brains. But there are exceptions.

  63. Pouncer says:

    Pertinent to the issue of US Congressional House of Representatives voting by STATE rather than by district:


    The by-state majority is slimmer than I estimated. Still, 26 to 20 to 3 (tied) and one still in play, at present. EXTRAORDINARILY narrow margins. If the seat in play, in Iowa, goes Dem, then the number of states with ties between GOP and Dem delegates rises to 4. Even if all four of the tied states swing left, the HoR “by-state” majority is held by the GOP.

    Now, there remains the risk that some of the GOP states might get “squishy” and decide to vote for the “winner of the popular vote and electoral college”. Takes two, one to defect and one to egg him on with promises.

  64. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    FWIW, on the “slow” issue:

    it is only on selected sites. All lean conservative…

    I can watch videos nice and fast. Random connections don’t seem to have problems. But a few conservative sites have sporadic sloth or failure to connect (often related to formation of a secure connection).

    I suspect someone may be trying a directed attack on some conservative voices, but failing as the tech isn’t that sensitive to injected garbage. The “easy one” is an attempted (but failing) Man In The Middle attack. It would cause secure connections to fail / time out. IF you inject the MTM sporadically, then back out, (or get routed around) then what I’ve experienced would happen. Depending on where the MTM is inserted, some folks would experience it and others not.

    My best guess anyway.

    In any case, it isn’t very bothersome. Just a sporadic “hit reload” needed on the worst ones.

  65. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    IMHO every single House and Senate race this election needs to be audited and checked for the same kind of vote fraud. (And while I’d like to do the last few elections too, it is likely too late and information is gone.)

    Do we really think with “the fix in” that a thumb would not also be placed on some key Senate and House races? Not as heavily as for Biden (as the landslide for Trump forced them to “juice it up” at the last minute) but just enough…

    IF we can not adequately identify the real vote, then it is my belief that the only reasonable option is a straight “Do Over”. Paper ballots. NO election voting machines or computerized tabulators (i.e. nothing programable). Voter ID in person. Count done by matched Dem & Republican counters at each table. All counts by precinct with video streaming to the internet and final totals by precinct stated before the ‘roll up’.

    My opinion is that it was all to be done via the Vote-O-Matic settings of the Dominion / Smartmatic / whatever servers Diddle Feature. Evidence tends to indicate it had been used in subtle ways in prior elections to tip the winner; so they were confident it would work and not be detected. They set a fat margin over the polling results, but it wasn’t enough. Then, dead of night during the count, had to stop the counts and make a massive “old school” ballot manufacture and dump in the key States. That Ballot Dump was messy and left a lot of footprints in the digital sand…

    So now my question is just: How many prior races were chosen by Vote-O-Matic settings? How many “long time Members” were NOT the choice of the people? Did Maxine Waters really win her district against such a stellar campaign, or is she just on the “on-side and approved by the TLAs” list?

    IMHO this thing is a whole lot bigger than just Trump v. Biden. It will of necessity involve the whole swamp and who they have chosen to advance over decades. It will extend to all levels of the election in any place where Vote-O-Matic was available to the locals to Do The Diddle. (Between needing to test and prove it on a small scale first, and the need to grow your “Farm Team” by advancing “your folks” preferentially, I can’t see a case where it was NOT used for those smaller elections…). I’m reminded of Little Chucky Shumer saying the TLAs can get you “8 ways from Sunday”… I wonder if he is speaking from direct observation of folks who opposed them (and him?).

    But at least we now know why the Old Fossil Entrenched Brigade never seems to be voted out of office no matter how lousy a job they do.

  66. Steve C says:

    I think even considering that a lot of people were predicting all sorts of shenanigans before the show started, the scale of what is coming out is astonishing. Having seen fraud turning up a lot more often in the UK since Blair (another poisonous globalist, of course) gave us postal voting, and having never really understood why the US needed all that machinery at all, I have little faith in anything beyond people putting their cross, in secret, on paper, which is then kept secure for monitored counting. At least that way you should end up with something like the right result.

    Between the shedloads of dodgy voting forms magically appearing and the “special” Venezualan (and other) software, plus who knows what else, there really can’t be much doubt about the spectacular scale of what’s been going on. Yet I look at the front page of Breitbart, and there is “Obama – No evidence anything illegal, fraudulent took place in election” in the top spot. There is “We can always send Navy Seals to remove Trump from White House”, “Loser Mitt scolds Trump for fighting on – ‘Difficult to imagine worse, more undemocratic action'”. Wtf? I expect, say, the Independent over here to come up with stuff like “White House press secretary heckled to accept election result” (also current, but what’s happening when Breitbart joins in the chorus? Is everything falling into the Swamp?

  67. Steve C says:

    Incidentally, that comment was up and page reloaded in under three seconds. No complaints!

  68. Pouncer says:

    The whole voting process at present ignores a lot of the original ideas going into the process — even before we get to internet era shenanigans.

    “Citizens” once encompassed the idea of a literate, productive, tax-paying, property-owning, church-going, family man (yes, sexist) with a stake in the system and a hope for the future and a record of managing his own affairs in the past. For good reasons the definition extended and encompassed more and more of the resident population. Literate productive wage-earning renters. Their widowed land-ladies. The hired hands who sleep in the barn. That guy whose signature is merely a scrawled ” X “. But laws assuming literacy and recognizable signatures have not kept up with migrants’ squeezing hyphenated surnames into the form and a box, checking wherever the clerk points, and signing an oath with that easily-matched “X” So if, just for illustration, Sandy Occaisio and Alexandra Cortez are both registered, or “Alexandra’s” signature fails to match “Sandy’s” — well, many blame the process rather than the citizen. ` Now me, I say if we are going to extend voting rights to people of all sorts, we need the whole “purple finger” sort of thing designed for Iraqi and other populations — not the systems designed for and by Virginia Burgesses.

  69. pouncer says:

    Just suddenly now, “Virginia Burgesses” seems like a name I should recognize AS a name …

  70. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Steve C:

    The basic problem is that, apparently, the corruption is broad, deep, and run by a very large group of powerful and very rich Overseers. It extends at least into some ranks of the Military and the TLAs (vis lying to Trump about troop levels, FBI working on their plan to remove him, CIA being at best “involved”…

    So, say you are a Ballot Certifier in, oh, Georgia… You say “I can’t certify this crap!”. What happens (happened…) next? Hoards Of Brown Shirts Black Block start calling you up to say they will stand on your lawn, DOX you and your family, get you fired, perhaps burn down your house, and, oh, say things like “Nice family you have there, if you can keep it…”

    Then what if a nice man in a nice dark suit and dark glasses meets you on your way to work. Flashes a nice little TLA badge / ID, ‘accidentally’ letting you see his gun as he gets the I.D. out, and says “You know, Mr. Johnson, father of Tilly and Joeseph, your Nation needs to get on with business as usual. We’ve heard a rumor you are preventing that. We’d really rather not have to do a full investigation of you, interviewing your boss at work, and all that. So we’d like you to get that vote wrapped up, OK? We’ll check in with you next Thursday, at 1234 Your Street, or we can pick you up if that’s not convenient…”

    Now just what do you think our Vote Certifier does? Why vote to certify, of course.

    (Though it seems the two of them have now ‘rescinded’ that vote as the promised audit is being dumped… so a food fight over ability to rescind underway. Of course, nobody is asking why their first vote NOT to certify is OK to rescind by the 2nd one isn’t…)

    There’s a big list of “things we now know” that is very disturbing. Just a couple of them:

    1) TLAs are involved. Unclear how much, how deep, and how completely, but some of them have some clear significant piles of dirt on them.

    2) Globalist Cabal is involved and driving. Soros providing buckets of money. World Leaders making “appropriate statements” (laws and propriety be damned).

    3) Via their ownership (and possibly bribery or blackmail), Legacy Media is almost entirely “on side” and active. No matter what it does to profits and customer base. (Note that CNN is now up for sale as a money sink…) Key lever of Globalist & Elite power and control. (Let’s just say YOU don’t own a newspaper or TV News chain).

    4) Big Tech, as part of the Globalist Elite and under TLA “advice” for a while, are also on-side with all they’ve got. Oh, and they love that China Money too…

    5) “The long march through the institutions” captured the Higher Education institutions some decades back. They are now significant propaganda mills and indoctrination centers. Don’t think so? Show me a State College or University that is Right Wing. Note where Janet Napolitano landed at just under $1/2 Million / year to “influence young minds” in the ‘proper’ direction.

    6) Unions (especially unions in Government) are big players, and have been for decades. Think their bosses are random picks by the membership?

    7) China has a very big very fat footprint in all this. From Confucius Institutes on campuses to spy and proselytize (and bribe via partnerships and trips / blackmail with blackballing and “those photos from your visit” if available, as needed). Just the Hunter Biden money alone screams out their level of interest and involvement. Think that’s the only politician they are greasing? The DNC is up to their eyeballs in China money and a lot of RINOs have “business dealings” in China.

