Hillary Wikileaks Trump Issues & now The FBI Part 3

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This week the major installment of this tanker load of soap opera is that the FBI has reopened the investigation into Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, and Huma-of-the-650,000-emails and her ex-Weiner…

In related news, Trump kept his trap under wraps long enough for the News Cycle to be All Hillary All The Time, CNN has dumped Brazile for being caught cooking questions for Hillary in the debates, Podesta is looking for a big rug to crawl under, and Huma may be trying to choose between prison, rolling over on Hillary, and trying to counter punch her Ex, who at present has just asked the FBI “what is the penalty for sex crimes with a minor again, and what can I give you to get off? The charges that is…”… here, take this laptop… Speaking of laptops, does this mean that this election, and this catastrophic FUBAR, all comes down to what was in Weiners Lap? And who has seen it? Oh Dear…

All because Hillary Clinton could not resist breaking the law so she could try to hide email…

Now if they can just get the FBI Agents pissed off enough to actually dig a bit into that whole “Pay To Play” scam that is the Clinton Foundation and influence pedaling… and maybe even look into those “Unregistered Foreign Agent” laws…

Just one more week of “Wikileaks and the Hillary Show” to go, while the Trump Train picks up speed and gets a bit smoother in motion.

And just when you thought Weiner was yesterdays news, turns out he is in charge of who gets elected President… So in that particular soap, the questions are: Who gets the kid? When is the divorce final? Which of the two of them will NOT be in prison? Can Hillary order a hit from behind bars? Will Obama just pardon everyone so they can all go get drunk in the Bahamas and does Trump have a golf course there?…

Tune in next week for the next exciting episode of “Name That Felon!” or “Potus vs The People!”…

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185 Responses to Hillary Wikileaks Trump Issues & now The FBI Part 3

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    David A Anderson says:
    1 November 2016 at 5:09 am

    Larry, I think you are correct, the O must know what the FBI has, and that HRC is done. Regarding the DOJ war with the FBI, my guess is the DOJ cannot suppress this, and the O is likely in delay and damage control.

    If the theory is correct that Obama and the Clintons have bad blood between them and have only tolerated each other as temporary strategic allies (and perhaps keep your enemy close on Obama’s part) then it was just a matter of when he would stick the knife and twist. He might give the justice department the ok to let her hang while protesting loudly. It will be interesting to watch this act of the play.

    Not far from some of the Shakespeare classics me thinks. Greed, envy, intrigue, lust pretty much has all the major plot threads used in countless classic dramas.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    The big O question is simple:

    Does he value his “legacy” more, or his revenge more?

    IMHO, his best move is “delay to post election”, then let her get impeached / indicted and have Kaine take over. He gets to keep his legacy AND get revenge… “Win Win”… of a different sort.

    If Trump wins, he can just let her twist in the wind and enjoy the show. Knowing he has full Secret Service protection for life, he won’t have an “accidental suicide” issue to deal with…

    So the way I read it, O gets at least 1/2 a loaf, either way, and a potential for a double win. As long as he doesn’t pardon…

    But yeah, beats the run of the mill ‘dramas’ on TV lately.

  3. pg sharrow says:

    I would think that Obama believes that he can emerge with total control over the Democratic Party, If the Clintons win or lose. Problem that I see with this is the Clintons and the party organisation are one and the same and Obama is wedded to them. This will really damage the party, from the top to the bottom. The Democratic Party became a tool of the Clinton Organisation, Before the primary started, Washerman said that the head people of the party had decided they would make Hillary the next president of the U.S. All of the efforts of the National Party people was to be directed to that end. Destroying the Clinton organisation would destroy the national organisation. There are many skeletons in Obama’s closet as well that can be exposed.

    “Obama, The Great Deceiver, will disappear or be erased from accepted history.” a fitting end for a confidence man…pg

  4. beththeserf says:

    ‘This week the major installment of this tanker load of soap opera ….’
    Enter stage right the FBI. It’d be comedy, importance of being earnest,
    if it weren’t jest so serious fer the free werld. -( A serf from down under.

  5. Ian W says:

    There are strange effects of laws written by people who thought that elected representatives would have ethics. Impeachment for something carried out prior to being president is difficult. Similarly, a criminal act by a president is likely to be brought to book after the end of the president’s term. That is if the president does not pardon herself. Well there is no rule saying she cannot do that and that is what is is is it not?

  6. A C Osborn says:

    E M, Forensic team can Identify the following in the laptop,
    1. When the so called “Life Insurance” Folder was created
    2. When the data was transferred to it, file by file.
    3. The origin of the files, ie the Server or another laptop etc.

    Let’s face it if the Folder creation or File transfer was post Subpoena and contains any “Classified” files they are absolute toast.

    On top of that how many files are they likely to find from Barry to Clinton on the illegal Server from this email dump?

  7. philjourdan says:

    @E.M. – The strange mindset of the ruling class. Obama has no legacy. I am sure he thinks he does. But so far, his ONLY accomplishment (other than racking up 10 trillion in debt) is Obamacare which is coming apart at the seems. If Hillary is elected, it will be changed to single payer (socialized medicine), and she will get the credit (for whatever that will be worth). If Trump is elected, he will dismantle it. Leaving some legislation about pre-existing conditions, but virtually nothing else.

    His foreign policy makes Carter look like a genius, so there is nothing there (the Arab spring died in Benghazi). Race relations are worse than at any time in history. We have had 8 years of “malaise” (we only had 4 with Carter).

    But reality is not a requirement for meglomania. So yes, he may be hoping to salvage his “legacy”.

    The one thing that got my “spidey” senses tingling was his support of Comey. When all the other democrats were trying to throw him under the bus, he stood by Comey. Why? I have heard that Hillary does not even call him by his name in private, but refers to him as just “that man!”. So there is no love lost there. I think he believes as you said – he gets half a loaf regardless. So he sees no gain and no loss from either action, he is going for simple revenge.

    I will point out however, that Reagan had secret service protection and he was still shot. So he is playing with fire. While rare, there have been cases of suicide by multiple gun shots – all seeming to involve the Clintons. And what better way to make him a martyr than for him to be “assassinated” after his term is over?

  8. David A Anderson says:

    Phil; that is likely the best thing he can do for his “legacy”.

    So far no emails from or to Clinton, other then the one O email while using a pseudonym.

    That is where the action is, and I hope it comes out.

  9. beng135 says:

    Took 8 seconds in Firefox using a 2.5 Mbit/sec DSL connection to load the Shrilliary 2 post (first time, so it wasn’t cached). Don’t think that’s too bad.

    With the entire media, academia, unions, gov’ employees, lawyers, almost all women, minorities & young people locked into voting for her, I wouldn’t have given Trump a snowflakes’ chance in heck. With all this stuff going on — I still don’t.

  10. Gail Combs says:

    Don’t ever forget that Obama and Clinton are puppets for the likes of Soros and such and the Masters plans are LOOoooong term.

    The decision we would get 8 years of Obummer was made at the Bilderberg conference in June of 2008 and Hillary would get her presidency now with Sec of State as a conciliation prize. Just after that conference Ron Paul abruptly withdrew from the race. Dan Estulin had mentioned that assassination of Paul had been discussed at a prior conference. Also an insider in Ross Perot’s bid said he got threats against his family. (Comment at the TreeHouse)

    With the Wiki-leaks broadcasting the Hillary connections to Soros, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, ISIS topped by the Russia/war fiasco, I think Hillary just became too toxic with this last leak. Especially when you factor in the awakening of a well informed, well armed LARGE ‘Basket of Deplorables’. There are now WAY too many people who are aware of the tiny number attending Hillary rallies and the tens of thousands attending Trump rallies. Way too many aware of Agenda polls and Diebold and Soros and DNC vote rigging.

    Prior to the DNC Wikileaks and the Sudden Awakenning….
    March 2016 — “The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking”

    Stealing the election from a very popular fighter like Trump and giving it to a KNOWN criminal just became way too dangerous esp with a revelation of Who is behind the curtain pulling the strings.

    Bill Ivey [of http://globalculturalstrategies.com/ ] to John Podesta

    From: bi AT globalculturalstrategiescom
    To: john.podesta AT gmailcom
    Date: 2016-03-13 17:06
    Subject: From Bill Ivey

    Well, we all thought the big problem for our US democracy was Citizens United/Koch Brothers big money in politics. Silly us; turns out that money isn’t all that important if you can conflate entertainment with the electoral process. Trump masters TV, TV so-called news picks up and repeats and repeats to death this opinionated blowhard and his hairbrained ideas, free-floating discontent attaches to a seeming strongman and we’re off and running.

