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Tired Of Twitter Blocking Accounts? Political Deals?

As Twitter censors and blocks more accounts, and plays “footsy” with Political Intent, is there a way to bypass them and their Central Authority? Why yes!… Continue reading

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USA & Russia To Make Moon Base

A new Lunar Base and Lunar Orbital Station to be built by a joint Russia USA mission. Oh Boy! Continue reading

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Communism vs Socialism (and all the Little Bastard-isms…)

How is Communism different from Socialism? Well, the first one is a failed ultimate manifestation of the Socialist Utopian Dream, while the second is a failed compromised manifestation of the Socialist Utopian Dream. Continue reading

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WiFi Based Push-To-Talk And Mesh Networks

Some ideas and pointers to how to set up a local area WiFi HotSpot based Push To Talk (PTT) Radio Network using only cell phones, tablets, or similar computers and a WiFi Router Access Point – with a free application or two. Continue reading

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