    Now, given all those interests and all that money sloshing around and all those “Right people in the right places who can fire your ass or kick your kid out of school”: What are the odds that ALL of them are moral enough to not try to bugger the most important election of our lifetimes? Yeah, zero zilch nada…

    The only question of merit is: Just how HUGE is the Vote Diddle. It did happen. It looks like it was gigantic (as the Trump surge was very gigantic and they had to top that). Then come all the minor questions. Who, how, paid by whom, how many blackmailed into it vs True Believers vs Loves Money vs…

    And that’s the basic problem. Most folks, faced with that much weight dropping on their heads, will just do as they are told. Faced with “We’d like to hire you for $100k, and you will do what we tell you; or you can live on the street with nothing…” will take the money. When we did a security audit of our Supercomputer Facility, I was astounded to find out the then going rate for handing over backup tapes was about $3000 (yes, that’s ALL). I’d guessed it would be $Hundreds_K as nobody would give you a job after that. (Guess I’m way over priced ;-) So think about that for a minute.

    Folks with $Billions on the line and $Billions in the pocket, can buy the typical “trusted employee” for $3k. Even adjusted for inflation that’s under $6k. Chump change. I’d guess “Top Management” gets into the $100k to $million range, but still cheap in comparison. So what are the odds the “Folks in charge” of the election were given a choice of a cushy extra pension vs job search?

  71. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Golly, from a wiki from a web search:

    Virginia Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    The House of Burgesses was the elected representative element of the Virginia General Assembly, the legislative body of the Colony of Virginia. With the creation of the House of Burgesses in 1642, the General Assembly, which had been established in 1619, became a bicameral institution.

    who knew… (probably a lot of folks in Virgina…)

  72. Ossqss says:

    Interestingly, I just finished looking at some old saved files and saw info on the Cloward-Piven strategy.

    It sure looks like it is alive and well in todays world.

  73. philjourdan says:

    Yes, most Virginians know that (House of Burgess). We are or were, taught it in school.

  74. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    The story of the reversed certification and abuse:


  75. Another Ian says:

    “It’s in the code: Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin”


    Via Tip of the Spear

  76. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I’d sure like to know what cover story they think they can cook up to cover 100k sized vote chunks for Usurper Biden all showing up in a minute…

  77. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Tim Pool on evidence of “wide scale voter irregularities”:

  78. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Federal Election Commission chair says election illegitimate due to wide spread fraud. Tim Pool vid:



    FEC Chair Drops the Hammer: The Results Are ‘Illegitimate’
    Trey Trainor reveals major bombshell regarding count

    Trainor has gone on record with a bombshell announcement, following investigations into the election ballot count in Pennsylvania.The FEC chair says, based on the info gathered from PA and elsewhere in the country, this presidential election is illegitimate.Trainor confirmed that, in his professional opinion, “there has not been transparency in the election.”
    The evidence produced so far has led him to determine that “this election is illegitimate,” Trainor added.

  79. Another Ian says:

    Re V.P. Elect Smith says:
    20 November 2020 at 11:21 pm

    “I’d sure like to know what cover story they think they can cook up to cover 100k sized vote chunks for Usurper Biden all showing up in a minute…”

    They didn’t suppose that a story would be needed did they?

    Reminds me again of the scene towards the end of Len Dighton’s “Bomber” where the captain is trying a copybook spin recovery in a Lanc with half a wing shot off.

  80. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Reluctant President Elect philjourdan: (😜)

    I learned in grade school (5th, 6th?) about the House of Burgesses. More or less forgot about it. Then it came up in H.S. Government class, and I more or less forgot about it. I recall running into it again 10 or so years ago as it related to various States and their concealed carry legislation. And I forgot about it.

    Maybe ‘House of Burgesses’ will stick just this once before I die. 😁

  81. Pouncer says:

    Yeah yeah wiki for history but who is\was the tall girl nicknamed Ginny clawing her way out of my memories?

    Surgery and chemo screw with the brain but don’t destroy things. It’s like all the file cabinets have been dumped to the floor and random pages gathered up and stuck away in the wrong places then when a folder turns up empty with just a smudged label … What used to be in here?

    I only ask in case there was some celebrity actress or some one otherwise famous public — God forbid some porn star — with a similar name. Virginia Burgesses. Ginny. Zombie undead memories of decades long ago.
    I don’t suppose this is like a symptom of mental collapse. Do you?

  82. President Elect H.R. says:

    Rx for Pouncer: 4 oz gin, 8 oz tonic, slice of lime.

    If you’re all out of tonic water and lime, do the best you can. 😜

    (Seriously… you’ve been through chemo? I’ve heard of the hardship, but am aware I cannot truly understand it.)

  83. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    It takes time for anesthesia effects to leave, but eventually they do.

    Chemo I don’t know.

    Best of luck with it.

    If Gin & Tonic doesn’t work, try Texas Trail Boss Coffee (Rye whiskey in black coffee…)

    Technical sidebar:

    All anesthesia works by the same mechanism (per Sci. Am. article circa Sept. 1989). It changes the cell wall thickness. That’s why most anesthetics are highly lipophilic substances that dissolve into the fat layer. That’s also why gasoline vapors get huffers toasted (but not recommended as the band between ‘feels fun’ and “he’s dead jim” or just “didn’t breath enough and drain bamaged” is a bit too tight…)

    Alcohol does that too, but with a much wider band between sound asleep and not waking up again. As does nitrogen gas over about 2 ATM pressure. That’s why “Rapture of the depths” was called that. At about 1 Martini per 30 feet, 200 foot down has you pretty sauced! Too bad the standard tank only lasts about 5 minutes at that depth…

    Folks adapt to anesthetic cell wall thickening by thinning the cell wall. Then when the anesthetic is gone, your nerves are over active as the cell wall is now too thin. That’s the D.T.s This adaptation is also why professional / frequent divers have a reputation for being big drinkers who can hold their liquor. They’ve adapted.

    The fix for DTs, of course, is a bit of “hair of the dog” to get the cell wall thickness back to right.

    Now, depending on how much anesthetic and how long ago, you might find a slower let down of the withdrawal a benefit. Thus the G&T or TTBC (or any booze really) has a bit of potential to ease the transition. In other words, the advice isn’t bunkum, but has a foundation in real biochem. (Or physical chem). But just realize that if the anesthesia was more than a day or three ago, you are no longer doing it as a weaning off, but as a return to state of sozzle…

  84. Another Ian says:

    “Vegas Oddsmaker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump Was Robbed, This Election Was Stolen””


    Via Tip of the Spear

  85. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Michelle Malkin interview of Joe Oltmann banned by EewTube Discussing Dominion V.P.


    Probably ought to add that the Dominion V.P. is in charge of their election security stuff AND is a hard core pro-Antifa guy with severe TDS.

    Yeah, the guy who is the VP in charge of how secure the Dominion voting platform is kept, is Antifa-TDS grade material… Think about it. He also said in a conference call not to worry that Trump might get elected ’cause he’d taken care of it…

  86. Another Ian says:

    “Best performance by a Democrat in a nursing home massacre

    Posted on 2:56 pm, November 21, 2020 by currencylad

    And the winner is: Andrew Cuomo to receive Emmy award for televised Covid briefings.”


  87. Another Ian says:

    Re “The fix was in” above

    Hmmm! I wonder how many diddled bettors are going to vote Democrat?

  88. Another Ian says:

    “Influence Watch keeps track of orgs and such.

    A little Known not for profit, controlled by the usual suspects.

    More at


  89. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    They can get me to a re-education camp after I run out of ammunition… Did I mention I can re-load a few K-rounds with present inventory of EOTWAWKI stores?…

    (Yeah, a /snark; response. In reality, I expect things to be more a ‘battle of the minds’ and my “Tidy Mind” is highly resistant to any BS that isn’t well supported by reality and provable while my BS detector hollers loudly at anything Marxist derived. I still find the whole concept of “Hate Speech” as a horrid bit of crap. WHO’s hate? Decided by WHOM? I find that Antifa is spewing tons of “hate speech” nightly, where is their re-education provider to round them up, eh?)

  90. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    At about 6 minutes, Tim cites Kaylee saying that “The Media and Intelligence” agencies have been very unfair to Trump…


    Is this a bit of information leakage that the TLAs are driving the attack on Trump and the buggering of the election? Or is that just a bit of emotional bubble at the history of CIA (Chiarley Mellow) and FBI (several) involvement in the fake Russia story?


    My thoughts? I think the TLAs are in this up to their necks, Trump (and Shumer and…) all know it, and it’s a fight for who runs the country, voters or the TLAs.

    But, we’ll see what happens.

  91. Ossqss says:

    Interesting Q&A on PCR tests. Puts the increase in cases into some perspective when testing millions of people a day.


  92. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    If you haven’t seen the video first referenced by YMMV here:

    watch it. A nice “rant” by someone who knows how PCR works; about the damage of false positives, and positives from folks who are already immune, who killed it off.


  93. President Elect H.R. says:

    Watching my college team playing football today.

    I caught an ad for Alexa. Said to First Lady Elect H.R. that you’ve got to be nuts to let one of those things into your house.

    Then I got to thinking… how about buying one and putting it in a spare room and playing a random number program that says the number on a spare computer? Something like a ‘numbers’ radio station. Just let that run for months on end.