    …..what we are dealing with now is dead serious. How does this get handled in the general? Secretary Clinton is not an entertainer, and not a celebrity in the Trump, Kardashian mold; what can she do to offset this? I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

    Rubio’s press conference yesterday AM was good and should be repeated in its entirety, not just in nibbles. I will attend the Clinton fundraiser here next week but as I can only afford the low level of participation may just get to wave without a “hello.”

    I fear we are all now trying to navigate a set of forces that cannot be simply explained or fully understood, so it is and will reamin interesting!

    Sent with a handshake,


  11. bruce says:

    what a great movie it all would make. A little imagination would be needed to make it plausible

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    Did the FBI request a grand jury on the Clinton foundation and get turned down by DOJ?

  13. Can Loretta Lynch be arrested for obstruction of justice? By whom?

  14. Pouncer says:

    “The Hill ‘n Huma Show” is pulling vastly better Nielsen ratings than the “Adventures of Richard Winsdor”.


    The situation of both comedies is exactly the same. “How does the funny girl / lead hide her shenanigans from recurring antagonist Ricky and the other guys snooping with FOIA? “

  15. Gail Combs says:

    beng135 says: “With the entire media, academia, unions, gov’ employees, lawyers, almost all women, minorities & young people locked into voting for her, I wouldn’t have given Trump a snowflakes’ chance in heck. With all this stuff going on — I still don’t.”

    That means you are not paying attention!

    1. Young people locked into voting for her???
    I don’t think so. About 1/2 the democrats were FOR Bernie not Hillary.
    With the DNC Wikileaks showing collusion between the DNC and Clinton to steal the election from Bernie; the Murder of DNC Whistle Blower Seth Rich; the threats by Hillary to drone Assange and Kerry effectively muzzling Assange using threats against Ecuador; all on top of the tossing out of Bernie Delegates and supporters at the DNC convention you have this sentiment from the Bernie supporters:

    “Us #AfterBerners are mad as hell and we’re going to burn this motherfvcker down with God-Emperor Trump leading the way.”

    If they do not vote Trump, they will vote Jill Stein, who is at least sane or Johnson but #NEVERHILLARY

    2. Unions — The leaders may support Hillary but the rank and file support Trump because of his stance on immigration and trade deals. (Hillary wants Open Borders the Trans-pacific Partnership and in her bank speeches said * Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open Trade And Open Markets. *)
    SEIU Union Leader: My Blue-Collar Members Support Trump’s Message

    AFL-CIO Pres: ‘Probably Every’ Union Member Says ‘Amen’ After Hearing Donald Trump Blast Unfair Trade Deals

    3. Women — Do you really think we will vote for Hillary just because she has a vagina? Do you think we can’t spot a backstabbing witch a mile away? Do you think we would vote for an unhinged woman who wants to start a WAR with Russia using OUR sons and daughters? Possible a NUCLEAR WAR?
    ‘A Vote for Hillary Clinton Is A Vote For War’: Green Party’s Jill Stein Warns Of Nuclear War In Clinton Presidency
    NEW ONLINE AD Warns Young Women of Hillary’s Wars and National Draft — #DraftOurDaughters

    4. gov’ employees — So far Trump is getting endorsements from the three largest police unions, He received Bay of Pigs Veterans Association’s First Ever Endorsement, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council endorsed Trump, National Border Patrol Council and a ton of other groups and individuals. Some gov’t employees actually want to do a good job and are disgusted with the corruption now found in government. FBI Director Comey found that out when the piles of resignations showed up on his desk thanks to the Clinton e-mail scandal.

    5. Minorities
    Shock Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined
    Black Vote Surges For Trump
    Farrakhan to Obama: Let Trump Do Want He Wants, You Failed Inner City Blacks

    L.A. Times Amazed to Find Latinos Who Support Trump The Clinton’s treatment of Hatia and Libya was brought up in a conversation I just had with two black janitors at an inner city school in Durham NC. They are voting Trump. In that black neighborhood I saw Trump signs and not one Hillary sign.

    It’s This Bad=> NY Times Front Page Has Photo of Hillary Clinton Welcomed by Trump Signs in Florida

    In March of this year Democrat Pat Caddell identified WHY Trump is drawing the Monster Vote, the 10 million who normally do not vote. — Establishment Can’t Stop Trump’s Populist Candidacy Because They Can’t Recognize Legitimate Concerns Motivating His Voters

  16. Soronel Haetir says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see why this matters. If all the stuff already known about HRC has not been enough I just have a very hard time seeing any significant number of voters going “Okay, this decided me.”

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Wow Chris Mathews MSNBC just effectively endorsed Trump (being totally captive media to DNC and Obama, this means the green light has been given to cut the ropes and set her adrift)

  18. Larry Ledwick says:

    By the way in above video Scott Adams (author or Dilbert) commented on the word choice at the very end of the video being a powerful form of persuasion casting aspersions on your manhood if you vote for Hillary.

    Essentially a challenge — Do you have the balls to vote for Trump?

    from Twitter:
    Scott Adams ‏@ScottAdamsSays 8 minutes ago
    Scott Adams Retweeted BayAreaTrialLawyer

    Look for the word “dainty” toward the end. That is a well-chosen persuasion word. Men, do you want to be dainty?

  19. Gail Combs says:

    E.M. I posted a comment with many links in support of my position in response to beng135. It got tossed in to Moderation, Spam or the Trash.

    On a humorous note Gateway Pundit had this: Hah-Hah! Source Close to Weiner Says Huma Emails Were Downloaded Accidentally – IT WAS THE COMPUTER’S FAULT (VIDEO)

    And on the corruption side:
    John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

    Donald Trump can’t be elected fast enough.

    But meanwhile

  20. Gail Combs says:

    Larry Ledwick says: “….Men, do you want to be dainty?”

    Heck I am female and I do not want to be considered ‘dainty’

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    The Big O Legacy also includes all those thousands of Executive Orders he has signed, the Paris Accord (that will be enforced via fine print in the TPP ), and his packing of the entire Federal Goverment with his operatives appointees, along with a Judicial Branch that will not undo his doings and changes…


    Excuse me, I need to go check the ice status in Hell…

  22. Gail Combs says:

    “-Huma Abedin has served as vice chairwoman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president, & continues in her role as personal assistant to Clinton, currently #3 position. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, Abedin wrote an open letter to Clinton supporters calling herself “a proud Muslim” & criticized Trump’s plan as “literally (writing) racism into our law books.” Worked at a journal that promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology, founded by one top al-Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef ran the Rabita Trust, foreign terrorist organization under American law. Ms. Abedin & Naseef overlapped at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA) for at least 7yrs.
    -Syed Zainul Abedin, her father (died 1993), Huma was two they moved to Saudi Arabia. According to Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, now a peace activist, writes, “The Abedins for decades were actually serving a foreign entity, the government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, and not American Democracy as President Obama stated.”
    -Saleha Mahmood Abedin, her mother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s female division the “Muslim Sisterhood” Hillary’s aide’s mom is law professor in Jeddah Saudi Arabia”. —link

  23. Gail Combs says:

    Soronel Haetir says: “I’m sorry but I just don’t see why this matters…”

    It will not matter to the brain dead who ALWAYS vote democrat no matter what. However up until now the MSM has been hiding the dirt about Hillary while bashing Trump for over a year. If this FINALLY makes it into the news it might actually wake up those who are not brain dead Democrats like my neighbor who can not stand Trump.

    At least some may switch to Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

    So yes it matters.

    (It also gives the ‘Deplorables’ like me more ammunition to hit the neighbors with.)

  24. Larry Ledwick says:

    Operation clean sweep is under way

    From twitter:
    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii 10m10 minutes ago

    You know what I said the past 24 hours about Dem Leadership bailing on Hillary? @MichelleObama just deleted all of her tweets past 3 years.

  25. Larry Ledwick says:

    More from twitter:
    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii 31m31 minutes ago

    Just got word from Polling Insider. Hillary is headed for Election Day No-Show Meltdown as her enthusiasm implodes.

  26. Gail Combs says:

    Yeah but former Republican President George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary!

  27. Larry Ledwick says:

    Apparently that video from Chris Mathews where he appears to effectively endorse Trump was an out take that misrepresents the total content of the segment.


  28. philjourdan says:

    I know we have talked about the crowds for Trump versus Hillary, but check out this picture over at Pointman’s:


    If that does not punctuate the discussion!

  29. Power Grab says:

    I’m going out for popcorn. Anyone else want anything?

  30. Gail Combs says:


  31. E.M.Smith says:

    Single malt, straight up… oh, and Budweiser for my horses…

  32. Gail Combs says:

    Phil that is not the only evidence of photoshopping in crowds for Hillary.

