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A property owned clear is now “under contract”, so in about 30 to 40 days, we will be madly packing and /or relocated (mostly…) to Florida.

In between now and then “a whole lot of stuff” must happen. So expect there will be long times when I’m “Away From Keyboard”, or posting very short postings, once the computers and monitors are packed up.

The house we are presently living in may also be sold, or I’ll be staying behind a little to get a new roof installed. (Some things are very much still up in the air.) Eventually it goes under contract too.

Between now and then I’m fixing up, packing up, throwing out, moving cars and stuff and more. It promises to be a mad month or two.

I’ll try to keep folks entertained and postings flowing, but just realize that a week of “sudden silence” may mean anything from “I’m driving another car to Florida” to “I’m hammering a new roof on as the construction crews are all booked up.” Hopefully not, though. I hope to just “throw money at it”…

We’ll see.

“Stuff” Happens

Same thing I started with last time. Memes. This one is titled “World War V”, as in vaccine. Hit’s it just right, IMHO.

I really really like these guy’s “top 10 memes”. They watch what is going on on Gab and Patriot.win and select the ones that they like best. A nice filtering service if nothing else; but the way they match music to the theme is also good. Unfortunately, can’t do an embed that works with my free WordPress plan (it does do free EwTube embeds… but only them) so you get to “hit the link”.


As before, do be prepared to hit pause to pick up the details.

It is now clear that a new global conflict has begun, in which the world’s elites have pitched themselves against the native populations of every nation of the West, and perhaps every nation of the world. The architects of this struggle cannot be named. They may not even have yet been identified. Nor is it clear that even they understand the ramifications of what they have set in motion.

I love how they manage to catch the high (talking) points of the Fear Porn News Shows, and pillory them.

#10: A series of Lame stream “News” mandating vaccines.

#9: Obama’s Birthday Bash of hundreds in a giant tent with no masks. ( Do as they do, not as they say…)

#8: Media Fear Porning Florida – recycle Italy photo as Florida hospital…

#7: Delta Variant – Mock Mock Mocking on Heavens Door…

#6: AntiVax Assault – Zelenko’s Reply.

#5: Biden Mumbles A Meme..

#4: A Trans-Something half-back intimidates an old man.. Song in the background is catchy but loaded with F-Bombs… just FYI.

#3: 6 Jan Show Trial bombs. (F-Bombs song continues through the end of #1)

#2: Democrats push for Vaccine Passports hurts Blacks most as about 25-30% are vaccinated. (Seems Blacks ARE smarter than Whites and Asians… or at least remember their history)

#1: Rand Paul Marvy Rant ;-)

FWIW, EwTube suspended him for telling the truth. That the masks almost everyone are using are useless. (They are ill fitting, reused endlessly, do not filter out viruses – even N95 masks only get 95%… by definition; and constantly pawed at.)

Yes, it is time to resist. I’m doing it in part by moving to a Freedom State. I’m also going to do “minimal compliance” until I’m out of here. A bit more about Rand and his Rant:


Olympics Ended:

Thank God… Now Japan can go back to normal more or less. I didn’t watch any of it. Just knowing some A-Holes would be dissing the USA was enough to make it uninteresting. Knowing that She-Men would be competing as women killed that half of the games. I suppose something of interest might have happened, but don’t care enough to go looking for the highlights. After all, the Media Mavins will make sure the “wokeness” is a highlight…

Russia Making New War Toys:


Pics: Russia unveils new stealth fighter jet it claims is capable of Mach 2 speeds

Russia unveiled its new fighter jet dubbed “Checkmate” that reportedly includes stealth capabilities, the ability to fly at Mach 2 speeds and other advanced technology on Tuesday. The new jet will be offered to foreign buyers, according to The Associated Press.

Russian President Vladimir Putin viewed the aircraft which was unveiled by Russian aircraft creators at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon, an aviation forum that opened in Zhukovsky near Moscow on Tuesday.

It looks really cool!


And yet, what really sets it apart is its staggeringly low price of $25-30 million per model. This makes Checkmate arguably a far better value proposition than the two competitors that it’s being positioned against: the French Dassault Rafale and Swedish JAS-39 Gripen. But there are some caveats to consider, with the first and most obvious being the Checkmate’s wildly optimistic price tag. At $25-30 million per model, the Checkmate would cost less than half that of the less advanced Su-35S while also being substantially cheaper than Russia’s other fifth-generation fighter, the Su-57.

The manufacturer, Rostec subsidiary Sukhoi, says it slashed Checkmate’s costs with AI-assisted production methods and by recycling some of the technologies previously developed for the Su-35S and Su-57, but only time will tell how accurate these early price assessments are. Even if technically true, $25-30 million could simply be the baseline price before customer-specific weapons/avionics configurations, modifications, and conversions are factored in. This is not to suggest that Checkmate can’t be competitive in export markets—to the contrary, the fighter is still in a position to offer solid value to certain customers even if the price tag turns out to be slightly higher than expected.

More California Burning

I’m not going to link to anything on this, the fear porn is everywhere. What’s the reality? Unfortunately, I’m of the opinion that the State Government is deliberately doing a bad job of fire prevention and suppression so as to drive more “Climate Fear Porn” in the media. It also has the “benefit” (from their POV) of wiping out those annoying little independent rural towns, even if it is just one at a time.

Stopping fires is just a matter of applying enough equipment and staff. Don’t do that, you get a fire. Don’t do it a lot for a long time, you get giant fires. Nothing natural about these fires, they are from neglect.

The Rock That’s Been Canceled

They could not just remove the plaque. Oh no. The whole rock must go!


The absurdity of cancel culture captured in this one image


In one of the stupidest and spineless decisions ever made by campus administrators, a 42-ton boulder was hauled off the University of Wisconsin Madison on Friday.

If ever there was a poster child for the absurdity of cancel culture, this is it.

The rock had traveled to the region over 10,000 years ago, deposited by ancient pre-Cambrian bedrock drift from Canada, according to the plaque embedded on the face of the boulder.

It was named Chamberlin Rock after Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin, a dedicated glaciologist and UW-Madison’s president from 1887 to 1892.

For decades, it sat on a secluded section of campus offering geological and earth sciences majors a chance to study and enjoy their chosen field.

But no longer. Administrators caved to the vacuous and ridiculous demand of student protesters to remove it from campus.

A previous estimate weighed the rock at 70 tons but it was more accurately measured recently at 42 tons, Madison.com reports.

The reason given for its removal was a shallow and tenuous complaint: it had once been referred to as “n*ggerhead rock” in the Wisconsin State Journal in 1925.

There is no evidence the offensive term was ever used on campus to describe the boulder.

As The College Fix previously reported:

Daniel Einstein, the historic and cultural resources manager for UW Madison, has researched the university archives for instances of the use of the name in reference to Chamberlin Rock.

“I could only find one instance of the offensive term related to the rock–in the 1925 Wisconsin State Journal article,” reads Einstein’s statement to The Fix. “There is no reference in this article to Chamberlin. The reporter was using the term (in a manner not uncommon for the time) as a generic reference to a geographic or geological feature.”

“The Board of Regents approved the format for a commemorative plaque a year later. The plaque seems to have been installed sometime in late 1926–at which time the attribution ‘Chamberlin Rock’ would have first been used. Before this point, the rock had no officially designated name. None of the available sources describe a dedication ceremony–no photos, no program pamphlets, no speeches.”

In this instance, feelings trumped reality. In today’s Orwellian age, every scrap of history deemed the least bit offensive must be removed — even apparently if it’s only tangentially connected to something offensive, as is the case with Chamberlin Rock.

“You clearly see what the rock was called and you can’t deny the history. Additionally you can’t deny the way it makes some people feel,” the UW-Madison Black Student Union president told Madison.com last year.

For those keeping score, this young black progressive activist made this statement some 100 years after the time the rock was once referenced by a slur off campus by someone not connected to campus. That’s the modern definition of oppression, apparently.

And yet, despite the mountain of evidence that the demand to remove the rock was asinine at best, craven administrators gave in.

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank and anyone else connected to this decision should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

This was a prime opportunity for a teachable moment, in which the grown-ups running the campus tell the young people that the answer is “No!” But apparently at UW-Madison, the children are in charge.

But still, nice to know. I hereby christen Biden “n*ggerhead POTUS”… can we remove him now?… /sarc; & /snark;

For more, see:

Trump Social Media site:


Bongino Report:


Or Whatfinger:


I’ve also gotten addicted to the Top Ten Memes of the week from WatchMAGA here:


They have interesting “bite” to them, along with a tendency to highlight the news of the week in memes, so good as a social attitude pointer too. Plus they are “way fun” ;-)

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  1. another ian says:

    “The IPCC AR6 Hockeystick”

    Steve McIntyre


    (Bumped from last Wood)

  2. Rudolph Hucker says:

    Re the fires and the Climate Fear Porn

    Greek version of reality: Arsonists


    Turkish version of reality: It’s arsonists with a track record


    Algeria: “50 fires starting at the same time is impossible. These fires are of criminal origin”


    Even in California, it’s arson:



    UK BBC (one of the “fact checkers”): The fires are caused by climate change


    Doors: Light My Fire

  3. Paul, Somerset says:

    I would have chosen LA Woman as the appropriate Doors number (“I see your hair is burning/Hills are filled with fire”). I always took that as evidence that Californian wildfires were a thing as long ago as 1969 at least.

  4. John Hultquist says:

    For me, after 33 years in a place with lots of space [stuff will fill all available space and overflow],
    moving a 30 cubic yard dumpster close to the house was the only way. The prior 20 years included 2 moves plus mother-in-laws stuff. I’m aiming for a reduction of 97%.
    Be extremely selective regarding what you move across the country.

    FIRE: https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/08/11/college-professor-accused-of-setting-fires-in-dixie-fire-area/

    “Sonoma State confirms he also taught at their university during the Fall of 2020 as a part-time lecturer in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Maynard was contracted as a fill-in for faculty members on leave.”
    University-aware folks will never refer to a part-time lecturer and contract faculty as “Professor.”
    A 47 year old Californian of Gary Maynard’s characteristics best fits the idea of “fruits & nuts.”

  5. Ossqss says:

    @EM, instead of doing any work on a house you are selling, provide a credit on the purchase price to the buyer based on your quote to be used. Let them go through it, and avoid the issue all together.

    Just sayin, same result.

  6. John Hultquist says:

    About the Olympics:
    A writer for the WSJ took on the task of filtering the crap and writing about individuals that performed grandly and with dignity. I did some follow-up on those, but did not watch any of it.
    Many people chose not to tune in. Not only in this case, but in other big sports there will be large revenue drops.

    About: Biden “n*ggerhead POTUS”… can we remove him now?

    No. Why? Replacements may be less far gone mentally, but equally dangerous.
    Best to thwart the Administration’s evil and flip the House and Senate in the 2022 elections. Then get rid of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and more of the rot in 2024. Pelosi will go (apparently) regardless, but it would be nice to deny the Speakers position to the Dems.

  7. another ian. says:

    Or they get to do it differently first time around

  8. H.R. says:

    Re the Olympics:

    We had them on a LOT! My mother-in-law has been staying with us as much as we can persuade her to, lately.

    She has dementia pretty bad. Most mornings, when she wakes up and comes downstairs, she has no idea where she is. “Whose house is this? Why am I here? Who are you?”

    Anyhow, she had fixated on the Olympics as something she just had to watch. It’s a big deal… somehow. She was an athletic woman and likes sports of all kinds.

    For several classic Olympic events, she insisted we change the channel back to the Olympics. She had no recollection that [whatever] was a long-time Olympic event. “What’s this? I’ve never seen this before. That’s not an Olympic event. I’ve never seen such a thing.”

    Anyhow, I got to see a lot of the Olympics and it was surprisingly cool. Yes, the trannies in women’s events were a farce… and oh how the trannies cried when they didn’t get gold “after all they had been through.” And the YSM played them up as hard done to, struggling, noble, suffering for “the cause” athletes.

    But the level of sportsmanship between individual competitors and teams was far, far above what I have ever seen. The stadiums were more or less empty due to muh… Covid. Just family, coaches and assistants, and other Olympians not on the field.

    So the competitors – individuals and teams – whooped and hollered in support of the efforts of their competition. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. There was no one there to cheer, so the competitors picked up the slack.

    It was a TON of “Great Job”! “Hey, you won! Congratulations!” “You rock! You set the record!” All sorts of very, very supportive stuff, and I wasn’t getting any of the “it’s what I’m supposed to do” vibe. It was amazing and different from any Olympics I’ve ever seen.

    In a way, it makes sense, because they all know what it takes to just get to the Olympics. So I don’t think it was hard for them to cheerfully fill the void of no spectators. The sincerity was three notches above anything I’ve seen.

    Do note, there were some media PC tearjerker stories, and some self-pitying indulgent interviews, but way less than I expected.

    It was all very upbeat with no thanks to the YSM, who tried their best to make it into the PC hard-done-to by racist white dudes but triumphed anyhow, narrative… and failed.

    I wouldn’t have watched on my own. But since we really had to have it on, I was very pleased with what I saw.

  9. another ian says:

    “More and more people, on both sides of the political divide, are waking up to reality”


  10. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve been involved with Real Estate up close and personal for about 60 years. As a kid, helping Dad renovate rentals and our own home (installed ceilings, sheetrocked walls, painted interior and exterior, installed plumbing, etc. at 7 to 10+ years old…) and eventually inherited a couple of rentals.

    I know how to do it.

    Per repairs:

    There’s “light easy” and there’s OMG NO! and stations in between. There’s also “must do or it won’t sell / will only sell at DEEP discount”. My plan is simple to trivial. Start in on the “must do” (which for a lot of this is just picking up each item, placing it in a dumpster or Pod or “give away” pile, and then sweeping up and mopping…) and when that’s done (or in parallel for some bits) start in on the simplest and easiest that gives the most ROI. In that mode: I’ve knocked down the weeds that took over the back yard, collected all my old ugly gardening pots into a “dispose” pile, and sprayed roundup on a couple of young “Weed Trees” that are refusing to die when chopped down. Next week I cut them down again, but the roots ought to be dead.

    Next up will be some light “sand and paint” of the worst spots. Basically a Saturday some week. Then it gets an MLS listing. Oddly, we showed it 4 times today “not on the market yet” as a realtor has latched onto us…

    At some point the two curves will cross (willing to pay / willing to sell) and it will sell. That could be tonight not doing anything but sort / toss / move; or it could be in a month with new roof contracted. Mr. Market will tell me the moment when I’ve done enough repairs and fixing up.

    FWIW: My pricing method:

    What will the house sell for ALL fixed up? $X
    What will it cost to get it there? $Y
    Asking Price: $X- ($Y+Buyers Gain) (Got to leave a little something on the table to make them sign…)

    As I fix up bits, $Y shrinks as does “Buyers Gain” as they do less, have less “negatives” to get over. That’s when the curves cross.

  11. philjourdan says:

    I did not watch any of the Olympics either, but did scan the headlines. Remember the name – Tamyra Mensah-Stock. She is what the Olympics is supposed to be about.

  12. another ian says:


    “Chris Martenson mentions that the reason Delta is so infectious, is from a little variation, that has appeared in it’s genome sequence. There is change from PRRA > RRRA, that enables a 30% faster entry into a cell, making defence much more difficult. He said this would be a pretty normal gain of function step, if this were a manufactured virus. He leaves it at that, but this leaves open the thought, that this variant could have been purposely released?


  13. another ian says:

    So! Look behind the curtain

    “So Merkx are applying for provisional (ie emergency fast track) approval for their new anti-vrial, Molnupiravir. It would be interesting to see a 3-way trial by Merkx of this vs their existing Ivermectin as well as a placebo. But of course that will never take place.

    Molnupiravir is considered to have broad-spectrum activity against a range of RNA viruses including SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Molnupiravir works by inhibiting replication of SARS-CoV-2.”