    OK. That might attract a little attention and perhaps scramble a few circuits, but someone might catch on.

    Now what if several people did that who were geographically dispersed? Alexa Central may come to the conclusion that there’s some sort of conspiracy going on.

    The idea has some possibilities for some grins and giggles.

  94. Another Ian says:

    More on how it was done


    Plus links to other info on their law firm, (?)office closure and connections

    Also saw that there has been mass exit of Dominion people from Linkedin and that these had been saved by others

  95. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    direct link to that video at rumble

    Took me a little while to ken what he was doing. Each “exhibit” (page) has a set of precincts / records for a single ratio of Trump to Biden votes. The same set of precincts shows up for a long while, then disappears and a new set shows up. That’s what he means by “transfers the ratio” and why the ratio only shows up once at the top of a particular page.

    OK, I get it.

    First off, there ought to be a lot more randomness in those ratios over time. Yes, mail in ballots TEND toward the actual overall ratio, but it ought to have some “jitter” in it.

    Next, you ought not have 1:5 in one area and 5:31 in another and 1:48 somewhere else. Then suddenly change partners.

    I think he’s onto something.

    Also notice how, at about 17:56, that spreadsheet shows a repeating pattern of Trump : Biden total votes.

    Total    Biden    Trump
    310     285        20
    217     200        14
    310     286        20
    217     200        14
    310     285        20
    217     200        14

    That’s just bizarre. Very “programmatic”.

    Also, a minor clarification point. He keeps talking about a ratio and showing a X:Y then scrolls through the sheet and picks a block. The unclear part, is that the far right edge of the spread sheet is the “ratio” as a floating point fraction. So when he’s talking about 1:4 you really are seeing 0.250000 on the spread sheet.

  96. jim2 says:

    President Elect H.R. – Random number algorithms that run on computers aren’t truly random, although I believe there may be some truly random sources on the net. If not truly random, Alexa central could probably ID the algorithm and realize it was a prank.

  97. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    You can take a pseudo-random and by seeding it with “trash” every so often get “hard to tell isn’t random”. Learned to do this in that old FORTRAN class by exploiting things like underflow, time in the fraction of a seconds column, math with bogus last bits then shifted to make them the significant bits; or combinations of such things.

    Personally, I think it would be fun to have Alexa listen to the TV playing murder mysteries, or perhaps documentaries, and see what it does…

    Especially old B&W stuff that doesn’t have a lot of mood music in it, but does have a lot of dialog…

    Like, play it the canonical collection of Bogey movies ;-)

  98. President Elect H.R. says:

    @jim2 – Yup. I’ve a bit of experience with random number generators and the fact that they are not truly random, but you can hide the algorithm a bit if you use a RN generator to interrupt randomly interrupt and reseed the RN generator you are using.

    But I had a better idea: Random Bible verses. Code the verse number such as John 3:10 or Leviticus 2:14.

    After a while someone or some algorithm will break the Bible verse code, and they will read the verse, but then that will leave them to puzzle over how the string of verses are related. If you have several people doing that, you will have someone scratching their heads over what the various geographic points are communicating. It’s gotta be a plot, eh? 😜

  99. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @P.E. H.R.:

    Or, use the old book code. Generate a random number. Use part to pick page and line, another part length. Read those words.

    As many books are available digital, very doable.

    So, for example, (you would need to scale the random number to be in the range of pages of the book) if you got 90430235 returned, go to page 90, line 43, and start reading for 235 words…. or something like that.

    With a good sized set of books (add a book rotator number…) you would have more or less proper English that was overall still gibberish…

  100. philjourdan says:

    @President ELect HR – I accept the title of “Releuctant PE PhilJOurdan”. It has panache! :-)

  101. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Now you’ve started something…

    Put Alexa and Seri in a room together. Program your A.I. (or just computer…) to periodically say “Alexa, Seri ” and then some quasi random question…. See how long it takes for the two of them to start arguing ;-)

    I could see “Seri, I love you, but Alexa, I hate you!”… being problematic ;-)

  102. President Elect H.R. says:

    I was thinking about the book code and thought the Bible verse idea would just be a nice twist on it. I suppose you could combine the two.
    @all – I was stuck by the fact that you’ve gotta be a bit daft to let Alexa into your home and despite what they say, it listens to and records everything.

    How many people buy an Alexa just to screw with system behind it? I doubt that there’s a reader here that would ever buy one and I figure not many others of similar mindsets would. I also doubt that I’m the only one to think of messing with Alexa, but there can’t be too many that have bothered.

    Think of the CPU time tied up on trying to decipher nonsense. I think multiple sites doing the same thing are the key so that it makes it seem that a group is communicating; a conspiracy! 😜

    OTOH, I’m just too cheap to spring for an Alexa just to have some fun with it.

  103. President Elect H.R. says:

    OMG! Cage match. Seri vs. Alexa.

  104. Another Ian says:

    “Hard-to-find 2020 election fraud stories and links”


    Via Tip of the Spear

  105. Another Ian says:

    “Jordan Sekulow on New Election Lawsuits: “What’s Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking”… ”


  106. Ossqss says:

    If you need a distraction. I always enjoyed this show :-)

  107. jim2 says:

    I was thinking play the full collection of Rush Limbaugh :) You might never get electricity and water again.

  108. jim2 says:

    Ossqss says:
    22 November 2020 at 3:40 am
    My wife and I both love Battlebots.

  109. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    This link you posted is exactly how I viewed events and how I see them now:


    It was just not credibly real. The patterns in the votes was “all wrong” for reality and “exactly right” for a Big Steal Fix operation.

  110. Another Ian says:

    “Trump’s team have German servers, raw data, warn of violence as bombshells will be released”


    And check comment #3

    And re the betting “fix” – I doubt pissed off punters are going to vote dem?

  111. Another Ian says:

    Just in case

    Jo is having site problems. If you are using Firefox you’ll (likely) get all the comments by using “Shift + Reload current page”. For me it comes up about 3 threads ago and I have to advance from there.

    Full comment

    November 22, 2020 at 5:12 pm · Reply

    Part of an interesting post on a US site in response to a comment about how some states stopped counting.

    “That’s the origin of this.
    4 of those states have statutes forbidding adjournment or postponement of the vote count.
    Plus there was obviously coordination between the states. ” “

  112. Another Ian says:

    “Dinesh D’Souza Asks Some Simple, Albeit Brutally Obvious, Questions…”


  113. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Another Ian re “Shift + Reload”:

    Thanks! I had no idea that the “Shift” added some sort of extra oomph to “Reload, but it works a treat.

    Obviously there is some difference between that and just hitting my “Refresh” icon, which was not getting the job done. I suppose it goes a long, long way back.

  114. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    I have a nascent thesis forming…

    “The CIA did it.”

    I’m thinking that under the Clintons the CIA was captured for the Democrats. Then, under Obama, that was turned to a Socialist / Marxist leaning “Democrat” control. Aligned with the Globalist Socialist movement.

    The original intent was to use Dominion / Smartmatic to let the CIA “flip” countries as they “needed” to preserve “order”, but it changed to “preserve Democrat Party rule” (the dump on Sanders to assure Clinton got the nod, selected Democrats always being reelected, etc.)

    Then it shifted to TDS driven fervor…

    One “tell” is the Mafia guy used to make ballots. The CIA has a long history of working with / using the Mafia. They both would want Guilliani out of the picture…

    Another “tell” is Chiarley Mellow. Known CIA employee who was key in drumming up the impeachment fraud. Now 100% protected to the point you can’t even say his real name. It takes power, reach, and authority to achieve that.

    A 1/2 a “Tell” is, IMHO, Epstein. An operation designed to generate “compromat” on the rich and the powerful. Run for years (decades?) with impunity. Democrats (cough – Clinton the Bill) involved. You can’t do that without “top cover”. Then, who got the compromat? “You will know them by what they do”…

    Who has the authority to walk into a prison and “off” a prisoner with even the Law Enforcement officers staying on side? The guy who flashes the TLA creds and says “I was never here, this never happened.” and lets you know that a ‘secret interrogation facility’ for failure to comply is just a short flight away. They know how to do “clean up on aisle leak”…

    Shumer says you don’t cross the TLAs as they can ‘get you’ 8 ways from Sunday.

    CIA on POTUS staff, kicks off bogus Impeachment.

    Russia Russia!! RUSSIA!!!! – uses bogus sex compromat as they didn’t have any real but it was their normal story to push.

    The various “tech leaders” often gained market share and power not by the technical superiority of their products, but more aligned with how closely they would align to what a TLA might want. Security just weak enough for them to get in. “Features” that enable spying if you have enough ‘authority points’ (like MS screen sharing to admin). Then who is it that is 100% aligned with the goal of never ever letting anyone say Chiarley Mellow’s real name? Same folks. We know, via Prism program and others, that the major Tech companies were all on board with doing whatever the TLAs wanted (with very few exceptions, like Apple, who mysteriously then lost major contracts like Boeing)

    So this 1/2 a tell is just that there are indications of a mixed blackmail, bribery via contracts to buy, and influence operations to advance those organizations who were ‘compliant’ or perhaps complicit with TLA goals and operations. Those same organizations are now full force on side with a cover up of a CIA Operation (why else have Mr. Mellow run and hide?) and suppress any voice that questions the election. Their deeds say what side they are on and their past aligns them with TLAs.