    Media Photoshops Crowd Image For Hillary Clinton St. Petersburg, Florida Speech

  33. tom0mason says:

    So who’s watching the watchers? Who is spying on the spies?

    As shown by books like The Wedge (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedge:_The_Secret_War_between_the_FBI_and_CIA ) the TLA inter-agency and internal agency dirty tricks abound for both protecting agency prestige and for personal gain.
    Now if the State Department Office is run by a furiously acquisitive person, who is out to make themselves both richer and bolster their political platform, such agency backbiting can be very useful, very profitable.

    So why did the the leaks happen now? Probably because within the FBI internal pressure and power brokering has forced it.
    Remember the current head of the FBI, James Comey, has form with the Clintons — Comey signed on as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee ( http://legalinsurrection.com/2016/07/flashback-prosecutors-weighed-charging-hillary-in-the-90s/ ). In 1996, after months of work, Comey came to some damning conclusions: Hillary Clinton was personally involved in mishandling documents and had ordered others to block investigators as they pursued their case.
    But Clinton still escaped prosecution. Why?
    Who has been pulling the strings? Someone wanted Hillary in the high office position so they could benefit — who?
    As Clinton said. “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”
    I believe that when those words were said it was a message to one or more puppet-masters.

    How much more misdirection, flim-flam, and outright Łies will yet come out?
    650,000 emails…
    ….we do indeed live in interesting times.

  34. philjourdan says:

    @Regis – Re: Arrest Lynch – By any DOJ official. But who is going to do it? It is not “can” but “will”. And the answer is “wont”

  35. Judy F. says:

    Kind of off topic, but I have had an interesting few days. In the past week I have driven about 450 miles throughout northeast Colorado. All along I-76 between the state line and Denver, in the rural counties, there are lots of Trump signs. One was a billboard sign, others were painted on 4×8 sheets of plywood. Along some of the smaller highways, there are many banners attached to stacks of bales, including some professional signs that read “Farmers for Trump”. I saw many small yard signs for Trump. Only 2 Hillary signs and one Johnson sign. There were no large signs for Hillary.There are Trump signs along main streets in front of businesses. In my small town, every third house has a Trump sign. There is one Johnson sign and not one Hillary sign.

    Yesterday I had Jury Duty. During juror questioning, one man got quite agitated when he was asked if he would be able to find the defendant guilty if he thought the evidence proved it. He went on quite a rant saying that it bothered him that nationally, people like Hillary got away with the kinds of crimes he thought she was committing. He was asked to meet with the judge in chambers and we didn’t see him afterwards. It really wasn’t appropriate for the case at hand, but I was surprised at the intensity of his emotions when he was talking. Colorado is supposed to be a blue state, but that is not what I am seeing in rural Colorado. Not by a long shot.

  36. mikerestin says:

    My take on Comey’s move is:
    Something he might have thought was questionable on Hillary’s computer (but no sign of Clinton intent of wrong doing) showed up in the wrong Weiner’s lap…
    Some duplicate classified docs could have been found and now the FBI is following the evidence.

  37. Larry Ledwick says:

    So why did the the leaks happen now? Probably because within the FBI internal pressure and power brokering has forced it.

    Comey was getting shuned by his own staff, long time colleagues and friends had stopped talking to him, turning their backs to him when he walked by. The rank and file were furious as TPTB stonewalling their efforts to do a proper investigation.

    He had no choice either he tried to repair the damage or they would cut him off at the knees with leaks and other passive resistance measures. I don’t think he expected how angry the rank and file were going to get, but many of them see him as a corrupt dirty cop who got bought off. He has completely destroyed his career but might want to try to repair the damage to the agencies reputation. The only fix for the problem is to find a way to nail someones hide to the wall, to show the FBI still was an effective law enforcement agency and a force to be reckoned with.

  38. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well this is interesting! Is this real, a false flag, or pure political BS

  39. Power Grab says:

    I saw an old movie the other night: “The Strange Love of Martha Ivers”. That show usually has a live host who talks up the movie and show viewers’ photos that they had taken with movie stars and other celebrities. This time, the host never appeared. They just aired the movie. It made me wonder if the folks running the station had had second thoughts about their role this election season, and maybe the host couldn’t bring himself to be present as the curtain got pulled back, so to speak, displaying the background and inner workings of a situation not unlike what we’re seeing lived out before our eyes.

  40. Regis Llanfar says:



    IMO it’s the real deal.

  41. Another Ian says:

    Lord Jim
    November 2, 2016 at 12:27 pm · Reply

    Clinton documents just dropped by the FBI

    From latest Jo Nova

  42. Larry Ledwick says:

    So now they are digging so deep to attack Trump that they are seeing a news story in a German outlet of an investigation of a deal in Brazil by Brazilian authorities, where one company (not Trump) licensed Trump’s name from another company (not trump) can some how implicate Trump in a shady deal alleged to have involved state pension funds investing in their building who’s only connection to Trump is having licensed the use of his brand name.


  43. Larry Ledwick says:

    FBI agents started sending in resignation letters to Comey

  44. Gail Combs says:

    From Breitbart – Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face

    From Sharyl Attkisson, who was a participant in the story an accurate timeline

  45. Gail Combs says:

    On Steve Pieczenik. This could be him:

    If so he does have the political chops.

    Also CIA case officer, Kent Clizbe, author of “Willing Accomplices: How KGB Created Political Correctness” has commented over at Tony Heller’s on several occasions. (He was kind enough to send me a pdf of his book too when we were in a very bad financial situation.) Kent has indicated there is a group. He mentioned he was doing vetting on the republican nominees for that group back last fall.

    A few years ago a retiree helped me at a church function. He was retired Secret Service and indicated that not only were all military vets placed on the Terrorist Watch List but so were retirees from the Secret Service, CIA, FBI……

    Now think of the most recent move. Congress Hillary and Obama are now tossing out the idea that ALL on that Terrorist Watch List should be denied their 2nd Amendment rights. This would mean ALL of those with formal weapons training and a love of the USA would be disarmed.

    So yes I could certainly see an organization of patriots. Heck you already have the Oathkeepers in public.

  46. philjourdan says:

    @Larry – Re: Chris Matthews – so what part of his body does Trump make tingle?

  47. philjourdan says:

    @Gail – Re: Download of Huma Emails – yea, “accidentally” on purpose! He hacked her account!

  48. Gail Combs says:

    Another Ian – on Clinton documents just dropped by the FBI.

    Check out page 26.

    That page alone blows my mind. AND people want THAT in charge of our nuclear arsenal???

    On July2, 2016, the FBI interviewed Clinton. Clinton was aware she was an Original Classivication Authority (OCA) at State; however,she could not recall how often she used this authority nor could recall she recall any training or guidance provided by State.^496 Clinton could not give an example of how the classification of a document was determined; rather she stated there was a process in place at State before her tenure, and she relied on career foreign service professionals to appropriately mark and handle classified information…. When asked whether she believed information should be classified if its unauthorized release would cause damage to national security, Clinton responded “yes that is the understanding”

    Clinton did not recall recieving any e-mails she thought should not have been on an unclassified system…. (I typed it so there could be some mistakes)

    Looking around I found this:
    winstonsmith September 3, 2016 at 10:48 am
    “Here are the FBI summary file and interview notes in a single searchable PDF and some highlights from a reddit thread:

    Clinton could not give an example of how the classification of a document was determined; rather she stated there was a process in place at State before her tenure, and she relied on career foreign service professionals to appropriately mark and handle classified information. Clinton believed information should be classified when it relates to [Redacted] the use of sensitive sources, or sensitive deliberations.” (Page 26)

    She relied on State officials to use their judgment when e-mailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her e-mail address. The FBI provided Clinton with copies of her classified e-mails ranging from CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET/SAP and Clinton said she did not believe the e-mails contained classified information.” (Page 26)

    CONTINUED (I typed this too so there could be some mistakes)

    Upon reviewing an e-mail clasified SECRET//NOFORN dated December 27, 2011, Clinton stated no policy or practice existed related to communicating around holidays, and it was often necessary to communicate in code or do the best you could to convey the information considering the e-mail system you were using. In reference to the same e-mail, Clinton believed if the foreign press was to obtain information from that e-mail, it would not cause damage to the US Government. When asked Clinton recalled being briefed on SAP information but could not recall any specific briefing on how to handle SAP information. Clinton stated she knew SAP information was of great importance and needed to be handled carefully. [page 27]

    No wonder the FBI, and other agencies are now in open revolt!

    What is completely unbelievable is the article on VOX DEFENDING HILLARY!!!
    These people must really really hate the USA and want to see her destroyed.

  49. philjourdan says:

    @Larry – GOOD! I was having to rethink my support of Trump with endorsements like that.