    Then, in the next comment

    “Safety controversy
    In April 2020, a whistleblower complaint by former Head of US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) Rick Bright revealed concerns over providing funding for the further development of molnupiravir due to similar drugs having mutagenic (DNA damaging) properties. A previous company, Pharmasset, that had investigated the drug’s active ingredient had abandoned it.” And more.

  14. Foyle says:

    A clear demonstration of huge electoral fraud in 2020 Election. Voter roles were padded with fake voters to fit a State-by-state registered voter age profile, identical in all counties in each state, be they urban rural, rich or poor, but different between states (even in similar neighbouring counties separated by a state line). If the source data is real then this is THE smoking gun to swing anyone with a head for data and an open mind, there is no non-fraud explanation, it’s irrefutable and suffers only from opaque ham-fisted data presentation. (Only need a single spaghetti graph to illustrate in-state county to county homogeneity and interstate heterogeneity) https://rumble.com/vkynsx-2010-census-was-used-to-fabricate-and-inflate-the-2020-vote.html

  15. another ian says:

    Smoke and mirrors? NO –

    “The math behind the carbon-neutral fuel “involved googling and guesswork,” according to Bloomberg. ”

    “How French Energy Traders Sold “Carbon Neutral” Natgas To China That Doesn’t Exist ”


    Via SDA – headline too good not to quote (IMO)

    “Y2Kyoto: A Scam, Wrapped in A Swindle, Inside A Shakedown”


    And comments

  16. another ian says:

    “Dr. Robert Malone Explains mRNA Vaccines and The Noble Lie Used by The Medical Establishment to Manipulate Vaccine Propaganda
    August 12, 2021 | Sundance | 36 Comments”


  17. corsair red says:

    Biden said F-15s and nukes were required to take on the US government. The new Russian jet looks like a good alternative at a much better price. Does it come full of fuel?

  18. E.M.Smith says:

    @Corsair Red:

    Undoubtedly… is good customer service, no?


    Sometimes I hate YouTube Algorithms, but most the ROKU youtube instance still gives reasonable suggestions. I.e. less buggered.

    But the very limited “history” section is horrible. No real “history” list.

    And ever so often I watch a video and think “That’s a great one!” and want to “keep it”, but there’s no bookmarks either. Sometimes this happens late and night and thinking “I’ll just remember the channel name and look it up later” fails to survive to morning.

    That just happened with an absolutely GREAT rant about how Media Corporate Culture destroys franchises. How the MBA graduate with no clue about media, less interest in unique franchises, and aversion to making decisions (or at least taking blame for their bad ones) drives Media Companies to bland and tasteless crap shows. The guy just nailed it.

    But now I can’t find it again. The channel was something like “Xxxxxxxx Rant” or “Xxxxxx Rages” or maybe “Corporate Xxxx” or “Conservative Xxxx” or maybe something else entirely. Sigh. IF, as sometimes happens, the Roku presents it to me again, I’ll take better notes…

    But for now, the best I can do is point out that Vanilla MBA Type Suits running “buy up franchises we don’t understand and hate the fans, so change it to appeal to a ‘broader audience’ by making it over into the same as everything else” type operations does explain a lot of the crap. Certainly it covers what Disney has done (Star Wars, Marvel, …) and what CBS Viacom has done to Star Trek.

    His descriptions of “committees” doing “analysis and decisions” so the Suit is not to blame, and leading to crap results, certainly matches my experience inside large companies (and Disney…). That, and was spot on about how the Major Media Conglomerates just seem to HATE the truly creatives who made the iconic franchises they buy, and hate the existing fan base (or at a minimum thinks their opinions are trash and thus do not listen to them screaming about the destruction of the franchises…) so never listen to them while the drive the Franchise to ruin by “changing it” to the SAME dark themes and trite story lines.

    So no link, but maybe eventually…

  19. The True Nolan says:

    We need to get a shot into every arm! Your tax dollars at work:

  20. another ian says:

    “The Red Terror stalking the weak Western Elites”


  21. another ian says:

    Says a fair bit

  22. another ian says:

    “Inflation is being “manufactured” by companies as well as governments”


    Scary messages in there

  23. Pingback: Supply Chain Disruption | Musings from the Chiefio

  24. another ian says:

    As may this!

    “Dept of Homeland Security Makes Official U.S. Government Announcement, If You Question Govt COVID Response You are Considered A Domestic Violent Extremist
    August 14, 2021 | Sundance | 209 Comments”


  25. another ian says:

    Biter bit!

    “Yes, Snopes Has Been Forced To Retract 54 Articles”


  26. Compu Gator says:

    Ossqss commented on 14 August 2021 at 2:07 pm GMT [†]:

    This may be trouble.

    Hey-ell, yes!
    The easy-to-find USGS headline is/was this:

    M 7.2 – 13 km SSE of Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti
    2021-08-14 12:29:08 (UTC)18.408°N 73.475°W10.0 km depth

    This was logarithmically M 0.2 stronger than the 2010 quake (M 7.0) that caused Obama to invite Haitians to come as refugees, then reside in the U.S.A.  Practically “Allee, allee, in for free!” But only as “temporary residents”,  for a few years, the Obama Administration claimed.

    In the 1980s, Haiti earned notoriety as the 1 sovereign nation that had by far the highest rate of AIDS in the world. Has that changed?  I don’t remember hearing of any health screenings for the otherwise illegal arrivals after Obama’s invitation. Haiti continues to be notorious for earning its status as the worst economy in the Western Hemisphere. What percentage of its “refugees” have been employable in the Continental U.S.A.? How many depend on some Obama waiver executive-order allowing them to receive U.S. federal welfare?

    And when did the Obama Administration begin physically sending back its allegedly temporary residents from Haiti, hmmm?

    So any hour or day now, when Usurper-in-chief Biden publicly announces the same deal to Haitians for today’s stronger quake, will his White House have learned any sensible improvements?  Like tracking these “refugees”, who will be here on temporary visas, if any at all?  Like mandatory health screenings using a Covid diagnostic that we can trust, in addition to a test for AIDS?  And whatever diseases for which they’re exemplars?

    Why in Hey-ell have Haitians become a global responsibility of the U.S.A, anyhow?  The modern (speaking loosely) country started as a French colony. Not a U.S. territory, nor even an English colony. Their native language is an AfroFrench creole. So France should be responsible for the welfare of the country and its people!  Or maybe French Canada, Oui?

    Note † :  I much appreciate your vigor in finding new info for readers of Chiefio‘s blog, but would you please make the typically minor additional effort to advance beyond your unhelpful click-bait style of comments!?  Like include the headline on each article whose link you post?

    Note * :  Loosely 8:30 a.m. EDT today!  https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us6000f65h/executive.

  27. another ian says:

    “Eye on Israel”


    And check the bit on Oz!

    “Our covid’s in the very best of hands, the best of hands”

  28. another ian says:

    “Biden Sends 1,000 Emergency Evacuation Troops to Kabul as Intel Agencies Now Say Afghan Capital Will Fall Within 72 Hours”

    August 14, 2021 | Sundance | 64 Comments”

    Read what will be left behind! Helicopters already in use.


    I wonder how this withdrawal will compare with the one from the British First Afghan War?

  29. another ian says:

    “The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire”


    “Bad news for a Biden White House making plans to pull their staff from the roof of the American Embassy — the Taliban are in the air.”

    “Related: The Taliban are now in possession of more Blackhawk helicopters than 166 other nations around the globe.”

  30. Ossqss says:

    LOL, CG you want fries with that burger?

    I give data inks when possible, not headlines.

    I will strive to improve> :-)

  31. Ossqss says:

    Wait, Click Bait, really?

    Tell me what is missing from this link please.

    I think it pretty much is the source for any other site, opinion piece, news blast, headline or anything else. It is the source of everything EQ communicated to every other source. Just sayin


    Tell me if I am wrong, and I will not do it again.

    I get alerts on anything over a 6 from that site. Why, because I can :-)

  32. David A says:

    In a statement, Trump said:

    Joe Biden gets it wrong every time on foreign policy, and many other issues. Everyone knew he couldn’t handle the pressure. Even Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said as much. He ran out of Afghanistan instead of following the plan our Administration left for him — a plan that protected our people and our property, and ensured the Taliban would never dream of taking our Embassy or providing a base for new attacks against America. The withdrawal would be guided by facts on the ground.

    After I took out ISIS, I established a credible deterrent. That deterrent is now gone. The Taliban no longer has fear or respect for America, or America’s power. What a disgrace it will be when the Taliban raises their flag over America’s Embassy in Kabul. This is complete failure through weakness, incompetence, and total strategic incoherence.

  33. E.M.Smith says:


    I think what CompuG is saying is that “Just A Link” is what much SPAM / Click Bait looks like. You have no idea what is on the other end of the link, and if you click it, you were caught. Postings with a “This says foo” above it work better as the person knows why they ought to look at it.

    So something like:

    Haiti had a 7.x quake and here’s the USGS page on it: (LINK)

    Now I don’t need to decode a link (which sometimes isn’t clear what it is anyway) to know why I ought to click it. Sometimes just quoting the first few sentences from the link also work. So something like:

    Story about raid: (LINK)

    Today in Country FuBar, the USA conducted a raid on a taliban outpost selling lemonade

    Not a big deal, but it does help folks understand why you care. You’ve read the link and know what is in it, most of the readers just see “link crap” and glaze…

  34. Ossqss says:

    So, we have big EQ’s around the globe and now 3 Volcanoes in Alaska are awakened at the same time?


  35. The True Nolan says:

    Color me very skeptical about this report, but it is something to file under “does someone more reliable say the same thing?” Probably just more fear-porn, but I am going to keep my ears open:

    New Study Measures IQ of Infants Born During Pandemic – Horrifying Results Found

  36. Ossqss says:

    @TTN, actually it makes sense. Lack of exposure to varied and important external stimulus during an important developmental stage in life would have a negative impact across the board. Let alone the negative impact on their immune systems from the same.

  37. another ian says:

    Some items of not good reading on Kabul here


  38. another ian says:

    “In his latest Substack article, Alex Berenson explains how those in charge of the vaccine rollouts have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.”


  39. The True Nolan says:

    @Ossqss: RE the reported IQ drop, I think you are very correct that there might be SOME IQ drop — but a 22 point drop all the way down to 78?! Just seems VERY excessive to me from what is really a minor environmental change. Yes, the child-to-child interactions were limited, but on the other hand the adult-to-child interactions were probably increased.

    Because I have a talent for imagining horrifying possibilities, IF THE DROP IS CONFIRMED here is something I would like to see checked. Is there a correlation between children being in close proximity to a vaxxed spike shedding adult and IQ drop?

    Best case scenario? The article is fear porn, nothing to see here, move along…
    Worse case scenario? The drop is real, it is widespread, and there is no rebound.

  40. jim2 says:

    OssQss – for you and whoever likes …


  41. jim2 says:

    Let’s hope we get something good out of this!

    The preliminary report should be released during the week of August 22nd.

    It will likely show all of the data and discrepancies that they have compiled to date.

    The Arizona Senate and Attorney General Mark Brnovich expect a response from Maricopa County regarding an open investigation into their violation of legal and enforceable subpoenas.


  42. Ossqss says:

    @TTN, my better half is a phycologist and has taught me much over the years. I don’t believe you can extract an IQ on a child that cannot really communicate yet in any type of advanced manner. My point is, Lockdowns are not good for them and will stifle natural development of the little people involved due to lack of a learning environment they need to grow both physically and mentally.

    In other words, the IQ part, IMO, is BS, but the inhibiting learning handicap at a very early age, is not. That could indeed prove to have lasting impacts on their futures.

    Thanks for the link Jim2.

    Now back to tropical crap coming from all directions for me. @EM, I may have a house for sale soon if I keep getting put in the cone of destruction as we approach the peak of the season down here :-)

  43. The True Nolan says:

    @Ossqss: “the inhibiting learning handicap at a very early age, is not. That could indeed prove to have lasting impacts on their futures.”

    Very true. Let is hope that the handicap is small and the lasting impact is negligible.

  44. Ossqss says:

    I pinged the boss, and she tells me standard IQ tests can be done at the age of 5. There are other tests to determine motor, attention, or other developmental skills, but they are not really IQ tests at the age of infants.

  45. The True Nolan says:

    @Ossqss: “I pinged the boss, and she tells me standard IQ tests can be done at the age of 5.”

    I would trust your boss more than some journalist or random producer of a “study”. Unless something more reliable comes up, I am filing this subject under “fear porn”.

  46. The True Nolan says:

    For anyone who did not see August 11th presentation by Dr. Douglas Frank on the algorithm used for rigging the 2020 election, here is the video. Apparently, a set of numbers based on the 2010 census was decided for each state and then applied to all counties inside that state.

    Assuming his numbers are correct, I do not see any way this would not be considered rock solid proof of fraud. This is well worth watching.

  47. p.g.sharrow says:

    Effecting their IQ ? Ridicules ! Effect their education of course, but modern western education is greatly over rated. Maybe even a detriment to the ability to think for themselves.
    Teach children how to READ, Write and do Arithmetic. They can EDUCATE themselves…pg.

  48. YMMV says:

    “she tells me standard IQ tests can be done at the age of 5”

    You think the PCR test is flawed, that’s nothing! I think even the concept of IQ as we know it is flawed. You can make a test, it might even test something, but all you can really say about IQ is that some people do seem dumb and others not so much in some way but not in every way. There are so many ways.

  49. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, per “Newborn To Infant IQ”:

    I’ve consulted with the Spouse, who is a credentialed teacher in things like Special Ed and worked with the District Psych evaluating kids for several years. I’m going to summarize what she just taught me (and hope I get it right…there will be a test… she’s going to ‘proof read’ this…).

    1) They didn’t give IQ tests to pre-school kids. Over 5 to 6 y.o., maybe. The very little ones are graded based on behaviours. Do they talk at the expected age point? Crawl on time? Make eye contact and have reflective facial expressions, that kind of stuff. So you have their chronological age and compare it to their behavioral age and that informs their likely ability level. BUT:

    2) Kids raised with “poor environments” (i.e. deprived of rich sensory inputs like playing with other kids and interaction with lots of people) will show developmental delay. This will look the same as mental under-performance but isn’t the same as mental retardation.

    3) Kids with a sensory deprived early life can and often will “catch up” when back in a more rich environment. (Some kids they followed, when 3 to 6 years later were given real IQ tests, had their IQ number go UP, for example.) This will not happen for those that are actually “mentally retarded”, so there’s that. But a “functionally normal kid” can catch up (quotes, BTW, are my paraphrase, not spousal words… “scare quotes”…).

    So my conclusion is that any claim to measure an IQ Number for kids born in the last 2 years is just Fear Porn as you can’t give them the IQ Test that can be scored in numbers. Somewhere someone had to make a leap from “behaviours” to “implied IQ” and that just is NOT an IQ value. Further, any kid with normal brain function but developmental behaviour delay will most likely “catch up” when back in a normal stimulating school / play social life.

    Now for the test… “Oh Spouse!… I think I’m ready!?”

    UPDATE: I passed!

  50. another ian says:

    “Instructions if you are an American in Afghanistan and would like help leaving:”


  51. David A says:

    EM says, “ Now for the test… “Oh Spouse!… I think I’m ready!?”

    UPDATE: I passed!

    Come on, we know you have special needs and are on the spectrum of something!

  52. another ian says:

    Sit down before you read!

    “Verified list of (mainly) US military equipment captured or destroyed by Taliban since June 2021”


  53. jim2 says:

    In Afghanistan, America spent trillions of dollars, lost thousands of precious lives, and toiled for 20 years to make the neocon fantasy of nation-building come true. World peace is easy! they told us. We need to liberate oppressed peoples, build schools and roads, and give them the right to vote. If we do that, peace will break out all over!

    For 20 years, these fools have been telling us the fruition of their fantasy was right around the corner. For 20 years, our country poured blood and treasure into their stupid experiment, and in one day — a single day — it all fell apart.

    In one day, the Taliban took Afghanistan back.

    The neocon experiment is such a failure that after a 20-year investment, it only took one day to prove it a failure.