    There’s a few more threads, but you get the picture.

    The TLAs, and likely CIA in particular, captured by the Globalist Socialist Movement, with All The Right People in positions of authority and with all the necessary folks blackmailed or bought, AND with ever increasing control of the “elected officials” via their control of the vote counting, became the center of power and control. Not only did “petty politicians” just come and go every few years, now the TLA could decide which ones came, and went. Pretty close to “slam dunk” locked in forever.

    Remember that the TLAs can even say “No!” to POTUS requests for information. As they have said in the past “It is need to know and you do not need to know”. That gives them ultimate protection from any investigation.

    Now a sidebar:

    What is happening with Dominion right now? It is closing and moving offices around the world (2 in the news so far) AND employees are scrubbing social media. This is a classic “cleaner” operation. Does your typical office machinery company know how to do this? Or is it more like an experienced TLA working from the Operations Guide?

    They know the light has been shone their way, and they are running for the dark corners, leaving nothing behind.

    Then there is what is NOT being done:

    Why has FBI or other TLA not picked up a few truckloads of Dominion servers? Where’s the archival software copies? Why nobody sequestering all the evidence? Why has no guard been posted to make sure Dominion offices are not run through the shredder during the move? How can the key player V.P. who said he did the Diddle just disappear? (Rather like Chiarley Mellow did…). How long until saying HIS name gets you banned?

    There is nearly NO effort by any TLA or law enforcement to sequester evidence or investigate. That, IMHO, speaks to power not wanting it done. (Yes, I know, must have demonstrated ’cause’ first. But there sure looks to be enough ’cause’ with even a trivial glance.)

    In Conclusion

    Yeah, all just rampant speculation devoid of the necessary evidence. It could just be a fevered dream brought on by too much coffee and stress over Trump losing the election. Worth everything you paid for it.

    But it does align with the known data in the news. And it does align with “You will know them by their deeds.” And it does align with the known historical actions.

    I just hope to God that it isn’t reality. The TLAs running the world, unaccountable, is just not a good thing.

  115. p.g.sharrow says:

    Praise the Lord! he sees the Light!
    The CIA went off the Reservation during their first week of operations in 1947.
    From manipulations of enemy governments to that of “friendly” governments, it is a small step to insure that the “right people” are in-charge within our own.

  116. YMMV says:

    What A.I. means from now on: “We see how you marked your ballot. You made a mistake, you meant to mark it like this. There, fixed it for you.”

    It’s a Dominion feature. Dominion even has lots of hand-drawn-looking ovals to mark your ballot for you so that it does not look machine marked.
    “let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Dr. Eric Coomer.”

    When they say elephant, he’s really a donkey. (aka…)

    * * * * * *

    An argument that Oswald was the lone gunman. I still want to know why the investigation at the time was sealed until everybody alive at that time would be dead. That sounds more suspicious than the actual killing.

  117. YMMV says:

    Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful”

    Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.

    The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable. Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45. Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable.

  118. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    I’ve been thinking “maybe” for a few decades now. From about when PRISM was being pushed (?Why do you need that much info on your own citizens? and when Boeing suddenly dumped all Apple computers despite loving them for years, and on up through Snowden / NSA stuff et. al.)

    It is just now that they have finally, IMHO, screwed up enough and leaked enough evidence that it’s reasonable to say it out load. No longer subtle, rare, and discrete. It has become “in your face”, everywhere, and blatant.

    The sequester of Chiarley Mellow and banning his name from ANY use? Tim Pool calls him Voldemort. ALL the “Social Media” lock step on side with that action? That’s very tight control that MUST originate with the C.I.A. covering one of their own who they thought would never be called by name. That’s hard evidence and hard chain of command.

    That the C.I.A. liked Dominion for use in OTHER countries is also pretty clear and that strongly implies they were doing the Diddle then. So if then and there, why not here and now? Plus, we know the former C.I.A. head was vehement TDS Anti-Trump. As head, the place will be seeded all over with fellow travelers. Then, the new guy does nothing to change that? Um… Smells like a duck…

    But the biggie, IMHO, was Epstein. Just so obviously a TLA operation (though exactly who’s TLAs still unclear, but IMHO likely a consortium of “5 Eyes + Israel”). Then “someone” can just waltz into a prison, do a staged murder suicide, and NO evidence and NO witnesses? That isn’t skill in the execution, that’s control of the situation and the people involved, and that means color of authority + raw power threats. That’s the deeds, who’s good at them such that you will “know them”?…

    One brick, you can ignore. Two bricks, you can pretend to ignore. Three to a half dozen bricks? You’ve got a good start on a wall that can not be ignored. The whole pattern only goes one way. No “noise” in the pattern… “You can’t stop the signal, Mal”

  119. Another Ian says:

    E.M. That “shift” tip came up in a comment so I spread it

    Around this area

    “SDA regular ‘ET’ shared some brilliant thoughts this morning. Everyone should carefully think about what she had to say:

    Is it just that the population have chosen ‘communism’ or that the population are so manipulated that they really are not choosing but instead are pawns in an enormous power-grab?”

    More at


  120. Another Ian says:

    Some will buck at this!

    “On this, the 57th anniversary of Dallas, we’re reminded that had it not been for Democrat voter fraud in the 1960 presidential election there would’ve been no #JFK riding in an open air convertible for Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate. https://t.co/uC9FOOO7oi


  121. A C Osborn says:

    E M, have you seen this video of analysis of actual Machine voting counts, the guy has picked up Voting Ratios that should not exist, that go on for hours at a time and are then switched to a different counting station.
    You can see the data in an Excel sheet and see the identical counts repeated time and again and also identical groups of counts also repeated.
    It is shockingly blatant.


  122. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Yes, I posted a different link, harvested from a web page:

    Took me a little while to ken what he was doing. Each “exhibit” (page) has a set of precincts / records for a single ratio of Trump to Biden votes. The same set of precincts shows up for a long while, then disappears and a new set shows up. That’s what he means by “transfers the ratio” and why the ratio only shows up once at the top of a particular page.

  123. Another Ian says:

    Using the rules

    I’ve been told that only 6 people are allowed to meet for Thanksgiving Day, but 30 are allowed for a funeral.

    That being the case, I announce that we will be holding a funeral for our pet Turkey, “Butterball”, who will pass away on November 26.

    In lieu of flowers, please bring a side dish.

    And have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

  124. Compu Gator says:

    The speculation about how to confound continuous monitoring by the “Alexa” and “Seri” (“Siri”?) personal-privacy-violation products started me thinking about possibilities for responding with an open-source “Confuse-a-Cat” project [🐱].

    In particular, how much of a sample of a recorded recorded human voice would be needed to analyze & encode its characteristices. Would video from a movie or t.v.-series DVD suffice?  Would I really need transcripts for excerpts manually selected from each audio recording to make the analysis work?  If transcripts are practically necessary, then might Web sites providing audio & text of “great speeches” [🗣] provide long-enough samples?  Unlike for advertising or phone-solicitation purposes, the voices as encoded need not be perfect replicas of the speaking of an identifiable person, just obviously distinct from each other.

    The encoding would be used to generate a distinctive voice in real time, which would be used for simulated talking. The talking would be generated by real-time programming that chose excerpts from ordinary text. Consider the great text resource provided by Project Gutenberg [📖].

    To further confuse the Big-Tech monitoring, I’d want to create apparent conversations among a simulated family of nonoverlapping voices. Each simulated member would be represented by a distinctive voice generated from those voice encodings, which it would use to read excerpts from ordinary text, which need not be related.

    A synthesized-but-homey extended family, under 1 Big-Tech-monitored Southern roof, might be synthesized from well-known voices, e.g.:
    • Burt Reynolds (Fla. State U. halfback, 1954, 1956–1957) as father.
    • Dolly Parton (b. 1946, E.-Tenn. gospel singer) as wife or daughter.
    • Irene (née Noblitt) Ryan (1902–1973, Beverly Hillbilies‘ Daisy “Granny” Moses, 1962–1971) as grandmother.
    The 1st two have a substantial filmography from which to sample audio.

    Or maybe just skip the technical challenges, keep “Alexa”, “Seri”, &c. inside a cone of silence, relieving that treatment occasionally by treating them to movie audio from DVD or surviving VHS player.

    But I feel obligated to confess that no, I really have no interest in committing myself to the expense in money & time of my own “Confuse-a-Cat” project [🐱].

    Note 🐱 : I suppose that were I to suffer such a debilitating accident that I would accept such a personal-privacy-violation device into my home, I ought to rename it “Kitty”.

    Note &#128214 : http://www.gutenberg.org/ (est. 1971!), which in addition to downloads, offers DVD compilations of its selections.

    Note 🗣 : E.g., https://www.americanrhetoric.com/top100speechesall.html or https://news.wisc.edu/archive/misc/speeches/.