  50. Larry Ledwick says:

    Completely obvious to anyone who is into computers and understands typical behavior exploited by hackers. Apparently completely oblivious to the folks in and around the Clinton’s.


  51. Glenn999 says:

    Just ran out of popcorn……

    Question: Related to James O’Keefe and his undercover projects, has there been any dirt uncovered on Mr. O’Keefe? I was wondering because of some comments I read. I just wanted to know the pros/cons of a source before I recommend it to strongly.

    Also interesting site: http://www.mostdamagingwikileaks.com/
    Has anyone seen this site, and what do they think?

  52. Another Ian says:

    “DoJ Assistant Attorney Peter Kadzik outed as a mole for Hillary Clinton campaign https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/43150#efmABWAB8ACiACqACvADUADXAIF …”


  53. Another Ian says:

    And the SDA comment by “Fearless Leader!!!

  54. Regis Llanfar says:

    @Another Ian – worthy of a link in and of itself: http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2016/11/i-did-not-have-4.html#comment-1069552

    Also, a comment from an email I got from my group earlier:

    Yep — this discussion went around my group yesterday morning, followed by the video in early afternoon.

    We’ll see . . . things are STILL shaking out — NYPD has a complete copy of Weiner’s hard drive, which is purported to have informations/pictures about Bill and Hill being involved in pediophilia on the “Lolita Express.”

    Trouble with the pedio business — it is international in scope, and has allegedly some of the biggest names in governments involved — of course, this information has been around since the Franklin scandal had its day in court, on the record — but, nobody wants to, or can, touch it — too hot, with too many involved.

    More “we’ll see.”

  55. David A Anderson says:

    Regis, interesting comment, but no link, no NYPD chief name.

    The fact that the NYPD has the goods is certainly cogent insurance of transparency.

  56. David A Anderson says:

    Every other day, a new scandal; Obama’s Muslim List, Christian’s need not apply.

  57. Larry Ledwick says:

    FYI looks like Right Sside Broadcastings utube account has had streaming blocked

    Also their main URL right now is not loading a page completely blank page no 404 error etc.


  58. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmmm it appears their web page has been parked by godaddy

  59. David A Anderson says:

    Good article on how the DOJ is blocking both the Clinton Foundation investigation, and the email scandal, via keeping them separate.

  60. E.M.Smith says:

    Um. I have Rightside at : http://rsbn.tv/

    So what is that full name one about?

    If RightSide has a trademark, current rules let them claim the name…

    Have the Dupree show live on youtube here:

  61. Larry Ledwick says:

    Ahh okay looks like a parked domain to protect the brand, did not have a book mark for it and did a google search for the name.

  62. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    It could just as easily be that he wants to announce a Grand Jury Indictment for high crimes…

    Were I in his place, I’d expedite to get a “good enough” scan done to know the truth and take the right action, whichever way it went… if he just lets it slide past the election, he either taints an innocent (of email documented crime) or lets a criminal get immunity as POTUS… not good for him eithrr way. So you jam it and slam it to know what to whack…

  63. Larry Ledwick says:

    The rank and file at the FBI are chomping at the bit to get an indictment, they think the only way to rescue their reputation and the agencies is to send someone to jail. He may just be getting out of their way and saying you can use what ever resources you need for this until election day.

    I bet they would have agents standing in line to review those emails and interview suspects. Now philosophically, it is not a good idea for a law enforcement agency to be on a mission, bound and determined to hang someone, but in this case I think it is probably justified.

    I have also seen various comments that some in the intelligence agencies would be motivated to drop hints and tips to facilitate a conviction. Hillary has made several very powerful enemies, and I don’t think her connections can protect her. In fact if they sense she will taint them, she will likely be cut loose and hung out to dry.

  64. E.M.Smith says:

    From what I have read, the P.O.’d agencies include The Secret Service, all the military, the C.IA, (putting agents at risk via email leaks), the F.B.I. (for being blatently criminal and haughty about it), and the N.S.A. (for being stupid about security and ignoring guidelines) not to mention a few foreign governments…FSB & Mossad come to mind…

    I’d hate to have even one of those pissed at me.

    FWIW, I’d not be surprised if one of the TLAs was the source to Wikileaks…

    It will be interesting to watch what happens in the next 7 days.

  65. Larry Ledwick says:

    The foreign gamblers taking bets on our election are starting to shorten the odds on Trump winning.


  66. Larry Ledwick says:

    It wouldn’t be a big surprise if one of more of the TLA’s are in the game. Remember “Deep Throat” in Watergate (Mark Felt) was in the FBI so it has happened before.


    If I was going to bet on it, I would put most of my money on Israeli involvement (perhaps feeding info to wiki) given how the current administration tried to interfere in their election and how badly HRC has mucked up the middle east. Then NSA and CIA both of which were hurt by her leaks in some cases probably outing both agents and methods.

    I am sure the SVR/FSB/GRU are taking notes and giving nudges when it serves their interests, that has been a constant since WWII and the old Soviet Union. They simply would not let the opportunity pass to get their hand in, if nothing else to pickup materials to be used later as part of a disinformation campaign and build covers for other operations.

  67. Gail Combs says:


    Goes to

    NOTICE: This domain name expired on 10/25/2016 and is pending renewal or deletion.
    Welcome to: rightsidebroadcasting.com
    This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy.com…

    Supposedly their Utube is back up and running.

  68. Gail Combs says:

    Another Ian, I think he is wrong.

    People are not aware of just how determined the Trump Deplorables are to win this election. I talked a neighbor into registering to vote for the very first time. Hubby drove her down to register and we will take her to the polls. (We are NOT leaving it to chance) Now multiply that by all the enthusiastic Deplorables doing the same. I am assembling information to target another neighbor.

    Lots of reports on the ConservativeTreeHouse of people convincing friends and family to vote Trump who were Democrat, Independent or not registered. Lots of cheering and Atta-Boys as reinforcement for doing so.

    The actual number of Trump voters is completely unknown because people are scared to death they will be targeted. The have already been banned at DISQUS, had their email messed up by google, been unfriended and/or vilified on Facebook…

    Prager University (Dennis Prager) had a good ad up on a Youtube I just watched about freedom of speech and the Progressive/Democrat harassment shutting it down. Things like a seachable list of SMALL donors to a group against the same sex marriage bill in California. Making that list public and searchable resulted in cars being keyed, windows smashed and people fired, to name just one. The True the Vote harassment by multiple US federal agencies like the IRS and OSHA for another.

    Heck, because I have a small business I am very careful not to talk about Climate Change or Trump to my customers. So much for free speech, and that carries over to answering polls WE KNOW are by Hillary supporters.

  69. Gail Combs says:

    True Pundit: BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury

    New York Police Department detectives and prosecutors working an alleged underage sexting case against former Congressman Anthony Weiner have turned over a newly-found laptop he shared with wife Huma Abedin to the FBI with enough evidence “to put Hillary (Clinton) and her crew away for life,” NYPD sources told True Pundit.

    NYPD sources said Clinton’s “crew” also included several unnamed yet implicated members of Congress in addition to her aides and insiders.

    The NYPD seized the computer from Weiner during a search warrant and detectives discovered a trove of over 500,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton, Abedin and other insiders during her tenure as secretary of state. The content of those emails sparked the FBI to reopen its defunct email investigation into Clinton on Friday.

    But new revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

    * Money laundering
    * Child exploitation
    * Sex crimes with minors (children)
    * Perjury
    * Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
    * Obstruction of justice
    * Other felony crimes

    NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.

    “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

    The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.

    “People are going to prison,” he said.

    Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said.

    “If they don’t cooperate they are going to see long sentences,” a federal law enforcement source said….

    NYPD said it planned to order the same phone and travel records on Clinton and Abedin, however, the FBI said it was in the process of requesting the identical records. Law enforcement sources are particularly interested in cell phone activity and travel to the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands and other locations that sources would not divulge.

    The new emails contain travel documents and itineraries indicating Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Weiner and multiple members of Congress and other government officials accompanied convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing 727 on multiple occasions to his private island in the U.S Virgin Islands, sources said. Epstein’s island has also been dubbed Orgy Island or Sex Slave Island where Epstein allegedly pimps out underage girls and boys to international dignitaries.

    Both NYPD and FBI sources confirm based on the new emails they now believe Hillary Clinton traveled as Epstein’s guest on at least six occasions, probably more when all the evidence is combed, sources said. Bill Clinton, it has been confirmed in media reports spanning recent years, that he too traveled with Epstein over 20 times to the island….

    It goes on from there with bomb after bomb.

    If this is all true, given the NYPD is not owned by Hillary, it is going to be explosive.


  70. David A says:

    Gail, yes, read the same. Still looking for the name of the NYPD chief, and the original source of the story.