    Of course, our army didn’t lose to the Taliban. Of course, our technology is superior. No one doubts that. But we still failed for one simple reason… Too many Afghans chose the 7th century over the 21st century. Too many Afghans chose their barbaric way of life, their barbaric customs, their warlords and tribal leaders over self-determination and democracy.


  54. another ian says:


    Does your top general get the nickname of “Elphie” for comparison?

  55. another ian says:

    “Congressman Doug Lamborn Recently Questioned Defense Secretary Austin and Joint Chief Chair Milley About Afghanistan, What They Said Should Get Them Fired Today – VIDEO
    August 17, 2021 | Sundance | 17 Comments”


  56. Ossqss says:

    Interesting, I have been reviewing the impacting influences that directly influenced what happened in Afghanistan. It seems our PC culture “dictates” being forcibly pushed there paved the road for eviction of such and us. Just sayin, didn’t work there, the country bailed out, and wont here either, eventually.

    We live in strange experimental times all the way around. It seem we want to re-learn everything history for the Z nation. Apparently, they think they can push a restart button on their controller when they fail.

  57. jim2 says:

    In China, regulators have been busy “regulating” companies there. Some hedge fund managers here are saying China ADRs are not investable. Maybe Chicoms will get their comeuppance?

    In other news, Anglo-Australian BHP Group is selling its petroleum business and moving into potash??? OK.

    And Bloomberg claims fusion energy is heating up. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Energy & Science
    Investors Get Serious About Nuclear Fusion, Energy’s Eternal Grail

    Enthusiastic for the prospect of carbon-free power, funders poured $300 million into private fusion companies in 2020


  58. Simon Derricutt says:

    A nice Batman reference swiped from Bayou Renaissance Man’s blog:

  59. jim2 says:

    Are you saying Biden has the DTs?

  60. p.g.sharrow says:

    “Scientists have yet to start a fusion reaction that sustainably produces more energy than it uses. But excitement has grown as government and private plans move incrementally closer to the breakeven or “net-energy gain” threshold.”

    This has been the case for over 60 years, All that they need is unlimited money and time and success is insured !

    Back when I had dreams of becoming a nuclear scientist, 65 years ago, I learned that Plasma Fusion was a Never – Never con-game. The very last thing that Plasma wants to do is fuse ! Even GOD does not use Plasma Fusion to power his Universe.
    They still have not obtained Unity, one to one power input to output, while 3 times unity is required to justify building a real power plant. Save Your Money !

  61. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    Spouse is a Special Ed teacher, so it works out ;-)

    @Per Afghanistan:

    Just assume that what is happening there is NOT an accident, but by design. Then it makes sense. All that military equipment will be used, which will get it destroyed, and sell A LOT more to the side that has to take it out. Just think about the total profit to be made supplying the folks who will now need to defend against it…

    A peaceful Afghanistan doesn’t profit anyone but the Afghans…


    Nice one!


    Yup. Fusion Energy is only 50 years away! (what they said in the ’70s). Now it is only 40 years away! (what they said in the ’90s). Great progress, in only 30 years we can have unlimited Fusion Energy! (what they were saying last time I looked about a decade back). So in 50 years, we’ve shaved off about 20 years from the WAGs… Meaning that in about another 70 years, we might have it…

    But it will fund a whole lot of Physics Experiments in the meantime… and a lot of retired Physics Professors thank you.

  62. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EM; you got that right, seems to be the point of modern science is to milk the public purse rather then actually solve the problem…pg

  63. another ian says:


    That would be a SWAG – “scientific wag” (IMO)

  64. another ian says:

    Seems that years of well known commercial experience is being overlooked with these “vaccines”‘

    It being well known that the first run of any product rushed to market is best avoided due to subsequent problems that emerge. Illustrated particularly with motor vehicles.

    And yet what is happening with these “vaccines”?

    Are there “lemon laws” for “vaccines”?

  65. another ian says:

    Not a good read on where USA stands (falls?) at the link here (IMO)

    It ain’t exactly what you’d be looking for in a business partner!


    And comments

  66. jim2 says:

    I’ve worked with concentrated ammonia. One whiff of it and your diaphragm muscles freeze, it is so irritating. “Blue Ammonia” will lose its luster the first time a leak occurs. I’m both amazed and saddened at the idiotic ideas floating around, from electric cars to this nonsense.

    Lesser known but also extremely promising for the global energy transition, blue ammonia is another feedstock currently under development as part of emerging green energy schemes. Ammonia is a chemical compound that contains three hydrogen molecules and one nitrogen molecule, and, like hydrogen, it releases no carbon dioxide when burned in a thermal power plant. The blue ammonia itself can be used as a feedstock for sustainable hydrogen. As the “blue” part of the name would suggest, the ammonia itself is made using natural gas (and in some cases coal), but is still considered to be a greener form of energy production thanks to its potential for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).

    And just this week the use of blue ammonia as a part of the global clean energy transition moved from being a pipe dream to a reality when the world’s largest oil company made its first ever shipment of blue ammonia.


  67. David A says:

    Are there lemon laws for vaccines? Well of course, quite the opposite right. In their product, if it cripples you or kills you, you CANNOT sue for any damages. This is why clear potential harms should have been listed to sign off on, and individual release of all liability forms. Why is it legal for the government to give a blanket release of liability for any individual?

    I have not read about yet another pathology the vaccine virus interface can take that is deadly…
    “’There is the potential for ADE, but the bigger problem is probably Th2 immunopathology,’ says Ralph Baric, an epidemiologist and expert in coronaviruses … at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    In previous studies of SARS, aged mice were found to have particularly high risks of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology … in which a faulty T cell response triggers allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes, activating the complement system and potentially damaging the airways.”


  68. jim2 says:

    Here is a long article about the effects of COVID 19 infection. The symptoms are similar, in many cases, to those attributed to the vaccine.

    Myocardial injury, reflected by increased blood troponin levels, has been reported frequently in COVID‐19 [120]. Pre‐existing cardiovascular disease is associated with poor prognosis [121], whereas COVID‐19 itself can induce cardiovascular complications, such as acute heart failure, arrhythmias, acute coronary syndrome, and myocarditis [120]. The latter has raised particular concern, with multiple case studies reporting on COVID‐19‐associated myocarditis [122, 123, 124] and studies demonstrating ongoing myocardial inflammation after recovery from COVID‐19 [125, 126]. Myocarditis may result from direct cardiotoxic effects of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection or from indirect effects, either via cytokine‐mediated cardiotoxicity or by triggering an autoimmune response against cardiac components [127]. In line with expression of ACE2 on different cell types in the human heart [128], SARS‐CoV‐2 has been detected in a variety of cells in myocardial tissue, including interstitial inflammatory cells [129, 130], cardiomyocytes [40, 124], and capillary endothelial cells [124]. These findings indicate that SARS‐CoV‐2 may directly infiltrate the heart via the bloodstream – consistent with the finding of cardiac endotheliitis [116] – or indirectly via immune cell transmigration. An autopsy study demonstrated that the presence of SARS‐CoV‐2 in myocardial tissue was not associated with a cardiac inflammatory response consistent with myocarditis [129]. Instead, COVID‐19‐associated myocarditis may rather result from secondary reactions to disease.


  69. The True Nolan says:

    Are there “lemon laws” for “vaccines”?

    Yes, and they are written to protect pharmaceutical companies from defective consumers.

  70. Ossqss says:

    Video from the airport in Kabul from a gunners turret. Wow.

  71. The True Nolan says:

    Twenty years war in Afghanistan, uncounted lives, and somewhere north of two trillion dollars. My heart goes out to soldiers suckered into this, and even more to the innocent men, women and children caught in the middle. But the people in charge, the ones responsible, have not even had to miss a meal and will probably not have learned a damn thing from the exercise.

  72. E.M.Smith says:

    Apply your /snark;-o-matic filter:

  73. jim2 says:

    D-Dimer Test and mRNA vaccines:

    A D-dimer test can be prescribed by a specialist when a blood clot is suspected. But a high D-dimer level in vaccinated patients would not necessarily be worrying.

    “When you are vaccinated, there is often inflammation: you have a little fever, aches and pains… it proves that the vaccine works,” Marie-Antoinette Sevestre-Pietri, president of the French Society of Vascular Medicine, said on July 15. “An inflammatory reaction will result in an elevated D-dimer level, but this does not mean that thrombosis will occur.”

    Dr Nicolas Gendron, a physician in the hematology department of the Georges-Pompidou Hospital in Paris, agreed.

    “Having a high D-dimer level doesn’t mean that you have a thrombosis,” which is the formation of a blood clot in the heart or in a blood vessel, he said on July 20.

    It turns out D-Dimer can be high due to inflamation:


  74. cdquarles says:

    I had a thromboembolic event, some 3 years ago (today, if I am remembering correctly). I don’t remember if they did a d-dimer test at the time. They did do a catheterization and injected clot dissolving enzymes/drugs. After that, I was prescribed Eliquis and clopidrogel. Earlier this year, a hematologist did a battery of tests of my blood clotting system. All, but one, were normal and the one that wasn’t normal was borderline. I was allowed to go back to low dose aspirin and the clopidrogel. Blood clotting and immune system activation are conjoined. Which came first may not be easy to tease out.

  75. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: “An inflammatory reaction will result in an elevated D-dimer level, but this does not mean that thrombosis will occur.”

    As in a lot of statements of fact, the devil is in the details. Speaking of high d-dimer levels as they relate to the vaxx, some obvious questions would be:
    1) Most importantly, before any other questions become pertinent — is there definitively a higher d-dimer level among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed? For the purpose of speculation, let me assume that it true…
    2) Do other vaccines cause a rise in d-dimer levels? Or just this new vaxx?
    3) How long after the vaxx would it be until d-dimer levels returned to normal? A day? A week? Never? A day for some people, a year for others?
    4) Certainly larger blot clots are related to a high d-dimer level, but can those high levels also be caused by more numerous, smaller clots? Maybe from multiple clots small enough that they fail to be detectable by standard diagnostic techniques? There certainly have been suggestions to that effect.
    5) If high d-dimer levels can result from many causes, like cancer, inflammation, infection, etc., as well as clotting, which of those reasons (or something new?) is responsible for it’s appearance in the vaxxed? Maybe the vaxx is triggering cancer to raise the d-dimer. Maybe the vaxx is weakening the immune system and allowing low grade infections.

    Bottom line, at least in my opinion: We know with some certainty that being vaxxed increases the chances of blood clots, so a tendency to find higher d-dimer levels among the vaxxed sounds plausible, even in the absence of large scale, detectible clotting. Is that a characteristic of the vaxx in general, of only some of the vaxxes, or is it more reliably associated with certain preexisting health characteristics of the person involved, like low vitamin K1 perhaps?

    And of course we still need some confirmation of question 1.

  76. jim2 says:

    When considering vax effects, one also must determine if the spike in question originated from a COVID-19 viral infection, mRNA spike, or the Oxford-AstraZeneca spike. They are all different.

  77. jim2 says:

    This should be fun to watch …

    Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors has filed a notice of claim against the Arizona Senate in pursuit of a $2,833,220.00 settlement from the Senate to cover the cost of replacement voting machines.

    In May, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs claimed that the voting machines were tampered with and no longer safe to use and urged the County to buy new ones.


  78. David A says:

    Exactly, generalized dismissal of things like the d-dimer, or the generalist claim of “ the VARES data is not necessarily related to the vaccine, correlation is not necessarily cause related.” when followed by zero details, are IMV, little more then propaganda.

    In the case of the micro blood clots of the vaccinated, a concerned doctor stated, “ We now know that only 25 percent of the ‘vaccine’ injected into a person’s arm actually stays in your arm. The other 75 percent is collected by your lymphatic system and literally fed into your circulation so these little packages of messenger RNA…
    and …
    ” But here’s where the problem comes. In a coronavirus that spike protein becomes part of the viral capsule. In other words it becomes part of the cell wall around the virus. But it is not in a virus. It is in your cells. So it becomes part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium.”

    “This means that these cells which line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly now have these little spikey bits sticking out.”
    ” So it is absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form because your blood platelets circulate round your blood vessels, and the purpose of blood platelets is to identify damaged vessels and stop bleeding. So, when the platelet comes through the capillary it suddenly hits all these COVID spikes and it becomes absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form to block that vessel.”

    So the doctor found elevated levels in 62 percent of his vaccinated patients. And now they want pretty much all to get another boost.

    The adverse event reporting agencies exist for a reason, and are being dismissed and ignored. The arrogance of the current US administration and the international agencies they work with is can only be explained by…?

  79. another ian says:

    Some comparisons here on the need for survival planning


  80. another ian says:

    More here

    “Download And Save This Where You Can Get At It In An Emergency”

    Including medical texts


  81. jim2 says:

    David A. Followup studies are done on the VAERS data, so it isn’t true the data is ignored.

    Young people are more susceptible to the Delta variant and getting a COVID infection puts some in the hospital. IOW, they suffer “adverse events” from the virus. An actual infection does more damage than a vaccination. So it would be good to know how many younger people are hospitalized and compare that number to the unverified VAERS data. It’s not right to look at only the adverse effects of the vaccine but then ignore damage done by the real infection. You have to have context!

    More and more young people are being hospitalized for COVID-19 as the Delta variant surges through the U.S.


    VAERS accepts reports of adverse events and reactions that occur following vaccination. Healthcare providers, vaccine manufacturers, and the public can submit reports to the system. While very important in monitoring vaccine safety, VAERS reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness. The reports may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable. In large part, reports to VAERS are voluntary, which means they are subject to biases. This creates specific limitations on how the data can be used scientifically. Data from VAERS reports should always be interpreted with these limitations in mind.


    VAERS COVID Vaccine Data


  82. jim2 says:

    TTN: Yes, other vaccines can cause a high D-Dimer reading. See the comment at:


  83. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 19 August 2021 at 11:41 am

    Except if the Medicines work as advertised none of them should be going to hospital.

  84. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 19 August 2021 at 11:41 am
    “David A. Followup studies are done on the VAERS data, so it isn’t true the data is ignored.”

    Have you seen any reports printed on the follow up studies?
    Any Autopsies?

  85. David A says:

    Regarding follow up studies from VARES, I have seen very little. I have seen a constant criticism that is exactly the kind of irrelevant blanket dismissal that, as I said, without details on what was studied and found is both misleading and ignores the purpose of the red Flagg system. Any other vaccine would have been pulled by now.

    Both WHO, the CDC and the vaccine developers absolutely minimize vaccine issues. If you missed this please watch it. Just another man with impeccable credentials, risking a great deal to save lives…

    It makes no sense to ignore these warnings. We know the spike protein does vascular damage, not just the rare overwhelming cases.

  86. David A says:

    “ In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

    The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented.

    Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.

    “If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID,” Manor explains. “Further studies with mutant spike proteins will also provide new insight towards the infectivity and severity of mutant SARS CoV-2 viruses.”

    The researchers next hope to take a closer look at the mechanism by which the disrupted ACE2 protein damages mitochondria and causes them to change shape.“

  87. jim2 says:

    David A – your quote is missing some context:

    LA JOLLA—Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.


  88. jim2 says:

    ACO – you don’t find what you don’t seek:


    I’m sure a diligent search on the web will turn up more like this.

  89. p.g.sharrow says:

    A very interesting interview by Dinesh D’Souza

  90. YMMV says:

    In the news, they made a breakthrough in fusion (it is now only 49 years away instead of 50)!
    Or pick some other number, like infinity, because infinity minus one is still infinity. At least some years after we run out of oil.

    Anyway, in the hyped new results, they created an output of 375 Watt-hours (70% of the input)

    Nuclear fusion is the merger of light nuclei into heavier nuclei. This releases energy because iron has the deepest binding energy per mass among the nuclei (so you may produce useful energy by merging lighter-than-iron nuclei; or breaking heavier-than-iron nuclei, the latter is called fission).

    Iron! Who knew?

    When fusion is mentioned, the sun is always mentioned. Creating the sun on earth sounds hard enough, but it’s worse than that.