  125. Compu Gator says:

    For a greater challenge, sample some foodie-personality with the accent expected of a presenter on a Italian-cooking show on Food-Network, or maybe better yet, even some character in The Godfather series, and dedicate her or his synthesized voice to read verses from the Clementine Vulgate Bible: It’s all Latin, all the time, and it’s available on the Web from the “Clementine Vulgate Project”.  Should we believe that personal-privacy-violation systems can distinguish Italian from Latin?

    “Yeah, granma & granpa are from the Old Country; they never became comfortable with speaking English. So what are we gran’kids expected to do about it?”

  126. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Compu Gator – I like your idea of creating a family, but they need to engage in alarming conversations.

    Replaying old Addams Family episodes is sort of what I have in mind. And the sound effects! Explosions, screeches, munching and crunching! The gong!

    Of course Seri or Alexa would recognize the reruns in a jiffy, so it would be a bit of a project to create a similar macabre family, but not recognizable as the TV version. Something more heinous, hideous, and horrible with perhaps some cannibalism thrown in. And all in Ancient Norse!

    And as you say, it’s fun to think about, but not quite interesting enough to invest significant time or money into it.
    I just looked into the cost and there’s no monthly fee for Alexa. The units can cost 10s of dollars up to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you want. You only need an internet connection and Wifi in the home. Obviously, they make their money from collected information, including a very detailed profile of the user(s), and targeted selling.
    Alexa, I’m hungry.

    “Would you like me to order the usual from Jimmy Johns and have it delivered?”

    There’s the $$$$$$. Jimmy Johns coughs up maybe 50¢ and Door Dash pays maybe 25¢. Both pay a bit of a fee to be on Alexa’s list.

    I’m guessing that’s how it all works.

  127. President Elect H.R. says:

    Alexa, How do you cook lady fingers?

    “I have a recipe with flour, butter, eggs…”

    No, no, NO, Alexa!

    Hubert, I know you went to a lot of trouble to cut those fingers off of the lady down the street, but I’m afraid Alexa has no clue how to prepare them. She’s so clueless sometimes.
    😜 🤣🤣

  128. V.P. Elect Smith says:

  129. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    A cleaner one:

  130. Another Ian says:

    Latest Pointmans

    “It’s time to break up the FBI”


    And following

  131. Another Ian says:


    What is that Islamic term for allowable lying to infidels please?

  132. President Elect H.R. says:

    Taqiyah, Another Ian.

  133. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    For the “Confuse A Cat” project:


    You need not make up your own conversations when others have put them in books and they are available free on line already as audiobooks….

    A good experiment might be “just read the book” vs “look for quote marks and only read inside them” vs “interleave segments from different books”. Fairly trivial to program. Probably can also select by genre too. You know:

    case (genre) in:
    1)  Horror;
    2)  Mystery;
    3)  Murder;
    4)  Suspense;
    5)  Drama;
    6)  Classics;
    7)  SciFy;

    I’m sure there would lots of interesting material…

  134. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Rebel News (Canada) saying “Where are the Dominion Execs” hiding and pointing out a $50,000.00 donation to the Clinton Foundation by Dominion…


    Gee… I think a quick and easy way to find the Swamp Creatures might be to just look at the list of Clinton Foundation donors…

  135. Ossqss says:

    Well, this hasn’t happened for nearly 400 years. What could possibly go wrong on the day of Winter solstice in 2020 when it happens again? Facepalm


  136. Another Ian says:

    President Elect HR


  137. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    points to:


    40,000 mail-in ballots cast in the names of deceased voters PA Source Material 22/11/202
    66% of dead registered voters, born between 1800 and 1899, voted PA Source Material 15/11/2020

  138. Another Ian says:

    “Sound and Fury Signifying Kerry”


    Like that glowing employment reference that ended with “and you’ll be lucky to get him to work for you”

  139. Compu Gator says:

    BillInOz replied 20 November 2020 at 4:25 am GMT (8 pm EST):
    […] you missed something about about Papa Frankie : He believes that all humans have the right to migrate where ever they want and that humans in destination countries have an obligation to accept them.

    Papa Frankie‘s overt statements–if not mostly political posturing to raise his profile among globalists–are contrary to Catholic tradition, which recognizes national sovereignity and the need for borders to control the lawful admission of foreigners.

    Alas, as sometimes happens, the Bible is equivocal, enabling debates via duelling chapters & verses. That’s where the honest scholarship of a traditional pope, seeking God’s guidance, then presenting it in the form of an encyclical letter, provides helpful guidance to the Catholic clergy & faithful. Alas again, Catholicism has lacked such credible popes for most of a century now.

    BillInOz replied 20 November 2020 at 4:25 am GMT (8 pm EST):
    In fact [Papa Frankie] thinks it’s a sin for them to stop these migrants.

    He surely does think that, but I did cover that, albeit briefly (19 November 2020 at 10:00 pm GMT) [*]:

    • “Pope Francis” publicly preaches that disobedience or resistance not only to the E.U.’s sovereignity-destroying open-borders laws, but also to certain U.N.-or-E.U. radical “environmental[“] treaties or other mandates are “sins“.

    I suppose that “Papa Frankie” could’ve formed that as a personal opinion, independently of leftist Latin-American Jesuit mentors, E.U. law, and the immigration-promoting U.N. Migration Agency, a.k.a. International Organization for Migration (IOM) [👣].

    Isn’t it true that even the U.N. rules for pleading asylum require the purported “refugees” to submit their claims no farther away from their home countries than the nearest sovereign country whose actions & policies do not include the reasons claimed for “forcing” them into becoming refugees [†]?  An important consequence is that U.N. rules do not legitimatize claiming asylum in a distant country that’s chosen because it has the most generous welfare coverage for “migrants”. Most egregiously, they do not legitimatize African Muslim “refugees” skipping over the rest of 2 whole Old-World continents and the 2nd-largest ocean, to be settled by Catholic Charities in the U.S.A., halfway across North America. Yo!  “Catholic Charities!”  Ever consider rescuing Christians suffering persecution from Muslims?

    Why, yes, I do feel strongly about all this. How did you guess?

    Note * : ‘Compu Gator’: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/11/17/w-o-o-d-17-november-2020/#comment-135170.

    Note 👣 : This reference mark really ought to be depicting clean upscale athletic shoes (or clean upscale sportswear), which is what numerous politically incorrect photos show the predominately military-aged physically-fit young men as wearing when they arrive in Europe, pleading asylum as oh-so-downtrodden “refugees”.  U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM): https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/migration/index.html.

    Note † : I’m sure there’s either a more elegant or plainer way to state that requirement, but I couldn’t think of one before posting this. So I’d greatly appreciate authoritative references. Had I the time, I’d do it myself, and I suppose I’d find them at the IOM Web site that I’ve already cited, but I’m getting further & further behind on my Thanksgiving-prep chores [🦃]

    Note 🦃 : A major U.S. civil holiday, based on a New-England sectional legend promoted by imaginative New-England historians and painters.

  140. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    And: 🦃 : Promoted by Turkey Growers and Cranberry Farmers along with Pumpkin Pie filling packers… ;-)

  141. President Elect H.R. says:

    @Ossqss re Jupiter and Saturn: Happy birthday to me! I wasn’t expecting such an astronomical present. Usually I just get a knit shirt of some sort.

    That will be cool to watch (No clouds, please, please, please. No clouds 🤞)

  142. President Elect H.R. says:

    I believe the Oregon Governor is prepared to send armed officers into the homes of those who violate Thanksgiving restrictions. 30 days in the pokey and $1250 fine for violations.

    I just caught this bit of news because the First Lady Elect Mrs. H.R. was watching Tucker and I happened to catch it on a break from reading and commenting here.

    Me? I’d cook extra and insist they sit down and eat – especially have some punkin’ pie – before hauling everybody off to the pokey.
    Actually, I have no idea what our current fantasy rules are. The radio in my car is out. I don’t take a paper or watch the news, and I don’t have a phone for text messages, which is a way, I believe, that some rules have been transmitted.

    If the Guv really wants me to know what the Tyrannical Edict-of-The-Day is, he can send me a copy via 1st class mail. Not first class? Instant recycle bin material. (It’s my secret mail sorting method.)

    As for laws, I check the State Legislature’s site periodically to see what’s new. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Ignorance of fantasy edicts is bliss.

  143. President Elect H.R. says:

    Question for the Brain Trust here:

    What can I do with a dual-power (AC to DC converter cord or Battery) portable analogue BW TV with about a 6″ diagonal screen? As far as I know, it works just fine. I bought it in 1985 or 1986 so that makes it about 35 years old.

    Every year or so, I open the door to a seldom used cupboard and there it sits… and I keep saying, “Oh, I need to get rid of that thing, but I’m too busy right now.” And then I forget about it.

    Tonight I opened that cupboard and it struck me that I might actually lay hands on it if I had some reason to mess with it.

    So I’m asking; any suggestions besides selling it or keeping it as a collectible curiosity?

  144. E.M.Smith says:

    @Prez Elect H.R.:

    Convert it to an oscilloscope. Preamp / voltage scaling input with pot and solder in at H and V drivers. Put variable V feed into ebeam driver to adjust line brightness.