  71. David A says:

    Larry, I am not certain Hillary can be “cut loose and hung to dry”. It appears highly likely she can take them all down with her. Man-o-man, I HOPE so!

  72. philjourdan says:

    @Glenn999 – Re: O’Keefe – Have you ever heard of dirt on Ken Starr? You will hear dirt. It is the SOP for the left when they are caught with their pants down and have no way to deny it – attack the messenger. The bottom line is, it is just mud slinging. If others are attacking O’Keefe, the 2 prongs I use are – #1 – Prove it (opinion is not proof) and #2 – How does that change the evidence.

    That is when they descend into juvenile ad hominems and infantile rages.

    On the site, I also came across it recently. It is “one man’s opinion”, and there are some good ones there. But each person has to decide what they are looking for (and everyone can find what they want) in the emails to decide which are the most significant.

  73. David A Anderson says:

    E. M., ya, nobody wants any one of those agencies paused at them.
    This appears to be a part of the problem with one world, rule the world Blackbeards of every stripe; success requires size, size requires greater control, control creates backlash, failure in any large system becomes systemic taking the whole thing down. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”

    IMV, it is incredibly dangerous to attempt to make the world into “your viewpoint”. Certainly it is logical to see that the phrase “Good fences make good neighbors” applies to individuals and nations.

  74. Gail Combs says:

    I have been trying to find out exactly who TruePundit is.

    The Progressive Propaganda site Media Matters says it is a Russian site. Gatway pundit, being careful of their reputation, reported the Hillary Drone Strike on Assange saying “TruePundit may be a hoax website.” while a commenter went on to say,

    “TruePundit may be a hoax website.” I just went to the website. Nothing on the homepage appears to be hoaxed, in fact everyone of the stories have appeared here or on Drudge.

    and another answered “WL tweeted it. They have yet to be wrong.”

    When I read this stuff, I keep thinking of the Bovine Feces we are fed by the MSM 24/7 and the fact National Enquirer has broken some bombs. So I am praying this is 99% true and blows up in Hillary’s face in the next few days.

    With Hillary and Soros backing Cop killing/rioting Black Lives Matters thugs, I can not see the NYPD sitting on this if it is true.

    Remember Roger Stone checked the actual flight logs and found Bill Clinton flew with Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing 727 ??28 times?? Would Wiener be caught in that web? Seems likely given he is a pedophile, was NY Congressman and ran for NYC mayor. Jeffrey Epstein, another NYC Jew, has residence in Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands, Palm Beach, Florida, and New York City.

  75. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting read on possible Russian connections to American Politicians. Much of this is common knowledge to people of my generation (baby boomer) who paid attention in school but will be totally new info to younger generations because of the media filter on such stories.


  76. Gail Combs says:

    National Enquirer Published Devastating Interview With Clinton Fixer, New Bombshell Is Coming

  77. Larry Ledwick says:

    Bret Bozell statement on current state of FBI investigation and the wall of silence.

  78. Gail Combs says:

    Roger Stone says some of the stuff on Truepundit is wrong.

  79. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Gail! “People are not aware of just how determined the Trump Deplorables are to win this election.”

    I think you are correct. There are a lot of people who have reached the end of their polite acceptance of the serf collar being placed around their neck. My experience indicates that there is a large majority of Trump supporters compared to Clinton supporters. If the election results do not reflect the exit polls closely, and show Hillary as the winner, I expect that there will be blood in the streets. Let us pray there is a peaceful (and liberty based) resolution to this increasing polarized political state we find ourselves in.

  80. Jason Calley says:

    Just in case there is some verbal ambiguity in this statement: “If the election results do not reflect the exit polls closely, and show Hillary as the winner”, I mean that “if the exit numbers show Trump with a majority, but the official ballot count does not match and instead shows Hillary with a majority”.

  81. Gail Combs says:

    Doug Hagmann:
    Raw Video: Hillary Clinton Lectures DoS Employees on Cyber Security – in 2010!

    OOOPS —- See my comment at 2 November 2016 at 1:06 pm so there is Hillary’s peurjury and intent.

  82. cdquarles says:

    I have paid a personal price for fighting politicians. I recall stories from ex-pats of ‘enlightened’ countries about the realities of government run medical care, backed up by the personal story of my Vet grandfather, during Jim Crow, in the VA system. [Poor care of vets in the VA? I’ve seen it with my own two eyes!] When I heard about DRGs in Medicare, which Waxman and Stark pushed, plus EMTALA, which Waxman and Stark pushed; plus my own experience with Ross Perot’s EDS, when Hillary(no)Care hit, I downloaded the 2000 page bill multiple times, as it was emended to know what was in it. That was the event that pushed me into fighting TPTB. I saw the effects of a ‘well intended’ CON law. It had the predicable effects. Somewhat ironically, that law caught Dandy Don and Richard Scrushy in a pay-to-play scandal, for Scrushy not only was aggressive in getting Medicare and Medicaid to pay claims, incumbent control of the CON Board delayed the very needed construction and opening of a new hospital at the Jefferson and Shelby County border, where the population had increased from a few thousand to nearly 150,000 over 40 years. That hospital finally opened a year or two ago. BIG Government is Evil.

  83. Gail Combs says:

    A bit of comic relief: (I might vote for Trump if he wasn’t a republican…)

  84. Can I get a reality check on this? Is this something that NY can pull off? From my email contact re: Ian’s link:

    “Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD.”

    Not noted, but very important — President Obama can only pardon for crimes committed against Federal statutes, not state law.

    If the NYPD chooses to prosecute ANYBODY for state-law pedo violations, Obama has no ability to rescue them via a Presidential pardon.

  85. Gail Combs says:

    More Steve Pieczenik. Interesting….

  86. Gail Combs says:


    I was writing at another board at the time and not only did we read that darn Obummercare bill we took turns explaining what it meant to the rest of the board members. I did the same thing with the Food Safety Modernization Act only that was published under one name. She disappeared forever shortly after that fight and does not answer her e-mails.

  87. Gail Combs says:

    Jason Calley,

    If Trump loses after all this expect to see massive protest rallies across the country and that is just the rank and file rabble. Check out the Steve Pieczenik video above. Seems some people take their oath to the Constitution seriously.

    Right now it is ‘Cold Anger’ on the part of normal citizens. However the cops are pretty fed-up with being Soros and Hillary and Obama’s scapegoats. Many other agencies are fed-up with the fatalities caused by the messes Hillary made and her disregard for security and her increasing the threat of war so the elite are not dealing with carefully orchestrated protests burning down poor sections of town with 100% cooperation of law enforcement but with something entirely different.

  88. Larry Ledwick says:

    Early voting up in general but blacks are not voting which would be bad for the Democratic ticket.


    By the way rumors showing up on twitter about a major release tomorrow that will have serious implications for HRC. Info is pretty sketchy and shocking if correct, so will not comment further until more solid info comes out but the rumor mill is convinced it will change things big time.

  89. David A Anderson says:

    Regis, states can also bring RICO charges.

    The DOJ thwarted the email investigation by separating the Clinton Foundation investigation, thus removing from examination the clear motive of Hillary to use a private email to cover up the pay for play foundation corruption.

  90. @Larry something like this?https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5axe9d/breaking_i_have_connected_a_convicted_child/

    Fwiw, I honestly don’t know what to make of that thread. Child trafficking is evil. But the group was calling itself a Christian ministry. I find it hard to conflate them.

  91. Gail Combs says:

    Some of the background on WHY
    What the deleted emails show:


    Fleshing out what Hector Morenco tweeted:


    H/T to Lord Jim @ Jo Nova’s

  92. Larry Ledwick says:

    Poll numbers imply that Colorado will go for Trump and might be the swing state that elects him.


  93. Gail Combs says:

    Regis Llanfar says: “… But the group was calling itself a Christian ministry. I find it hard to conflate them.”

    Regis they do it on purpose because they know people will have a hard time believing it.

    #1. Obama is using Catholic and Lutheran ‘Charities’ to locate Islamic terrorists in the USA.

    #2. The United Methodist Church was where Hillary’s thugs gathered to organize and plan the violence against Trump supporters. I am talking about throwing bottles and rocks at a innocent horse and knocking it down. Six other horses were hit with rocks and broken glass and the thugs even push trash bins into one horse. I am talking about throwing bottles at a guy, Dereck Scott in a wheelchair, hitting him in the head. I am talking about burning people’s property and injuring nine officers. Criminals stomped on patrol cars and shattered windows with rocks.

    This is the church:
    University Heights United Methodist Church
    2210 Silver Ave SE
    Albuquerque NM 87106
    (505) 266-2525
    This is the organization:

    A flyer was captured at the rally and was shown on ConservativeTreeHouse. LINK

    And even worse, From James Delingpole

    Muslim Rape Gangs: the Disturbing Role of Britain’s Leading Child Welfare Charity

    These people are truly evil. So yes I can believe it without much effort.