    The temperature inside the Sun is some 15 million Celsius (or Kelvin) degrees (the surface is just 6,000 kelvins or so). That is marginally enough for the kinetic energy of typical protons to push them close enough to other protons so that the fusion happens and some helium plus energy is created. However, at the temperature of just “a dozen” of megadegrees, the frequency of such reactions is very low. The Sun has been burning for 4.6 billion years and we expect over 7 billion extra years before the Sun goes red giant.

    We want the bulk of the protons in our “fuel” to burn faster than ~10 billion years and that is why we need a higher temperature to push the protons closer, something like 100 or hundreds of millions of Celsius degrees. To be faster than our very slow Sun, we need to be (even) hotter.

    source: https://motls.blogspot.com/2021/08/nif-laser-powered-fusion-may-beat.html

  91. E.M.Smith says:

    @Per Spike Binding ACE2:

    I’ll take “ivermectin for spike blocking” please…


    In Vivo
    . Sep-Oct 2020;34(5):3023-3026. doi: 10.21873/invivo.12134.

    Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2

    Steven Lehrer # 1, Peter H Rheinstein # 2
    Affiliations expand
    PMID: 32871846 PMCID: PMC7652439 DOI: 10.21873/invivo.12134
    Free PMC article
    Background/aim: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). One drug that has attracted interest is the antiparasitic compound ivermectin, a macrocyclic lactone derived from the bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis. We carried out a docking study to determine if ivermectin might be able to attach to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain bound with ACE2.

    Materials and methods: We used the program AutoDock Vina Extended to perform the docking study.

    Results: Ivermectin docked in the region of leucine 91 of the spike and histidine 378 of the ACE2 receptor. The binding energy of ivermectin to the spike-ACE2 complex was -18 kcal/mol and binding constant was 5.8 e-08.

    Conclusion: The ivermectin docking we identified may interfere with the attachment of the spike to the human cell membrane. Clinical trials now underway should determine whether ivermectin is an effective treatment for SARS-Cov2 infection.

    Ivermectin nestles nicely in the binding end of the spike protein. This will clog it up. Nuf said.

  92. E.M.Smith says:

    For unknown reasons the comment by Another Ian here:
    was stuck in moderation. It is a pointer to an article by “Bustednuckles” that is itself a story and pointer to an emergency / self reliance medical PDF. The Ships Medicine Chest And Medical Aid At Sea.


    Worth downloading and saving. I have several such texts (various survival medical / first aid books) along with a couple of “Pharmacopoeia” documents. 1875? or something like that. Back when M.D.s also used plants for medicine before we turned it over to the Big Pharma Chemists. (Even still, a lot of plants are the basis of “modern” medicines). Anyone who’s ever smoked some M.J. knows that it works really well for curing “Melancholy and poor appetite” ;-) (What it was used for off the herbalists cart in pre-W.W.II England, per Mum who’s best friend’s Mum sold same off said cart…)

    Having lived on a boat for a couple of years, and having been “several hundred miles from nowhere” and needing to do my own patching up when “far far away”; I’ve devoted some effort to getting pretty good at it. Dad also made sure I knew how to do “Farm Medicine” – i.e. how to relieve bloat in a cow with a pocket knife, how to stitch up a cut rabbit or dog, how to get rid of ringworm, intestinal worms, bot flies, etc. etc. etc… It has served me well over the years. (Though now, technically, I think they have made some of that crimes… like treating your own pets and animals instead of paying a vet $Thousands…)

    In any case, it’s always good to have some of this kind of information printed out somewhere “for that day”…

  93. cdquarles says:

    Thanks for that brief letter, jim2. Very interesting it is. Attacking the vascular endothelium, whether as whole virus or as protein itself and even certain fragments definitely explains much of the pathophysiology.

    For the natural infection, the larger the viremia, the larger the direct damage and the larger the response will be; and if that goes awry, there will be larger damage from that, too. A limited dose vaccine should have lower risks, but will not have zero risk.

    It still galls me that so much important information isn’t being properly conveyed.

  94. cdquarles says:

    It would be great if that could be confirmed with proper analytical chemistry apparatus, with respect to ivermectin binding to SARS-CoV2 spike protein and the ACE2 receptor binding site, say with radio-labeled reagents.

  95. E.M.Smith says:


    Iron? Who knew? Well, I did… See “The Curve Of Binding Energy”. (Both the curve, and the fascinating book by that name).

    Theodore Taylor was one of the most brilliant engineers of the nuclear age, but in his later years he became concerned with the possibility of an individual being able to construct a weapon of mass destruction on their own. McPhee tours American nuclear institutions with Taylor and shows us how close we are to terrorist attacks employing homemade nuclear weaponry.

    John McPhee is a stellar author. Taylor was a “Boutique Bomb” designer and made our most unusual bombs (little, big, exotic…). This is where I learned the “art” part of nuclear design…

    To get it Not from Amazon:
    https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780374515980 at $18.

    But it isn’t just that we need hotter than the sun to go FASTER, it is also because the center of the sun is at horrific pressures and we want fusion to happen at near vacuum. Substituting an order of magnitude or two of temperature for pressure…

    Here’s the curve. Fission on the far right, fusion on the left, Iron highest up and in the middle:

  96. The True Nolan says:

    @jhim2: “Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.”

    I went to the study linked as a source for the conclusion above and could find no reason to think that the virus spike proteins “behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines”.

    The study: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/epub/10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.121.318902
    finds that the spike protein damages lungs, endothelial cells, and mitochondria. I saw nothing to indicate that spike proteins from vaccines did anything different. The only mention of vaccines was in the last paragraph:
    “Although these findings need to be confirmed with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the future study, it seems paradoxical that ACE2 reduction by S protein would decrease the virus infectivity, thereby protecting endothelium. However, a dysregulated renin-angiotensin system due to ACE2 reduction may exacerbate endothelial dysfunction, leading to endotheliitis. Collectively, our results suggest that the S protein-exerted EC damage overrides the decreased virus infectivity. This conclusion suggests that vaccination-generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury.”

    Here is my interpretation of that last paragraph:

    “Although these findings need to be confirmed with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the future study, it seems paradoxical that ACE2 reduction by S protein would decrease the virus infectivity, thereby protecting endothelium.”
    We just used a non-COVID virus to introduce the spikes, so it needs to be done with real COVID, but we found that the spikes reduced the number of ACE2 receptors, and since that is how COVID gets into the cells, a lower ACE2 level reduces infections and thus reduces the potential for COVID damage to the endothelium.

    “However, a dysregulated renin-angiotensin system due to ACE2 reduction may exacerbate endothelial dysfunction, leading to endotheliitis.”
    On the other hand a reduction in ACE2 screws with vascular dilation mechanisms leading to inflammation or infection of the endothelium.

    “Collectively, our results suggest that the S protein-exerted EC damage overrides the decreased virus infectivity.”
    All in all, the spikes do more damage to the endothelium than the good they do in preventing viral infection. (Read that sentence again.)

    “This conclusion suggests that vaccination-generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury.”
    We conclude that any sort of ANTIBODIES (emphasis mine) against the spike protein (whether those antibodies are natural or vaccine caused) help prevent COVID infection and thus helps prevent spike caused endothelial damage.

    I don’t see anything to indicate that vaccine induced spikes are themselves safe, only that the antibodies against the spikes are protective. Where does the Salk Institute get the information that “Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.”?

    Am I confused? Or is the Salk Institute wrong? And if they are wrong, aren’t they professionals?

  97. E.M.Smith says:


    There’s lots more like that out there. In DuckDuckGo, search on “ivermectin binding spike protein” and stuff pops up like:

    Looks like a slightly more “public friendly” version of the same modeling stories below:

    Ivermectin, a common anti-parasite drug, has shown great efficacy in the fight against covid-19. For the first time, medical researchers have documented how ivermectin docks to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain
    that is attached to the ACE2 receptor.

    In this way, ivermectin effectively inhibits viral attachment and replication, assisting a precise antiviral response that can target the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein at its most advantageous cleavage site. The researchers showed how ivermectin interferes with the attachment of the spike protein to the human cell membrane. Ivermectin is a simple medicine derived from the bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis.

    It weakens and kills parasites by interfering with their nervous system and muscle function. Ivermectin targets the glutamate-gated chloride channels in the parasite’s nerve and muscle cells, bolstering inhibitory effects in the parasite’s own neurotransmission. As the chloride ions permeate, the parasite’s cells are hyper-polarized and then paralyzed, resulting in their demise. In this study, ivermectin docked in region of leucine 91 of the spike protein and at the histidine 378 of the ACE2 receptor.

    The binding energy and constancy of ivermectin was also measured and found to be sufficient at the ACE2 receptor, proving the anti-parasitic molecule a powerful force for blocking viral attachment of SARS-CoV-2.

    Ivermectin Blocks SARS CoV-2 At The ACE2 Receptor In Humans

    The 17 randomized controlled trials that use ivermectin for early treatment and prophylaxis report positive effects, with an estimated improvement of 73 percent and 83 percent, respectively. Out of 37 early treatment and prophylaxis studies for ivermectin, 97 percent report positive effects.
    One of the studies documents how ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro and displays broad-spectrum anti-viral activity against the causative virus (SARS-CoV-2).

    This study showed a 5,000-fold reduction in viral RNA after just 48 hours. The study also proves that effective treatments and prophylactics can mitigate the replication and spread of a virus thousands of times faster than the paranoid, isolationist approach of social distancing and lockdowns. If antivirals were encouraged early and often, then the spread of actual infectious virus would have been mitigated at rates thousands of times faster than the insane method of treating everyone as if they are infectious.

    By treating actual infections where symptoms are present, the spread is reduced at magnitudes thousands of times greater, while conveying immunity instead of terror. The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is designed to attach to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) in humans. To see whether ivermectin could dock at this receptor site and block viral attachment, the researchers used a program called AutoDock Vina Extended. This docking study showed the crystal structure of the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor binding domain.

    The researchers looked specifically at the human ACE2 receptor and calculated the root-mean-square deviation (RMSD) of its atomic positions. A lower RMSD value indicates a more accurate docking capacity. When the RMSD value is three or greater, no docking has occurred at the receptor site. Ivermectin did not dock at nine of the locations; however, it did dock at the leucine 91 region of the spike and histidine 378 at the intersection of proteins between SARS CoV-2 and the ACE2 receptor complex.

    It then goes on to light a bonfire under “Official Agencies”… I’m not familiar with the “reputation” of this particular site so don’t know if it’s a “green / vegan / anti-chemical” site or not, but they are excited…

    The Global Conspiracy To Suppress Effective Anti-Viral Medicine

    The World Health Organization, the FDA, and the NIH have repeatedly suggested that no antiviral treatments exist for covid-19, even though multiple antiviral herbs and drugs have been studied during previous SARS and MERS epidemics and found to be effective. This time around, many of these antivirals were used with great effectiveness by doctors who were willing to go out on a limb and save lives. Chinese hospitals used various antiviral herbs to treat covid-19 patients.

    These hospitals studied the effects of the herbs for impeding virus-cell receptor binding, for stimulation of the host’s immunity, for blocking virus entry into host cells through action on the host’s enzymes, and for prevention of SARS-CoV-2 RNA synthesis and replication. The research found numerous phytochemicals to be effective, including: quercetin, ursolic acid, kaempferol, isorhamnetin, luteolin, glycerrhizin, and apigenin.

    The top three most effective plants for treating covid-19 included licorice root, (Glycyrrhiza glabra) chicory root, (Cichorium intybus) and hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa). A number of antiviral plants contain compounds that target all three antiviral targets, including olive leaf (Olea europaea), white horehound (Marrubium vulgare), black cumin seed (Nigella sativa), garden cress (Lepidium sativum), Judean wormwood (Artemisia Judaica), guava (Psidium guajava), chrysanthemum (Glebionis coronaria), and Maryam’s flower (Anastatica).

    But as a potential shopping list of alternatives to the already shown alternatives (IVM, HCQ, Quercetin) it’s nice to have.


    Future Virol. 2021 Mar : 10.2217/fvl-2020-0342.
    Published online 2021 Mar 25. doi: 10.2217/fvl-2020-0342
    PMCID: PMC7996102

    Exploring the binding efficacy of ivermectin against the key proteins of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis: an in silico approach

    Abhigyan Choudhury,‡,1 Nabarun C Das,‡,1 Ritwik Patra,‡,1 Manojit Bhattacharya,2 Pratik Ghosh,3 Bidhan C Patra,3 and Suprabhat Mukherjee*,1


    Aim: COVID-19 is currently the biggest threat to mankind. Recently, ivermectin (a US FDA-approved antiparasitic drug) has been explored as an anti-SARS-CoV-2 agent. Herein, we have studied the possible mechanism of action of ivermectin using in silico approaches. Materials & methods: Interaction of ivermectin against the key proteins involved in SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis were investigated through molecular docking and molecular dynamic simulation. Results: Ivermectin was found as a blocker of viral replicase, protease and human TMPRSS2, which could be the biophysical basis behind its antiviral efficiency. The antiviral action and ADMET profile of ivermectin was on par with the currently used anticorona drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir. Conclusion: Our study enlightens the candidature of ivermectin as an effective drug for treating COVID-19.


    Struct Chem. 2021 Apr 12 : 1–8.
    doi: 10.1007/s11224-021-01776-0 [Epub ahead of print]
    PMCID: PMC8039806
    PMID: 33867777
    The binding mechanism of ivermectin and levosalbutamol with spike protein of SARS-CoV-2
    Joyanta Kumar Saha corresponding author and Md. Jahir Raihan


    In this study, we have investigated the binding mechanism of two FDA-approved drugs (ivermectin and levosalbutamol) with the spike protein of SARs-CoV-2 using three different computational modeling techniques. Molecular docking results predict that ivermectin shows a large binding affinity for spike protein (− 9.0 kcal/mol) compared to levosalbutamol (− 4.1 kcal/mol). Ivermectin binds with LEU492, GLN493, GLY496, and TRY505 residues in the spike protein through hydrogen bonds and levosalbutamol binds with TYR453 and TYR505 residues. Using density functional theory (DFT) studies, we have calculated the binding energies between ivermectin and levosalbutamol with residues in spike protein which favor their binding are − 22.4 kcal/mol and − 21.08 kcal/mol, respectively. The natural bond orbital (NBO) charge analysis has been performed to estimate the amount of charge transfer that occurred by two drugs during interaction with residues. Molecular dynamics (MD) study confirms the stability of spike protein bound with ivermectin through RMSD and RMSF analyses. Three different computer modeling techniques reveal that ivermectin is more stable than levosalbutamol in the active site of spike protein where hACE2 binds. Therefore, ivermectin can be a suitable inhibitor for SARS-CoV-2 to enter into the human cell through hACE2.

    Looks like a PDF of the article in the other comment:

    Yes, it would be nice to have a radio-labeled / clearance study of some sort, but it looks like computer modeling is the dominant one at the moment. OTOH, I didn’t look past the top page of results… (Today is a busy day…)

    There’s more down the page. Like this one that includes a movie / animation of the docking:


    But, alas, EwTube doesn’t allow actual Science. The link says
    “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.
    Learn more”

    Someone needs to inform the authors / site about Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee and other sites where freedom to think and watch exists…

    Though they did leave in the “Whiteboard Doctor” review of the computational study and 4 other “pathways” of action:

    But I’ve run out of time to hunt through all the articles…

  98. jim2 says:

    TTN – the mRNA spike cannot change conformation to enter the cell. This has been covered on this blog multiple times.

    Scientists believe that for COVID-19 vaccines to be effective, our immune systems must develop antibodies that prevent this fusion. Such antibodies must target the spike protein in its aptly named prefusion conformation. Unfortunately for vaccine developers, spike proteins are liable to spring from their stubby prefusion shape into their elongated postfusion form on a hair trigger.

    Fortuitously, Graham and a former postdoc, Jason McLellan, devised a solution to this problem before the pandemic. Through a bit of structural biology and persistent protein engineering, McLellan discovered that adding two prolines—the most rigid of the 20 amino acids—to a key joint of a vaccine’s spike protein could stabilize the structure’s prefusion shape. This 2P mutation worked in preclinical studies of Graham and Moderna’s MERS vaccine, so they applied it to Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.