    Per Oregon:

    Since courts have already ruled lockdowns snd edicts unconstitutional, it will end up as yet another ruling in another district.

    Rural Oregon has a fair number of guns. I suggest they only enforce this in Portland….

  145. President Elect H.R. says:

    I thought about maybe an oscilloscope, but was a bit intimidated by that idea.

    What I keep forgetting is just about anything and everything you might ever want to DIY has articles, videos, pictures – everything you need to know – online now.
    How about just leaving it on in case extraterrestrials try to contact us via a B&W analogue signal because that’s what they are just now receiving from Earth? Our color and digital TV shows haven’t reached them yet.

    If I were only 20 or 30 light years away, I’d ping back with the same as what I received for a first go at it, then follow up with guesses at what advances have been made.

    “Zyclorp to Ozzie and Harriet, Over.”

  146. Another Ian says:

    Gist of a work around from an email

    “I have learned that only 6 people can gather for Thanksgiving.
    But that 30 can gather for a funeral.
    Thus I am notifying you of the impendilg funeral of “Buttercup” our pet turkey on November 26th.
    In lieu of flowers bring a side dish”

  147. E.M.Smith says:

    Early in the transition to digital TV, adapter boxes were being sold or even given away. Get one from ebay and make it a TV again….

  148. ossqss says:

    @Digital TV,, I was a fervent user of Satellite TV in the early days. I used to get coordinates from a mag that provided every NFL/Hockey/Baseball game at the time in the early 90’s. It may have been in a different language, but I got it! Every one, no BS.

    Then the digital age came into play. No longer were things searchable/findable and in the clear. They were scrambled/digitized. Yes DirecTV took over the 32 transponder K2 sat and made it useless for a mobile 10′ dish. Queue up the Doors “This is the End” . Remember, this cost nothing to view at that time.

    Oh the good old days :-)

  149. President Elect H.R. says:

    I think I might just plug it in and go all in on SETI or until it craps out.

    It would be a hobby like growing my ponytail; not much effort required to keep up with the hobby. 😜

  150. E.M.Smith says:


    For a while I lusted after a big dish… eventually, reluctantly, bought DirecTV instead. Then the big dish folks started crying and I felt better about not buying one. Then AT&T bought DirecTV and I started crying… now I watch internet videos….

  151. p.g.sharrow says:

    A further set of information on actions on the vote anomalies, A trifecta of voting fraud suits being readied by the 3 legal action groups.

  152. p.g.sharrow says:

    We now have the Giuliani/ Trump group bring action on Constitutional grounds that Democratic state leaders modified the voting to maximize balloting manipulations.
    The Powell Group going after the tabulation fraud connected to Dominion operation.
    The Lyn Wood group bring action on the Political Deep State politicians for corruption in their connections to the Dominion operations.
    All connected to co-operative international activities of private and governmental actors to control the selection of the next American Administration.
    We seem to have acts of war and treason against the United States of America by persons and governments both foreign and domestic. Even Tom Clancy couldn’t write a book this complex. I can’t wait to see the next chapter as this thing unfolds. We live in interesting times for sure.

    8-) I’ve seen the post scrip of the Hollywood ending 8-) enjoy…pg

  153. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Yeah, it’s getting interesting…

    I just wish The Fate Of The Nation was not hanging in the balance so I could enjoy the legal food fight more…

  154. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    That’s the same thing that the Overstock guy caught and called “Dump and roll”. Dump a load of Biden votes into the system, then roll forward with a 51 / 49 (plus some fraction) ratio to hold the lead from that point forward.

    I think it is blatant and likely provable fraud. You just don’t get that anomalous a vote count of 100k 100% one candidate even from a single precinct. Just from errors by stupid people if nothing else.

  155. jim2 says:

    [video src="https://d1cc0p6j4uj4n9.cloudfront.net/b9524103-d819-4c77-822d-cbdaac73b54e/mp4/9d50576e-0b12-4890-898e-9e5ac0fc4658_Mp4_Avc_Aac_16x9_1280x720p_30Hz_3.5Mbps_qvbr.mp4" /]

  156. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Don’t know why it’s getting that stuff around the URL. Tried editing to remove it, no joy. If you just past that URL into a comment, wordpress craps it up like that.

    Copy of the URL pasted in another tab address bar, does launch the video.

  157. ossqss says:

    Seems that link has the codec, Aac (speech recognition type stuff), basic format, resolution, Hz, and speed and qvbr (bit rate control stuff) in it. Odd.

    See for yourself from the end of the link.


  158. jim2 says:

    I hope you were able to view the video. It is interesting.

  159. Another Ian says:

    Pointman on



  160. Another Ian says:

    Anyone met this?

    Both Firefox and Thunderbird have gone on strike.

    When I attempt to open either I get a message that” a copy is running but not responding”. But nothing shows up on taskmanager.

  161. VP Elect A C Osborn says:

    Ian, not me, Firefox is running OK, but I do occasionally get it running after being closed and it doesn’t show on the taskmanager. Usually a system restart fixes it.

  162. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Likely a Zombie Process. (Process that will not die…).

    “ps -elf” or “ps -aux” (depending on release / version of Linux / Unix) piped into “grep firefox” ought to show you if it is there. (folks on MS Windoz, no idea how you see a zombie…)

    Then, in *Nix land you can usually kill it with “kill -9 PID” where PID is the process ID # you found with the ps -aux | grep firefox command.

    Or do the MS thing and reboot… killing every process and reloading everything into memory…

    Why do you get zombie processes? Usually a deadlock in a race condition or a resource needed to die was removed before needed (like unplugging a disk it needs to flush buffers to in the close before the flush can happen).

    Sometimes just because an OS process steps on its own, er, “tie” and falls down…

  163. ossqss says:

    Supplemental, in the browser settings, don’t allow background apps or processes to continue to run when you close the browser.

    Happy Turkey Day all!

  164. President Elect H.R. says:

    I’m stuffed! 😁… 😌… 😴😴

    Deviled eggs (bacon bits in the filling!)
    Smoked gouda cheese spread + crackers for a shovel
    (Grated soft, not aged, smoked gouda, 1/8″ dice red onion, a bit of mayo to bind it)

    Fresh baked rolls
    Hashbrown casserole
    Sweet potato casserole
    Yellow + zucchini squash casserole
    Creamed corn casserole (discussed here last year; it’s a love it/hate it thing)
    Fresh, whole steamed green beans
    Turkey gravy
    Tons of butter
    Pumpkin pie
    Pecan pie
    Whipped cream for the pies

    Alas, for my dessert, I’ll be having a 2-mile walk instead of the pies.🙄

    Here’s wishing everyone else’s Thanksgiving dinner is as good or better.

    For Chiefio’s international contingent, you can always celebrate today with a turkey sammich and PIE! International solidarity and all that stuff. 😊

  165. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Good point on the background browser processes. Some never die…

    Yes, Happy Turkey Day! I just posted a place for that:


    Where I put up what I’m cooking for today.

  166. Compu Gator says:

    Whazzat?  Not among Firefox “Tools” -> “Options” that I could find.

    DuckDuckGo via Firefox 78 ESR (x64):

    No results found for firefox supplemental “don’t allow background apps or processes to continue to run when closeing browser”.

    No results found for firefox options “don’t allow background apps or processes to continue to run when closing browser”.

  167. V.P. Elect Smith says:


    Maybe it’s just a Chromium thing. Settings, Advanced, System:

    Continue running background apps when Chromium is closed

    FIreFox varies a fair amount from release to release and version to version and hacked alternative to hacked alternative and knock off to knock off and… that I hesitate to make any general statements about what is, or is not, in “FireFox” (SeaMonkey, IceApe, Pale Moon, etc. etc…)

  168. Another Ian says:

    Firefox problem off to the doctor this afternoon. Will report.

  169. Steve C says:

    @Another Ian – I’ve never had that problem with a browser, but I’ve had it (on a Windows system) with my favourite file manager, PowerDesk Pro. Every now and then I’ll go to open a window, but nothing happens. I have a quick fix.

    Performing the three finger salute to bring up Windows Task Manager reveals the copy (or, usually, two copies, including the one I just tried to start) that are not responding, and right-click “End Process” gets rid of it/them without the need to reboot – sometimes closing one of them will bring up the other window, but I usually close that as well when it happens and start afresh. Works for me on Win XP!

  170. ossqss says:

    Ian, upon poking around on the firefox item, I did run across some similar issues reported associated with malwarebytes running on the PC and impacting firefox. Just thought to pass it on if applicable.

    Also, if you cannot kill the process through task manager, try killing it using the cmd prompt by its PID (process ID).

  171. President Elect H.R. says:

    Hey, hey, hey! I finally know someone who has the Kung Flu.

    Our cleaning lady was due today, but last night she called off. Her hubby has the Chinese virus. His symptoms are largely a bad headache from stuffy sinuses, a bit in the chest, and loss of sense of smell. She’s feeling OK, maybe just a smidge down, but has lost her sense of smell, too.

    I’d say that’s a decent sign that the Wuhan Flu is in their household.

    So she’s going to sit out at least 2 weeks so she doesn’t expose us.

