The (sur)Real News with M.Mann

On the Roku there are a variety of channels, many with minority opinions, but the biggest and most fully populated with news stories tend to be the ones fully funded by some market position (like NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters) and some subscription (like FOX), then there are the little guys. Well, they come in all stripes. One of them is named “The Real News” and has a “therealnews”.com website. They happen to be a bit radical left…

So I was, of course, going to tune in. (If you must ask why, look up “opposition research”…)

One of their shows was an interview with which Dr. Mann gave his opinion on his interview on Capitol Hill. The one where he was found to be less than stellar by other observers. Well, his opinion of himself is vastly different…

The Set:

So TheRealNews (that is anything but..) interviewed him on video. Now first off, he was clearly using his laptop as camera and microphone in a remote interview. Folks, you really need to know to NEVER do that.

Laptops and phones have very wide angle lenses. Their POV is also from “low in front”. That means your mouth (and in Mann’s case it is surrounded by fur) and nose are closest to the camera and generally center frame. Now the wide angle perspective causes a great enlargement of things near, and a shrinking of things far. You don’t notice this in a regular lens, or in carefully crafted modest wide angle shots; but in Very Wide Angle shots, it grossly exaggerates the nearest things, which in this case was made worse by Mann tending to ‘lean in’ for emphasis and rock back and forth while talking.

So sporadically I was confronted with a big bulbous nose, a bulging face, and a hairy hole of a mouth, just for emphasis, I suppose… “Not flattering” doesn’t even come close. Looking up a bulbous nose while watching a tongue waggle in a field of facial hair is downright repugnant. (Perhaps I’m overstating it… I can be sensitive some times ;-) This POV also tends to shrink the apparent size of the top of the head and give a small ‘beady eyes’ look to the man. Then again, that didn’t change much when he wasn’t leaned in… so who knows…

On to content:

It was in many ways just a reiteration of The Usual Mantra. The “97%” was rolled out several times, though once he bounced it up to “97 to 99%! “; so ‘grade inflation’ is underway. Sometimes this was “of published” and sometimes “of those in the field” – basically leveraging “Pal Review” results and rejecting criticism of anyone not in the club, er, field…

He went on to say it was a gross “Distortion” to not have 99% of the panel being interviewed be made up from The Club Of Climate Profiteers and it was near sacrilegious to have actually heard from a denier… though in deference for those others on the panel actually having good solid Ph.D’s he called them “contrarian scientists”… shades of “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”… and about the same developmental level. Of course, he smeared his opposition with the “Fossil Fuel Interests!!!” j’accuse! as though ever having driven a gasoline car made you a shill for Exxon.

Also unstated was how a 1% minority would ever be heard if 99% of 4 people were to be of one mind… One presumes one of the panel would need to “express doubt” about the “4th decimal place in one calculation”…

A frequently repeated mantra was that Climate Change was “Real, Human Caused, and a PROBLEM.” Now that’s important because it clearly lays out exactly what to attack. We all tend to get stuck at step 1, it isn’t real. Arguing over angels and pin heads (us, of course, being angels, them…) but there are two other points of attack here. First off, we ought to be in the habit of running everything both forward AND backward. It is one of my favored analytical tools.

So start with the end: “a PROBLEM”. Simply put: “Where’s The Beef?”. Just not seeing any real problems. Lots of hypothetical ones. Lots of things asserted to be a weather climate causality, but with zero proof. So we collectively need to do more to show there is no problem.

Next up: “Human Caused”. We could do much more here with historical CO2 cycles during other glacial / interglacial cycles. By demonstrating better that CO2 wanders around with ocean temperature even without humans, we would have a much better handle on this one.

Finally, that whole “real” thing needs to be attacked not JUST on the basis of lousy data and crap science, but also on just asking about history more. Shove in their face the historical highs and lows, both far beyond our present now. So what is it that is “real”? Just that climate changes? Sure it does. That means nothing. Their first point is VOID and needs to be repeatedly demonstrated as such.

Very oddly, Mann also asserted that it was not true that the present warming was less than the models! I had trouble believing that one came from his lips, but there it was. Guess he can’t read any graph but his own broken hockey stick.

The discussion then turned to the skeptics and he called POTUS Trump a “science denier”. Perhaps he ought to reconsider the wisdom of attacking Trump… he might find himself drafted and sent to service airplanes in a Syrian Airbase Arch…

He attacked the deniers “lack of consistency in counter arguments”, as though it was not possible to point out multiple issues that might have mutually inconsistent end points. Someone can point at me and say “He might be overweight due to being a glutton or he might just have a thyroid problem.” It does not negate the observation that I’m packing a few dozen too many pounds! What was that about an unnecessary consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds? Well, we clearly have the unnecessary consistency demand and it is clearly bugging him as a hobgoblin of sorts…

In general, he repeated claims that the “contrarians” had a “distorted view” of science. (Like his view is crystal clear and he can do no wrong?… Can you say ‘upside down trees’?…)

There were the usual repeated appeals to authority. (Note to POTUS Trump: Need to appoint a new cabal of Authorities in the Climate Departments so as to get a ‘do over’ on the lies that presently pass as ‘authority’). and he used the POLITICAL body IPCC reports, created by “thousands of scientists world wide”, to denigrate Climate Cycles, natural cycles in general, then stated, I kid you not: “Humans could be responsible for MORE than 100% of the warming we have seen!!”