  99. Pingback: Dr. John Campbell on Ivermectin | Musings from the Chiefio

  100. jim2 says:

    I’ve been suckered in for a lot of “EARTH SHATTERING!!!” articles lately, hopefully this will be the real deal.

    BREAKING BIG — Jovan Pulitzer: Arizona Audit Report Will be Delivered to Senate on Friday, Results Will Be Earth-Shattering


  101. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: “the mRNA spike cannot change conformation to enter the cell. This has been covered on this blog multiple times.” “McLellan discovered that adding two prolines—the most rigid of the 20 amino acids—to a key joint of a vaccine’s spike protein could stabilize the structure’s prefusion shape. ”

    Thanks, Jim, and yes, I understand the theory — and yet two of the most common post-vaxx side effects are clotting and persistent overwhelming fatigue, both of which are consistent with the same epithelial damage and mitochondrial damage which the viral spike induces. Perhaps the two prolines are not quite as rigid and fool proof as thought. Or perhaps the vaccine induced, newly created spikes are not consistently incorporating proline. There are a lot of biologic processes which prefer one molecule over another but will use a substitute if needed. Maybe vaccine side effects could be reduced by dosing recipients with proline before getting the jab. The biggest sources of dietary proline are animal based — meat, eggs, organs. Are vegetarians more likely to experience vaxx side effects from a systemic lower level of proline? The body can synthesize some proline, but is it enough? Plenty of questions….

    @EM Anecdotal, yes, but saw a video of a nurse who had developed extreme muscle spasms and uncontrollably movements after her vaxx. She showed some before and after video from treating with IVM. Before — just barely able to walk up a few steps. After — going up a flight of stairs normally. The down side is that if she stops the IVM, the shaking and spasms start back up.

  102. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: “Results Will Be Earth-Shattering”

    I’m almost glad to hear that. I guess I can stop worrying about viruses, vaccines, monetary policies, election fraud, and overseas militarism! Won’t be much reason to worry, what with the Earth shattered and all… Dang! Not sure where I will keep all my stuff now!

  103. jim2 says:

    TTN – I’m not saying some people won’t get adverse effects. My only point, pardon the pun, was about the configuration of the spike.

    It obviously takes someone’s time, people who make a lot of money, to look into adverse reactions. The analysis probably won’t happen as quickly as we would like.

  104. Ossqss says:

    Interesting, the covid vaxx was was dispensed on a large scale in India in January of this year. Then they got the Indian (Delta) variant spike in May/June I think? Kinda does fit the leaky vaxx profile.

  105. jim2 says:

    Corona viruses have mutated even without a vax, so there’s that. I would expect the vax to exacerbate the problem, though.

  106. The True Nolan says:

    No surprise that they did it, but now an employee admits that they did it:

    One of Google’s Top Engineers Abandons the Company, Reveals Big Tech Rewrote Algorithms for an Insidious Goal

    Search algorithms modified to make Trump look bad.

  107. another ian says:

    “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Announces Benefit of COVID Vaccination Diminishes, States there is “Increased Risk of Severe Illness” for Previously Vaccinated
    August 19, 2021 | Sundance | 193 Comments”


  108. The True Nolan says:

    Interesting video about the poor state of the Afghan Army. Not sure of the date, I would guess about ten years old, but may be explanatory about many recent events. High drug use, low time comprehension, little motivation.

  109. jim2 says:

  110. jim2 says:

    Williams was jailed last August, accused of killing a young man from the neighborhood who asked him for a ride during a night of unrest over police brutality in May. But the key evidence against Williams didn’t come from an eyewitness or an informant; it came from a clip of noiseless security video showing a car driving through an intersection, and a loud bang picked up by a network of surveillance microphones. Prosecutors said technology powered by a secret algorithm that analyzed noises detected by the sensors indicated Williams shot and killed the man.

    “I kept trying to figure out, how can they get away with using the technology like that against me?” said Williams, speaking publicly for the first time about his ordeal. “That’s not fair.”

    Williams sat behind bars for nearly a year before a judge dismissed the case against him last month at the request of prosecutors, who said they had insufficient evidence.


  111. another ian says:




  112. another ian says:

    “About Taiwan’s microchip production…”

    If China – –


  113. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Yes, if (when?) China invades Taiwan, expect global auto production to HALT (current “chip shortage” will look like a joke…) and expect global computers and networking equipment to become dear… (And anything else loaded up with chips… iPhones, “smart” phones in general, TV sets, …)

    I have one fine old Diesel car that needs ZERO electronics. I’m sending it to the mechanic for a “restoration” (mostly paint and a bit of upholstery, the mechanicals are still fine) when the house sells. It is my TEOTWAWKI car. Runs on anything from cooking oil to Jet-A and points in between. THE purpose of that car (other than just loving it as an “antique”) is to get me where I need to be when nothing else works.

    BTW, “Biden” isn’t abandoning trapped Americans. He has no idea they exist, or where Afghanistan is, or that it is a mess. He can barely read queue cards without garbling the Big Words. It is his handlers who are abandoning Americans as they want America humbled and destroyed suitable for rebuilding as Socialist Peoples Republik Of Amerika.


    I hope the hack was real, but it would be way easier to have photoshoped it… Any further evidence it was real?


    The shot selects against the dominant (Alpha) form, so gives a free field to the variants to multiply. It selects FOR variants that escape the shot via suppression of the one it is effective against.


    THE big problem for ANY attempt to use a National Army of Muslims to suppress and Insurgent Muslim group is that The Koran forbids it. Muslims are not allowed to fight and kill other muslims. Yes, they do it all the time, but FIRST a Religious Leader must issue a declaration that the Other Guys are NOT Muslims due to their behaviours. Now when The Other Guy is hard core strict Koranic Muslim, that doesn’t resonate with The People… and so they are stuck.

    You end up where IF the Army Guy shoots the insurgent, he thinks Allah will send him to purgatory. BUT, if he hands over his weapons and says “May I join you!?” he can not only survive but gain entry to heaven…

    The end result is that the folks see this problem in advance and only the dumb, desperate, or “willing to be bought off but not actually fight” end up in the military. Doesn’t make for a good fighting force.

  114. E.M.Smith says:

    A surprisingly well thought out and implemented “Stealth Camping” min-van.

    Being as small as it is, he fit a remarkable amount of functional gear into it.

    Personally, I’d go for something a bit bigger and with more traditional camping built-ins (then again, I’m planning to “camp” in Freeway Rest Areas and actual camp grounds crossing the country, so very different needs.)

    OTOH, I’ll be “camping across the country” in my Subaru Forester at some point, so some of the ideas may be useful. I’m planning on a simple platform for sleeping, a pup tent when not raining, and standard backpacking stove, light, etc. with “Bio-breaks” at roadside facilities and campgrounds facilities. But I might end up just blasting through at 80 MPH (speed limit in Texas is 80… so maybe 85…) and sleeping in the passenger seat… I’ve done that before…

    Still, it is nice to see a well executed design that worked for year+ periods.

  115. jim2 says:

    EMS – Infection by the Alpha variant leave room for a different variant to emerge because immunity from that infection isn’t perfect either.

  116. E.M.Smith says:


    “Leaves room” is different from “selects for”… The vaccine “selects for” as it does not attack the capsule. Only fairly rare failure of natural immunity “leaves room”; but yes, it does happen.

    This is more of a question of rate. Vaccines will rapidly select for variants. Natural immunity slowly leaves a little room.

    Mostly, it is the not immune folks that allow for slow arising of variants. They get a large innoculum of one type, then it starts to replicate and mutate. At that point, a few of them will pass on some minor variation along with a load of original wild type and it becomes a competition between the two variants. Nature then tends to select against the lethal forms (“it is a bad parasite that kills its host”) and for more benign easier to spread forms. This is the normal and natural trend toward LESS damaging disease.

    Vaccinated folks tend to have antibodies that bind to and deactivate the wild type, and so strongly select for variants that “escape the vaccine”. These are often a more virulent and sometimes a more lethal form (since the vaccine may prevent the vaccinated from dying while letting the lethal form propagate, cutting short the natural selection against lethality).

    The bottom line is that “Leaky Vaccines” and “Vaccine Escape” are Very Bad for children and other living things; while nature may start out Very Bad, but then approaches “the common cold” over generations.

  117. The True Nolan says:

    Afghanistan — recent events accidental or on purpose? Greg Hunter says “on purpose!” See the first ten minutes:

  118. jim2 says:

    EMS – yes. However, the vaccine doesn’t CAUSE mutations. It puts selective pressure on them. So what with millions of people getting COVID, often without even knowing it, and in each person millions of copies of the spike protein are created, it’s inevitable a new mutation will be created and escape – vaccine or no vaccine.

    Like the “here to stay” article says, it’s best just to let it rip and let the Devil take the hindmost.

  119. jim2 says:

    That van is awesome!

  120. H.R. says:

    @E.M. and the gang: Just got back an hour ago from a shakedown trip in the new trailer.

    We found a small list of manufacturing defects that will need taken care of. We also have a few things that didn’t work, but we suspect we were “doing it wrong” and the dealer can show us what to do when we take the trailer in for the warranty.

    We spent 9 days on the North Coast in wine country. We crossed the nation’s longest and shortest covered bridges. They had some neat counterweighted iron truss drawbridges. The span was hinged at one end and the whole thing went up. It’s pretty wild seeing about 150 feet of cantilevered span go up! In Florida, I haven’t seen anything like that. They seem to use the split-in-the-middle drawbridges. Eh, maybe Florida had them years ago, but with more saltwater corrosion, perhaps they changed to the current style years ago when the iron truss bridges pooped out.

    I got some fishing in and caught a couple of dozen fish… lemee see… I think 6 different species. All the bites were about the same. It was a fast chomp, chomp, chomp and you didn’t know if it was a 4″ fish of a 4 pound fish until the hook was set. That was a strange fishing experience.

    We found some wines we liked and I think we have about a case to stow away. We liked a blended red at one winery so well that we got 6 bottles of it, so maybe when I take a close look at the stash, I’ll find out that we bought well over a case.

    The 5th wheel with the new truck was super smooth. There is just no comparison to a travel trailer with the exception that turns are a bit different. The way the rear follows around is a bit different from the travel trailer. It’s more like an 18-wheeler, but not exactly; somewhere in-between. I came close to buying the county a couple of new stop signs. Close, but not quite. I’m getting the hang of it, though.

    Now I have some catch up reading to do here.

    NOTE! If I must comment on something posted days ago, I’ll try to paste the quote I’m responding to, since it may be w-a-a-a-y past out-of-mind for everyone.

  121. YMMV says:

    covid is different from other viruses in its ability to spread before symptoms appear.
    delta is different from covid because it grows faster in the early stage before symptoms appear, greatly increasing its spreading ability.

    The vaccines we have so far work in the blood. But covid and particularly delta can be contagious before it gets to places where the antibodies in the blood can fight it.

    There is a new version of Sputnik V which is designed for delta, but my guess is that it won’t make much difference because it has the same antibody limitations. The vaccines may protect the vaccinated person with a good immune system from the bad effects, but they will not prevent the spread to other people. We thought vaccinated + recovered would give herd immunity. Looks like we were wrong. The new R value is too high.

    What does that leave? IVM and other drugs that can block covid infections earlier in the infection sequence. Such as nasal sprays. That could happen, but more likely, we will get more and stricter lockdowns and mask requirements and forced vaccinations.

    The future is so bright I have to wear a blindfold.

  122. jim2 says:

    Well, Pulitzer had something better than I ever expected. The ballots are subliminally coded. A legal ballot will have this encoding, an illegal one will not, apparently.

    [video src="https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/wp-content/uploads/PULITZER_BALLOT_CODINGS.mp4" /]

  123. H.R. says:

    @TTN re Afghanistan and Greg Hunter “on purpose.”

    It’s wall to wall Afghanistan on the news. (We were news free the whole trip.) While I was writing out my trip report above, the Mrs. had the TV on and I asked her, “What are they trying to distract us from?”

    Whenever you see something on the news wall to wall like that, it’s always, always “Look over here at my right hand! Look.Here. Pay no attention to what I’m doing with my left hand.”

    Even if it results in the deaths of up to 4,000 (remaining?) mostly Biden appointed, Democrat State Department personnel, it’s unfortunate but necessary because people Must.Not.Look at the other hand.

    We shall see soon enough if I’ve stepped into “too cynical” territory.

  124. cdquarles says:

    Not quite, YMMV. All viruses start getting spread before symptoms appear, because the symptoms are mostly host response *to* the damage done by the viruses. Typical period is 24 to 48 hours of such. That’s also why the signs and symptoms are nonspecific.

  125. cdquarles says:

    Oh, another thing: the incubation period (not the same thing mentioned above), also varies; from 24h to 7 days, depending on host factors, the virus and the infectious dose.

  126. The True Nolan says:

    @H.R. : “We shall see soon enough if I’ve stepped into “too cynical” territory.”

    Too cynical? Hard to do! May be a ploy to distract from the election fraud. Should be more info coming out soon. Jim2 has an interesting link just above. The yellow ID marking on all printers has been around for a long time. 20 years? More? I thought that was common knowledge, but apparently either not so common or the fraudsters just never thought it would come to anyone looking for the marks.

    (Someone very interested in anonymity might want to buy a printer second hand, with cash, and then destroy it after using.)

  127. E.M.Smith says:


    It would be a delicious irony if The Deep State were caught out via their own imposed on us entrapment and tracking technology…

  128. another ian says:


    “(Someone very interested in anonymity might want to buy a printer second hand, with cash, and then destroy it after using.)”

    Isn’t that known as “Gleicking it”?

  129. The True Nolan says:

    @another ian: “Gleicking it”?

    You had me completely flummoxed until I did a search on “Gleiking” and saw a reference or two to Dr. Peter Gleick. I had honestly forgotten about him! Another of the shining lights of phosphorescent fart gas which is the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming pack of jackals.

    But yes… get a disposable printer. Wear gloves, obviously, and for an envelope seal the flap with a smear of water containing some random DNA picked up in a gas station men’s room in a different city.

  130. H.R. says:

    TTN: “But yes… get a disposable printer. Wear gloves, obviously, and for an envelope seal the flap with a smear of water containing some random DNA picked up in a gas station men’s room in a different city.

    🤣🤣🤣 Yup, that’s how you do it.

    The Fan Belt Inspectors would be all over that.

  131. Ossqss says:

    Gonna be some trouble in NY on Sunday.

  132. another ian says:

    “U.S. Embassy in Kabul Sends Out Thousands of Blank VISA Documents Which Are Easy to Falsify and Makes Things Worse
    August 21, 2021 | Sundance | 31 Comments”


  133. another ian says:

    Not in the headlines – yet

    Joe Bastardi

    “Henri is the storm we have feared for decades”


  134. jim2 says:

    The Arizona forensic audit report was to be presented to the state senate today (Friday), but it’s been delayed to Monday reportedly, which makes sense in that they didn’t want the big news to come out on a Friday, a Monday much better, yet Trump certainly would have loved to trumpet it at the huge MAGA rally in Cullman, Alabama tomorrow (Saturday) where 40,000 patriotic Americans are expected.


  135. E.M.Smith says:


    Might be interesting if Trump gets some early “leaks” to use in his rally… One hopes….

    @Another Ian:


    When the world cools down, the Gulf Stream slows. Europe goes icy, but Florida and up the East Coast warm to summer like waters even in fall to early winter.

    There was a killer storm in something like 1938…

    Then there’s the worstest evar…

    The 1780 season was extraordinarily destructive, and was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane season in recorded history with over 28,000 deaths. Four different hurricanes, one in June and three in October, caused at least 1,000 deaths each; this event has never been repeated and only in the 1893 and 2005 seasons were there two such hurricanes. The season also had the deadliest Atlantic hurricane of all time, the Great Hurricane of 1780. Only one of the storms was not a hurricane.