    See? People have common sense. Don’t go to work when sick. Stay home and keep whatever bug it is away from others. Who needs The Government to tell them what to do?

  172. p.g.sharrow says:

    @President Elect H.R.; yes citizens tend to have better judgment then politicians and bureaucrats, Something about a government paycheck that rots the brain or maybe brainrot that requires government employment. I know that when you have a committee it’s net IQ drops to the level of it’s lowest member. If you pay them less then average they are servants. If you pay them more the average citizen makes they become MASTERS !! So they should be kept poor, to encourage better service from them. Keeping their numbers down seems to reduce the amount of mischief that they can get into. Kind of like children, if not kept busy they dream up things to do. Things that cause problems for productive people.
    Conclusion; Keep Bureaucrats and politicians over worked and under paid to improve the productivity and tranquility of the citizens.

  173. ossqss says:

    Need a break from things, watch some ISS Live. Makes me take another look at life from a different perspective :-)

  174. President Elect H.R. says:

    Great find, Ossqss! A bit humbling, eh?

    We’re just a bunch of ants running around down there. Too bad the “some ants are more important than other ants” won’t watch.

    They don’t realize that the dot they make is no larger than any other dot, and we all wind up dead on the forest floor at some point, no matter how much they make all us other ants run around. Soros and Gates come to mind.

  175. ossqss says:


  176. David A Anderson says:

    Still looking for 2020 monthly or weekly all cause mortality stats. IMV this is the key, in conjunction with PCR testing sensitivity records, of forcing the government to stop the Cov19 manipulation. ( Found this fir a start…


  177. Steve C says:

    @p.g.sharrow – Re committees, I don’t think anyone has bettered Piet Hein’s
    “Arithmetic of Co-operation”:

    When you’re adding up committees,
    There’s a useful rule of thumb:
    That talents make a difference,
    And follies make a sum.

  178. Steven Fraser says:

    @EM: Did not know where to put this, so…

    Finally, an COVID-19 outpatient study, that focuses on the effects of combo-3 Zinc, low-dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azythromycin. Here is the timing and the dosages:

    ‘Only diagnosed COVID-19 patients who met the defined risk stratification requirements of group A, B or C received a prescription for the following triple therapy for 5 consecutive days in addition to standard supportive care: zinc sulfate (220 mg capsule once daily, containing 50 mg elemental zinc); HCQ (200 mg twice daily); and azithromycin (500 mg once daily).’

    The text of the study, quite readable, is at


    I think you would enjoy reading it.

  179. cdquarles says:

    For a small study, this isn’t bad. Issues with it are 1. it is a small study and 2. uses p-values. Thus, it may not generalize well.

  180. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    It does have the important “money quote” about zink:

    Nevertheless, many studies with HCQ as monotherapy or in combination with the antibiotic azithromycin have been inconclusive so far [13], [14], [15], [16]. In all of these studies, HCQ was used later than 5 days after the onset of symptoms when hospitalised patients most likely had already progressed to stage II or III of the disease [6]. Regardless of the established antiviral effects of zinc and that many COVID-19 patients are prone to zinc deficiency, dependent on co-morbidities and drug treatments [22], none of these studies were designed to include zinc supplementation as combination treatment.

  181. philjourdan says:

    I hate the Dave Matthews band!

  182. President Elect H.R. says:

    The Mrs. is watching Watters’ World.

    I caught a part of it where Jesse had some MD or other saying masks work -something something something – and then my ears perked up when the Doc said masks do not protect you from the virus, the mask you wear protects others from getting what you have. The discussion was largely about those little single-use paper thingies. (Says right on the box they won’t stop Covid.)

    Say what?!? If the masks don’t stop what’s coming in, how do they stop what’s going out? Are they one-way masks?

    Anyhow, I do agree they stop sneeze droplets right at the nose. But then you’re just walking around with whatever virus you have wafting away from your mask as you go about your business.

    BTW, no mention on how often those little paper masks should be changed out.

    With a Kleenex, at least you can toss it in the bin and get another one at the ready for the next sneeze.

  183. Quail, Vice President of the Compost Pile. Long may it steam. says:

    MATH+ has new I-MASK protocol. Ivermectin is the ‘I’.

  184. Quail, Vice President of the Compost Pile. Long may it steam. says:
  185. President Elect H.R. says:

    Here’s a heads up for all of us diabetics that need to limit carbs and sugar and those on a Keto-type diet.

    A pizza chain (not a one-off local joint) sent an ad and coupon flyer and they now have Pizza Bowls!

    It’s like Chipotle, where you can get a bowl if you want to skip the tortilla. This pizza bowl is all the toppings and no crust.

    So far, they are only offering 3 bowls, All Meat, Deluxe or ‘Works’, and All Veggie. I suppose that’s because a single or two-topping bowl would be not much in the bottom of the bowl.

    Oh, the pizza chain is Marco’s. I don’t know what all markets they are in. I think other chains will follow suit.

    Most chains, including Marco’s, offer thin crust pizzas now for those limiting carbs. Marco’s just went one up by eliminating the crust altogether.

    Right now, they are $7.99, so I’m going to try one or maybe all three. A scoop from each and you’ve got a meat and veggie meal.

  186. Quail, Vice President of the Compost Pile. Long may it steam. says:

    60 year cycles- Scafetta. Micro-meteors disturbed by Jupiter and directed inwards?
    Found originally on WUWT, but for some reason I can’t directly link the article, only the site.

  187. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Because they want $42 to download the PDF of the article… but “only” $16 to read it online as much as you want, or $7 for 48 hours one time only online…

  188. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Don’t tell anyone, but I think this is a copy here:

    Click to access 2020gl089954.pdf

  189. V.P. Elect Smith says:
  190. Compu Gator says:

    For this  holiday  Christmas season, I feel comfortable recommending these hearty brews, none of which are among the trendy “pile on the hops” recipes [🍻]:

    Christmas Ale from Anchor Brewing: A darkish brew that returned this year to the cherished roots of this seasonal, and a correction to what seemed to be a pale ale ill-advised for its 2019 recipe.

    Christmas Ale from Abita Brewing (Abita Springs, S. Louisiana [⚜]): Another worthwhile darkish brew. Possibly hard to obtain outside the Deep South and neighboring Texas, but their Web site accepts on-line orders.

    AndyGator from Abita Brewing: A rare treat from any craft brewery: A helles Doppelbock that’s brewed year-round. Beware its 8.0% ABV. Some folks might argue that it’s exactly what’s needed for the stressful days when relatives, esp. those of contrary political views, arrive for family holiday gatherings.

    Less in keeping with the traditional taste-preferences of the season, but recommended:

    Guinness Extra Stout: The familiar 5.6% ABV. brew in 11.2 oz. bottles has a more moderate price here in the hood of Orlando. It seems that it’s in high demand from Jamaican immigrants, which encourages local convenience stores to keep their prices competitively lowish, e.g., $8–$9/6-pack; prices from retailers in more respectable parts of the metro area offer little advantage over the brews recommended above, being in the $10–$12/6-pack range.

    Dragon Stout: Brewed in Kingston, Jamaica by Red Stripe (but they’ve somehow risen above the latter brand). Compared to Guinness, it’s less roasty, and seems to hint at a milk stout. Beware the subtlety of its 7.5% ABV. Prices per 6-pack of its 9.6 oz. (284 ml.) bottles are about the same as for Guinness .

    Mackeson Stout: A milk-stout brewed by Whitbread year-round in England. I’m disapppointed that I can’t get anything from the Web site for that specific brew, unless I completely disable my script-blocker, which ain’t gonna happen. Experience makes it the ideal brew to offer to people who are known to love chocolate, but claim that they “hate beer”. BeerAdvocate claims that it’s only 3% ABV! [🐄]

    Anchor Steam Beer: Its caramel maltiness and richly thick head are always welcome.

    A conditional recommendation:

    Mardi Gras Bock from Abita Brewing: A “German Maibock” at 6.5% ABV.  I’m hoping that this is the new name under which Abita is now marketing their earlier laudable formulation of “Jockamo” (as below). This brew is only seasonal: January & February. My recommendation is “conditional” because I haven’t tried it under this name.

    My recommendations withdrawn with sadness, in 1 case, after decades:

    Celebration Ale from Sierra Nevada Brewing. Alas, it was my go-to winter-holiday brew for (U.S. civil) Thanksgiving prep and the holiday, because it was once the only U.S. exemplar of that style released to retailers before Thanksgiving. Now it’s no longer an exemplar of that style; it’s been replaced with yet another seasonal IPA, renamed Celebration Fresh Hops IPA, featuring hops from the season’s just-completed harvest. Was the change because it’s just sooo difficult nowadays to find variously hopped craft-brewed IPAs to buy, hmmm?  Have the Sierra Nevada marketeers completely lost touch with their long-time customers?  Are these the same S.N. marketeers who pull their hefeweizen from Florida in August, when the continued summer heat seems to intensify and becomes a challenge even to natives, and replace it with a brown ale having far less ability to quench summer thirsts? Hey-ell, the label-art of the latter features autumn-leaves!