  94. Gail Combs says:

    Regis Llanfar says: “Can I get a reality check on this?”

    I think you will find the answer in this video:

    or here:
    Charles Ortel: States and Foreign Governments Investigating Clinton Foundation ‘Charity Fraud’

    […] ‘Many month ago, I thought to myself charity fraud is a state matter. And because this is an international global charity, it’s a foreign matter,” said Ortel, who’s spent more than 15 months researching the Clinton Foundation’s public records, donor disclosure data, federal, and state-level tax filings.

    “Let’s go after potential infractions. Let’s see if there’s potential illegal acts at the state level and at the foreign level,” he continued. Because if we go down those avenues, the President [Obama] cannot pardon those crimes. There’s no way that he can do that, neither by executive action or any other means.”

    “And I can tell you that many states and many foreign countries are actively looking at this,” Ortel said.

    Ortel is the former Wall Street analyst who blew the lid on financial discrepancies at General Electric in 2007 before that company’s stock crashed the following year. […]

  95. Larry Ledwick says:

    @Regis Llanfar says:
    3 November 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Yes that is the topic, I have scanned through some of the emails and many of them have truly bizarre choices of wording and phrasing.

    Not sure I buy the proposed code key words and meanings but something does not seem right about a good number of those emails.

    The Redditers might be letting their imagination run away with them on the suggested meaning of the key words, but either they (the group addressed in the emails) are major league foodies who constantly cook for each other and trade recipes, and go out to group events at restaurants or it is some sort of hidden dialog about something.

    Trying to apply rule of simplest explanation, but some of those emails defy that test, it will take a lot of traffic analysis to make sense of it completely. The FBI etc. probably also have clues based on other “non-public” resources which might help them make sense of them such as scheduled dinner meetings at a popular local spot but cell phone pings show they were all gathered some place else.

  96. pg sharrow says:

    @Larry; decoding these emails will be a major industry for years! Kind of like decoding Nostradamus Quatrains! …;-)…pg

  97. Paul Hanlon says:

    WikiLeaks have tweeted about the reddit link above, so it appears there may be something to this sex trafficking ring. They’re now up to #28, with rumours there will be a blockbuster later today or tomorrow.

    Did anyone notice the desperation in Obama at the rally yesterday. They don’t apparently like each other. Why is he trying so hard?

  98. winterpost says:

    @Larry Ledwick

    There is already this Pizzagate thing on /r/The_Donald:


    “The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…”

    Must be good Hotdogs, then.
    Also spending 65,000$ on a privite pizza party seems a bit excessive:


    “I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
    pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
    ago, assume we are using the same channels? ”

    Yup. Nothing suspicious here.

  99. Regis Llanfar says:

    @Paul Perhaps he had his hand in the pay-to-play cookie jar as well?

  100. A C Osborn says:

    @Paul, it might also have something to do with him outright lying to an FBI National Security Investigation.

  101. Gail Combs says:

    Media wh@re Nate Silver is now calling it a tight race.

    …She’s polling a little better than Obama was in the highly educated swing states of Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado. But it’s only a little bit better — not a lot better — because African-American turnout for Clinton may be lower than it was for Obama in North Carolina and Virginia, and because third-party candidates may be eating into her margin in Colorado. She also has a much better chance of winning Arizona or Georgia than Obama did. But neither Arizona or Georgia are all that close to the electoral tipping point, and Clinton will probably win them only if she’s having a strong night overall and winning all the other swing states, too….

    Hillary has a problem in North Carolina because it is “Mixed Paper Ballot and DREs with VVPAT”
    DRE – Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines
    VVPAT – Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail Printers

    And Pat McCrory is a Republican and fairly honest.



  102. Gail Combs says:

    I should also add that Research Triangle Park is heavy tech and was decimated by the H1b visas that ousted Americans. Believe me, I have gotten an earful on H1b visas and bad trade deals over the years.

    I can see these young savvy voters going Trump, Johnson, or Still but #NEVERHILLARY.

    The fact Assange has gone after Hillary not Trump is going to leave a major impression on the Techno types.

  103. cdquarles says:

    One thing really grinds my gears these days. That is the conflation of “education” with being conferred an undergraduate or higher “degree”. The man makes the credential, yet the credential does not make the man.

  104. philjourdan says:

    She’s polling a little better than Obama was in the highly educated swing states of Virginia

    Oh GOODY! Seems they are calling blacks stupid again! Most of the lily white liberal mouthpieces in the state have shown a large lead for Hillary (because of Kaine I guess). That has narrowed. But in one poll, Hampton U (a black college), she is behind. So they are ignoring it figuring those blacks are not smart enough to poll accurately. LOL!

    And the racism keeps on coming!

  105. philjourdan says:

    RCP just pulled Michigan from hillary and put it in Toss Up. SHe is down to 208 – http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/2016_elections_electoral_college_map.html

  106. Gail Combs says:

    Wikileaks tweets to go with the above:

    Don’t forget the video where Bill Clinton talks about Hillary having conversations with Elanor Roosevelt. (Yeah, I know she was dead!)

  107. Larry Ledwick says:
  108. philjourdan says:

    Someone just got harpooned big time!

    They have been the only ones turning over the flat rocks and watching an assortment of variously corrupt and corrupting creatures scurrying out of the light and back into the murky twilight and shadows such denizens live in. They simply got so used to having a sickeningly compliant media attentive to their every whim, that they grew careless, and indeed couldn’t care what scandals might be uncovered about their activities since they would get no coverage in the media anyway. Revelation has followed revelation, and not a scintilla of it all is being covered in the mainstream media.


  109. Gail Combs says:

    Interesting video of Hillary getting grilled by Congressman Trey Gowdy on Bengahz. Notice the sh..t eating grin playing on Hillary’s mouth the whole time.

    The Pentagon Just Shut Down Trey Gowdy For Going After Hillary…

    Looks like they are still trying to circle the wagons.

    Don’t miss the next video (10 min) Trey Gowdy tells Obama “F**K Off with Your Executive Order!” (1st half is on Obama and immigration and second 1/2 is grilling Comey on non prosecution of Hillary)
    He also talks about the Rule of Law. I really like this guy!

  110. Gail Combs says:

    cdquarles, I had a friend, who I lost to cancer a few years ago, with a 6th grade education that makes a lot of the Phds I know look like the donkey’s rear ends that they are.

  111. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Who would have guessed in Nov 2009 that the Climategate emails would led us to a Presidential election with compelling evidence of high-level corruption and possible military intervention in the election process?

    Just a few minor adjustments to the data.”

  112. Gail Combs says:

    From IAn at Jo Novas

    Chronological detail of Hilary’s email saga, Steve McIntyre has done his usual professional auditing work:


    Lord you need a year just to untangle this mess.

  113. Larry Ledwick says:

    Stefan Molyneux and Mike Cernovich and Vox Day video on topic of recent Podesta mails etc.

  114. Larry Ledwick says:

    Video about Hillary’s melt down during/following an appearence with Matt Lauer NBC
    (the little simpsons bit a the end is priceless)

  115. Larry Ledwick says:

    Also posted some in tips, but Trump was rushed off the stage in Reno when Secret Service determined someone in the crowd in front of the stage was a threat.


  116. Jeff says:

    Yep. Seems like Hildie’s button is stuck on “Evil” and the slide switch won’t move.

    Also rather interesting the quote from Proverbs. I suspect that Solomon had seen everything from both sides, having been both a very holy and wise man, yet sometimes quite a lot less than a saint.

    Proverbs and Ecclesastices have a lot of good advice, no matter what one’s belief structure. Seems “youf” were the same then, as now….. (Youf is wasted on the young?)

  117. E.M.Smith says:

    “Spirit cooking”? Clearly my imagination is way too limited…

    Things you can not unknow once seen or heard, no matter how much you might wish…

    Now the question becomes:

    Is it a really really sick reality, or fabrication of equally sick form?…

    I fear the answer, either way.

  118. Larry Ledwick says:

    Trump event in Denver this evening. Actual event about 40-50 minutes so the first part of the stream is waiting for Trump. Lots of Hispanics for Trump in the crowd.
    Interesting benediction.

  119. Larry Ledwick says:

    This broke early this morning, largely being ignored by the major media.


    On the same day Comey announces he still finds no grounds for criminal charges against Hillary for her handling of classified materials.

    I have seen several references to the NY post article but so far no direct links to the original emails where she requested her maid print out secure materials gathered from the fax machine in the SCIF.