    So when folks say this is the worstest evar, you can correct them ;-0

    Then when folks say it is strange for a Hurricane to take out the coastal areas of New Jersey or New York, point out:

    Hurricane Hazel
    Category 4 hurricane (SSHWS)
    Hazel 1954
    Duration October 5 – October 18
    Peak intensity 130 mph (215 km/h) (1-min) 938 mbar (hPa)

    Hurricane Hazel was the deadliest and second costliest hurricane of the season. The storm killed as many as 1,000 people in Haiti before striking the United States near the border between North and South Carolina, as a Category 4 hurricane. After causing 95 fatalities in the U.S., Hazel struck Canada as an extratropical storm, raising the death toll by 81 people, mostly in Toronto.

    Hazel formed on October 5 just east of the Windward Islands and intensified into a Category 1 hurricane while crossing the southeastern Caribbean Sea. After making a hard turn northward, it rapidly intensified as it approached Haiti, reaching Category 3 intensity before landfall. In Haiti, Hazel destroyed 40% of the coffee trees and 50% of the cacao crop, affecting the economy for several years to come. It fluctuated in intensity before making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in the Carolinas, which destroyed most waterfront dwellings near its point of impact. It affected several more states, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, bringing gusts near 100 mph (160 km/h) and causing $308 million in damage.

    When Hazel arrived in Ontario, rivers and streams passing through the Greater Toronto Area overflowed their banks, causing severe flooding. As a result, many residential areas located in floodplains, such as the Raymore Drive area, were subsequently converted to parkland. In Canada alone, over C$135 million (2009: $1.1 billion) of damage was incurred. Hazel was particularly destructive in Toronto, as a result of a combination of a lack of experience in dealing with tropical storms and the storm’s unexpected retention of power. Hazel had traveled 680 mi (1,090 km) over land, but while approaching Canada, it had merged with an existing powerful cold front. The storm stalled over the Greater Toronto Area, and although it was now extratropical, it remained as powerful as a category 1 hurricane. To help with the cleanup, 800 members of the military were summoned, and a Hurricane Relief Fund was established that distributed $5.1 million (2009: $41.7 million) in aid.

    So yeah, it has all happened before.


    The Great Hurricane and Tidal Wave of
    1938: Scenes of the Disaster in Rhode
    Island’s East Bay
    Richard V. Simpson

    Every so often, the Atlantic whips herself into a fury, unsettles our Narragansett Bay and sends her waves to inundate Rhode Island’s coastal plantations.

    The first recorded hurricane-strength storm, called the Great Gale of 1815, swept in on September 22. To old timers familiar with the fall storms of previous years, this one was just another arriving for her annual spell of mischief.

    When Rhode Island folks went to bed the night of September 22, 1815, they anticipated the usual results of low lying street flooding, fallen tree limbs, and a few swamped boats but nothing of great consequence; they slept with the wind beating in the northeast quarter with rain falling in torrents. During the night the wind increased in force, and dawn found the wind veered to the east-southeast, increasing with a frightful force, it gradually worked around to the southeast and blew a powerful hurricane, for two hours, which instruments of the day were unable to measure.

    The powerful wind pushing angry swelled waves drove yachts, rafts, piers, and buoys onto the low lying shores of all East Bay towns. William DeWolf’s 160 ton brigantine, the Juno, was pushed from her Bristol Harbor anchorage taking the sloop Toadfish with her; together they hurdled the wharf of Deacon Royal Diman, and came up against Captain Sam Wardwell’s new brig sending her to the bottom. All the harbor buoys were uprooted and sent sailing to the head of the harbor. The south end of Thames Street, including the entire length of Constitution Street to Burton Street was washed away. Four boys were drowned when endeavoring to cross from Poppasquash by way of the sluice of the old windmill at Windmill Point.

    The so-called gale of 1869, a two-day September tempest, sank every boat in Bristol Harbor, uprooted 197 elms, toppled the Baptist steeple and caused general devastation throughout the East Bay.

    The surprise hurricane and tidal wave of September 21, 1938, lives in the annuals of Rhode Island history as the foremost natural disaster of the century. This destructive storm swept the New England coast, from Connecticut on the west to beyond Buzzard’s Bay to the eastward, and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, and Long Island. So widespread and serious was the damage that the total number of lives lost and the value of property destroyed have never been accurately calculated.

    While Rhode Island watched its hurricane death toll mounting hourly with the discovery of additional bodies on the shifted shoreline, a glance backward at other tropical wind disasters reveal that this state’s tragedy will take its place among the major storms in United States history.

    The final report of loss by the Red Cross was 57,034 homes destroyed or damaged in New England and Long Island, and 326 boats destroyed and 933 damaged in coastal towns. Live stock lost: 615 work animals, 125 cows, 68,000 poultry and 22 hogs.

    For more about hurricane-ravaged Bristol see Historic Bristol: Tales from an Old Rhode Island Seaport, The History Press, 2008.

    Even up to Rhode Island…

  136. Compu Gator says:

    E.M.Smith posted on 20 August 2021 at 1:05 am GMT [†]:

    Were it me, I’d just have some Warthogs taking out any vehicle full of Taliban that approached Kabul until it was time to leave… I guess the idea of “suppressive fire” is lost on Babbling Biden.

    I was thinking along those lines, too. Whatever is the orbital intelligence agency nowadays, and whatever the deployed successor to Keyhole, we ought to have know which clumps of people advancing thro’ Afghanistan are ISIS/Taliban, and which movements of Blackhawk choppers are Taliban-captured, and which are U.S. loners, so there would be the Hog pilots’ [✈] assignments for the day.

    Afghanis are famous as fighters who use their terrain very effectively to their advantage, but I assume that the U.S. has adjusted its tactics with advice and instruction from the Afghanis national army.

    Meanwhile, the USAF, which is the military branch to which the craft is assigned, has been trying to kill (i.e., “retire”) the Warthog since its FY 2015 budget, allegedly to replace it with some weapons load for a stock F-35. Never mind that the F-35 is significantly more expensive to operate on a daily basis. And never mind that the A-10 has extra armor and unique redundancy in some features for survivability. And the A-10 can operate cheaply from low-tech ad hoc bases. Like might easily be found in the Middle East. Hmmm.  Maybe Obama’s (FY 2015) military minions tried to get rid of the A-10 because of those advantages, not despite them.

    Note † :  Where it’ll be impossible to find in the near future, without searching all the Chiefio blog, thus the note:  https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2021/08/20/friends-of-australia-friday-20-august-2021/ (Australia? Lamb? Wine? Warthog!?).

    Note ✈  : The A-10 a.k.a. “Warthog”,  albeit officially the “Thunderbolt II”,  entered svc. in 1976:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairchild_Republic_A-10_Thunderbolt_II#Future.

  137. E.M.Smith says:

    The A-10 Warthog also has very extended “loiter time”, can fly 100 feet off the ground and slow enough to eyeball friend from foe, and has that Big Ass Gun that chews up armor in a couple of second burst… Killed more armor and vehicles than anything else in Desert Storm, IIRC. One of those Iraq wars…

    Just love that plane. Then, the fact it was designed with the help of the highly decorated W.W.II pilot of their best ground support plane is just frosting…


    Hans-Ulrich Rudel (2 July 1916 – 18 December 1982) was a German ground-attack pilot during World War II, in which he was the most decorated German serviceman and the only recipient of the Knight’s Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds.

    Rudel was credited with the destruction of 519 tanks, one battleship, one cruiser, 70 landing craft and 150 artillery emplacements. He claimed 51 aerial victories and the destruction of more than 800 vehicles. He flew 2,530 ground-attack missions exclusively on the Eastern Front, usually flying the Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka” dive bomber.

    Rudel surrendered to US forces in 1945 and emigrated to Argentina. A committed National Socialist, he helped fugitives escape to Latin America and the Middle East, and sheltered Josef Mengele, the former SS doctor at Auschwitz.

    Just a quick side note for folks who do not know / believe it: National Socialists were the NAZIs…

    During the following years in South America, Rudel frequently acted as a foreign representative for several German companies, including Salzgitter AG, Dornier Flugzeugwerke, Focke-Wulf, Messerschmitt, Siemens and Lahmeyer International, a German consulting engineering firm. Rudel’s input was used during the development of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, a United States Air Force aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking ground targets such as tanks and armored vehicles.


    It is the Sturmovik, along with the German Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber, that fathered the A-10. “The World War II close air support successes of both the Stuka and the Sturmovik had a major—and inspiring—influence in convincing all of us early A-X/A-10 proponents that close support was by far the most important mission of air power, certainly more so than strategic bombing,” A-10 designer Pierre Sprey tells War is Boring.

    “I felt that the combat specifics, such as tactics, targets, aerial cannon effectiveness, austere field operations, surge sortie rates, air-ground communications and coordination, of the World War II close support experience were so relevant to designing a first-rate CAS [close air support] plane that I required every member of the A-X concept design team to read Hans-Ulrich Rudel’s Stuka Pilot.”

    And that is why it is such a good CAS airplane and “bomb trucks” are not.

  138. AC Osborn says:

    EM, in the Iraq invasion of Kuwait the Apaches did the same with Hellfire missiles and the Gatling Gun, when the Iraqis were leaving in a massive convoy they killed the front vehicle and the last vehicle and then proceeded to destroy everything in between, including soldiers on foot.
    It was literally a massacre.
    Their ability to pop up fire and pop down again was devestating.

  139. another ian says:

    Osama bin Laden banned al Qaeda from assassinating Joe Biden because the Democrat would become an incompetent president and ‘lead the US into a crisis’ if jihadists were successful in killing Barack Obama.


    Via a comment at Jo Nova

  140. another ian says:

    “The Eagle’s Stare – Pentagon Unaware of State Department Security Alert Telling Americans Not To Come to Kabul Airport
    August 21, 2021 | Sundance | 126 Comments”


  141. another ian says:

    “History is made by stupid people”

  142. another ian says:


    In case you miss the NY Post cover on same it is linked here


  143. another ian says:

    This might get “The varnishing trick” at source

  144. another ian says:

    Pre- and Post-Covid I guess

    “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
       An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.
        Go, go, go like a soldier,
        Go, go, go like a soldier,
        Go, go, go like a soldier,
             So-oldier ~of~ the Queen!”

    Last verse of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Young British Soldier”

  145. YMMV says:

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Afghanistan. After al-Qaeda terrorists attacked us on 9/11, brave warriors, special forces quickly deployed to defeat al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. They accomplished their mission rapidly and effectively. THAT is when they should have returned home. But the elite wanted to nation-build, getting us into a 20-year war with no clear mission or strategy, causing massive suffering and wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars.

  146. Ossqss says:

    I just got another alert for this area. This is the same place that had the 8+ not long ago.


    I don’t believe I have ever seen such a level of activity in the same area as the last couple weeks shows. That is a bunch over 6 in a short time.


  147. E.M.Smith says:


    OMG! that’s a LOT of Mag 6’s in a short time, many in the same spot. A LOT of 6+ in the same spot can indicate that they are “pre-shocks” and the “Big One” is building up. UNfortunately, you can’t know if that was it until after The Big One shows up.

    Still, looks like “cooling cycle sun gone slow and Large Quakes on the cards along with Volcanoes” is looking pretty good at this point.

  148. H.R. says:

    That’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

  149. E.M.Smith says:

    Just because of… um… wine stuff…

  150. Steve C says:

    @E.M. – Re recent mention, more hilarious Greenery (literally) from Brighton in today’s Daily Mail:

  151. another ian says:

    Distractions like that involved?

    “With Pfizer Likely to Get FDA Approval Monday It’s Worth Remembering Pfizer and Moderna Lost The Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Vaccine Efficacy and Safety
    August 23, 2021 | Sundance | 67 Comments”


  152. another ian says:

    And yet they are demanding “gold plated control data trials” for HCQ and IVM etc!

  153. corsair red says:

    TikTok: Is there any more silicon left in the universe?

  154. E.M.Smith says:

    @Corsair Red:

    Plenty of silicon (most common rocks are silicon oxide and “stuff”) but silicone is in short supply..

  155. jim2 says:

    By my lights, this is a rational, level-headed evaluation of Covid 19 disease vs mRNA vaccines. This guy is a practicing MD.


  156. jim2 says:

    A typical, large computer chip might draw three hundred and fifty watts of power, but Cerebras’s giant chip draws fifteen kilowatts — enough to run a small house. “Nobody ever delivered that much power to a chip,” Feldman said. “Nobody ever had to cool a chip like that.” In the end, three-quarters of the CS-1, the computer that Cerebras built around its WSE-1 chip, is dedicated to preventing the motherboard from melting. Most computers use fans to blow cool air over their processors, but the CS-1 uses water, which conducts heat better; connected to piping and sitting atop the silicon is a water-cooled plate, made of a custom copper alloy that won’t expand too much when warmed, and polished to perfection so as not to scratch the chip. On most chips, data and power flow in through wires at the edges, in roughly the same way that they arrive at a suburban house; for the more metropolitan Wafer-Scale Engines, they needed to come in perpendicularly, from below. The engineers had to invent a new connecting material that could withstand the heat and stress of the mega-chip environment. “That took us more than a year,” Feldman said…


  157. jim2 says:

    From foot powder, spray cleaners, swimming pool treatments, and wood preservatives – a versatile chemical …

    Click to access adbac_red.pdf

  158. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2: Very interesting link to the “let’s stop pretending” article. Expecially worth reading the comments.

  159. AC Osborn says:

    “jim2 says: 23 August 2021 at 3:38 pm
    By my lights, this is a rational, level-headed evaluation of Covid 19 disease vs mRNA vaccines. This guy is a practicing MD.”

    Sorry, any MD that repeats the “HCQ failed” meme cannot be trusted to have good judgement.
    His numbers on Adverse Effects are also way off.
    He may sound rational and level headed, but still wrong as far as I am concerned.

  160. jim2 says:

    ACO – what studies can you cite showing HCQ does work for COVID-19? Links, please …

  161. jim2 says:

    Maybe I can save you the trouble, ACO. I found this cool web site. Check out IVM.


  162. H.R. says:

    @jim2 re HCQ studies: I’m still fussing around the house from being gone a week and just got back from taking the trailer to storage, so I’ll not be chasing the links, but I remember the report from the French doctor that was linked here and, as I understand it, FauXi recommended it for prevention and treatment of SARS-1.

    However, when we first started talking about HCQ here, I always understood it to be best as a very good, but not perfect, preventative or used in higher doses in the early stages. By the time you needed hospitalization, its effectiveness was much, much less.

    That’s why I switched to Ivermectin. The Mexico and India data convinced me that it was the better way to go for prevention and treatment if the bug got worse.

    This Covid stuff is nasty if you have the wrong physiology, wrong comorbidities, and a weakened immune system. It’ll kill you.

    But there are large numbers of people for whom it will be a mild few days of illness, and some fair number of people who will have a bad bout with it; a few weeks or a month.

    That said, I’d be interested in revisiting HCQ.

    Key point: No one thing works for all people, and there are always some people that have negative reactions to the various treatments and preventatives that are just plain wrong for them.

  163. jim2 says:

    HR, the link above covers IVM, HCQ, and a host of other drugs.

  164. H.R. says:

    Oh, I came here to share a report from Mrs. H.R. who was out and about today.

    She spotted a guy alone driving a Tesla who was wearing a face mask, windows up and air on (’cause it’s hotter’n blue blazes here today).

    Tough to beat that for virtue signaling.

    Wait… face mask… driving… Was that you, E.M., trying to cheat the facial recognition cameras? Oh, that’s right. You don’t have a Tesla. Never mind.

  165. Paul, Somerset says:

    Back in the 1980s I used to translate chemical and pharma patents for a living. Time after time I’d carefully translate Silikon in German into silicone in English, and the audio typist, with the original German text open beside her, would inevitably ‘correct’ it to silicon (which is Silizium in German).