I think he may have realized after uttering that just how weak and stupid it sounded. After a flicker of a pause he added that natural cooling had happened so the warming from humans was greater than the warming we had seen since it had kept away this hypothetical natural cooling, and THEN warmed too. Really. That’s what he said.

They closed with a public service announcement about the April 22 Earth Day “March by Scientists” on the capitol. So figure on some more Street Theatre. One wonders how many of these “scientists” that will be marching are really Sr. Year Political “Scientists” and the occasional advanced degree in “Janitorial Science”… Interviewing some of the crowd for credentials might be amusing, or just survey the average age…

Now we also know that we need a counter point to that “mob claiming to be scientists doing street theatre”.

In Conclusion

So I’m again happy that the Roku has brought me another way to gather information. I’d have not known of some of those most preposterous statements without it. (I’d have not gone looking with the right search terms).

There’s a bunch of “actionable intel” that came from the interview, and then there was the opportunity to see M. Mann “up close and personal” (even if a bit too much ‘up the nose’ sans hose…) and realize that he is as empty a shirt as I’d expected.

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10 Responses to The (sur)Real News with M.Mann

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  2. David Au says:

    ” We all tend to get stuck at step 1, it isn’t real. Arguing over angels and pin heads (us, of course, being angels, them…) but…”
    B8NGO! I discuss the other, I debate the C on CAGW.

  3. David Au says:

    BTW, HIGH school educated, yet I can win the C debate against a PHD.

  4. omanuel says:

    Patience, kindness and tolerance may be the best way to treat those who were deceived by government propaganda packaged as 97%-consensus science.”

  5. philjourdan says:

    The other 3 on the panel ARE warmists! The closest you have is Dr. Curry who is a luke warmist. But all are basically on his side of the issue. What they are not, are quacks.

    Many are trying to defend Mann as just misguided, not evil. But having heard what he pushed on this wacko station, I can no longer believe that. To believe he is misguided, you have to believe he is bordering on moron status. No, he is smart. Just not as smart as he thinks he is. He is evil. He knows what he is doing. ANd he knows the fraud he is perpetuating. He sought to short cut the fame route and somewhat succeeded. But like others of his ilk, his name will be assigned along with Madoff to a category that is less than flattering.

    Mann, the Madoff of climate.

  6. omanuel says:

    You should be grateful, PhilJourdan, that you had the ability to see through grovernment propaganda disguised as 97% consensus scientific opinion” – i.e. a sure way to research grant funding.

    The Nobel Prize first became an obvious tool of false government propaganda when Chadwick (1935) received a Nobel Prize for essentially refuting earlier studies and conclusions by leading scientists in favor of The Quantum Mechanical Scheme” of Altered Awareness, including:

    1. Prout’s (1815) conclusion that the weights of all atoms are whole number multiples of the atomic weight of the hydrogen atom;

    2. Einstein’s (1905) discovery that the mass (m) of an atom is stored energy (E), E = mc^2;

    3. Rutherford’s (1920) conclusion that about half of the mass of an atom is collapsed hydrogen atoms (electron-proton pairs in close combination) that Rutherford called “neutrons.”

    4. Aston’s (1922) measurements of the masses of atoms and confirmation that the weight of each atom is a whole integer multiple of the atomic weight of the hydrogen atom, and the entire mass of each atom is a measure of its stored energy, which Aston called, “nuclear packing fraction and

    5. Chadwick’s (1932) own discovery and report of the neutron as an “electron-proton pair in close combination.”

    Click to access Nuclear_Energy_Error7.pdf

    The Quantum Mechanical Scheme” of Altered Awareness, is thus the Mother of these other consensus scientific models of altered reality: Standard Nuclear Model, Standard Solar Model, Standard Climate Model, Big Bang Cosmology!

  7. Jeff says:

    Mann the Mad… or perhaps, the MadMann…

  8. Wayne Job says:

    The time has yet to come, but people like Mann will end up as a target for tar feathers and baseball bats by the very peons he is fooling. The entire AGW thing has precedents in history often with the leaders being dealt with in a non politically correct way. The clock is ticking.

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    As a scientist of questionable ethics, Mike Mann should be ridiculed for his prevarications.
    While it might be satisfying, physical harm is not warranted and might even be counter productive…pg

  10. pinroot says:

    If you ever see Mann being interviewed the way he was here, you will ALWAYS see his books lined up behind him. Always. He doesn’t miss a chance to pimp his stuff, while accusing “contrarians” of being in it for the money. A fraud and hypocrite.

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