    Jockamo from Abita Brewing. Originally Mardi-Gras themed, it was once more-or-less a heartily strong Märzen. Strong enough that if you started drinking it when you started holiday-turkey prep, it was nap time soon after the bird was removed from the oven. Now it’s been reformulated into Jockamo Juicy IPA: “a Double Dry Hopped IPA”.

    All recommended brews are retail priced as $11–$13/6-pack in Florida; state alcohol taxes can increase prices beyond those here by whole dollars.

    Note 🍻 : Off-topic discussion stimulated by my off-topic note 🍺 in https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/12/06/do-lockdowns-business-limits-constitute-a-taking/#comment-135928.

    Note ⚜ : Abita Springs is in St. Tammany Parish: the parish that extends from the N.E. shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Brewery est. 1986 “in the piney woods 30 miles north of New Orleans”:  https://abita.com/about. So see also, e.g.: https://abita.com/brews.

    Note 🐄 : http://mackesonstout.com/home/; also https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/9/17237/. Alas, Whitbread turned into a conglomerate that sold its brewing business in 2000: Andrew Clark:
    “Whitbread calls last orders for beer”. Thu 25 May 2000 19.00 EDT:

    Whitbread yesterday called last orders on its 258-year history of brewing in the UK by selling its beer operations for £400m to Interbrew, the Belgian group which owns the Stella Artois brand. In a further shake-up for the beer industry, Bass confirmed that it was poised for a similar sale. The brewing group said it was in “confidential discussions” to dispose of its breweries, with the Dutch group, Heineken and Denmark’s Carlsberg-Tetley tipped as likely buyers.


  191. Compu Gator says:

    Quite a few years ago, I was disappointed to see that Gordon Biersch [*] had engaged a contract brewing facility off somewhere. I really liked their Märzen back when their only brewing facility was a show-piece behind glass in Palo Alto (University Blvd.?). If G.B. still has tap-rooms in Palo Alto and the later location in San José (and maybe Mountain View, too?), and are still brewing using the equipment originally installed at each, that could easily explain the differences that you’ve detected in the taste of pints on-tap there, vs. from their bottles.

    But hey!  We’re now in the 21st Century!  Gordon Biersch has expanded to being a “brewery-restaurant” on the far side of the continent [🍽], not only Atlanta, but also almost into the Swamp!  No, not to Florida Field in Gainesville, but to Northern Virginia: the conventional local term for the blue D.C. Suburbs in Virginia. Being in McLean (Tyson’s Corner), it’s outside the Beltway, but still!

    Note * : Gordon Biersch Märzen per ‘V.P. Elect Smith’,  8 December 2020 at 6:34 pm GMT: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2020/12/06/do-lockdowns-business-limits-constitute-a-taking/#comment-136022.

    Note 🍽 : “Märzen [:] Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant”: https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1551/16254/. Perhaps following the business plan of the “Hops” restaurant chain?  I have no idea who was 1st to attempt it. I vaguely recall a slowly accumulating feeling from its earlier years, like much more recent reviewer ‘Guppy314’ (2016), that “the mouth feel is weak leaving an overall not quite satisfying impression”.

  192. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    FWIW, there’s a Gordon Biersch not too far from me in DownTown San Jose. Not quite walking distance, but close ;-) In a drunken emergency I could do it (to avoid the Thin Blue Line surrounding my car in the parking lot ;-)

    Their On Tap is brewed On Site and is just delicious. (As a couple of times having “someone else” drive home can attest…) Their food is pretty good too.

    I’d have NO Problem if I had a condo over their building, just having a tithe from my monthly check deposited in their account and saying “Poot ish onn my tabb..” ;-)

    But the package beer just isn’t the same. It’s like every flavor has gone one step stronger / harder. So I like their lager in bottles best. The Martzen has lost the easy drink deep mellow flavor and gotten a bit more… strong and brusque.

    Not a bad beer from the bottle At All. But not the experience I love “from the tap”…

    They have an indoor dining area, an indoor bar, and an outdoor dining area between buildings (so wind abated) in what was likely an alley and back parking before.

    I’ve been to the one in Palo Alto. The San Jose brews were essentially identical.

  193. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    OMG, Australian outtakes from a kiddy show… nsfw

  194. philjourdan says:

    @CompuGator – Re: Guinness in a bottle. I much prefer beer in a bottle over beer in a can (some think me weird, but the can does impart a metallic taste to the brew), but I will not drink Guinness in a bottle. I got hooked on it on Tap, and nothing quite tastes like it. So yes, a good micro brew in a bottle is fine, but for real flavor, on tap beats them all.

  195. President Elect H.R. says:

    @all the beer and ale lovers here:

    I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods, but around here, many grocery stores, and even a drugstore chain has micro-brews on tap. They usually have 3 to 5 to choose from and they change them periodically.

    You can get sample cups, about 2oz, and then you buy a growler filled for you right on the spot. Bring your own growler or they will sell you one.

    So that’s the best of both worlds. You get fresh draft brews, and you take them right home like you’d buy a six-pack.

    One of the grocery stores with a highfalutin’ hot and cold deli, serious cheese selection, and a huge wine department has an area where they hold wine tastings and you can buy a draft beer to drink there or buy a growler to go.

    They always have Stella Artois on tap and they serve it in the special, kinda tulip-shaped Stella glasses. $4 for the beer and you keep the glass. My brother-in-law would stop and have a beer before grocery shopping. He did that until he had a better than a dozen of the Stella Artois glasses for his home pub down in his man cave.

    Anyone seeing that trend in your area?
    I suppose it’s only possible where the liquor laws are favorable. I’ve lived in and visited enough places to know that liquor laws are all over the place and some are mighty odd.

    The one that tickled me: my dad worked for Beech Aircraft in Wichita KS. There were no bars as it was illegal to sell liquor by the drink to the public. But… private clubs could sell liquor by the drink. So every bar was a *ahem* ‘private club’ that you had to join. On your 1st visit you ‘joined’ for a dollar or two and got a membership card. Then it was just like visiting any lounge or bar.

    Dad said that those who might visit several different places would have a whole deck of membership cards. I suppose if you had a favorite watering hole around the corner, you only needed one membership card. At any rate, it only took a minute and a buck or two at the door to become a member of a new place you were going to.

    Best I know, that’s still the law there. Officially there are no bars in Wichita 😜

  196. philjourdan says:

    @President Elect H.R. – Since prohibition, the State here (actually commonwealth) has religiously controlled liquor. The only place you can get the hard stuff (other than by the drink) is from the State Stores. Beer and Wine are available from regular stores (subject to strict alcohol content), but I have not seen draft trend here. I suspect it is illegal. But I wish it were not!

    I only stayed in Kansas once – back in the early 80s. We went to a restaurant at the Westin, and they did serve us wine when ordered. Not sure if that is covered by those funky laws or not. But the strangest experience was in Utah (same time frame). I ordered dinner and then a nice Chianti to go with it. I had to leave the restaurant (in the hotel), go across the hall to a “State Liquor Store” and buy the wine there, which I could then bring back to my table.

    So while my State is Cuba Norte, it appears that other states are just as funky.

  197. cdquarles says:

    Same here, and there is a local quip about Baptists and bootleggers. Forgotten is that when my grandparents were born, there were no legal prohibitions on simple sale, possession, and use of any intoxicant. Even in my own lifetime, you could go get low concentration doses of opium, let alone other agents that were used to get around the stupid (from one point of view) drug laws. Try to do that now. Public intoxication could and did draw legal scrutiny. So why were the laws changed roughly 100 years ago? /rhetorical.

  198. V.P. Elect Smith says:

    Friend and Me, in the late 70’s, did a trip cross country. On a stop in Iowa, checked into a Motel 6. We were road grimy and somewhat thirsty and decided to go pick up a sixpack at the grocery store.

    It was either after some hour Saturday or maybe Sunday and being after, IIRC, 6 pm, NO BEER FOR SALE!!! More surprising, we could not buy any “work supplies”, that included the soap we wanted (laundry soap I think…) or any brushes or brooms. Sabbath is a day of rest, after all…

    Talk about your Blue Laws!

    I think it was changed a decade or three later, but don’t really know.

  199. President Elect H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Yeah, the Blue Laws. The few convenience stores open on Sunday weren’t allowed to sell milk on Sunday, let alone beer.

    Pretty much every store, grocery or otherwise, was closed on Sunday. That didn’t start changing nationwide until the late ’60s early ’70s.

    One chain of convenience stores decided to defy the State. It was ugly with police raids, arrests, trials, fines, but in the end the Blue laws were struck down.

    Oh, there was a large department store of note in our town that was the only retail store open on Sunday. It was owned by observant Jews and was closed at sundown Friday and on Saturday (Sabbath) the busiest retail day of the week.

    For the longest time, it was the only place you could go on a Sunday if you didn’t get what you wanted on Saturday from any of the other stores.

    BTW, I worked for them in H.S. and they respected my religion. I was allowed to come in at about 11:00 or 11:30 after church, even though they opened at 10:00. No problem with them. Just come in when church let out. Family owned and a great family to work for.

  200. philjourdan says:

    Moonlighted at a 7-11 back in the late 70s, early 80s. Blue laws still in effect. We had to padlock the booze until noon on Sunday.

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