  166. E.M.Smith says:


    Also citations in the newest posting here:


    You are remembering correctly. All the “IT FAILS!!!” so called “studies” of HCQ CQ and Ivermectin typically were done with terminally ill patients late stage in cytokine storms post viral replication. And / or they left out zinc, which is stupid, as a Zinc Ionophore without Zinc is busted treatement. Some used really bad dose sizes / schedules.

    Al the “But IT Works!” studies were done with early stage pre-replication to mid-stage disease. HCQ & CQ also was administered with the necessary zinc.

    The simple fact is that several things work, and most have an ideal stage of the disease to use them as the metabolic “issues” change with disease state.

    Prophylaxis? Vit-D, Vit-C, Zinc, Sun, Fresh Air & Exercise, Selenium, perhaps Mg, Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroqine, Quinine, Ivermectin, Quercetin, and a few others are all fine.

    Mid Disease / during viral replication? Almost the same list (minus exercise) and quinine is being a bit lite on effectiveness. Doses larger for HCQ CQ and perhaps IVM. Quercetin at 1 GRAM a day. Need to start adding anticoagulants, anti-inflamatories, steroids, etc. etc.

    Advanced Stage / Hospitalized after virus replication in virus decaying stage with Cytokine Storm and Spike Protein Damage as the major modes: The virus replicator blockers are of little use (quinine, HCQ, CQ, Quercetin) but may plug up some of the spike protein floating around in your blood. Vit-C dose needs to be massive. Respirators come in to play. Ivermectin is helpful, but not sufficient, as the spike protein damage is largely done. Adaptive treatment needed (blood coagulation preventing drugs if the person is clotting up, but added clotting factors if they are bleeding out from thrombocytopenia and their platelets are crashing. And likely a whole lot more I don’t remember just now.

    So if you don’t know the stage of the disease in the particular trial, and the dose, and what other drugs / minerals were in use too; you have no idea what the study found, or didn’t find.

    Oh, and remember that Dr. Zalenko treated HUNDREDS of patients with HCQ and had it work great. When that was forbidden (NYC…) he swapped to OTC Quercetin and IT WORKS too.


    So there’s a few hundred case studies of success for you.

  167. E.M.Smith says:

    It is looking like a bad time to be in the South Sandwich Islands:

    Selecting for just South Sandwich:

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-22 21:33:20 UTC
    14.0 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-22 00:45:08 UTC
    11.0 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-17 17:53:26 UTC
    31.9 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-16 11:10:36 UTC
    13.9 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-13 10:34:29 UTC
    10.0 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-12 19:44:55 UTC
    61.9 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-12 19:43:49 UTC
    67.7 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-12 18:35:20 UTC
    48.3 km

    South Sandwich Islands region
    2021-08-12 18:32:54 UTC
    63.3 km

    So a 7.5 pre-shock, then an 8.1 main, followed by a long series of 6.x after-shocks with the odd 7.1 and 7.2 mixed in…

  168. another ian says:


    Japan greenlights Ivermectin

    Whoa! That’s a massive new point!

    Dr. Ozaki [chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association] declared that ivermectin has demonstrated significant benefits in reducing infections and deaths where the regimen is prophylactically administered for another indication. With the encouraging medical data from ivermectin clinical trials’ reports worldwide, especially the one from FLCCC of US and BIRD of UK, the head of the Metropolitan Medical Association declared that while clinical trials were important, it was time to greenlight doctors to prescribe ivermectin in association with giving the patient informed consent.


  169. E.M.Smith says:

    Yes, that’s HUGE!

  170. H.R. says:

    Are those quakes causing any tsunami-type events?

    All I’ve been seeing is the shaking (thanks, Ossqss!), not the splashing.

  171. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve not heard of any tsunami stuff, but if you look at where the South Sandwich Islands are located, the nearest place likely to be “an issue” is Antarctica. They sit in the circumpolar current just about 1000 miles after the tip of South America and the Antarctic Peninsula make a venturi blowing a jet toward them (and where the South Atlantic Gyre is spinning at them too… ) so going upstream against that would “have issues”, then the other way it’s a lot of thousands of miles of dissipation before Africa.

    The bottom form looks likely to bust up any wave transmission as well. Islands in a Peak surrounded by a lot of deep and diffracting bottom structures. (5 MB file)

    Looks to me like they can’t really make a tsunami force toward anything that would notice…

  172. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “They sit in the circumpolar current just about 1000 miles after the tip of South America and the Antarctic Peninsula make a venturi blowing a jet toward them”

    I have often wondered whether that close arrangement of South America and Antarctica really is the reason for their shapes and especially for that loop of underwater mountains which extends eastward. It APPEARS exactly how one would expect if the ocean currents were physically dragging the mountain chain off into a big eastward loop. Everyone knows that plates move slowly, apparently from deep subsurface forces. Maybe the crust/mantle boundary is fluid enough that over millions of years things creep from the constant surface friction of water and wind. True or not, it certainly LOOKS that way.

    Until you get all the way up into the Arctic Ocean there is no other latitude where you have the possibility of a current which completely encircles the Earth — and in the Arctic there is no land mass to funnel the current into a narrow passage. The Florida Keys oppose Cuba and form a very much smaller scale of venturi — or at least they WOULD, except that the Gulf of Mexico current goes the wrong direction and refuses to fit the drag theory!

    Maybe there is no other place on the planet that combines the geography of the Drake Strait, the depth of water there, and the relentless strength of current needed to drag plate boundaries. Or maybe it’s just a bad theory!

  173. jim2 says:

    We can’t catch a break, it seems …

    The long-awaited report on the Republican-backed review of ballots cast in Arizona in the 2020 election has been delayed after the man leading the Florida firm conducting the audit and two members of his team tested positive for COVID-19.

    “The team expected to have the full draft ready for the Senate today, but unfortunately Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and two other members of the five-person audit team have tested positive for COVID-19 and are quite sick,” Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, said in a statement posted on Twitter Monday.

    Fann hasn’t indicated whether Logan and the other team members had gotten their COVID vaccines, notes The Washington Post.

    Fann said she still expected to get a “portion” of the draft report from the controversial review, which election experts around the United States have called biased and unprofessional, and which has divided Arizona’s Republicans.


  174. jim2 says:

    First, this public service announcement: There is no voter fraud in U.S. elections. Thank you for your attention.

    A California man was discovered asleep in his car in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store in Torrance with drugs, cash, and several drivers’ licenses, according to ABC7

    Oh… I nearly forgot. There were about 300 unopened recall election ballots in the car.

    Taken together, it’s an interesting picture, don’t you think?

    Having 300 ballots in your possession is suspicious. Having the ballots AND several drivers’ licenses clearly establishes intent to commit voter fraud.


  175. another ian says:

    “Hello Conflict: Alphabet owns Youtube, Google and 12% of company that makes Astrazenica Vax”


  176. another ian says:

    Viewed from outside

    “He’s talking about Australia, but it might as well be the USA”


  177. another ian says:

    Another look from outside

    “A Most Unusual Thing in Australia, Alice
    August 24, 2021 | Sundance | 51 Comments”


  178. Ossqss says:

    So, I just went through several of the links posted here on equipment left in Afgainingstands more depth. I now am shocked. We just equipped, probably, the 8-9th best nation level military in current times. Things that make ya go Hummmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,

  179. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – Incompetence or design?

    I heard some talking head (TH) today who said China is not pleased that the U.S. is out of Afghanistan. According to the TH, they don’t want to actually have a presence in Afghanistan and were more than willing to let the U.S. expend blood and treasure keeping a lid on things there.

    China’s record with Muslims is probably a sore spot, to put it mildly, with the Taliban. As much as they hate the white infidels, they probably hate the yellow infidels even more. So the sudden withdrawal may have tossed an unwanted pineapple into China’s lap.

    So now the intractable Taliban has the hardware to become even more intractable.

    Hard to say if the TH take is close to being right. I don’t know enough to say yea or nay, but it’s an interesting viewpoint. Every other TH is saying China is salivating over their good fortune of having the U.S. gone.

    Zho Baidan (his handlers) may have just screwed the pooch with this withdrawal fiasco in more ways than one.

    We’ll see.

  180. Ossqss says:

    @HR, obvious design bro. Otherwise, it would not have happened.

  181. another ian says:

    There is a story in here – worth the dig

    “Vale Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts – thanks for the great times Charlie”


  182. another ian says:




  183. jim2 says:

    In the wake of infighting within his own party, the Pennsylvania Senate’s top Republican said this week he supports a “thorough forensic audit of recent elections — including the use of our subpoena powers.”

    President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) made the comment in an op-ed published Monday after he faced blowback for removing Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Gettysburg) as lead of the chamber’s election integrity review.


  184. another ian says:

    Oz from outside

  185. another ian says:

    Roll up! Roll up!

    “The Science of “Hope” – Biden Administration Will Promote New Plan For Multiple Booster Shots Every Six Months in Perpetuity For COVID Variants
    August 25, 2021 | Sundance | 463 Comments”


  186. another ian says:

    Looks like rebound has set in.

    Seems businesses have worked out that you fix staff shortages with the best staff if you advertise as “no mandatory vaccination required”.

  187. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That would work for me! My present employment (part time as it is) would end rapidly if I were told I must be vexxinated to do the job. I don’t need the job, or the money, and do need to not screw up my immune system with experimental diddling from the Drug Diddlers…

    BTW, I’ll NEVER be on the “Jab A Month” plan… Natural Immunity is best, and longest lasting. I’m fairly certain now that having used Ivermectin for about a year, and meeting 1/3 million or so of my “closest strangers” that I’m well exposed to Covid; that Ivermectin prevented any illness, and that it did let the virus be exposed to my immune system that now has a bit of clue about it.

    Why do I say that?

    A year+ ago, I’d get scratchy throat, bit of a stuffy head, sniffles and that “Aw Shit Something Is Moving In” slightly disoriented feeling, then I’d apply Ivermectin and about 24 to 36 hours later be “over it”. Now when that feeling starts, it is already starting to leave the next day. (I’ve occasionally gone over my re-dose date for full prophylaxis…)

    No, not clinical proof. But it sure FEELS like this body is no longer a novice in how it responds to exposure to “whatever” is out there coming from most folks, and the ivermectin isn’t really needed to get the “kick it out” response going.

    Oddly, several times in the last few months (since “Delta” became a big thing…) I’ve been in the presence of a bunch of folks and within hours have that “something isn’t quite right” feeling. NONE of these folks had any symptoms. Many were vaccinated. It seems like they are either shedding virus or spike proteins and I’m reacting to being around them. Very strange. But I’ve not really cared since it mostly just is a “stuffy nose and scratch in the throat” for a couple of hours, then gone. (Heck, it might be nothing more than I’m allergic to our Malty-Poo dog and he’s a lap lover… I could be “projecting”…)


    What is truly surprising to me is just how much I feel completely at peace when folks around me are clearly worried and stressed. I know I’m fine with essentially zero risks. I’ve proved it via my almost complete lack of protective behaviours around literally hundreds of thousands of people and living in a “Hot Spot”. Ivermectin works. Natural immunity works. Immunity supplementation works.

    Biden can go suck Chinese Premiere …um… “money roll”…

  188. another ian says:

    “Large Sample Study Shows Natural Immunity Confers Stronger and Longer Lasting Immunity Than Vaccine – Which Again Defeats The Ridiculous Premise of Vaccine Passports
    August 25, 2021 | Sundance | 103 Comments”


    And “More Oz viewed from afar”

    “COVID Madness Down Under – New South Wales (Sydney) Will Permit One Hour of Outdoor Recreation Time for Vaccinated Persons, While Queensland (Brisbane) Builds Quarantine Camp
    August 26, 2021 | Sundance | 15 Comments”


  189. another ian says:

    WOW! It can happen!

    Reply to
    Bruce Cobb
    August 19, 2021 10:13 am
    A strictly for the money from gullible wealthy people fraud.

    An environmental scientist who was jailed for his role in Britain’s biggest ever tax fraud has had 10 years added onto his prison sentence after failing to pay back millions of pounds.

    Oxbridge graduate fraudster gets another 10 years in prison for not paying back £11m stolen funds | Daily Mail Online”

    In comments at


  190. another ian says:

    And another from Moscow

    “About 40 state legislatures are now following Governor Ron DeSantis’ lead in Florida by moving to ban vaccine passports. But some states and cities are already implementing vaccine passports – and it looks like the puppet-masters running the Biden regime are going to try to force a federal vaccine passport on us very soon. They’ve got to keep their COVID quackery in place through 2022, so they can pull the same election shenanigans as they did last year.

    What are we as free Americans to do about this? Well, we already have one good example of citizens defeating a tyrant mayor’s vaccine passports – in Russia, of all places.

    You’ve probably heard of the Excelsior Pass, which is now mandatory in New York City thanks to Pothead Bill DeBlasio, the city’s mayor. Once a person is vaccinated, they can have their HIPAA rights and their constitutionally protected right to travel preserved by getting a QR code on their phone. If you don’t have a QR code, Pothead Bill won’t let you go to a restaurant or do lots of other stuff.

    The Mayor of Moscow Russia, a guy named Sergei Sobyanin, thought that Pothead Bill’s commie QR code idea was just ducky. So, Sobyanin made vaccination QR code passports mandatory on the 1st of July this year. Mayor Sobyanin apparently doesn’t smoke as much pot as Pothead Bill, so his vaccine passport plan was actually less restrictive than Pothead Bill’s. For example, if you’ve already had coronavirus, you are immune to it. You have better immunity than any vaccine can provide. So, Moscow citizens who have had coronavirus and recovered can get a QR code just like a vaccinated person can.

    Just like in New York City, it suddenly became illegal for dirty unvaccinated second-class citizens to go certain places. Moscow residents were no longer allowed to eat at restaurants, get their hair cut, go to a movie theater, stay in a hotel, work out at a gym, have a beer at the tavern after work, or get their fingernails done at a nail salon. If they didn’t have a QR code, they were banned from participating in many aspects of the city’s economy.

    Here’s how they crushed Mayor Sobyanin’s vaccine passport – and it was pretty simple. Moscow residents simply stopped frequenting any business that required a vaccine passport. The really beautiful thing about this was that the vaccinated people stood in solidarity with the unvaccinated. Business trickled to near zero at all establishments where the vaccine passport was required.

    Moscow residents let their hair grow out, skipped going to bars and restaurants, didn’t go to the movies, didn’t stay in hotels or do anything else that required a vaccine passport. Business owners from all over the city were suddenly calling Mayor Sobyanin’s office to chew his ear off about the vaccine passports. They were going broke, and they were mad as **** about it.

    Marina Zemskova, the head of a regional hotel and restaurant association in Russia, said the vaccine passport turned out to be worse for business than a full lockdown. At least if there was another lockdown, she notes, businesses “could count on some kind of government support measures.”

    There’s no government support coming under a vaccine passport system. What the not-very-elite elites failed to anticipate about Moscow residents was they would simply not participate in the scam at all. The business owners were so infuriated with the mayor that Sobyanin made a sudden, surprise announcement on July 19th that nobody needs to use a vaccine passport anymore. He made up a hilarious excuse, claiming that COVID case rates were all better suddenly, as the reason for lifting the QR code passports.

    But everyone knew the truth. Moscow residents decided that their medical privacy and their right to travel is more important than whatever the people in charge were telling them. It was a massive case of civil disobedience – and they didn’t even have to go outside and set things on fire in a big protest. All they did was say, “Any business that wants to see a vaccine passport from me is not getting any of my money.”

    That’s how you do it, Americans! Vaccine passports are the new Jim Crow, and we don’t have to take it. Want to beat the CoronaTyrants at their own game? Just do like the Russians did. Refuse to participate in the Fauci/Biden mandates.

    Maybe this should be taken to heart here in the USA. Several sites have the story. ”


  191. jim2 says:

    Microdink strikes again …

    Over one thousand web apps using Microsoft Power Apps have mistakenly exposed 38 million records online, including sensitive data relating to a number of coronavirus contact tracing platforms, vaccination registrations, job application portals, and employee databases.

