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That Celtic / American Thread…

A celebration of life, and the Celtic Thread… Continue reading

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Weather Channel finds Summer warmer than Winter – due to Global Warming…

The Weather Channel picks up an NBC story from “Antarctica” on the South Shetland Islands well outside the Antarctic Circle and in the middle of the Southern Ocean and attributes more snow in Antarctica to CFCs and the “Ozone Hole” while less snow in the South Shetlands is due to Global Warming while more snow in the USA is due to… Global Warming… In the process, they discover summer is warmer than winter, but don’t notice it… Continue reading

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Stocks worst day of 2013 & House Music

An eclectic mix of markets and music. The world from the rollercoaster of my POV. Continue reading

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POB Grill Layout

A first and simple loose brick grill / BBQ that worked reasonably well. Continue reading

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