Climate Emergency! (Yawn…)

So now we’ve got another name.

Same old product that isn’t selling, brand new “Sizzle!” name.

How can you tell this is a marketing operation and not an actual concern? Because when you are selling a product and the public are staying away in droves one of the Go To behaviours to to “repackage” the product. Add some color and dash to the wrapper, give it a more “exciting” new name…

So we have a product that’s not moving off the shelf fast enough. The GEBs (Greedy Evil Bastards) pushing it are not happy with the $Millions they are creaming off and really really want that $200 BILLION PER YEAR they were promised from the “Paris Agreement” (mostly from the USA…) and they have spanked their minions again about it. So we get an even more Screaming Name.

So what is is now, what have I forgotten from the litany?

Global Warming
Climate Change
Climate Weirding
Carbon Pollution
Climate Disruption

It seems to be a hallmark of The Scammers that they are always looking for ways to manipulate the psychology of the situations they create and not ways to actually address the physicality of things. That has become one of the things that makes my “Spidy Sense” tingle. When a movement is clearly more about Street Theatre and making a change in “how people think” (which really means pushing a load of emotive crap down your throat…) that’s a big Flag Setting Moment that calls “Bull Shit!” on whatever is being pushed.

Drug pushers are called “pushers” for a reason. It’s like the Bum’s Rush you get at Timeshare Sales Events, or a used car salesman. It’s all about the PUSH and not about facts, data, reality, consequences, etc. etc. etc. Just CHANGE YOUR MIND and everything will be FINE! Get in the damn trap already!

Um, no.

I don’t take my economic and physics advice from children (sorry Greta…) and I don’t take my decisions on buying a pushed product based on the name. Most importantly, I don’t take ANY decision based on my emotional state. IF I’m feeling emotionally “engaged” in a decision, I push back my chair and walk away from the table. Just Say No. There is always tomorrow and another time to decide. Nothing requires you to sign the “deal” now, today, before the offer is off the table, one time only…

Just Walk Away.

So that’s exactly how I’m “feeling” about the new name “Climate Emergency!!!”. Today is a wonderfully beautiful day. A bit cool for July, but not outside the norm. Rather a lot like it was in the 1960s (before The Great Pacific Climate Shift of the mid-70s that has now reversed). An absolutely glorious day is ahead of me. While I do need to mow the lawn, much of it will be spent in my garden as it is growing remarkably well with the added CO2 in the air. There is simply NO reason to see the climate as in any way “wrong” and certainly there isn’t a scrap of “emergency” about it.

Climate changes all the time, but it changes over hundreds of years. There are faster cycles inside of that, but those are more weather changes than climate. The Great Pacific Climate Shift had the waters off California change temperature by a few degrees, and suddenly we needed Air Conditioners in the San Francisco Bay Area. That resulted in the discovery of a CYCLE of change in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Just a few years ago it changed back and now things are much like they were prior.

My first college room mate was given a car for his high school graduation. It was a Ford Capri. Without air conditioning. That was common where he came from in the SF Bay Area. Then The Shift happened. He added AC. ( A $700 after market option then). Now, this year, we’ve rarely run the AC in the house. The PDO has swapped back. I don’t NEED to run the AC in my car most days either.

So where is this “Emergency!!!”? Nowhere to be seen. Polar Ice is rising (and never was that low anyway). Polar bears are increasing in numbers and have been for decades (ever since hunting them was stopped…). Record HOT days are rare (look at 1936 if you want to find the record hot days, it’s been cooling ever since). Sea Level is not rising in any unusual way (it is inside the error bands, but at most is the same as the last few hundred years). The Glaciers are not gone. Winter snows are not a “thing of the past” (to the extent there is any “emergency” it is that winter snows were rather brutal this last year or two and extended well into spring).

In short: The climate is barely changing at all, and certainly isn’t an emergency. To the extent the weather is worse, it is worse to the COLD side as we return to the status prior to The Great Pacific Climate Shift when winds were more gusty, rains heavier, and things were a bit colder. If, as I expect it will, the AMO (Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation) also flips state, then the UK and Europe will have some more rough cold weather (also just like prior decades in that AMO state). Again, not an “Emergency!!!”, just our lovely planet having one of its regular repeating minor changes of cyclical state.

So today Boris Johnson was on his way to see Her Majesty The Queen and to be invested as Prime Minister. A group of Greenpeace Useful Idiots were conned into running into the street to block his motorcade. Police do not take kindly to things that threaten a head of State or Government. They can too easily be used as cover for physical assaults. So here these Village Idiots of the Global Village puts themselves in harms way, puts the new PM in harms way, and generally behave as brats. Why?


For the newest of the new names of “Climate Emergency!!!”. In a “look at me mommy” moment they are showing off their newest fixation in a hazardous way. And just like that child they need to be scolded, told not to run into traffic, and locked in their (new State supplied…) room for a while.

The only “Emergency!!!!” was them running into traffic.