    If anyone finds an index to those emails would be much appreciated if you could link to it.
    Searching reddit now, they are talking about it but not posting any links I can find so far.

  120. Larry Ledwick says:

    I found one of them dated 2012 which was not declassified until this year.
    Found a second (same thing date of email well before it was declassified)

  121. Gail Combs says:


    BBC No criminality in Clinton emails – FBI

    The FBI says it has found no evidence of criminality in a new batch of Hillary Clinton emails.

    FBI Director James Comey said in a letter to congressmen the agency had finished its review and found nothing to alter its original conclusion….

    Blackwater founder and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

    …“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

    “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

    “I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters,” Prince said….

    Also this quote:

    “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

    FBI Director Let Hillary Off the Hook. Now, We Know Why He Wouldn’t Talk About The Clinton Foundation.

    FBI Director James Comey was summoned before Congress to talk about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails. The man cut an imposing figure: Clean-cut, dressed in charcoal gray, a professional in every sense of the word.
    The mismatch between Comey’s damning testimony and his refusal to press for indictment against Mrs. Clinton baffles some political observers to this day.
    Did a private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch, his superior at the Department of Justice, and former President Bill Clinton sway the decision? Are there any conflicts of interest the American people did not know about?
    FBI Director James Comey wouldn’t answer questions about the Clinton Foundation, as The New York Times reported in July….

    It has been learned since his Congressional testimony that a complex web of relationships ties James Comey to the Clinton Foundation. The first thing to know about James Comey is that before he became the FBI Director in 2013, he was a top executive at Lockheed Martin from October, 2005 until July 2, 2010.
    As former general counsel and vice president of Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor benefited under Comey’s leadership from a number of contracts awarded by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.
    Lockheed Martin has been one of the top defense contributors to the Clinton Foundation….

    The International Business Times published an extensive investigation of ties between defense contractors who donated to the Clinton Foundation and actions approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

    The International Business Times published an extensive investigation of ties between defense contractors who donated to the Clinton Foundation and actions approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department…..

    In 2013, the same year that he was appointed the FBI Director, James Comey became a board member, a director, and a member of the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee for the controversial London-based bank HSBC.
    HSBC is a bank with close ties to the Clinton Foundation that lists among its clients Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate with ties to a Russian uranium deal approved under Clinton’s State Dept., and six other major foundation donors listed in a report by The Guardian….

    So who are you gonna believe?

  122. Gail Combs says:

    A cartoon to make you smile.

  123. E.M.Smith says:


    Thanks for that! Given the “nevermind” from the FBI today, I needed that…

    I wonder if next time I’m pulled over for speeding, I can get off by claiming I had no intent to speed… or if called in to an IRS audit, I can just accidentally lose related documents…

  124. David A says:

    Yes E.M., lose them with a torch, or like Hillary, a hammer.

  125. Larry Ledwick says:

    Trumps crowd tonight in Sterling heights Michigan.

  126. Larry Ledwick says:

    And here is Pennsylvania crowd

  127. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter
    WikiLeaks Verified account

    Our email publication servers are under a targeted DoS attack since releasing #DNCLeak2

  128. Larry Ledwick says:

    Al Boe ‏@AlBoeNEWS 9 minutes ago

    #BREAKING: #Twitter is down, although you will likely not be seeing this

    [I have had some very slow down loads last few minutes]

  129. Larry Ledwick says:

    This attack is hitting right at morning wake up time in Europe for what is worth.
    I wonder what is in this dump #DNCLeak2 that they are trying to suppress?

  130. Larry Ledwick says:

    Ping times to primary DNS servers are normal at this time:
    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=13ms TTL=57
    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=57
    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=57

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 3, Received = 3, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 12ms, Maximum = 13ms, Average = 12ms

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=13ms TTL=56
    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=56
    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=56

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 3, Received = 3, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 12ms, Maximum = 13ms, Average = 12ms

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=58
    Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=58
    Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=58

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 3, Received = 3, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 26ms, Maximum = 26ms, Average = 26ms

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=38ms TTL=57
    Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=57
    Reply from bytes=32 time=29ms TTL=57
    Reply from bytes=32 time=35ms TTL=57

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 24ms, Maximum = 38ms, Average = 31ms

  131. E.M.Smith says:

    Not too surprising that, on the LAST day to make a dump prior to the The Big Day, Wikileaks would be under DDoS attack. Though, as you pointed out, the DNS servers seem fine.

    Oh, BTW, major sites and major DNS servers have many actual servers and many actual IP numbers along with lots of internet cache boxes… so the odds of you actually reaching one particular box are actually small for normal kinds of traffic. (Ping ought to got to one box, but which one of a cluster is, er, ill defined…) There’s lots of router games and DNS services games played in the normal process of delivering services. (I’m in the process of setting up squid on my new DNS server, so for me, too, page loads and even DNS will be ‘fiddled with’… but in a good way…)

    Though I note in passing your times are “reasonable”. Here’s a couple more:

    dnspi:/etc# ping -c 5 yahoo.com
    PING yahoo.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from ir1.fp.vip.ne1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=50 time=70.5 ms
    64 bytes from ir1.fp.vip.ne1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=50 time=72.2 ms
    64 bytes from ir1.fp.vip.ne1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=50 time=71.6 ms
    64 bytes from ir1.fp.vip.ne1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=50 time=70.7 ms
    64 bytes from ir1.fp.vip.ne1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=50 time=72.2 ms
    --- yahoo.com ping statistics ---
    5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4001ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 70.569/71.478/72.279/0.789 ms
    dnspi:/etc# ping -c 5 google.com
    PING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from lax02s22-in-f46.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=31.3 ms
    64 bytes from lax02s22-in-f46.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=53 time=30.7 ms
    64 bytes from lax02s22-in-f46.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=53 time=30.9 ms
    64 bytes from lax02s22-in-f14.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=53 time=31.8 ms
    64 bytes from lax02s22-in-f46.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=53 time=31.1 ms
    --- google.com ping statistics ---
    5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4005ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 30.790/31.226/31.808/0.345 ms

    So whatever is going on must be targeted.

    Interesting to note that Wikileaks has several servers and does respond to ping:

    Name:      wikileaks.org
    Address 1: wikileaks.org
    Address 2: wikileaks.org
    Address 3: wikileaks.org
    Address 4: wikileaks.org
    Address 5: wikileaks.org
    dnspi:/etc# ping wikileaks.org
    PING wikileaks.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=45 time=209 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=44 time=208 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=45 time=209 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=45 time=208 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=45 time=209 ms
    --- wikileaks.org ping statistics ---
    10 packets transmitted, 10 received, 0% packet loss, time 9007ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 208.286/209.077/209.577/0.461 ms
    dnspi:/etc# ping -c 5 wikileaks.org
    PING wikileaks.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=48 time=171 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=48 time=172 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=48 time=172 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=48 time=171 ms
    64 bytes from wikileaks.org ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=48 time=172 ms
    --- wikileaks.org ping statistics ---
    5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4000ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 171.289/171.965/172.440/0.648 ms

    So at least some of the mirrors are up and responding, if slower than the big search engines…

  132. Another Ian says:


    So put the ones that trump Hillary’s ace there?

  133. A C Osborn says:

    How about this for a scenario.
    Comey is under severe pressure from the oversight committee to provide all the data under Subpeona with quite a while to go before the election. Which would be very detrimental to him, the FBI and Clinton.
    When the new Computer came along it provided the Clinton camp & Comey the opportunity to delay the oversight investigation until much closer to the election before declaring Clinton innocent yet again.
    This would be done in the full knowledge that When Clinton wins, the oversight committee investigation and the FBI & NYPD investigations will be shut down by executive order.
    This protects both Comey & Clinton.
    It will probably destroy the FBI in the process, but Comey won’t worry about that as the data above shows he is not actually an “FBI man” anyway.

  134. Paul Hanlon says:

    650,000 emails in eight days?!! Give me a break. Comey has obviously got “form” and has been leaned on. This goes way deeper than just losing his job, which, let’s face it, he’s lost anyway, no matter who gets in. The whole thing has more to do with keeping Trump out at all costs. It shows in Obama’s desperation.

    Trump still has a compelling message to convey. He has the momentum, although some of the air has been let out of the tyres. He needs a good closing address (which was what won it for Reagan), and a 5% advantage over Clinton in the swing states to get over the voting fraud. I still think he can do it.

  135. Gail Combs says:

    The FBI clearing Hillary has only infuriated people and made them even more determined that Hillary loses.

    That is where the Spirit Cooking: The Most Disturbing Podesta Email Yet

    AND the pedophilia comes in.


    “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

    Why else would a cop mention FATHER and turned my stomach if it was not about children?
    Blackwater founder and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

    …“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

    “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

    “I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters,” Prince said….

