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China – Shenzhou 11 Launched to Tiangong-2 Space Station

China heads to space and their space station, shooting for the moon in 2025. Continue reading

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Lunar Months, Tides; for Vukcevic

Answering a question from Vukcevic per lunar months and tides, plus some links and background on lunar cycles and influences. Continue reading

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A Remarkable Lunar Paper and Numbers on Major Standstill

Times of Major Lunar Standstill are special. Very old data matters. The basic value of a computer simulation is to illustrate where our understanding is wrong so we can go back to that very old data and learn something new. It’s the Moon and Sun that matter most. Continue reading

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Master Of Druidry

I have a “Master of Druidry” now. We don’t know much about what they new, but there are good clues they were more in touch with natural lunar weather cycles than are we, now. Continue reading

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