    Wired reports that a thousand web apps have accidentally exposed 38 million records online, including data from coronavirus contact tracing platforms, vaccinations sign-ups, job portals, and employee databases. The records included a wide array of sensitive information including phone numbers, home addresses, social security numbers, and vaccination status. The exposure of sensitive data was caused by the misconfiguration of Microsoft’s Power Apps tool, which is used to manage the database for many apps and web services.


  192. H.R. says:

    @jum2 – They misspelled apps. It’s Microsoft Power Oops!

  193. jim2 says:

    I find this simultaneously fascinating, delightful, and disturbing …

    Samsung South Africa activates TV Block function to render all TV sets useless that were looted and stolen in July.


  194. E.M.Smith says:


    Why I have dumb TV sets and an external Roku… I just do not trust ANY embedded “smart device” to have my best interests at heart.

  195. another ian says:

    A headline in this item

    “Beijing Blackmail? Biden Reverses Trump Sanctions on CCP-Affiliated Tech Firm

    The time has come to ask: Is Presidentish Joe Biden being blackmailed by foreign powers?

    It’s a troubling idea that been at the backs of many people’s minds, but it popped to the very front of mine with yesterday’s news that Biden will at least partly de-sanction Communist Chinese tech giant Huawei.”


    is “So where will Biden fold next?”

    Sounds ripe for someone up to speed on origami terms?

  196. another ian says:

    And further to this morning’s news

    “He lead his regiment from behind

    He found it less exciting”

    Maybe time for new words to that song as “A Battle Hymn of the C-in-C”?

  197. Ossqss says:

    I stumbled across an aggregation of studies from a variety of categories. I have not vetted this, just thought to share.


  198. a says:

    And from R.V. Jones “Most Secret War” (about 1929)

    “He warned us that if another war broke out there would be a disastrous period for six months while those who had reached high positions on inadequate qualities in peacetime would have to be replaced”.

    Ain’t we got that in a lay-down misere!

  199. another ian says:

    “So…about that FDA approval”


    “It’s not what you think it is.”

  200. another ian says:

    E>M. Thanks for letting that “a” above through. It was -1 C here this morning which didn’t help my typing! But it is going to be the hottest winter ever (/s)

  201. Steve C says:

    Interesting link found in comments on another ian’s ‘what about that FDA approval’ link:
    Who created covid-19?

  202. another ian says:

    A CTH dig

    “The Report on U.S. Officials Giving Taliban a List of American and Allied Afghans Makes Sense – The Lists Were Provided to Taliban by State Dept. and CIA
    August 27, 2021 | Sundance | 85 Comments”


  203. another ian says:

    “This can’t just be stupidity – it’s too stupid for that. There HAS to be actual malice involved.”


  204. another ian says:

    This links to 4 posts about lessons from last time

    “If you’re evacuating from New Orleans, you might want to refresh your memory first”


  205. cdquarles says:

    “Leftists” have been bawling about “the epidemic of gun violence” for decades now, calling it a public health issue. Thus, there should be no surprise that “public health authorities”, such as the CDC, are going to use that to do gun confiscation. “Red Flag” mental health laws open the door to it. Recall, that if you oppose the king/czar/state, you must be mentally ill. No sarcasm there, for history has shown that repeatedly.

  206. Ossqss says:

    Testing out a new site I stumbled on and thought to share.


  207. another ian says:

    “Eric Clapton Releases New Song Pushing Back Against COVID Dictates and Totalitarian Government, “This Has Gotta Stop”
    August 28, 2021 | Sundance | 132 Comments”


  208. Taz says:

    If tor is anonymous why do they use globohomo art?

  209. Simon Derricutt says:

    Something I didn’t expect to read on mainstream news: https://www.gbnews.uk/shows/neil-oliver-the-west-is-firmly-in-the-grip-not-of-a-virus-but-of-delusional-madness/121484

    Neil Oliver points out the madness of what’s happening with vaccination in the UK and with Afghanistan. He’s not wrong. I’m surprised he was allowed to say it, though.

  210. E.M.Smith says:


    Perception is in the mind of the beholder…

    Maybe my “cultural atunement” is off, but all I see is a stupid picture in the mold of Yellow Submarine. No crotch “enhancements”. No rainbow flags. No same sex smooching. Etc.

    I agree it looks a bit daft and stupid, but whateve…

  211. another ian says:

    “The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire”


    Check the second example!

  212. E.M.Smith says:

    No “Rainbow Warriors” here… I think maybe I’ll dig out my old Russian Text Book and see if I can do more than a few pattern sentences. ( I was able to “puzzle out” the Spetznaz and Natalia’s name from the text, so I still know the aphabet…)

  213. E.M.Smith says:

    Yes, I’m having a “Slavic Moment”… Yes, wine is involved… (but not yet quite enough…) Still:

    Women swinging swords. Doesn’t get much better than that. I want one! (Oh, and some guys swinging swords too…). Maybe I’m a Kossak (казак )at heart…

    Their music and their culture speaks to me… like an echo of ours long long ago…

  214. E.M.Smith says:

    OMG! The /sarc; is strong in him:

  215. H.R. says:

    Hey, E.M. – I had previously mentioned our trailer shakedown cruise into wine country. It appears that we bought 1,5 cases of wine.

    I’m a beer guy and the Mrs. is barely a drinker of any sort – the odd Fuzzy Navel here and there – so it appears that we now have a ‘wine cellar’ that will last for a generation.

  216. E.M.Smith says:

    Not if I visit… hint hint… ;-)

  217. AC Osborn says:

    I know it was pretty bad was Hurricane Ida another overhyped storm?
    On NuSchool Earth at no time did the winds go over 150Kms/hour and the air pressure was 939Mb.
    Not what you would see on any past Category 4 Hurricane.
    Does anyone know of any actual ground based wind speeds and air pressures?

  218. another ian says:

    On that Central European theme – excuse for more wine to contemplate with?

    “Here’s something rather unusual to Western ears, but familiar to those who follow Central European and Asian folk music.”


  219. another ian says:

    “Security Expert: Microsoft Suffers ‘Worst Cloud Vulnerability You Can Imagine’ ”


  220. Ossqss says:

    @ACO, I was polling the ob sites and bouys and found wind @ 91kt’s sustained and 105 gusts at this recording station. It may roll off the page soon as it was almost 24 hr’s ago. Deepest pressure I viewed was 930mb. 105 kt is 194 km/hr.


    There are also reports of a boat in Port Fourchon reading 149mph sustained and gusts to 172mph to be verified, but here ya go.


  221. Ossqss says:

    I would note there are several interesting posts in that twitter thread. Ida landed on the exact same day, and almost the exact same spot, that Katrina did some 16 years ago. Both storms went over the very warm loop current in the central gulf.


  222. AC Osborn says:

    Ossqss says: 30 August 2021 at 11:41 am

    Thanks for that.
    So not 150Mph then more like 100mph and 120mph Gusts.
    Nasty, but not like past Cat 4s.

  223. H.R. says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on Ida. I’m in the Eastern portion of the Midwest and we sometimes get the weakened remnants of hurricanes if they don’t spin out towards the East coast.

    Not long after we moved into this house, Hurricane – crap, I can’t remember the name – hit the Gulf coast and barreled straight up towards the Great Lakes and Canada. It never turned. The Canadians were really surprised. It just doesn’t happen… until it does.

    There are 42 houses in our neighborhood, and about a dozen houses needed their shingles completely replaced. We’re up against a tree line. It was enough to knock down the wind such that we only had 3 or 4 shingles that needed replacing.

    Yeah, the Gulf coast gets hit hardest, but the Midwest can also get some damage if a hurricane doesn’t turn.

  224. David A says:

    Regarding IDA, one good way to rate the storm is to see if the storm surge met the predictions. Ground recordings never match modern measurements, which makes me wonder about past storms. Yet ground recording can miss the sweet spot. Storm surge however does not, and the tide and storm fetch is a KNOWN quantity, so that, and appropriate scale factors for ground damage, should give one a decent idea of comparison to past storms. (Satellite derived or even instrumental reading at elevation inside a storm, not so much.)

  225. Ossqss says:

    David A, this site may help with your quest.


  226. Ossqss says:

    After a quick check, this location shows significant water height.

  227. cdquarles says:

    @H. R.,
    I’m watching this one, as well. We’ve had three remnants of tropical systems pass near us this year so far. If the forecast holds, it will turn northeastward in MS. It is expected to graze NW AL when passing into TN then go more or less NE to ENE from there along and across the Appalachians. You’ll likely be on the western side of it.

  228. H.R. says:

    I’m thinking your odds of getting hit by something from Ida are pretty good, cdq. Batten down the hatches. You’re going to get very wet.

    Yeah, we’ll be on the Western edge. The last forecast track I saw had the edge passing by about 60 – 80 miles South of us.

    If nothing else, we have cooler air coming down from Canada this week, so I expect the warm wet air from Ida hitting that cool air will set off some pretty good storms in our area.

    We shall see. The projected track will change a bit tomorrow and will also be a little more accurate as it nears our neck of the woods.

  229. Ossqss says:

    Rainfall forecast.

  230. cdquarles says:

    Yes, the outer rain bands are near/over me now. Yes, the “autumnal blast” is going to follow it, though about two weeks late ;p (not that I am complaining … when it gets cold I will complain :) about that). Out of the potential 120 days or so of 90+, I’d say we’ve had about 15 to 20, so far. We can see 90+ through much of September, and occasionally into October, too.

  231. David A says:

    Ossqs, interesting, Stone Island is way out in the beginning of the Bay, really in the gulf, There is a long underwater ridge all the way across the broad bay, and Stone Island is a little white dot ( blowing it up your link)
    The mainland tide gage nearest the storm track shows a 7’ surge, the largest of all the ones in that link. ( 8’ to 12’ was predicted)

  232. Ossqss says:

    @David A, well I wasn’t looking for a normal reading :-)

    I would note on that graphic, it appears the few days prior it was reading just under 7′. So a 17′ rise would still be in that range of 8-12. The levels may have been elevated by a Southerly flow from the storm in advance.

    I don’t know what normal looks like there, or, err, many other places now days…….

  233. another ian says:

    “I like the punchline from India’s Ivermectin Blackout:

    Ivermectin can make up for the low use of vaccination. However, vaccination cannot make up for the low use of Ivermectin.”

    Via a comment at


  234. jim2 says:

    I find this concerning:

    The median price of an American house has increased by 28 percent over the last two years, as pandemic-driven demand and long-term demographic changes send buyers into crazed bidding wars.

    Might the fact that corporate investors snapped up 15 percent of U.S. homes for sale in the first quarter of this year have something to do with it? The Wall Street Journal reported in April that an investment firm won a bidding war to purchase an entire neighborhood worth of single-family homes in Conroe, Texas—part of a cycle of stories drumming up panic over Wall Street’s increasing stake in residential real estate. Then came the backlash, as cool-headed analysts reassured us that big investors like BlackRock remain insignificant players in the housing market compared with regular old American families.

    The truth is between the two: We can panic and acknowledge Wall Street’s small role at the same time. Although the number of houses being purchased by mega-investors is currently not enough to move the market in most parts of the country, these firms’ underlying structural advantage is profound and growing.

    Let’s focus on Invitation Homes, a $21 billion publicly traded company that was spun off from Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity company, in 2017. Invitation Homes operates in 16 cities, with the biggest concentration in Atlanta, where it owns 12,556 houses. (Though that’s not much compared with the 80,000 homes sold in Atlanta each year, Invitation Homes bought 90 percent of the homes for sale in some ZIP codes in Atlanta in the early 2010s.) While normal people typically pay a mortgage interest rate between 2 percent and 4 percent these days, Invitation Homes can borrow money for far less: It’s getting billion-dollar loans at interest rates around 1.4 percent. In practice, this means that Invitation Homes can afford to tack on an extra $5,000 to $20,000 to the purchase price of every home, while getting the house at the same actual cost as a typical homeowner. While Invitation Homes uses a mixture of debt and cash from renters to buy houses, its offers are almost always all cash, which is a big leg up in a competitive market.

    One way to think about Invitation Homes’ business strategy is to consider the value of the properties the firm is buying, relative to the rents they charge. According to a recent SEC disclosure, Invitation Homes’ portfolio of homes is worth of total of $16 billion (after renovations), and the company collects about $1.9 billion in rent per year. That means it takes only about eight years of rental payments to pay back a typical house that Invitation Homes has bought. The usual rule of thumb for evaluating a fair sale price, says Kundan Kishor, professor of economics at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “is that price to rent ratios are around 20 to 1.” When price-to-rent ratios are very high, it makes more sense for consumers to rent than to buy, and when they are low, it makes more sense to buy than to rent. That Invitation Homes is getting deals twice as good as a typical homebuyer shows that it’s not just buying any homes: It’s buying the specific houses with the greatest potential to be wealth-building for the middle class.


  235. David A says:

    Jim, when you add in significant foreign home purchasers, wealthy Chinese for example, you have a very significant impact on the market. Here in commiefornia the housing market is insane, and the rental market, even worse with California ignoring the Supreme Court decision saying nope, you can’t force homeowners to not evict.

    My home went from 585 k one year ago to right at 800 k today.
    Tomorrow, anybody’s guess, a million, or the dance stops, the junkie dues, and it’s worth 300 k.

  236. another ian says:

    Your beat-up for today

    “mortuary’s filled beyond capacity”


  237. H.R. says:

    Well, I survived Hurricane Ida 😜

    The remnants of Ida actually swung our way. The earlier forecasts had it missing us. We had about 3 hours of a frog strangling rain and lighter rain for about 12 hours. We were too far out to the edge to get any significant winds.

    And… we needed the rain.

  238. Ossqss says:

    It is astounding the destruction that Ida inflicted upon areas. It is also astounding to see the drone video’s of such. However, once again there is good data to be had from such. Here is one of those drone video’s. When looking at this, notice some of the building look completely untouched. Why?

    My bet is those are new buildings built to the latest building codes is why. The focus of these drones is to show the destruction, but look at the peripheral footage of the homes in the background or sides of what is the focus of the imagery.

    By no means am I lessening the terrible thing that happened. It is horrifying to see. I am simply making an observation I first noticed, and was documented, with Wilma coming across Florida and the same shown in the SEFL cities impacted back then directly related to building codes at the time of construction.


  239. another ian says:

    “Two Top Vaccine Officials Resign From FDA

    The two officials are leaving the FDA in part because they are frustrated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) involvement in the vaccine approval process, as well as with White House pressure to move forward with booster vaccines for COVID-19 without FDA’s approval, a former top FDA official told Endpoints.”


    Via http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2021/09/01/not-suspicious-at-all/

  240. The True Nolan says:

    News from Australia! Government spokesperson tells the truth!

    In related news: The CDC announced today that a newly created “Booster Shot Program” will commence to convince hesitant people to take the third COVID jab. Authorities said “We had hoped that the first two shots would be enough but now we can say with certainty that this new booster will definitely be the last one needed!” To signify this certainty the CDC has decided that in future statements and press releases the third shot will be referred to as “The Final Solution”. Governmental Health Czars and Pharmaceutical Reichsführers greeted the announcement with universal enthusiasm and applause.

    Booster macht frei!

  241. Pingback: Friends Of Australia Friday: 3 September 2021 | Musings from the Chiefio

  242. another ian says:

    “Something missing”

    “Just a short note of something rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things….

    We are told by the powers that be – that approximately 6,000 to 7,000 American citizens were rescued by daring efforts of the U.S. State Department and U.S. military in evacuations from Kabul airport. Okay, fair enough… that’s a good outcome. Happy to hear it; we can debate the other 116,000 at a later time.

    However, it seems a little odd now that there’s no videos of the survivors of the Afghan crisis arriving at airports. No crowds or families greeting the extracted American residents; no human interest stories and local broadcasted news coverage of relieved Americans, husbands, wives, daughters or sons arriving back in their hometown…. nothing.

    Six to seven thousand Americans saved from the clutches of the Taliban, and not a single story of those Americans arriving home to the waiting arms of their loving family.”

    More at


  243. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 3 September 2021 | Musings from the Chiefio

  244. YMMV says:

    @The True Nolan, 0oooh, that’s good! Ach, das ist gut!

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