    The Child abductor Laura Silby and the Clinton connection:

    (Check out all the links to Penn State and Sandusky near the bottom)

    800,000 Missing Kids? Really?

    Two boys abducted in Missouri were found in a St. Louis suburb last Friday, in the home of a pizza shop employee. One had been missing for less than a week, the other for more than four years. News reports cited a statistic that 800,000 children disappear every year—or about 2,000 a day. Seriously? …. https://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2007/01/800000_missing_kids_really.html

    There is that Pizza connection again.
    Comet Ping Pong – Pizzagate Summary

    FBI page on logos of pediophiles (boy love)

    Then look at logo for Besta [beast] Pizza

    Besta Pizza connections here:

    Don’t forget the Korean pedophile ring story with An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members and 670 suspects and 230 abused children in 30 countries.

  136. Gail Combs says:

    30 U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies

    In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base.

    “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012….

    Rotherham UK: 1400 Children Groomed, Drugged and Raped by Multiculturalism

    It has always bothered me as to WHY Christianity was being replaced by Islam in Europe and America with the blessing of the Elite.

    I am well aware of the Bush/Rockefeller/Saudi connections, but why bring that religion here in greater and greater numbers?

    Why flood Europe with the foe they beat back centuries ago?


    The use of little boys and little girls as sex slaves is acceptable within that religion. And so is straight out slavery. And with that the whole business suddenly slips into an explainable nasty whole.

  137. Larry Ledwick says:

    Video that sheds some light on the odd mentions of Pizza in the Podesta emails and “hanky codes”.

  138. Gail Combs says:

    Thanks Larry,

    It is no wonder the 4Chan folks are trying to figure out how to communicate this to us Normies…

  139. Gail Combs says:

    YUCK! Comet Ping Pong review (Bold is theirs)

    The Zagat Review

    This “family-friendly” Upper Northwest pizza parlor draws kids of all ages with free Ping-Pong, “pretty good” pies and “excellent” wings; early evening, there are lots of “unsupervised children running around”, but as the night wears on, look for live bands in the “chill” back room.

  140. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s a disturbing thought… It does “fit all the known facts”… BUT my mind just doesn’t want to “go there”… ( I have trouble accepting how evil some people can be…)

  141. philjourdan says:

    @E.M. – Re: Spirit Cooking – I have to believe it is real. When I read the story, I also read a comment from a liberal (I checked their comment history to verify) and they were carping on the commenters on being small minded and “anti-Art”.

  142. Gail Combs says:

    The Truth About The Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation and James Comey’s Announcement — Stefan Molyneux

    only 1/2 hour

  143. Gail Combs says:



  144. philjourdan says:

    Living in a “former” swing state, you would think I was living in a real one! Supposedly this state is all in for Hillary, but my phone has been ringing non-stop for 3 days now with clowns wanting me to vote for Hillary.

    Why waste the money if the state is safe for her?

  145. Larry Ledwick says:

    Colorado is going to go red and for Trump this time, by all indications.
    Some of my liberal/progressive friends will be suitably appalled.

  146. Gail Combs says:

    WOW, from the guardian no less!


    …The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.”

    The agent called the bureau “Trumplandia”, with some colleagues openly discussing voting for a GOP nominee…..

    They then go into Trump bashing and Hillary praising. I love this attempt at diversion

    if Clinton is elected, she and Comey would probably find a way to work together out of a sense of pragmatism.

    Gotta keep up the appearance that there isn’t a direct string to Comey.

  147. Gail Combs says:


    They may have no choice given the deep connections between Comey and the Clintons. Also the Director is appointed for a ten year period.

    This may be a last ditch CYA although a President Trump could fire the new director.


    It may also be that Obama wants to make sure any of his ‘messes’ are wiped clean.

  148. Gail Combs says:

    NEW: The Clinton Pedophilia Connection | Steve Pieczenik

  149. Gail Combs says:

    A really weird video which may have a bit of info mixed in. At this point who knows what to believe.

  150. Gail Combs says:

    A better video. Seems Clinton Foundation paid Marina Abramović $10,000. Not bad for a dinner…

    It also shows scars on Podesta’s hands

  151. E.M.Smith says:

    Those are interesting videos, but like all things internet, how to prove up their content?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Pieczenik has an interesting biography. Unless he’s suddenly gone nuts, not the kind of person to make up phantasies and sell it as facts.

  152. DonM says:

    wrt Peizenik,

    If the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs from the end, in the referenced wikipedia article are correct, it would not have been sudden … he may have been goofy for a while.

  153. G. Combs says:

    He seems to have the connections he says he has so I would not be surprised that he is the actual spokesperson.

    Steve Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the best-selling Tom Clancy’s Op-Center and Tom Clancy’s Net Force paperback series. Trained in psychiatry at Harvard University and international relations at M.I.T., his novels are based on over twenty years experience resolving international crises and hostage situations for the Department of State for four administrations.

    Kent Clizbe (former CIA) has shown up at Tony Hellers on occasion and also indicated something was up. Early on he was mentioning that he was working for a group vetting the candidates.

    With Hillary’s know violent temper and the mess she made in the middle east, plus her recent threats to Russia and Russia’s reaction, I would not be at all surprised that the intelligence community is VERY scared of a Hillary in the White House. Remember what a disaster Bill Clinton was with regards to China and millitary security. Now we have Hillary bought by Quatar and Saudi Arabia that Hillary admits are funding ISIS.

    Do we really want those people to have nuclear power and a good delivery system like Billy gave to China and N. Korea? Do we want her to start a war with Russia as Soros wants?

  154. G. Combs says:

    Alex Jones when he had Pieczenik as a guest mentioned that Pieczenik had been reclusive for about 20 years except for popping up once in a while in odd places. (N Korea IIRC?)

    Alex often has on people that have been shut down by the MSM so I grit my teeth and watch him on occasion taking my large salt cellar with me.

  155. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, those 2 kinda got me wondering too… and add to it that psychiatrists have one of the highest rates of psychological problems diagnosed… that’s why I’m not ruling out ‘Loony Toons’ until more evidence is on offer…

    OTOH, we are presented with the case that pretty much anything that comes to us via ‘media’ is corrupt in some way (more so than I’d thought, given the recent revelations about the cozy MSM / Democrats inbreeding…) so suspect. Osama was very much tall and with Marfan’s like physiology, and there would be benefit in keeping the image alive. OTOH, finding a body double would be damned hard and staging the events that we have seen on film a major bit of work. Doable, but very expensive… So I lean more to the simple, and that he was hiding in Pakistan until we snuffed ‘im. Similarly the thing on Khadafi… while I could see TLAs wanting to grab him and leave a cover story of killed, I just don’t see anything to support it in fact. Bad dudes get killed in wars and revolutions…

    FWIW, I worked on a Psych Ward for a while. (Year or two, I forget now ;-) As a medical records technician (reading medical records all day long, assuring completeness and accuracy… yeah, that much fun ;-) My primary ward was orthopedics, but we all did a rotating 2 week stint on psych… that was about how much we could do it and not be affected too much… So about 2 weeks out of 8 or 10 was on that ward. You get to see a lot of “apparently normal” folks who are highly convincing… until they think you have a trust relationship and they go waaaaaayyyyy off the rails into la-la-land… Gives you a new found skepticism about the sanity of everyone ;-)

  156. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes I have seen a few folks that on casual contact appeared to be just normal folks that turned out on later longer exposure to be packing a light load of gray matter.

    Mixed feelings about that video, it could be real, not sure why you would announce such a thing while it is in progress, except possibly as an insurance policy?

    Could also be bait to try to draw out the crazy nut jobs and see who responds to the bait.

    Could also be psyops to keep fed up people from taking overt physical action thinking they will hold of that course if they think powerful people are engaged to block Hillary.

    I am filing it away as a mental note at this time.

    As you mentioned, if nothing else this election cycle has proven that you can’t trust any of the major media, and much of the alternative media, seems no one is worried about defending their credibility and being accurate only the agenda matters.

    That said, if people in those places really feel she is a clear and present danger to the republic then their oath to protect and defend the constitution would trump (no pun intended) normal legal restraints but that is a very high and dangerous bridge to cross so would not be done lightly.
    Only way to judge that possibility, would be to know the same things that they know, which is not likely to happen in real time unless things go kinetic if TPTB really feel threatened with total destruction of their plans.

    Color me skeptical but cautiously aware.

  157. Larry Ledwick says:

  158. Pingback: Hillary, Trump, The Election and Aftermath | Musings from the Chiefio

  159. E.M.Smith says:

    This thread continues Here:

    As the comments here are making this page load a pain on small machines…

    Let the Final Lap begin and get out the checkered flag for our checkered candidates…

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