I’d call it a “Jump The Shark” moment, but in my opinion they jumped that shark a long time ago. They, like the Ship Of Fools, are not changing minds with their tantrums and “Look at me Mommy!!” moments; they are just looking the fool.

So from my point of view, the only Climate Emergency I’m facing today is that I’m out of beer and didn’t make any iced tea yesterday. Working in the garden can be thirsty work…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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18 Responses to Climate Emergency! (Yawn…)

  1. Another Ian says:

    “The pause in global warming shows CO2 may be *more* powerful! Say hello to Hyperwarming Wierdness.”

  2. billinoz says:

    EM. Well said ! Well written ! It’s mild & sunny here in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Yes I too need to mow the lawns and weed the gardens…. All is good with the world !

  3. Simon Derricutt says:

    … and then there’s the BBC’s bit of scaremongering at where they say we’ve only got 18 months left to Save The Planet. If it doesn’t happen before the end of 2020 then that’s it, and we’re doomed. If they hadn’t been giving us 10 years to save the planet for the last 40 years, and those predictions of New York under water by 2000 or so and no more ice in the Arctic a decade ago then maybe I’d be a little more inclined to take notice of the predictions.

  4. H.R. says:

    Simon Derricutt: “[…] then maybe I’d be a little more inclined to take notice of the predictions.”

    Naaahhhh… not me. My devil-may-care, livin’-on-the-edge, thrill-seeking self still wouldn’t give a rat’s @$$ about the doomsayers’ predictions.

    ” End of the world? Bring it on! This will be fun to watch……. [18 months pass]……. Dang. That was a major disappointment.”

  5. cdquarles says:

    Heh. Way cooler than average here, though not in record cold territory. Big high set up here earlier in the month. A low went around it, giving us a bit of a back door cold front that stalled out. “Barry” formed on its remnants. Barry went back north west of me. I got a little bit of rain from it. When the remnants passed back north of me, it brought in a big blast of Canadian air, thus the way cooler than average right now. Low 60s this morning, here (dew points dropped into the upper 50s); and it might get to the upper 50s tonight (coolest night is typically 48 hours after a cold front). Give it a week, we’ll be back to 70s/90s with humidity.

  6. H.R. says:

    @cdquarles – I’m currently enjoying the imported Canadian air here, too.

    I think it’s over on the current W.O.O.D. where Ossqss posted a link to ‘climatehamster’ and others discussing the trough that was going through the East from the Southwest to the Northeast. It is dumping a ton of rain on PA, NJ, and NY. The link was yesterday or two days ago at most.

    I didn’t think about it but yeah, you’re on the south side of that trough with the cool air pulling around the back side and I’m on the north side of it and right on the edge. We keep getting forecasts for 30% – 40% – 50% chance of rain depending on whether they think the edge might get pushed over our forecast area or not. We could use a good soaker, but no luck so far. That will change, of course.

    If you went by Ossqss’ post first time around, you might enjoy clicking the link. I think the maps that concern you and me were down a ways in the thread. Meanwhile, do what we did; shut off the A/C, open the windows, and enjoy the break in the electric bill.

  7. cdquarles says:

    Thanks, H.R. I saw that link in the big WOOD thread. I’ve read it. The author makes a lot of sense to me.
    In July, cold fronts rarely make it to me. Typically, they stop in June. They resume in August. July is the hottest month, on average, here; not August, though the first week of August is a lot like July. The typical hottest times are the two weeks either side of July 21. Mid-August usually brings the “Autumnal Blast* that marks the coming end of summer. To get an Autumnal Blast in July is quite the treat.

  8. Steve C says:

    Here in the UK, and in Wester Europe, we have had a weather system funnelling hot air from Africa over us for a few days now. BBC Radio was doing its bit for delusion yesterday, announcing several times per hour from before 6am that “today is expected to be the hottest July day ever recorded”, then in all the evening bulletins announcing that it was the hottest July day ever recorded.

    My cheap weather station recorded 39.1°C late yesterday afternoon, which is admittedly damn hot for 53°N, but I’m not about to start worrying about a passing phenomenon caused by a meridional jet stream. I use Stormsurfing to keep an eye on the jet stream, and we’ve had all sorts of weird and wonderful patterns lately – “oxbow lakes” forming from the meridional snaking about, these forming whole broken-off circles as they start chasing their tails, with the stream itself flapping about south to Africa and north to north of Norway. Never a dull day!

    So, climate (or at least weather): yes. Emergency, no.

  9. Chris in Calgary says:

    I’ll post this link from economist Martin Armstrong. He runs climate data through his machine learning model, and this is this latest post.

    For those unfamiliar with his ideas, he asserts that the roughly 8.6 year business cycle has a natural/climactic cause at its root. The “Panic Decline in Solar Activity” he reports means that his model shows that the sun could become much less active than it already is. Meaning the Earth gets proportionally that much colder in the years after the decline. (Some estimates I’ve seen indicate that the Earth’s temperature lags solar activity by about 25 years.)

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    And now we see part II of the recent heat wave in Europe.
    This could play hell with crops as they enter the fruit set stage of growth.

  11. Disgusted says:

    Well your bud (?) over at Ice age now is as big a zealot as anyone in the MSM. Makes it really hard to poke this issue in hopes of getting at any truth.

    That’s the problem here. Everyone has picked sides. A pox on all.

    Neither side has any cred because they lie. They are like a branch of Scientology.

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    Not my “bud”. In fact, I don’t even know the guy and I’m not sure I could tell you his name without looking it up. Roger? Robert? Something like that.

    Yeah, he does put up any snowflake as “proof” of an imminent ice age. I’m OK with that as “countervailing BS” to the Global Warming Hype ;-) BUT his site is good for picking up interesting news stories about abnormal (or sometimes only normal but rare…) cold weather events around the world. A quick and easy news filter for cold weather stories.

    BTW, I do not categorically deride “sides”. There are some folks on both “sides” and a lot more near the middle who are in fact well intentioned and doing their best to not be biased. I like to think I’m one of them. My “entry” into this whole mire of quag was when I first thought (about 2007?) ~”OMG, this Global Warming Thing looks to be really bad! I need to find out more about it and how to prepare!”. I then got roundly trounced at Warmista sites when I’d ask reasonable questions and insults were the result… Did my own research and found out they were mostly telling porkies…

    So generally speaking, the “No Global Warming” folks have a much more valid and robust set of observations, predictions, and basis in proper Science. For that reason I’ll cut them some more leash for rants (after all, they regularly suffer a lot of abuse. I know, I’ve had the Fling Poo Brigade going after me at times too…) Compare that with the Always Wrong Predictions of the Global Warming side and their “dodgy at best” science non-proofs and season with their conspiracy to fraud emails in ClimateGate… So they have a much higher loss of reputation hill to climb to recovery… (I really REALLY don’t take it well when Serial Liars are Serially caught lying.)

    So generally I don’t like to just be dismissive of a “side” but to talk about specifics where they screwed the pooch big time… (like all those failed predictions and Always Wrong model results).

  13. Power Grab says:

    His name is Robert Felix. I’ve been reading his web site for more years than I’ve been reading this one. I have his 2 hard-copy books. IMHO the predictions he has made over the years have come true more than Al Gore’s predictions. I have really appreciated being able to stop by that site regularly over the years and find URLs to articles about cold weather trends and phenomena are hard to find in the MSM. For the most part, the links are to articles published on other sites. It’s not like he’s been making things up.

    And FWIW, he has put his money where his mouth is. He recently moved from the Seattle area to a small town southwest of Fort Worth TX.

    If that’s fanaticism to you, then so be it. But before the Climate Gate revelations, he had already done his research and formulated his position and consistently stated his case while the rest of the world stood in thrall to the CAGW power-grab pseudo-religion.

    I recommend his books and his site to anyone who has the feeling they’re being sold a bill of goods by the CAGW charlatans. If you’re shopping around for a bit of perspective, then do yourself a favor and spend some time reading what he has to say.

  14. Chris in Calgary says:

    @Disgusted: I share your disgust, to a degree. IceAgeNow is often over-the-top. But I also recognize that information has always been incomplete and compromised, and vulnerable to the Big Lie. Pure sources of truth are few and far between.

    I tend to browse a wide variety of sources, not because they’re perfect sources, but because they all come up with the occasional gem that is both true and useful. We have to filter our news very carefully; most of it is heavily slanted towards the interest and views of the producer. But that’s always been true. (Consider how William Randolph Hearst used his newspaper to start the Spanish American War, for example.)

    If you want intellectually rigorous analysis, look at There’s an overwhelming amount of information, but the quality of information is as high there as any place I know. (Not perfect, mind you.)

    And for an illustration of the problems we face in getting accurate climate information, check this out:

  15. Bill in Oz says:

    This is a different approach to the whole Climate Emergency scam Go back to basics and examine the weather recording stations – one by one. Ken here in Oz has been ding exactly that.
    So far he has examined the location of 4 different BOM weather stations here in South Australia. All of them are massively non compliant with the BOM’s own guidelines.

    He started with the one in my home town, Mt Barker & plans to check out the BOm’s entire network.

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    So what are the odds that several independent measurements “exactly” match the CO2 trend and all the adjustments for “errors” went in the same direction and improved the fit of the curves?

  17. Marc linquist says:

    Hello everyone, may I give you folks a wonderful reprieve from this seemingly endless insanity. What if I can show you a complete dynamical model of how the Earth operates? One that can explain the energy source and exact mechanism for plate tectonics and its relationship to the planet’s variable climate history, including this most recent controversial period. I’ve spent seven years working this problem and can guarantee there is not a more accurate model anywhere that can make predictions of observations of geology and climate like this one can.

    You can view it at:

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